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Chris Weitz To Direct 'New Moon'

Chris Weitz To Direct 'New Moon'

The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz is expected to direct New Moon, the sequel to the hugely successful film Twilight.

According to EW, “Weitz is best-known for his work with his brother Paul. The two directed and produced American Pie and then were nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay for About a Boy, which they also co-directed. Chris’ first solo directing gig, The Golden Compass, didn’t do well stateside but was a hit internationally.”

It was announced earlier this week that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and the movie studio Summit Entertainment were parting ways.

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  • Matt


    This is hilarious! Don’t get me wrong, Catherine Hardwicke is a pretty mediocre director with no true vision…sorta competent, with no major flair or style for storytelling. Just average.

    So she gets fired, rightfully, only to be replaced by…..the guy who butchered The Golden Compass! hahahahahaha!!

    Nice going, movie execs…you have another stinker on your hands!

  • Mowgli

    he doesnt have much experience… i mean, American Pie, are you kidding?… hope he doesnt turn this movie into that crap…

  • Elle

    Hmm…Interesting…..I hope he does a good job. About a Boy and the Golden Compass were both good films and both very different.

    I think Catherine Hardwicke did a good job of the first Twilight. I liked that it felt real, raw.

  • cami

    good luck to him. hopefully he’ll be able to get a half way decent product. summit is rushing this movie way to fast.

  • hailey

    That certifies it, the movie will butcher the novel yet again. I’m sure it’ll be terrible just like before, but the sales will still skyrocket. Girls will be rushing to the theatres, myself included.

  • Amy

    Bad, bad choice there. What were they thinking, did they not SEE The Golden Compass?

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    God that picture of Chris Weitz is creepy looking. Anyway…I think he’ll do ok. He effed up the Golden Compass which is a damn good book series but since he didn’t actually write the screen play for New Moon maybe it’ll be ok XD

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Is anyone else not thoroughly terrified of that picture!!! I hope it goes down soon because I just can’t look at it!

  • a

    I hated about a boy but liked the Golden Compass. Hope the next movie is good–having read the books i already know it’s going to be painful!

  • aBi

    Alright. Awesome. Hope he makes this movie a good one. Good luck to him.

  • aBi

    Oh crap. He sucks too! I just remembered! Bugger. Can’t they get better ones?! Sheesh.

  • katie

    oh i’m not sure about this … we’ll see.

  • gracia

    oh no no noooo! i want catherine back!

  • Maria

    Pffffff…I don’t know what to think about this.I guess we’ll just have to wait and see,but the fact that Robert and Kristen are TICKED off about this change doesn’t really help my optimism.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    to bad taylor lautner’s to boy’ish and not a good enough actor to be in ;’new moon’. LOL

  • Annika

    Robert and Kristen are probably pi**ed that they will not have a lot of say in New Moon. Catherine Hardwicke changed a lot for these two, so yeah, I’m really glad that Catherine is gone for New Moon.
    I hated how much screentime Nikki Reed got.

  • adrianna

    this make me hopeful. i haven’t heard of chris weitz much but i thought the golden compass was pretty good, in spite of the changes made in the books’ original story. plus the golden compass and new moon are kind of similar in terms of their fantasy elements so maybe this time, new moon’s direction and effects won’t suck so much. PLEASE CHRIS WEITZ, DO BETTER THAN CATHERINE HARDWICK!

  • Halo

    People are going crazy over this it seems. Whoever directs it, the movie will be mediocre because that’s the level of the novel as well. Unless, the directors want to change aspects of the novel and make it better but then it wouldn’t be a true adaptation.

    The movies are going to bomb regardless. Robert Pattinson can’t be put as the “saviour” of these films. Hell, just because he was in it, I couldn’t enjoy Twilight because the 13 year old girls who were giggling throughout the whole damn film.

  • Halo

    I like how people are dissing American Pie. What it was based on, I thought it was a great film. No one left the theatres at the time without constant hysterics. American Pie is just a way different genre than a moody Vampire flick. So I don’t see how the director qualifies as a reason for the movie to fail if he’s not those types of directors that directs only genre. See Martin Scorsese. The Golden Compass was a good film but we are in the digital era. People choose to pass up spending 20-40 dollars to see a movie that doesn’t amazing special effects. And the ones that are willing, are teenagers that on dates to see bloody gore like “Wanted” or “Iron Man”.

  • Snow White

    This is not gonna be good. From bad to worse. Congrats!

  • wiii

    hate this! thought Peter Jackson (Lord of the Ring) would step in after Catherine.. :(((

  • rd

    Maybe the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter directors had other commitments? Or maybe none of the good ones want to work with Summit? Are Summit execs tighwads? Just wondering….

  • oh crap

    did well internationally? my a$$. a crap film. oh boy please may he not stuff up new moon.

  • johanna
  • Jillian

    I am not at all happy about this. About a Boy is one of my favorite movies, but I don’t see that directing style translating to “New Moon”.
    New Moon is DEEP and DARK and SAD. I just don’t see Chris doing a good job at all. The Golden Compass SUCKED major a*s.

    I’ve not spoken to ONE person yet who thinks this is a good fit.

    Summit is making a mistake, and likely destroying the franchise.
    I didn’t like Hardwickes direction & agree she needed to go… but there are MUCH better choices out there. As a “Twilight” fan, I am beyond disappointed and have little to no faith that this will be a good sequel.

  • gjc

    WTF?? Golden Compas SUCKED.

  • Tom

    Why would you replace one hack with another. Twilight was a pretty bad movie and I am glad she is not direction the second one. But they are both light weight directors. About a boy was fine but Golden Compass sucked big time. Now that the franchise proved it can make money why not spend a little and get a top of the line director!

  • Hmmm

    Not judging the guy, but he looks really creepy!!! YIKES!!!

  • joss

    wow…the golden compass wasn’t that great…so i hope he better have some good planned

    if he screws this up, many teens are gonna be hating him for it for a real long time!

  • rose

    wat the fukin hell?.. has summit entertainment never hurd of pirates of the carribean?harry potter?lord of the ring? y dont they get thier crew on new moons bandwagon?…
    I FUKIN HATE SUMMIT.. they dont even wanna put in tym into newmoon .. they want it out by the end of 2009 or in 2010.. id rather wait for a gud movie than watch sum lame butcherd piece of crap.i mean u have to wait so long for harry potter but atleast thier gud.
    catherine hardwicke fuking butcherd twilight.. u cud tell the only reason niki reed was casted was because shes a good frnd of catherines.she dusnt luk like fukin rosalie to me.helloo blake lively,olivia wilde anyone?
    summit entertainment is a fukin money sucker who r more intrested in rolling in cash rather than actullay making gud movies.assholes.
    robert pattinson carried twilight in more ways than one.summit owe him big tym.
    i really do hope chris wietz gets hit by a meteor or gets striked by lightning which improves his freekin creativity and by sum miracle new moon ends up being awesome
    suck it summit

  • bad buzz circulating

    This Twilight / New Moon franchise is going to implode with the bad timing announcement of change in directors. That has already given a bad impression overshadowing the sequel…
    A director with a new vision, who has a mediocre track record and now with a time crunch to crank this next film out…spells disaster…and now Pattinson and Stewart are in the middle of the drama..
    the attention is taken off the movie and the story but now focused on behind the scene production.

  • bean

    actually… I don’t think this is confirmed yet…

    This statement was made last night:

    “No, it is not official,” a studio representative told MTV News on Thursday evening (December 11). “We are not confirming anything at this point. He is not signed on as the director.”

    “We are not confirming,” echoed a second rep.


  • Kat

    Are you people serious? You’re upset Weitz is directing? Weitz is probably crying himself to sleep going from His Dark Materials to this complete and utterly laughable trash. In a just world, not only would there be no Twilight films, there would be no illiterate Mormon soccer mom sadomasochistic, misogynistic sparkling vampire fantasies making it on bestseller lists.

    The Golden Compass wasn’t good but a great deal of that had to do with the studio. I pity the man who has to take this material and make this into a watchable movie. At least, unlike with The Golden Compass, there’s no way to go but up.

  • k

    Oh my f-ing! NOOOOOO

  • Kris

    ppl shut up!.
    you don’t know how he’s going to do with New Moon ..
    Chill out and give him a chance.


  • omg

    you too chris.
    summit just wants money so they can be in the league of best producing movie companies in the USA!
    damn it seriously? the golden compass? that movie sucked. (no offense)
    they can do better than that! and “new moon” is more of a romance story i don’t think chris can pull this off. they should have hired the guy who directed “titanic” or even “the notebook”!!!!!! that would be a miracle if they did, though.

  • nina

    Wow, Summit has no sort of pulse for finding directors that will fit with Twilight. This was a no brainer,,,, mira nair or nikki caro would have been perfect.

  • ana

    Good luck for him ;)

  • Who Cares

    I hated the Twilight but am still invested in the franchise. I really liked the Golden Compass and was puzzled by its’ lack of success. I think this is a good move, though I am sad to see the production go into the hands of a man. Oh well.

    Who cares?

  • sara

    i think it should be a female director.
    i’m a girl, and the story is from bella point of view, so i don’t think he’ll make a good work.
    i don’t know…
    i mean, the guy directed ‘american pie’.
    i hope he can capture the feelings between edward and bella.

  • Julie

    Fact it is a Phenomenon, due to Stephanie Meyer.
    Hardwick is an incredibly gifted filmmaker yet missed the emotional intensity of “Twilight”. If you haven’t read the book how could you understand the passion and longing they have for each other. How they feel one could not live without each other and the physical pain each of them feels when apart? I do think there were lots of rushed moments and poorly shot scenes. I can only hope the studio steps up with “New Moon”.
    Attention Chris Weltz ! This is defiantly the book to make all the corrections in.
    We need to revisit Bella and Edward’s relationship and feel the passion that we missed. The beach scene with Jacob Black the Car rides home from Port Angeles the Meadow also ever time Edward kissed her and she would stop breathing. What happened to Edward Dazzling people that a major part in how he always gets his way. Meyer created her books in a way that would allow each one to be easily transformed into a movie with out having to chop major scenes. The movie “Twilight” unfortunately was a great disappointment. I can only hope the studio hires a new team of writers, directors and hair and makeup crew for ‘New Moon’. They should also consider a soundtrack that actually works with the scenes.

  • krysta

    he better bo a good job..

  • jane

    I wish Peter Jackson was directing this movie It would have been awsome. The first one was so bad.

  • jenny

    I just hope he knows enough to recast Jacob. That kid was fine, but does NOT fit the bigger Jacob and all those stupid email petitions that these 13 year old girls are creating are so annoying! They can see him in HS Musical 10 if they really have to see him again.
    If they don’t recast, it’ll be as poor an actor choice as Angelina Jolie playing Colin Farrells MOTHER in Alexander. FUNNY!!!!

  • via

    well, i have not seen any of Chris Weitez movies but i hope he’ll do a good job on New Moon bcuz Twilight turn out to be a horrible acting n scripts, yuck. so please make the rest of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series better n incredible. i’ll be so sad if the movie suck. please please please, for the ppl like me.

  • lena

    thank heavens! no offense to catherine….but she was a little cuckoo if you know what i mean….she did an okay job on twilight….but she would never be able to pull off new moon. she would probably change the best parts! (like in twilight…the whole tree scene….read that part in the book; its much more fun-tertaining) i never saw american pie or golden compass but this guy has to do a better job than her. POOR TAYLOR! (even tho i kinda hated jacob in twilight)

  • Kelly

    I’m expecting more from him then Katherine who by the way ruined Twilight for me. I have been a fan of the books for four years… So I didn’t want the movies to be made. Because I knew it would ruin my vision. Pretty sure he cant be any worse.

  • aundrey

    personaly i think that somebody who directed a flick like American Pie & the Golden Compass doesn’t quallify to direct something like new moon. New Moon is a movie where u have 2 see the emotion & im not sure that Chris Wietz is gonna get it at all. i think that who ever diected The Lord of the Rings or as some people said Harry Potter should take over. anyway gud luck with the film.

  • aundrey

    personaly i think that somebody who directed a flick like American Pie & the Golden Compass doesn’t quallify to direct something like new moon. New Moon is a movie where u have 2 see the emotion & im not sure that Chris Wietz is gonna get it at all. i think that who ever diected The Lord of the Rings or as some people said Harry Potter should take over. anyway gud luck with the film.

  • aundrey

    personaly i think that somebody who directed a flick like American Pie & the Golden Compass doesn’t quallify to direct something like new moon. New Moon is a movie where u have 2 see the emotion & im not sure that Chris Wietz is gonna get it at all. i think that who ever diected The Lord of the Rings or as some people said Harry Potter should take over. anyway gud luck with the film.