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Heidi & Spencer: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Heidi & Spencer: Christmas Tree Shopping!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt shop for a Yule tree together in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Their first Christmas season as husband and wife! The loved-up couple just happened to find mistletoe to kiss under… XXOO.

And what a macho man that Spencer is! He was seen throwing his Christmas tree selection over his shoulder and walking out with his purchase.

Spencer was recently asked if he’ll be spending the holidays with Heidi‘s mom. He has said, “The Pratts – as in Heidi Pratt and Spencer Pratt – will probably have their own Christmas tree.”

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heidi montag spencer pratt christmas tree shopping 01
heidi montag spencer pratt christmas tree shopping 02
heidi montag spencer pratt christmas tree shopping 03
heidi montag spencer pratt christmas tree shopping 04
heidi montag spencer pratt christmas tree shopping 05
heidi montag spencer pratt christmas tree shopping 06
heidi montag spencer pratt christmas tree shopping 07

Photos: Louise Barnsley
Posted to: Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

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  • shammy

    All I can say at this moment in time to everyone is LAUGH!! These two obviously want ATTENTION. Looks like they need a show to invest all this loving energy to us and themselves. Wouldn’t that be GRAND??

    Just let them be and do what makes them HAPPY. Taking staged photos for the viewers that like or dislike what they produce.

    Does not bother me one bit. Way too much going on in the world to worry about this material.

  • Ryan

    I think I’ll quit this site, the same way I quit Pink is the New Blog (haven’t visited in over a year, and refuse to go there.) I won’t be part of someone who makes a buck off H&S and, in turn, supports H&S by legitimizing their staged photoshoots.

    In fact, I’m removing JJ from my bookmarks right… now. Out of sight, out of mind!

  • David

    Why don’t these two just die already?!!

  • lala

    OMG nobody cares about their damn christmas tree!!

  • ec

    ENOUGH!! I wish these two would go away…far, far away..forever!

  • delani

    ew wtf. how annoying

    please stop posting blogs about them

  • demi lovato is a cutter

    this is my last post on these 2, well mainly just spencer
    i cant stand writing about spencer in every post he is with heidi
    i think heidi is cute but fuck spencer, i cant even stand 2 look at her with him there

  • bella.

    brain damage!!

  • Kelly

    omg they’re so posey, it’s like get a freakin’ life, you’re not cool.
    spencer needs to learn what a shaver is too.

  • you.too

    they are so gross, i mean c’mon this whole relationship is obv. a set-up like why does a regular person’s regular outting have to turn into a photo-op for these two losers
    they make me mad :(


    If I see another posting of those two idiots again, I am not coming back to this website. Jared, the only posts about Heidi and Spencer people want to see here is if they die of the most horrible and painful death, or if they finally find out Heidi is really a tranny and Spencer has been taking it up the a** all this time.

  • ann

    the only reason why these 2 idiots are posing for the cameras is because no one really cares about them, they probably pay the paparazzi to take their pictures because if they were really followed with a bunch of guys with cameras pointing their faces they wouldn’t pose like that, they’d be running and covering their faces like every other REAL celebrities do so i guess they really need to get a life

  • me

    These people make me sick! I wish they would just go away!!!

  • groovacious

    ewwww they’re such annoying posers. seeing them always posing absolutely disgusts me.

  • OMG

    I think I just threw up a little. These two are pathetic and I cannot wait until they go away!

  • CHristina


  • Cynthia

    I can’t stand this two fuckheads! Go away Speidi!!!

  • Ginger

    What the PHuck!?!?

  • Ginger

    Why do you post these two, JJ? like the other reader, I won’t be back here again because I’m tired of seeing these two fake wannabes…

  • shutup u guys

    guys shut up we all no there hot ok
    Heidi is hot
    spencer is cute
    just shutup jealous biothes

  • jjs61904

    first off, if we want to get rid of “SPEIDI” we all have to stop blogging about them. If they dont get blogged they will disappear… i know wishful thinking. We all know that heidi is a singer wannabe and spencer is a peach fuzzed puppet master that has heidi under his spell stages all the photo ops what would happen if the photo hounds wouldnt take their picture again?????? I know, the world would be a better place without creepy puppet and her over zealous puppet master.
    And LC can get her life back in order….

    thank you for letting me rant and rave

  • cali girl

    Euwwwww! Why does she keep running around half naked with that troll of a side kick?! And WTF is that on his face?! OMG please stop posting photos of the these moronic attention whores. What a waste of Blog space!
    I have to go throw up now ……………. !

  • Face

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Jared gets paid to post some of these photos.
    I’m just glad the Jared Junior site took away all the wannabe Disney tweeners!

  • Deb

    Are these 2 not the fakest people you have ever seen?

  • Tha

    Jump on a pool of quick-dry cement. Please.

    And Jared.. please, sweetie, please.. you know I love you but you GOTTA stop posting “news” about this losers.

  • kb

    What the HELL is this

  • sarah

    why do they ALWAYS make their outings seem like i’ts a photoshoot!
    get over yourselves.

    && who wears THAT to go christmas tree shopping?

  • sds

    Ho Ho HOES!!!

  • caley

    I never comment…but these pictures are getting a little out of hand

  • Sam

    What a joke couple. They’re all about show.

  • QWER


  • Jackie.

    These two seem to pose whenever there’s a camera around. have thy ever herd of just being themselves?

  • Jackie.

    These two seem to pose whenever there’s a camera around. have thy ever herd of just being themselves?

  • Lyndal

    anyone else completely bored with these two?

    its seriously pathtic how they tell the papprazzi where there going to be. if i was a celebrity i would hate to be photographed being kissed on the neck or posing next to the trees there complete fakes who should actually do something to catch the eyes of veiwers but instead take foney photos and send them into magazines and gossip websites.
    they have to have attention they just cant ignor the paparazzi like any other famous celebrity.


  • bleh

    publicity whores!!!!!

  • elegance

    they just love attention do they? so p.l.a.s.t.i.c

  • speidisense

    Hi haters! Check out the “Speidi” necklace here~~>