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Suri Cruise Loves Olivia The Pig

Suri Cruise Loves Olivia The Pig

Katie Holmes carries daughter Suri, 2, from their NYC apartment on Wednesday afternoon to the Gerald Scoenfeld theater, where Katie once again performed her Broadway play, All My Sons.

Suri carried around her favorite sassy stuffed animal, Olivia The Pig (a fictional pig featured in children’s books). Olivia and Suri‘s styles are very similar to each other’s with their sailor dresses and leggings.

For more on Suri‘s little piggy, visit

FYI: Page Six reports that Tom Cruise lost his Blackberry: “Someone in Toronto has Top Gun’s crackberry.”

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise and Olivia The Pig

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Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • dancer

    Well, it doesn’t appear TomKat believes in car seats either!

    And before everyone starts with the no coat stuff. It appears to be in the mid to high 60′s in NYC today.


    I am in NYC and it has been damp all day and about to STORM!


  • jen

    the blanket is back

  • http://google toni

    That dress looks cute! but not with that boot, it would look better with the black dress boot.

  • RealityCheck

    Hey, Jared, today I asked you how much you got paid to make a song and dance about Angelina every day, but now I’ll ask the same about Katie and Suri.

    Why don’t you cover more interesting and beautiful actresses on your blog? They surely exist. What about Australian actress Rose Byrne who starred opposite Brad Pitt in “Troy” in 2004? Angelina can’t hold a candle to her in 1000 years.

    As for Katie and Suri … how much does Olivia the Pig pays you to talk about them? Ha-Ha!


  • Suri should STRIKE!

    NO shoes!

    NO rain coat!

    Blanket in hand!

    Suri obviously does not want to go out to mommy’s work. when will she get a day off?

  • Tealeaf

    Suri Says..”Iam tired of wearing short sleeves in cold weather so you can pretend to be Victoria Beckham..

    Katie is so controlled and stupid…

    Dress your kid properly, not like Princess PR

  • This is real

    RealityCheck @ 12/10/2008 at 3:18 pm

    Well, Reality Check, guess you don’t know much about blog advertising and funding. You get better advertisers when you have more hits. Rose Byrne doesn’t garner the hits that TomKat, the Brange, etc generate.

    Aside from that Jared has a loyal audience that likes (or dislikes) The Brange, TomKat, Kidman etc. If he were to not post threads about them, his loyal followers would be emailing him all day long to ask where the heck the threads were.

    And Rose Byrne may not be doing anything right now that generates current photos. If you look at what he posts (and most other bloggers)–it is current news with current photos.

  • Jacky O

    Suri’s wearing a SATIN dress durintg the day again. Tacky & trashy.

  • Catherine .M.VIlla

    Suri is a adorable little gurl. I’m from Los Angeles and im going 2 new york for the holidays and i heard it is so cold. an no coat. But still is cute.

  • Monique

    why is that child in a short sleeved dress AGAIN
    in freezin damp NYC?

    Katie should be arrested for child neglect.

  • dancer

    Tealeaf @ 12/10/2008 at 3:21 pm

    Princess PR–good one. It is up there with Perez Hilton’s Publicity Pet.

  • Freya

    My daughter happens to be named Olivia. She’s 3 and a half and she has this exact same piggie and has several of the Olivia books. Oddly, I don’t feel like our family is anything like the Cruises, but it’s interesting that Suri likes Olivia the Pig too.

  • mimi

    OMG you haters need stfu about the “coat”! First of all it was not cold in NYC today.
    2nd of all, they were probably only outside for like 30 seconds.
    We just saw photos of Suri in a coat yesterday. I’m sure if she needed one today, katie would have put one on her.
    I swear some people just enjoy nitpicking celebs to death.

  • bella

    Sorry I am tired of these two on this site.

  • Freya

    Not sure why my post didn’t go through but our daughter is named Olivia and she is 3 and a half and has the same piggie and also has several of the Olivia series books.

  • sarisue

    The return of the cold sores! I hear that they are stress related.

  • josie

    The Scientology Center has asked that you please return for further conditioning. They specifically told you to stop talking to your family. That would include your daughter and her stuffed pig.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    .. STFU w/ ;coat-gate. it was above 60 degree’s all day here in NYC. LOL damn, if you don’t live here.. don’t talk about the weather.

  • Lee

    Suri it seems to me is just like the little girl in the “Willy Wonka” movie… her parents did any and everything for her to get the golden ticket or should I say had all of the workers open every candy bar for that spoiled as_ child. Katie start now with balancing yes and no and teaching that little one how cooperation works or you are going to have a real time let that child walk too

  • bratty kid

    Looks like Suri’s fussy as usual. As for car seats, I seriously doubt this brat would agree to sit in one, any mor than she would agree to wear shoes, a coat, use a toilet, etc.

  • herpes!

    Wow, Katie has been breaking out in sores for over a week now. Last week she was pressing her lips together tightly in all the pics to (unsucessfully) hide them, but I guess they’ve gotten so bad she’s given up.

  • kit

    Little Suri is telling her mom that she allowed herself to be pimped out yesterday and no way is she going to primp for the cameras today.

  • kit

    Re: the herpes sores. She really needs to keep her face away from her daughter’s.

  • Lisa

    Suri not looking too happy in these photo’s. Maybe it’s nap time?

    Katie needs to get some Abreva for that cold sore.

  • gemma

    awwww they are cute

  • ignore trolls

    Love the outfit of Holmes

    Suri is precious

  • xoxoxoxoxo

    Re: ☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 12/10/2008 at 4:00 pm

    .. STFU w/ ;coat-gate. it was above 60 degree’s all day here in NYC. LOL damn, if you don’t live here.. don’t talk about the weather.

    No, the high was 57 in NYC and too cold to go around in a short-sleeved satin dress. Maybe Suri doesn’t feel cold, but obviously her mother knows its is because she’s bundled up in a sweater.

  • 911

    All american normal family. Beautiful but also have real values.

  • Shelly

    When is Suri ever looking happy for the cameras, yet Tom and Katie pimp her out for photo ops every single fricking day. It’s like a form of child abuse. “Here–have a cupcake and smile pretty like mommy told you to, daddy’s got a movie to sell!”

  • wanted

    Jared really stay away from trash like NY Page Six. Let your site be above that and prestigious also less stalkerish of Katie,Tom and Suri.

  • anon

    That’s a scary looking pig, perfect for a nasty little girl.

  • Shelly

    And it might not be freezing but it IS raining and has been all day. Put a coat on the kid!

  • irene

    CUTENESS OVERLOAD when it comes to Katie and Suri…..

  • usa


  • boogie

    ughhhh….those boots so do not go with that short dress.

    Tom should get her a personal shopper/assistant as a Xmas present!

    All those clothes, boots, shoes, scarfs,jackets, purses……and she can’t even seem to put herself together right! What a waste of money.

  • manette

    Suri is a doll
    Katie channels Jackie O again
    sooo chic and pretty

  • attn:911

    Please don’t cal Tomkat all american. You are insulting the rest of us. And exactly WHAT values are you talking about????

  • style

    Digging the outfit esp her boots

  • iron chef

    Beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ………..

    I want the look of Katie. Pity them they have no privacy.
    Suri is just precious. Thanks JJ.

  • attn:911

    Um Jackie O had class, good taste, good skin, well-mannered children, was very private, and the public adored her. Katie has none of this.

  • move the crowd like moses

    always looking adorable suri =]
    kinda funny how she is actually dressed up like the pig lol

  • tragic

    Its sad and pathetic that the ones trolling here are some of the fans of Kidman and Brangelina. If something bad happens to Brangelina because of karma and life’s comeuppance its all the fault of their juvenile jealous lowlives fanatics.

  • lorna

    Very true Katie looks classy and acts classy compared to the trashy haters.

  • fire

    Thanks JJ! Keep posting them!

  • happy troll

    Cranky, bitc*y Sury and her basket case mother again. So what else is new today?

  • xoxoxoxoxo

    SWEET :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • ninjas

    God bless this lovely happy

  • Cuckoo

    Tom Cruise doesn’t believe in your God. LOL…