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Beyonce Joins 'A Star Is Born'

Beyonce Joins 'A Star Is Born'

Beyonce works out a Jean Paul Gaultier brown lace dress as she leaves the Meurice Hotel to tape an appearance on the music reality show Star Academy in Paris on Thursday.

The 27-year-old singer/actress reportedly just signed on to do a remake of A Star Is Born. Mindy Peters, the wife of film producer Jon Peters told the Houston Chronicle that Jon had signed Beyonce to the film.

A Star Is Born is a film made popular by Barbra Streisand in the 70s, Judy Garland in the 50s and Janet Gaynor in the 30s. The movie centers around a has-been rock star who falls in love with a young, up-and-coming songstress.

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  • !!!get your freak on!!!

    huh? FIRST??? huh?

  • www

    She has a monkey face.

  • NativeNYker

    OH HELL NO! That’s sacrilege… Barbra is going to turn into her grave!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde


    Enough of the stupid ass remakes already!!!!

    Is there not anyone in Hollywood left with a brain cell that can come up with something original, GEEEEEZZZZ!!!

  • SL

    Love Beyonce. The Directore signed her. That says a lot.

  • yeah

    She did amazing in Cadillac Records.
    Pulled a really memorable performance.

  • geez

    The new Hollywood is determined to kill all the good classics.

  • um

    You say she has a monkey face. Well this monkey makes way more money than you. Jealous much?!

  • great

    I love Beyonce. Her movie career started out rough. It is slowly blossoming to an excellent skill.

  • wait

    They remade it with Judy Garland then Barbara Streisand. Why not Beyonce. Let’s see the competition.
    Celine Dion is ugly and old.
    Mariah Carey is too provocative and when she sings she has to stand still.
    Rihanna can’t sing anything Barbara, Judy or Beyonce have sang. Absolutely no way.
    Britneys version will have trailer parks in it.
    Christina will turn it into an R rates film.
    America is changed for the better. Obama is president. Beyonce should not have a problem playing this role. We all know she can sing and she can definitely imitate and adapt to different singing styles.

  • mary

    this is sickening…Beyonce CANNOT act…for goodness sakes, every singer now wants to call themselves an actress…acting is more than singing…

    And what remake are we on for this film? The fourth or so…it is not necessary…can’t Hollywood come up with an original idea instead of remaking every classic film??

    Judy Garland’s performance is pure classic…Beyonce doesn’t hold a candle to Judy Garland’s acting ability nor her singing voice…I am hating Hollywood today…

  • awesome

    She is great. Time for a change.

  • angel

    I love Beyonce. She is so talented. People will always hate others who are better than them.
    Jealousy and negativity will get you nowhere.

  • kish22

    I love Beyonce..but can we say..typecast!!!!…is she becoming the next Diana Ross…

  • why?

    There is nothing this girl cannot do. She strives and strives to better herself in everything she branches out to do.
    I wish people in the world would do the same. Stop wasteing their time with all this negative bull trying to pull people down rather than congratulate them where it is due.

  • Gina

    Go B..

  • Ingrid

    She’s really desperate for an oscar, isn’t she? Well you’re not getting one by remaking films!

  • Lauren

    Horrible casting.


    To Mary # 11
    Before you go running your mouth withour thinking or even watching the movie….
    Beyonce has been getting rave reviews for her role as Etta James ion the New Movie.
    The Director of this film wanted to sign Beyonce and he did.
    If she was not good. She wouldn’t be requested by all these directors.

    Secondly. Actors/Actresses always start at the bottom and get better in time. Brad Pitt was talked about his good looks in Thelma and Louise when he first came out. Nothing much was said about him becoming the seasoned actor he would come to be. Now look at him he is an accomplished and celebrated actor with many achievement because he worked at it. Why is Beyonce any different.

    Rolling Stone review – She could have nabbed an oscar for best supporting actress

    MTV – says she is convincing as etta James and brings a persuasive period texture to the character.

    Michaul Musto the Village Voice – As Etta James Beyonce turns in a riveting performance deserving of an oscar nomination.

    Broadcasing television network – What a great fim. Beyonce knowles was astounding with her performance.

    Scott Hoffman moviepicture – Beyonce proves she is a full fledged movie star delivering an outstanding performance

    Mercury News – The best vocal work comes from Beyoncé Knowles in the role of Etta James

    A.O Scott New York Times – In her previous film roles she has seemed guarded and tentative, as if worried that her charisma would melt from too much emotional heat. Here, playing a needy, angry, ferociously talented and fantastically undisciplined woman, she is as volcanic and voluptuous as an Italian movie star. Or, more to the point, a real soul diva of the old school.

    Sounds to me like she is turning out to be a pretty decent actress.

  • ahem

    Ingrid # 17
    The Director signed her.
    Jealous you can’t even get an acting job?!

  • fan

    Beyonce is wokring it!

  • Pot


    Im glad for Beyonce, she is a very talented artist one of the few that can actually sing…

    Beautiful Bee ;-)

  • me

    Wondeful WOman…

    Im sure she will do really great..

  • hott

    Great Talent..

    Work It Bee!!!

    Love the dress.

  • sandie

    Monkey face? I wish I had a monkey face too!
    Beyonce is gorgeous and pretty too.

  • maribeth

    OK no beyonce. NO. you are so desperate.
    janet & judy are GODDESSES & that movie is INCREDIBLE. how dare you.

    & the movie isn’t about a “rockstar” & a “songstress”. there wasn’t even rock stars in the 1930′s. it’s about actors. get your facts straight.

  • Dana

    I think Jennifer Hudson would be great for this role.

  • wait a minute

    Maribeth. I think your argument is with Just Jared. He is the one who posted the blog. Secondly
    Why the heck are you comparing Beyonce with Janet and Judy.
    IT IS A REMAKE. Think of it even as tribute to those before. Maybe even a tradition for the Judy Garlends of different Generations.
    Of course Judy Garlend was fabulous at that time.

    Beyonce is the only one now…that can own up to this remake from our generation.
    Britney, Ashlee Simpson, Lip Snyc
    Rihanna can’t even get rid of her accent while singing and she is pitchy.
    Jessica Simpson is kind of well “stupid”
    Jennifer Hudson is sooo over the top
    Whitney Houston is addicted to things
    Miley Cyrus and Vanessa hudges sing pop tart songs
    Leona Lewis – While good does not have the strength to play a role like this

    Halle Berry – Can’t sing
    Charlze Theron – Can’t Sing
    Drew Barrymore – Can’t Sing
    Julia Roberts – Can’t Sing Etc
    While those actors are amazing at what they do they cannot fill that role which requires singing.

    So Narrowing it down. THE DIRECTOR SIGNED BEYONCE. I don’t see you directing this movie and I don’t see you making a whole lot of money in your life time.

    Beyonce has gradually gotten better with her acting and as per # 19 has been getting rave reviews for her previous role as Etta James.

    Being on top of the music biz, A number one Icon, now an acknowledged actress and a sex symbol make Beyonce more than qualified to play the role.

    She is signed….There is really nothing you can do about it except maybe get yourself out of that negative slump and do somthing better with your life.

  • Alexandra

    WOW. I can’t WAITTT to NOT watch that!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • giles

    I’ll watch it.

  • sean

    Mee too!

  • tanner

    Beyonce stop ripping off everyone’s ideas! You are not Barbra Streisand and you sure as hell are not Judy Garland. Who does she think she is? I’m also sick of her ripping off my favorite old musicals in her stupid music videos. She’s constantly stealing ideas and dances and images and passing them off as her own creativity and fooling the kids of today.

    And it’s not even her coming up with the idea to steal, her people go through old musicals and find material to rip off and make Beyonce have her latest image gimmick Does she have any original ideas other than bootylicious? This woman has no heart in her art, only ambition. Go away.

  • tanner

    and Jon Peters is considered a big joke kids. I see this as being Beyonce’s Glitter. She should just not do it. Babs version wasn’t even good. Judy Garland’s version is a classic because she was the most talented person of the 20th century. Go look up her singing the Man That Got Away on youtube kids, that’s real raw talent, let’s see if Beyonce can do that in her film? With her it wil just be her showing off. Judy Garland has more talent and heart than ambitious Beyonce, Britney, Miley Cyrus have put together time 100!

  • maribeth

    wait a minute -
    A. it’s judy GARLAND



  • to closed minded people

    Ok Tanner
    If you are in your 20′s or 30′s or even your preteens and teens those skinny jeans your wearing are an old style from very old celebrites. All those big hoop eearings, trucker hats, leggins, ballet flats, animal prints, etc etc. are all things influenced from the past.
    NO one is going around saying you or other celebrites are ruinging the class and style of the past. everyone is saying the appreciate the past from the old style in clothes to the way things were done.
    When people where those fashions its not to copy twiggy or New Kids on the Block or Judy Garland or Barbara Steisand. People do all these things and MAKE IT THEIR OWN.

    So…. stop hating and saying she copies people and steals styles because then everyone in the world is guilty of that.
    If you have too much pride and say your not guilty of that then you probably have no class and absolutely no style.

    If you think Judy Garland is an ICON (Which she definitely is) then live by her example and stop being a stuck up negative person.

  • lalalove

    She looks like her sister here! OMG, that’s horrible! Not a good look, Bey.
    Come on girl!
    Ur f-in fire! What’s this?

  • to maribeth

    You can’t hate on Beyonce just because directors and celeberities think she would be good for a role. If you ask me you are just jealous that you cannot make as much money as she can.
    Secondly. Remakes can be a positive thing. They can be brilliant. Take for example Oceans 11 or 12. Who can hate on that. Did anybody say they can’t compare to the old movie. NO, people said it was nice to see a new adaptaion and something that reminded them of the old movie. I hope you are open mined enough to see where I cam getting at.

    I conclude
    A – It’s Beyonce
    B – She is already signed (by the Directors wishes)

  • ellie

    Oh my god i loved that movie, I csn’t wait for the remake. Congrats Beyonce………

  • Phiyah

    I think remakes are done 4 the new generation,& next to know the Classics!! She(Beyonce) has long proven her abilities to act,sing,& dance.She is seemingly sweet focused& driven so its sad to see the hating!! I saw Cadillac Records last night I must say I was glad to see it.. A lot I didn’t know..Not too many in this generation would’ve known the classics of Muddy,Eta,& Chuck or even about Chess Records or even the references to Rolling Stones,Beach Boys,& even Elvis!!
    So I think remakes are like paying homage today for yesturdays classics people!!..Like when they remake songs..No difference..
    B Rocks!! A star was born on Sept 4th…don’t hate b is great!!
    Well put ‘wait a minute’& alexandria w/ other haters cast somebody else in your movie……………………Right!!
    Peace & Blessings..its all least it should Be..;}

  • Candy

    Can she play ANYHTING other than a singer??

  • Ants

    Yes she can!

  • B4Real


    Say what you want about Beyonce…..GOT 80 MILLION?????

    She is young, gifted, black, talented, and rich!!!!! Now that’s enough to hate any person.

    She looks stunning in the brown dress.

    I love Bey and Babs, I will definitely go see this film. I can’t wait to see the Kennedy Honors were Bey honored Babs,

  • Gregory


    The Judy Garland version didn’t kill the Janet Gaynor version. I am looking forward to what Beyonce can do. I think her performance in Dream Girls was underrated. I enjoyed her performance in Cadillac Records. It’s clear that she’s doing the work she needs to do to undertake this role. I wish her the best.@mary:

  • Gregory

    I guess everyone really covered it. Beyonce is serious about her craft and has been honing it. She was underrated in Dream Girls. If she had been a less skilled actress, her Beyonce personal would have overwhelmed the nuance of the role. Instead, she stayed right within the limits that the role called for. And of course in Cadillac Records she has a scenery chewing role and she delivers on it. So, I am looking forward to her portrayal in A Star is Born. But the real question is how the director is going to re-imagine it for her. Just as George Cukor reimagined it for Judy. And that version didn’t exactly kill the Janet Gaynor classic. I want to see “What Price Hollywood?” Yet another precursor to “A Star is Born” Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it?

  • mikey

    whether u people like to admit it or not, beyonces acting has improved a LOT. she garnered rave reviews in cadillac records and dream girls and she even got a golden globe nomination for that role. they dont hand out golden globe nominations to people who cant act so give it up!

  • see saw

    —Beyonce is too young for retreads. What gives?

    FACT IS Clint Eastwood has been fronting cunningly demoralizing, cunningly timed, ‘eugenics friendly’ POST American pictures
    (IWO trilogy, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby etc.).

    He has even buried his own very slender connection to BOTH the
    awesomely significant 50th and 60th Anniversaries of the KOREAN WAR (again, think RED China ‘eugenics friendly’).

    This fourth ‘STAR’ retread is surely being used to pre-program us
    for the swiftly approaching mainstreaming of ‘suicide culture’.

    Jolie’s soft-porn retread of ‘Cleopatra’ is up to the same ends.

    Apparently arch-EUGENIST and techno-worshipper James Cameron
    realized he was spotted and fled the project.

    One and all should flee this ‘STAR’ —–esp. Beyonce!