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Daniel Craig is a Beanie Bond

Daniel Craig is a Beanie Bond

James Bond actor Daniel Craig rocks out a black beanie as he unloads his car at his house in London on Friday.

The 40-year-old Englishman next stars in the film, Defiance. Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell co-star in the film. They band together to avenge the deaths of loves ones during WWII.

Craig had an interview with ET and went on to say, “What inspired me most about this story is that there is hope. I imagine that is how people sort of kept their spirits up — they joked and they laughed and they made sort of fun of the situation in spite of how awful it was!”

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  • Yes please

    I can’t wait to see the new movie. Liev and Daniel together is going to be some serious eye candy.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    He looks so old and ugly!!

  • KristaDaley

    For once, just dc and no fugly sats. Gee, I guess they didn’t bother to get married yet LOL Wonder where she is? Could the break up rumors possibly be true? I guess since he got the hint with the Golden Globe nominations, he decided to head back home. Wish him the best of luck but I think he’s going to have to start getting the hint.

  • To 3

    Looks too white to have been in Hawaii!

  • mju8

    Whoa he looks like Lord Voldemort there. Not a good look

  • Halli

    He looks so old and ugly

    Why? Cause he isn’t 14? He’s fucking sexay!

  • to 5

    LOL That’s a good one, but actually I think he looks completely edible, and he looks twice as edible without sour face next him.

  • Mr. d

    If this guy is considered sexy, then I ought to be a male model since the benchmark is so low. He looks like he is 40 going on 60! THAT is sexy!

  • Lizzie

    no, he is DELICIOUS…ok so this isn’t the BEST he’s ever looked, but he is still incredibly sexy and handsome. He could be my James Bond any day :)

  • to 8

    It’s the rough masculinity, the bad boy look, and for 40 the man is extremely sexual, not model material, but most women wouldn’t mind a private showing LOL

  • shenanyginz

    whoa… he’s looking a little ruff…

    why are his eyes so BLUE?!

  • shenanyginz

    yay no more sling!

  • lollipop

    The guy is hot in a “not in your face way like Chace or Zac” BUT the beanie does nothing for him and the shot outside makes him look super pasty but his body is very very fine.

  • Curious

    Where the girlfriend? Whoa, wonder if the break up rumors were true afterall. This is the first time they have showed pictures of him ALONE since they’ve been together. Wow, that would be wild since everyone was saying they were getting married. Can’t wait for the next siting of him to see if he’s alone again. Something seems to be going on.

  • he is Beanie cute

    He is hot no matter what he has on, even with a beanie. Don’t jump to conclusions re a split, or your hopes may be dashed.

  • nina

    His eyes are the most amazing shade of blue…totally gorgeous…

  • to 15

    How do you explain that these are the first photos of him off any set without her? I’m just curious. It seems kinda strange.

  • bella

    He has amazing eyes. I have to say the hat does not do him justice. He does not look happy having his privacy invaded . . .but who can blame him.
    Still think hes hot :)

  • Pff


  • holiday

    Maybe Satsuki is getting bigger with pregnancy and staying out of the way?

  • to to 20

    Hi, not arguing here, just responding. She was flat as a board two weeks ago, so I don’t think she would be so visible that she’s staying out of the way. A woman doesn’t get visibly pregnant in just two or three weeks, a lot of women don’t begin showing until their fourth months, so I personally think that its unlikely that it has anything to do with a pregnancy, in fact, it was only about a week ago in LA that she looked flat as a board, so personally, I don’t think this is the explanation.
    Also, if she/he is so ashamed of her pregnancy, when it should be the happiest times of their lives, that they have her hiding her pregnancy, that is a very sad statement of their relationship.
    So, what will they do, hide the pregnancy until the child is born and then say, oh yeah, we have a kid now! And they’re not even married yet, so is this another shotgun situation? If it is, I imagine that DC is not a happy man at all!

  • NativeNYker

    He’s hotness. Impressive he still does his own carrying…

    I dont care what he stars in – I’d watch him sit and do nothing for 2 hrs and cry Bravo!

  • maybe.

    I read that she goes on weekend breaks, maybe she is sick of the media or wanted to get away with friends, the poor woman has to be exhausted,

  • to 23

    Maybe, I guess we’ll see what the next set of photos are when he is sited again after this weekend.

  • wtf

    Outside his home? That is so disturbing LOL

  • wtf?

    He doesn’t look happy, he looks like he’s been crying although he must be drop down tired.
    Probably pissed off at the paps outisde, there must be tons of them now on marriage watch!

  • lainey
  • maybe.

    wasnt the same thing said when he arrived for the wrap QoS pics (here on JJ) that the gf wasn’t in the pics? but she was, right there getting out of the car on the other side.
    then everyone was saying there was a blackout on her pics and we may not see her during QoS circuit, which as we know now was off target.
    so there have been pics on JJ that have just featured him and not even mentioned her so it can happen
    how do we know she wasn’t right there but just not pictured, maybe NOW there is a blackout on her as he is most likely fu*ked off with the media and the talk about her from the QoS circuit.
    maybe it’s “take pics of me but leave everyone else out of this” time for him?
    I think he’s had enough of the spotlight for now

  • Defiance in la
  • jaye

    mju8 @ 12/12/2008 at 7:07 pm

    Whoa he looks like Lord Voldemort there. Not a good look
    ok that’s funny. Muhahahahaaaaaaaaa!

  • pafan


  • reasons

    1) They have split.
    2) By the look of the first pic he is asking the paps not to do something (maybe not to take pics of Satsuki).
    3) Maybe Satsuki and his daughter/family were there so the press decided not to take/print pics.
    4) Maybe Satsuki couldn’t be buggered going out that day.

    The first one we will get to know soon enough the other three we may not know at all.
    Such is life.

  • to 32

    I think you’re right with your number two, it looks like he’s asking the paps not to take pictures of something, and by the way he’s acting, looks very protective, I would bet that it is his daughter, who probably hasn’t seen his new home yet. He would never ask the paps not to take pictures of Satsuki, as they have plenty of pictures of her already, each and everytime they are together, except for this time of course; I know she didn’t have the nerve not to want to take pictures because she didn’t look as she never looks good!; so I have a feeling you’re right, it must have been something that he feels extremely protective of, which would be his daughter and his immediate family.OR; now here’s a really interesting OR, maybe it’s his mistress!!!!!
    From what I understand, that kind of behavior is very acceptable in England, having a wife and a mistress, or a girlfriend and a mistress!! I know highly unlikely, I”m just having fun speculating.
    I agree I think its probably his daughter or immediate family and I”m glad that the paps respected his request and not took pictures. We don’t need to see his family, especially his daughter, keep her out of it.

  • Oh Ya

    I read in an interview where he said that he wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to kill someone that was trying to physically hurt someone in his family, and I don’t know, that just somehow makes him even more super sexy, a real man, allllll the waaaaay around, so delicious.

  • David jones
  • to #10

    “It’s the rough masculinity, the bad boy look, and for 40 the man is extremely sexual, not model material, but most women wouldn’t mind a private showing LOL”

    Totally agree. All the detractors are welcome to keep all the pretty boys. This is a real man’s man, real live masculinity, and it shows in all his little imperfections. Its those imperfections which make him perfect :-)

  • to #11

    His eyes are so blue because they are genuinely that blue.

    A woman at work and her husband had the privilege to see him in a restaurant in London at fairly close quarters. She said his eyes are eerie and very very blue.

  • Ash

    He does look like he is asking the photographers not the take any photos and there are none showing the left side of the car.

    My guess is his daughter is there.

    And….being in the UK and bearing in mind how much he is genuinely loved here, if that photographer has an ounce of decency, s/he has taken and released only pics of him alone and has cut out whoever is on the left of the shots.

    He doesn’t have to hide out here in London, people just leave him alone unless they want a piccy or two – take a look at the ones of him at the petrol stations and the supermarket. This is why a lot of UK fans hope he never moves to LA. Here he just lives among ordinary people and gets on with life.

  • nathalie

    He is uglier than ever. Come on, only Robert Pattinson can get away with a beanie.

  • Daniel´s Satsuki
  • Daniel´s Satsuki
  • Jules

    Daniel is smokin’ HOT!! Finally we get a real man on justjared and not the same “young” Hollywood faces….

  • Daniel´s Satsuki

    Satsuki is not listening to moderator at all and she plays with her red nails:

  • Daniel is new sexsymbol

    Daniel has beatiful blue sky eyes of the world, he has cute face like clint Eastwood and Ray Liotta, eyes like Paul Newman. He looks like bad boy but in fact he is shy, sensible and good man (typical Pisces).
    Daniel´s James Bond is modern,dark and action agent 007, his previous films Layer Cake, Munich, Kobenhaven,Road to perdition, Sylvia are excellent, his acting is 1.class. He is my favorit actor, I love his body, eyes and very manly face.

  • fourplay

    Wow, he looks really, really old for 40. He looks older than Clooney. And before you jump, just back down…I’m NOT into the itty bitty toyboys that get posted here. I’m just being honest, he looks much older than 40.

  • to 45 :fourplay!!

    Hey ,,fourplay damn I wanted write about Clooney, I wanted say that George Clooney already is not 1. Clooney looks older for his 47!! Clooney looks for 60!!! He has white hair and he hasn´t body like Brad Pitt!! Hey fourplay don´t be cheeky, Daniel is dandy, he looks very GOOD but he looks torn and tired in this pics.

  • to 45 :fourplay!!

    Hey fourplay,damn, George Clooney is old granfather!! He looks older for his 47!! He looks for 60!! Clooney has white hair and he hasn´t body like Brad Pitt or Daniel Craig. Don´t be cheeky Daniel is youngest and he looks torn, unhappy and tired in this pics. Do you see he has bad day? Where´s Satsuki? What happened?

  • go

    It is nice not to have the gf’s big face in the camera fugily looking back at us.

  • anya

    maybe he looks tired, but i think it betrays him to courageousness and wild sex appeal.
    From Ukraine with love/

  • shoes

    are those stacked heels he’s wearing?

    gotta love that man. lol

    i do hope one day he won’t lose it with the press, it would be one helluva fight and the other guy would lose badly but i can see it coming, a really drag down fight in the street

    i agree, i think a family member or daughter was there and he told them to watch it..i think he crossed over the street to tell them