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Reese, Ava, and Deacon on Ice

Reese, Ava, and Deacon on Ice

Reese Witherspoon and her children Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, enjoy some family bonding time at an ice skating rink in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday afternoon.

32-year-old Reese has been busy promoting her holiday comedy, Four Christmases.

She’s also set to star alongside Kiefer Sutherland, Rainn Wilson, Will Arnett and Seth Rogen in the upcoming DreamWorks movie Monsters vs. Aliens, in which she voices Susan Murphy, an ordinary woman transformed into the nearly 50 feet tall “Ginormica.”

Says Reese of their monstrous alter-egos: “This is a really cool group of monsters and it makes me laugh so hard.

Visit ET for a first look at Reese in the animated flick. It drops March 27, 2009.

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  • dannii

    kids look so much like her

  • dannii

    kids look so much like her

  • dannii

    kids look so much like her

  • aussie_Rose

    Ava is a spitting image of her mother, its amazing. I think Deacon has a bit of his mum and dad in him. Theyre both very lucky kids to have such great looking parents <3

  • mary

    I see both parents in both kids. They are adorable and Ryan and Reese are both really dedicated protective parents. Good for them.

  • rĂ¢ce

    Damn, does she look small next to her 8 year old daughter !

  • Marina

    Ava looks like her dad and Deacon like his mom
    Look atthese pictures:

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Strange she is “AS COLD AS ICE”, folks?

  • dunno

    A really sane normal looking happy set of family pictures. As for the kids, Ryan has said in at least one interview that they look like both of them. I agree that Ava is looking more and more like her Dad as she grows older and I think the same will go for Deacon.

  • brandi

    look at Ava’s personalized UGGs! Those 2 kids have to be some of the most grounded kids in Hollyweird

  • dianel

    I just can not say enough good things about Reese and Ryan’s parenting

  • boring

    How many lame photo ops per week Reese needs ?

  • J.nY

    awww!!! this children are so good looking, lucky parents.

  • Rochelle

    Um Ava is 9 lol she turned it in September !!!!!

    Can’t believe how much her kids grew up. Cute.

  • reggie

    The kids still never are seen to smile or laugh when they are with her. And where is Jakeypoo? Isn’t he supposed to be “fathering” them, or at least “foster-fathering” them? I begin to think he is hiding out in the UK to avoid…..who knows what? Or maybe he has found his true love there…..lots to speculate about.

  • … xp

    love her <3 the kids looks just like her.. but ava the most ;p <3

  • LuckyL

    I wish she hadn’t divorced Ryan. They were one of my fave pairs. Is Reese that short, or is Ava just that tall?

  • Rochelle

    well ava can be a little tall for her age but then AGAIN reese isnt all that tall shes only 5’2

  • Rychale

    I love that Reese is drinking Costco brand water, and not the trendy Fiji/SmartWater/whatever new expensive bottled water celebs love.

  • Amanda

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww her kids are gorgeouss and getting sooo big!!!! for a while recently it was ava that kept get noticably taller and taller and taller but now its deacon that i can’t believe how big he is!!! he has seriously had a major growth spurt in height, he went from looking like he was 2-3 to really looking like a 5 year old, very fast!!! he is the cutest little boy ever and looks soo much like reese and ryan!!! he has this little gut/stomach that is sooooo cute in his little tight sweatshirt and baggy jeans ahhh haha and then ava in her little green iceskating leotard/dress thing and green tights and decorated pink ugg boats haha, at least im guessing that her uggs didnt come like that, and that she painted/drew on them? haha its very cute tho and she is getting soo big, she is soo tall and lean, modeling material hahah but yeahh cute candid shots of the Witherspoon/Phillippe clan all together minue Ryan, Jake, and Abbie Cornish (if u even count her hahaha)

  • se

    Nepotism is a plage in Hollywood. In future Hollywood will have only son and daughter of actresses and actors…Nowadays the son and adughter of directors, filmakers and actors take place of profissional actors and the quality of films are terrible…
    All these children of them are mental retarded. I have never saw a son of daughter of these people as a normal profissional…
    They can’t be nothing…they can be only actors of cinema. They can’t play in a normal theater because they are mebntal retarded and they can’t memorize a text!

    How long the people in HOLLYWOOD will continous with this terror !

  • reggie

    Poor Jakeypoop, while Reese is busy with her kids he has to eat in London restaurants by himself. At least that is the impression one gets since he exits the restaurants alone. Of course he might eat with someone and that someone would go out one door and Jakeypoop go out via another so they would not be seen together. That would keep Resse from having to fly over for a “discussion”. LOL

  • Kristen

    I think her kids are terrified of the paparazzi

  • reggie

    I think her kids are terrified of the paparazzi

    Well then she should send them out with their nanny in public so the Paps would not be interested. If she were not along with them, the paps would leave them alone. She uses them as props for her photo ops.

  • Ivana

    If Reese send her kids alone with nanny, people will start talk how badly and selfish mother is she. I don’t believe she uses them, after all she is their mother, she have no choice but to be with them.
    And Paparazzi those man are beasts, they will do absolutely anything to get picture. I watched some serial about them, they camping near celebrity houses in van with cameras and all sorts of equipment, they remind me like secret service..
    Being Hollywood movie star must be desperate..
    I love my anonymity more than everything… :)))

  • reggie

    Ivana, don’t be naive. If Hollywood stars wanted to get rid of the paps they can stop making movies and go do something really useful, like working in a coal mine or building cars, or something. LOL. Paps don’t bother coal miners or car makers.

  • Ivana

    Reegie you are right..
    Some movie stars especially muscles one deserve to work in coal mine like Mathew McCounaughey, yesterday i watched some commercial with him…Does he do something useful in his life, except standing in front of mirror, he look so perfect, his torso glowing and his teeth shining. LOL
    Is he man at all ??? :-)

  • se

    The comedy “Four Christmas” is indecent and has bad taste.
    Only the americans whose have decadent society like this kind of garbage!
    Therew isn’t another theme in Hollywood as divorce and people with “horner” in head….Santa Claus didn’t take part of orgie, did he?
    What the opportunist of Hollywood invent to take money of $mental retarded& and people without imagination like americans!

  • se

    All these bad things are happening because in USA the MAN are decadent!
    They haven’t authority, moral and shame.

  • princess

    Ava looks like Reese people. Ok there’s a bit of Ryan in her but come on, when you look at her on her own you’re not going to say
    “Oh that’s Ryan Phillipe’s daughter” cause she looks more like her mother than her father. You’d say “That’s Reese Witherspoons daughter”

    I’ve seen photo’s, if you put Ryan, Reese and Ava together, it’s clear to say she’s her mother’s daughter, same, eyes, forehead, cheekbones and chin. Ok she’s got Ryan Phillipe’s height gene and mouth but that’s it.

    Deacon looks like both Ryan and Reese. I see Ryan Phillipe in him around the face and Reese. But Ava….she’s all Reese. Look at Reese in the movie ‘Man on the Moon’ you’ll see Ava in her big time.