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Katie Holmes is White Beanie Beautiful

Katie Holmes is White Beanie Beautiful

Katie Holmes keeps warm in a white Hurley Benny beanie and matching sweater as she leaves her New York City apartment on Friday afternoon.

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Tom Cruise recently said that one day, he follow in his wife’s footsteps and conquer Broadway. He shared, “I’ve been offered things and it’s never been the right timing. But if I can find something I would like it… I always wanted to do a musical, and I’m glad musicals are now back in vogue. I gotta sing, I gotta dance and I’m going to figure all that out.”

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  • OMG

    WOW a Katie post . . .Jared hardly posts anything of her . . .please more posts . . .NOT!!!!

  • mama

    she’s so beautiful! luv her

  • ~m~

    it’s called a toque ;)

  • Big Mama

    This is f$%#@* boring.

  • mama

    she’s so beautiful! luv her <3

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Major FUG today.

  • mama

    she’s so beautiful… luv her <3

  • Catherine .M.VIlla

    I love that hat!

  • xoxoxoxoxo

    Grandma Holmes.

  • Catherine .M.VIlla

    First Time without Suri!!!!!

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Lord what a mess. When it is 90 out, she wears a winter coat. Now that it is chilly out she has on a hat, no scart (to protect her throat from the cold since she uses it in the play) and no coat.
    Does this woman not know how bad she looks when she slouches? Little Napoleon isn’t present, so she can stand up straight instead of trying to appear 5’7″ tall.
    And isn’t tommy girl out in LA doing Elvis impersonations on Leno? So she could really strut if she wanted to.,

  • gloria

    She sure does slump and goodness those pigeon toed feet!

  • mike

    i love her people are so fucking rude…..

  • Megan fox rocks

    Katie is so beautiful , love her

  • http://google toni

    love her hat!

  • Mr. Blonde

    Cruise should SO not do a musical.

    No it isn’t, #10.

    Don’t make short jokes, #11. Let her worry about her wardobe.

  • Eowa

    It’s becoming more and more clear to me that Katie is blind and that’s the reason for these disasterous “outfits.” I’m sorry, this woman has absolutely not style, and she looks RIDICULOUS in a very cutesy pink sweater and frickin dominatrix leather pants. Notice before she became “Kate Cruise” she never dressed like this, it’s all part of Tom’s plan to make her into Hollywood Royalty. Um, sorry. She’s not attractive, she has no fashion sense and she looks absolutely miserable and depressed. Katie, stick with jeans and tshirts, I fear that’s all you can handle.


    NICOLE has way more style than Katie ever did.. why the called Katie
    a fashion icon I will never know…

    She is not all that attractive other… You can thank Mimi Rogers Yes
    I said it .. Tom’s FIRST WIFE….. SHE INTRODUCED HIM TO
    IS COMING FROM…NICOLE got out and never did join in…..

  • bejeebus

    too bad she put that hat on the BACK of her instead of the FRONT

  • kit

    Nicole should have gotten out of that cult much sooner and should have taken her kids too!!!!! Shame on her for leaving them behind with these kooks.

  • LolaSvelt

    Boring whóre is trying to be hip. It just isn’t working!

  • Nicole

    i normally think that she doesn´t drees age approperly but i actually think that in this photos she looks really good and i luv her hat!!

  • geniass

    What a great hat!

  • ew

    I sooo agree with you #20. Kat-liter is a dull, below average actress who constantly looks effing matronly UGLY. Kat-liter would be M.I.A. without Tommyboy.

  • lourdes

    For a minute I thought it was the five finger discount lady, Winona Ryder. this woman looks so matronly, without Tom Cruise she would be nothing but she had to sell her soul and her daughter’s. Too bad. Oh, Nicole left behind the children because she cheated on Tom and he was going to use this against her, so reason kids are with Tom. He’ll do the same thing to this one if she tries, but I doubt she will loves the money too much. Plus, she has herpes and now everyone knows it.


    Tom left Nicole because he CHEATED on her with Penelope Cruz a la
    Brad Pitt and Angie Jolie…It is amazing seeing her transformation from
    Dawsons Creek.. and her short chubby legs climbing into Dawsons
    bedroom window to now see her extra long skinny legs…

    Nicole left the children because she didn’t want anything to do with
    Scientology..And he wanted to send them to a Scientology school.

    Only in words will we see Nicole talk about her kids .. No photos..
    Just like the cover of people separate shot of Tom and Suri
    and at the very bottom of the cover page we see Conner and Isebella
    from 2 years ago

  • galloway

    Someone needs to tell Katie you can’t wear that slouch beanie with bangs showing. Tuck the bangs.

    Sheesh…with all their money, they can’t hire a stylist?

  • estrogen monster

    #27 Nicole vowed to keep her children away from the media. She sees her children as often as she can. WE just don’t see it simply due to … well, you know what the GOOD Hollywood parents do to shield their children from constant media attention.

    Thank you.

  • zzzz

    Yeah, you never see pix of Nicole with the kids because she is a very private person and good mother and also lives in Nashville, away from all the crazy Hollywood and NY paps. I have never been under the impression that Isabella and Connor want to be photographed, and they probably avoid it as best as possible.

  • to lourdes @ 12/12/2008 at 4:5

    lourdes @ 12/12/2008 at 4:57 pm

    u need to shut ur stinking gub about dis flipping rant/campaign of urs dat NICOLE cheated on TC cos if dat was d case knowing TC and his desperation to be loved and adored by all, he’ll be shouting it from d roof tops by now especially since he got a lot of stick (still is) for leaving her and their two kids and running off with a colleague. SO QUIT IT, no one’s buying wat u’r selling

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Mr. BLONDE:

    I’ll stop with the short jokes about the controlling midget, when you stop posting.
    Calling Tom a little Napoleon isn’t half as bad as what some people call him.

  • tigger12

    #28, I think Katie would look very strange if she didn’t show her bangs in this hat. It would look as if she were going to perform surgery. It’s not the most glamorous outfit but who knows what make-up and futzing she has to deal with when she gets to work. Besides, she’s already landed the Bank of Tom. I’d say WTF as well. Nobody’s holding a gun to anyone’s head — as far as I know — to take these photos.

  • lalalove

    She looks cute, for a change!

  • X

    i actually love the hat

  • hilarious

    “Beautiful” Jared? You are being the comedian today.

    Katie Holmes is FUG!

  • http://Sexy sharyllee


  • It’s ROBO bride

    Kind of sad when Daniel Craig looks better in his beanie than Katie–see Jared’s new thread “Daniel Craig is a Beanie Bond.”

  • boogie

    Tom wants to do a musical??? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…is he out of his freaking mind? Just can’t picture him doing a MUSICAL. Give me a break! LOL LOl LOL LOL LOL…….

    ummmmm….that cap and sweater on Katie is not too bad. Too bad she did not pair them with different pants. She needs real help in the dressing department 99% of the time.


    Wouldn’t it be fun to see Tom do Jail House Rock!! They way he was on Jay Leno last night… And wow how many times have we seen
    Sunday Rose…in the last 2 months..So don’t tell me about hiding
    the kids for the media.. Katie Tom Nicole don’t want to be seen
    with Conner and Isebella.. That is probably where Katie got her
    hat from..

  • http://leah leah

    poor thing.


    AGREE, ” MR. BLONDE “, Tom Cruise should NOT do a musical….His career is already hanging on a bare thread, and THAT would kill it for sure………
    Katie looks good today !!!…..I like seeing her in white..Don’t understand your comments NUMBER # 40….Katie got ” her hat from where”?……I can’t imagine why Tom, Katie and Nicole do NOT want to be seen with Bella and Connor….ABSURD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..BOTH, children have been to Australia and London and Tennessee several times……They fly in and out on a private plane, according to Nicole……Those children are just as loved as Sunday Rose and Suri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    Nicole Kidman is way more stunning than Homely. Tiny Tom traded waaaay down and married a 29 year old matronally simpleton. Homely will always be in the background as she is not that talented, nor attractive, nor stylish either.

  • tom

    She’s been dressing really differently since she got to NY. It’s strange.
    ….And the herpes is still there, I see.

  • zoe

    i think this is a pretty cute look for her. at least she looks younger with the beanie on. but those trousers are totally eww. and those sunglasses with white rims arent pretty.

  • lourdes

    Nicole Kidman was pregnant from a fellow actor she starred with in Moulin Rouge and Tom found out. She later miscarried and blamed TC for not showing any sympathy and won the fans compassion, even though she knew Cruise could never have children. She knew the truth but TC ,in winning the advantage in the divorce, said nothing and to this day will not talk about it. Nicole really changed after this, she was really a b —– when she was married to Cruise but snapped out of it when Cruise left her. But really the truth is the truth, no one is trying to sell anything here just stating a fact.

  • Idani

    lourdes @ 12/13/2008 at 12:58 am

    No Lourdes that is not true. She was pregnant with Tom’s baby. She saved material from the miscarriage for DNA testing in case their was any question during the divorce that the baby was not his.
    You are stating a rumor as fact.
    And production on Moulin Rouge began in late November of 1999. Kidman became pregnant in December (which is in the divorce papers) by Tom and later miscarried,’
    And I’m sorry, but if you think one of the highest profile divorces of the time didn’t have the fetus tested for DNA–you are living in lala land.
    Furthermore there has never been any definitive proof Cruise cannot father a child. Nicole also miscarriaged early in the relationship with Cruise.

  • David jones

    she looks great..

    more of her

    rate your favourite celeb stories

  • Mousse

    Mr Blonde will have a BIG job again today commenting on all this.

  • Mousse

    She looks like a skeleton wrapped in white wool.

  • Ingrid

    Looks like a ageing hag. Nicole Kidman is a very private person. The only time we ever see her is when she’s promoting something.