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Suri Cruise Loves Olivia The Pig

Suri Cruise Loves Olivia The Pig

Katie Holmes carries daughter Suri, 2, from their NYC apartment on Wednesday afternoon to the Gerald Scoenfeld theater, where Katie once again performed her Broadway play, All My Sons.

Suri carried around her favorite sassy stuffed animal, Olivia The Pig (a fictional pig featured in children’s books). Olivia and Suri‘s styles are very similar to each other’s with their sailor dresses and leggings.

For more on Suri‘s little piggy, visit

FYI: Page Six reports that Tom Cruise lost his Blackberry: “Someone in Toronto has Top Gun’s crackberry.”

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise and Olivia The Pig

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suri cruise olivia the pig 01
suri cruise olivia the pig 02
suri cruise olivia the pig 03
suri cruise olivia the pig 04
suri cruise olivia the pig 05
suri cruise olivia the pig 06
suri cruise olivia the pig 07
suri cruise olivia the pig 08
suri cruise olivia the pig 09
suri cruise olivia the pig 10

Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • M

    Suri’s adorable.

    Katie channels Jackie Hob-O.

  • not a brangelina fan

    I don’t admire Brangelina OR Tomkat. You people who think that those of us who don’t like the Cruises and what they stand for are fans of Brangelina are wrong. But if forced to hang out with one or the other, I’d much rather hang out with the adorable, smiley Brangelina kids and their parents any day tha listen to Tommy’s ravings.

  • Mav

    Do you think Katie’s herp outbreak has anything to do with her play ending in NYC and her return to the Cruise compound? I’m sure she’s feeling the clock ticking. It was a small but delicious taste of freedom, no Kate?

    It may be after Thanksgiving but timing looks right to baste that turkey.

  • anon


  • nc

    Oooooooooo they make me smile

  • pity really

    dancer and boogey are brangelina fans that troll here also fake Tim Gunn

  • swing


  • labyrinth


    cutiepie ladies of Tom

  • jj fan


  • twilight

    Tom may have a different religion. (America is the land of all religions)
    God hates people that act like gods and jugdes because he wants that job to himself. He is merciful and loving to all and that includes people whose beliefs are different.

    Read Jonah and Nineveh in the Old testament about all this.
    God hates self righteous people and he will side more of those
    persecuted and mocked upon by people.

  • anon

    Twilight, you are obviously a freak, and need to be pitied for your belief in a hateful God.

  • Dear twilight

    L Ron Hubbard, the fund of Tom’s “religion”, was a drug addict, bigot and racist who taught that Jesus was actually a pedophile.
    Tom Cruise is the most self-righteous man in Hollywood.

  • ????

    What is wrong with liking Brad and Angie, but disliking Tom and Katie? Does a like of Brangelina instantly make us wrong about Tomkat? I’m sorry, but I don’t see what one has to do with the other- please explain.

  • xoxoxoxoxo

    ninjas @ 12/10/2008 at 4:28 pm

    God bless this lovely happy
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    # 53
    Cuckoo @ 12/10/2008 at 4:30 pm

    Tom Cruise doesn’t believe in your God. LOL…


    LOL LOL LOL. Tom doesn’t believe in God so it’s funny that his fans would come here asking God to bless them.


    Tom lost his Blackberry in Toronto… Wow where is he tonight his interviews in Toronto are over now.. Why isn’t he with his only “wife”

    LONG Live Suri and Katie walking to the car or walking up a sidewalk
    since this is on page 3 …

  • sillytwilight

    # 64- twilight…

    utter nonsense! How do you know what your ” GOD” knows, says, hates or loves?? This is the 21st century! Don’t say silly things that are just fairy tales, etc. GEE

  • dumb katie

    Katie seems to think that Tom’s wallet will make her and her b*stard kid royalty, instead of the white trash they are. WRONG!!!!

  • 911 hahaha

    911 @ 12/10/2008 at 4:15 pm

    All American normal Family. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Right. We are all over the top rich, living in a luxury apartment with a luxury home in LA. We dress our child inappropriately in designer duds–you know satin summer dresses in winter. We have a rich hubby who buys us roles in plays. Yeah, I’d say we are all american.

    And real values? Which ones? Are you talking about when Tom dumped Nicole and let her go thru a miscarriage on her own? Or when Katie lived with Chris Klein as his slave? Or maybe you mean when she moved right in with Tom, got pregnant, had the baby and then had a nice white dress wedding? Or maybe you are talking about how Tom acted like a total ass when he blasted Brooke Shields, his friend. Or acted like an even bigger as with Matt Lauer. He not only hurt and insulted these folks–he also trivialized the post-partnum depression issue, denied kids have ADHD or ADD or anything like that.
    Now he is out pimping out Suri, Katie and himself trying to get his popularity and box office appeal back.
    Yep. Real Values.

  • Tragic = Dumb

    tragic @ 12/10/2008 at 4:23 pm

    No, not all of us dislikin’ this fam are Kidman and brangelina fans. Some of us like Jared’s site and don’t like this family.

    Why you would think anyone who dislikes this family automatically likes Angie, Brad and Nicole is really faulty logic and thinking.

    Maybe you need to return to school and learn some critical thinking dumb ass.

  • Tragic = Dumb

    pity really @ 12/10/2008 at 4:39 pm

    And pity idiot–your point is? So what if we like Brangelina. There are Brange fans that are TomKat fans. Myself, and apparently Boogie are not.
    So what? Did it bother you that I mentioned that TomKat evidently doesn’t use a carseat? After all the blogs are crucifying Nicole for not using one in Europe (where the laws regarding car seats are different). So, here in the states where we have laws, why isn’t TomKat held to them? Mmmm?

    I’m just really tired of Jared posting threads on this couple all the time. And I’m voicing my opinion. So what? I don’t like Speidi either. Or Denise Richards. And I ‘ve posted on their threads. I also like Clooney, Blanchett, Winslet and more and have posted on their threads.

    So stuff it pity party.

  • Twilight in helll

    twilight @ 12/10/2008 at 4:45 pm

    Does that include you?

  • 90210

    beautiful mom baby duo

  • troy

    One happy lovely and loving family. Worth emulating.

    Poor jealous haters. Seek medical help.

  • sillyytwilight

    oops..I meant #60. not 64

  • bobs

    Suri is a fugly brat!!! Do not like her!!

  • soho

    I just swoon
    at how cute Katie and Suri are.

  • sarah

    Whoa! Suri is obviously upset at that black guy. Is that their bodyguard? She’s pissed at him about something!

  • boogie

    sarah- if you look at the rest of the pictures- you can see that Katie and Suri are having a bad day. Suri probably does not want to go anywhere .

  • Mr. Blonde

    She has a blanket is only being carried a few yards from her apartment to her car, #2. It’s not the end of the world.

    She has shoes, #6. So what if she has a blanket? A day off from what?

    That makes no sense, #7.

    That is a such a serious issue and for TomKat critics like you to trivialize it like that just to bash the couple is wrong and disgusting, #11.

    Right, #14. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

    You have no idea how she’s being raised so don’t pretend to, #20. This brand new ‘spoiled brat’ argument is so stupid.

    I’ll let the PARENT decide what her daughter should wear or not, #28. Also, she’s walking only a few yards/one minute to a stupid car!

    Or maybe they just take her outside in public like anyone else and she’s expectedly photographed because she’s famous, #30. Matilda Ledger was recently seen in public and no one is saying that Michelle Williams is using her daughter to make people go see Wendy and Lucy.

    Do you even know what self-righteous means, #62?

    How could you say such things, #68?

    There are so many things wrong with what you said that I don’t know where to begin, #69.

    We’ve never even seen the inside of any vehicle where Suri Cruise has entered or left to know that they don’t use a car seat, #71!

  • Olivia

    You can tell, that child is a Brat. She is always making faces.

  • ssa

    Love to see Katie’s play and I want her outfit.

  • rona


  • meatloaf

    I see why Holmes is compared to Jackie O. She has the same classy attitude and brave unique graceful taste in fashion.

  • sexypants

    don’t u think suri should be posted in just jared jr? she’s not even old enough to be on this site..why you putting unnecessary spotlights on a little baby girl?

  • JesseJane

    Oh. My. God. I think I’ve seen it all. Who is the nutcase freak stalker who keeps posting about God blessing Tomkat and striking the rest of us with lightning for not adoring them!?!?! LMAO.

    Some people here really need to get some help from a medical professional. Has anyone ever noticed that the same fan posts one after the other. Its so obvious that it’s the same person. And of course there’s Mr. Blonde. Heavens!! Obsessed much? LMAO. The Tomkat threads are nothing if not entertaining.

    Finally, Suri looks seriously unhappy in these pictures. Perhaps she dislikes being pimped out to the press on a daily basis, or maybe she’s cold without a jacket in chilly NYC, or perhaps she knows it’s illegal in the State of New York to have a child in a car without a car seat. It’s also dangerous and extremely irresponsible of her poor excuse for a Mother.

    I feel sorry for Suri. This poor child is being raised by a couple of inadequate, idiotic, irresponsible morons.

  • My voice

    Love ya, Jared, but um….Suri’s dress is NOT a sailor dress like Olivia’s. Sailor dresses have square collars and ties. Like sailor suits.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Olivia. She rocks.

    Hang in there, Suri.

  • My voice

    Also, what none of you haters understands is that Olivia is a character in Children’s Books….

    If Suri has Olivia, it is most likely that someone has been reading those books to Suri.

    And that’s a GOOD thing.

  • zoe

    hhm…katie doesnt have nice legs. she needs to wear jet black tights instead of opaque ones. those will make her outfit look a lot better. still, the outfit is pretty nice.

    suri…very spoilt but adorable.

  • twlightzone

    zoe- nah…… no haters here…silly. Just bec negative posts about Katie’s horrible fashion sense, etc….does not mean people hate her or Tom. Open up your mind!

    nope…..the fact that she has the stuffed animal- Olivia probably more likely just means its one of many many stuffed animals Suri has and probably wanted it when her and Katie went on their usual wasteful shopping errands.

  • estrogen monster

    #68 and #85. Yep. Right with you both.

  • Dale

    Hey GoodVic!

  • craptastic ACTRESS

    OOh Homely, is trying to mimic Posh again; however, she is unsuccessful and looks like a giant smurf. Can someone pass me a barf bag. I bet Tiny Tom needs a bag to cover his Homely wife’s face, too.

    And great photos Suri, NOT. Can anyone say Jon Benet Ramsey?

  • boogie

    ughhh…enlarge the photos and you will see that Katie has a pretty good sized sore on her mouth!

  • http://aol Susan

    I rarely critiize the photos of these two, but it irritates me to see that it SEEMS like little Suri is having a harsh conversation with their body guard. Unacceptable! I doubt he did or said anything to upset her, but she looks very bratty in here and should be spanked – which I doubt she was. I hate bratty, undiciplined children. There is never reason for it. I wonder if she ever gets a time out or discipline for bad behavior. She should.

  • bella

    Suri is a spoiled brat and you can tell she’s giving both her mother and the bodyguard a verbal lashing. This kid needs to be controlled, but at the same time her mother needs to not kiss or get near her with that bad outbreak of herpes. I wonder where Katie got her herpes from her gay husband or her cheating past boyfriends but I’m sure she was no angel either.

  • benny

    Bratty kid,,,,,no wonder mother has outbreak of herpes the stress brings them on with her controlling husband and that spoiled brat. But of course, everyone knows you don’t get herpes from stress, stress just causes the flare ups. Gosh, I wonder who gave her the herpes? Agree, needs to not kiss Suri or anyone else for that matter during her outbreak.

  • lola

    Ewwww…..Tommy boy is going to bust a gasket when he sees the bad photo of Katie and Suri esp. Katie’s herpes. I wonder if she has one on her vajaja too? I’m sure TC definitely would not know the answer to that question since he never goes there.

  • kat

    Calm down, people!

    First of all, she’s taking her straight to the waiting car and straight indoors to the theater. No coat required.
    Second, how can you say that she’s giving the bodyguard a “tongue lashing”? It was one moment! They just caught an expression on her face!
    Lastly, she’s a two year old. I can’t believe people are picking on a TWO YEAR OLD.

  • lourdes

    Used goods with herpes, and a spoilt bastard kid with it, TC hit the jackpot, hey closet man keep paying and doing photo ops with your “perfect family.” Ha, ha, ha……….

  • lourdes

    Hey, did you know that people start forming their individual personalities between the ages of 2 and 4 and need guidance and discipline, something this 2 year old is not getting. So nobody is “picking” on a 2 year old just observing how spoiled this kid is and will be as she gets older. But of course, you cannot blame the child, but the parents for this type of behavior.