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Gerard Butler is 'Made in L.A.'

Gerard Butler is 'Made in L.A.'

Gerard Butler flexes his muscles in his ‘Made in L.A. Fitness” shirt while leaving new hotspot Deluxe nightclub in Hollywood on Friday morning.

The 39-year-old actor recently met up with Hollywood “It” girl, Jennifer Aniston to talk about a comedy where a bounty hunter’s next target is his ex-wife, after skipping out on bail. Andy Tennant (Hitch) will direct the film, which will start shooting in May. Andy also recently directed the Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey film, Fool’s Gold.

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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Elif

    can we call her woman now?
    it girl i mean come on

  • Hari

    he looks drunk as fu**

  • Hmmm

    He looks smelly. What’s happening to him?

  • wtf

    Jared, have you picked up the pipe?

  • Cece

    Well, he doesn’t drink so I doubt he’s drunk. He looks hot. He always does!

  • Ex Back

    stinky boy

  • wtf

    Oh, and dear Gerard – the worst thing you could do for your career, if you ever want to be legit, is do any kind of rom-com movie with maniston. Let Steve Zahn, and Aaron Eckhart be a lesson to you. They both would be better off had they not wasted months of their lives in straight to vid crap with that hag. Check the fiasco kind of PR wh*ring she is doing now, or are you a member of the ‘gay to play,’ group that her gay PR agent Stephen Huvane employs. I’m starting to think Maniston is his pimp, he gets these closeted types he always wanted, and she doubles as their beard – meanwhile they pick up a cbs show or a lead in her next horrid rom com.

  • Crowwoman

    And, dear Cece, what proof do you have for it, except his words?
    Butler, do yourself that favor and haul your ass to rehab.

  • Leah

    um, It Girl? Really? don’t think so. Try Desperate Girl, PR Girl, anything else.

  • Leah

    um, It Girl? Really? don’t think so. Try Desperate Girl, PR Girl, anything else.

  • NativeNYker

    I’d watch Butler in anything. But I won’t watch Butler in anything with Aniston. She needs to take a little respid away from the cameras and the screen. Her movies collectively suck. The likelyhood is he’s doing it for the $! cuz its certainly not the quality of the role….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Mary

    The video on it shows he is clearly not drunk. He looks dog tired, but is not drunk by any means.
    I don’t think cecee or anyone needs proof to that. He is a recovering alcoholic has been since his 20′s and if he was drinking, believe me, people would know it.

    He looks so sexy. I think he lost out to Jackman for People’s sexiest. Gerard makes my day.

  • Umlet

    Thank you Jared!
    I love having Gerry to light up my dreary rainy day. This man is smokin!!!!!! Take me now Gerry…RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • Kellie

    He is not made in LA. This man was made in HEAVEN!!! …for sure!

  • JJ Rocks

    What is it with him and the clubbing lately? I think LA is bad for him. He needs some TLC. Gerry, call me, OKay? I’ll take verra verra good care of you boy!

  • Crowwoman

    Well, i won’t fight with army of his defenders believing he couldn’t fail off the wagon. Bur remember, he’s just a human being, not a f..king infallible semigod.

  • gjc

    Sounds like a great movie. Jennifer needs an actual good comedy and this coud be it. Perfect pairing too!

  • rosebud

    Oh please Gerard–do NOT do a movie with that bitch JA……I will not be able to see you if you do.

  • I.S.P.C.H.A.L.A

    I work for the International Society for the Protection of Closet Homosexual Actors in LA, and as you can you I’m not a very good employee.

    Yes the truth is Gerard Butler does like a good cðck up his leathery fundament on a nightly basis. He’s not a fan of the bush.
    There are rent boys under the counter of these clubs that’s why he visits them regularly, and then slips round the back discretely.

    Some of them are underage, off the radar, and are brought in from poor foreign countries by human traffickers. He gives them a rendezvous point and then picks them up an hour later when the paparazzi go away.

    You didn’t hear it from me.

  • voice

    yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyy I love this guy. But Gerard please, not Aniston.

  • bella

    How come everytime I think of him, I think of the song Womanizer by Britney Spears???

  • Col

    #19 Daarling,

    Why-oh-why would closet homosexual actors in LA need to be protected internationally?

  • I.S.P.C.H.A.L.A

    To #22

    Dear Col

    Because Al Qaeda terrorists and Catholics want them dead. They need protecting.

  • Col


    Tom Cruise was raised a Catholic you know…

  • I.S.P.C.H.A.L.A

    Enough said…

  • 4-yrfan

    Gerry – you should be willing to give up a lot to keep yourself from being
    brought low in venues like this… if you’re not willing…. that says a lot.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    GERARD VANDENBERG to be precise!!

  • pafan

    He is definitely not drunk, just looks exhausted. But whatever, he’s doing it must be working. That body is smokin’ hot. Go home and get some sleep Gerry.

  • Fallen Angel

    There’s nothing special about him anymore. He is as commercial, shallow and tedious as they come in LA.

    I hope his family are ashamed of what he has become and want to intervene before he emds up as the next Heath Ledger (minus the acting talent of course)

  • Col

    Please do not compare Gerry to Heath Ledger. That’s way too extreme. Too close to home for me too – I’m Australian, the same age as Ledger, I’m aquainted with one of his co-stars from ‘Blackrock’ through a mutual friend and I’ve lost a loved one in similar circumstances.
    This is the second thread on this website in the last few days which clearly shows a rather unhappy Butler. He just appears to me to be really weary in all these photos.
    I’ve tried to keep my posts neutral but frank and honest about how I feel. I really want to like the guy but a lot of the comments I’ve seen posted on this site and others are rather malicious, and are not really working in his favour.

  • k

    Hollywood “It” girl? Oh please. I must have missed that Oscar.

  • ROTF


  • Hari

    Oh please, he is drunk off his ass, don’t listen to someone when they say they don’t drink, there’s no such thing as sobriety in Hollywood. An if he’s not drunk, how come he’s red and his lips are so loose?

  • ma

    we get a glimpse of him walking into a club/restaurant or walking out – a few snapshots of 20 seconds of his night – how can anyone possibly comment on his state-of-mind, his exhaustion level, what he’s thinking or feeling or how happy he is with his life in general??? We are just seeing him coming and going. That’s it. There is absolutely no indication about how tired or happy he was inside the club – which is the place he was spending his time with his friends or whomever. That was his intention for the night. *****A 30 ft. walk to his car is not a platform for speculation on how miserable he is, will his family be ashamed of him, etc.******

  • sana

    I know a drunk when I see one. take it from a teetotaller.. He is pished and shouldn’t be drink-driving.

    He brutally attacked a defenseless paparazzo for ‘driving wrecklessly’..will he now hit himself for doing the same?

  • Col

    I guess I just reacted to “the next Heath Ledger” remark, which for reasons stated struck a chord and set me off on a tangeant. I give you permission to slap me out of it.


  • nikky

    e……….. strange face,.
    but i like his muscle
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    ___mixedloving.com___ ,which is the ad. I saw there
    yesterday,Is there any handsome boy wanna talk with me
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  • why?

    why r u all being so mean to him? he’s a good guy.

  • pafan

    Crowwoman refers to Gerry’s “army of defenders.” Yes, we exist and some of us feel a need to speak out when ridiculous and untrue things are said about him in a public forum. We aren’t however delusional people who think he was born in a stable in Bethlehem. We just like the man, think he is the best thing in Hollywood and the hottest thing on the planet. I have yet to see anything better.

  • ja

    Gerard is sooooooo fine. We seriously need to bump bodies.

  • Crowwoman

    “We aren’t however delusional people who think he was born in a stable in Bethlehem. We just like the man, think he is the best thing in Hollywood and the hottest thing on the planet. I have yet to see anything better.”

    And you think it makes difference? I’m sorry but no. You’re still a bunch of delusional gurls, unable to see that there is something wrong going with him.

  • I.S.P.C.H.A.L.A

    pafan, do you weigh 400lbs and photograph yourself sticking Andre Marek dolls up your kooch in the bathtub? If not then I don’t think you are a genuine fan. Frankly you sound like an imposter.

  • Hotforgerry

    #19…get a life!

    I don’t know if he’s drinking or not, I wasn’t there. He says he doesn’t drink but that’s his business, if he does he does, if he doesn’t he doesn’t.

    Gerry is fine and a hot fucker at that, this form fitting t-shirt he has on shows his nice and trim physique. Thank the gods!!

    Gerry will do just fine as a bounty hunter, after all that’s a woman’s wet dream come true!!! Hunt me down baby!!!

  • scarab

    Sheehs people.WAKE UP!!!
    This guy is full of it.
    He either drinks, snifss or smokes.
    Yeah in some books he is a saint or a gift of God…wake up we are all God’s children and all gifts.
    He is an ACTOR, look it up in the dictionary…ACTORS ACT.
    In and behind the scenes.
    He says so much in interview…why??because his PR agents tell him what to say…it how it works in Hollyweird.
    You have succes but are just a product a puppet on strings.
    Using drugs, drinks or having sex with people is nothing new in Hollyweird either.
    I do not believe what he says in interviews because he says different things every time.
    He does not drink…his mantra…but what the heck do you do in the clubs every week??

    And cut the tears people with the he is tired and he is lonely shit.
    This is the Butler at his best this is the real deal…you may not like what you see , but thats him.
    A grumpy old dude with no real friends in hollyweird.He would do best to go back to Scotland and reload his batteries.
    And Crow…YOU ARE RIGHT!

  • I.S.P.C.H.A.L.A

    Unless you have a côck, and were smuggled into the country in a container, he’s not interested. Sorry.

  • Apg

    You people are a bunch of fuckwads. Lay off the man.

  • Fallen Angel

    I agree with you scarab he is fake and full of it. His interview answers are predictable as is his constant swearing and perving on girls young enough to be his daughterq. Col I am sorry if the HL comment upset you.



  • katy

    lmao.. omg i cant stop laughing at these comments! my ribs are about to explode!

  • Leavethemanalone

    I guess this clarifies any doubt I might have held about some of the people here commenting. Some of you obviously never go and do a hard workout at a gym. If you did, you would know that usually you sweat a lot and even if you take a shower, if you only came with your gymclothes on account of you driving yourself back home, your clothes are still full of sweat. Just look at one of TMZ’s past shows where a very sweaty Sophie Monk even made Max drool, calling her his first ex-wife and yet, even her leggings were wet with sweat. She looked like she had peed in them.

    And as anybody who does a hard workout will know, if you don’t enjoy exercising (Gerry has stated that already but he knows he doesn’t have a choice as if he wants to get contracts for lucrative, well-paying commercial action flicks, he has to; the same applies to attracting either hot chicks or hot guys, btw as L.A. is the capital of superficial), you will get out of there even more tired than when you went in.

    Plus the guy is not a young lad anymore. He’s nearing middle-age and has less resistance. I doubt very much that he’s back into drinking though but his obvious look of dog-tiredness could be of having yet another night of making out with yet another young, desperate to be seen chick, in full midlife crisis, trying to prove to himself he still can impress and satisfy some young chick who might not even care.