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Brad Pitt Talks Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt Talks Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt and co-star Cate Blanchett sit down for an interview to talk about his new film, Benjamin Button with

Check it out HERE!

Here are a few quotes:

On the film’s focus on universal moments:
Brad: It focuses on the universal moments. And they seem momunetal on the inside as far as first loves and loss, but it’s the thing that everyone experiences and carries with them.

On the goal of the film:
Brad: The goal was a new openness and honesty and taking responsibility of one’s choices and whatever fate brings you.

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  • Merdie Mae

    Brad speaks!

  • shequi

    I can’t wait to watch this film. It sounds like a great film and I’m sure an Oscar contender.

  • arizz

    ooohhh i love brad and his family !!!!!!!

  • jessie

    2008 proves to be a good year for the Jolie-Pitts. I’m sure 2009 will be even better! Those who unselfishly help others less fortunate always reap the rewards from above.

  • guli

    Thanks Jared for the new thread :-)

  • KrystalwithaK

    Brad is definitely getting his Oscar and Golden Globe best actor awards next year. Brad and Angie are both going to the Oscars and I am excited thinking about them walking the red carpet. I hope that tool “Ryan Seacrest” doesn’t ask too many stupid questions.

  • whaaaa

    He looks horrible and I don’t feel bad saying that because his whole career has been based on his looks.

    Maybe he should have taken responsibility when Angelina is getting bashed for the last 3 years for his choices


    GOOOOOOD, I can’t stand this guy

  • rrryanG

    I believe this should be the way to promote one’s film. Cate is such a classy lady. Meanwhile….J.Aniston decides to do a playboy pictorial (I call it that bec. she is practically naked except for a frikken necktie!) to promote her new movie opening the same day as Brad and Cate’s.

  • Kei

    I cannot wait to see this movie. Oh, Chuck, if you cannot stand this guy, please just ignore. You are an adult. You can do it!!

  • me

    chuck, I can’t stand him either.

  • jude

    I love Brad …..he belives in his acting abilty not his looks….

  • whaaaa

    I take that back. He looks pretty darn good for his age.


    Sorry to be a stickler for the rules. It should be: “Here ARE a few quotes.” Just saying…

  • gina

    I really am excited for this one! Can’t wait.

  • carrieAnn

    Brad looks great. He reminds me of old Hollywood glamour. Very few actors could pull this off. Another one is his good friend- George Clooney, They are still hot in spite of their age and keep getting hotter with age….like a fine, fine, fine wine!

  • guli

    CHUCK @ 12/13/2008 at 11:48 pm GOOOOOOD, I can’t stand this guy

    BUT you are here posting at a JP thread especially when there is a new thread within MINUTES???? hmmmm…. me thinks you have major problems just like your idol thinking going buck naked to ptomote a kids/x-mas/doggy movie was a good idea… DUHHHHHH

  • Honey

    Love Brad Pitt!!! He’s so hot

    New vid!!

  • whaaaa

    whaaaa @ 12/13/2008 at 11:56 pm

    why can’t you except an opinion ? You have to steal a name to make it look like I agree wit you. strange.

    I don’t think he looks good for his age. Usually men in Hollywood look good in their older years but Brad looks weird and bloated. like the exact opposite is happening to him. he just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

    Not to mention that giant nose with weird nostrils he’s rockin.

  • i’ll pass

    no not interesting, watch the previews, didn’t care for it.. I couldn’t understand a word he said.. I’m seeing one of the greatest acotors ever… Tom Cruise…he was always amazing and still is!!

  • Janelle

    You guys hate him so much that you loke to read and comment about him. Find something useful to do like read on a celebrity you like.Stop the hate. Brad is a great actor and he is handsome for 45. I love him and Angie.

  • Jill

    Now this is a classy way to promote a movie. You don’t see Cate Blanchett taking off her clothes to pose naked for a magazine cover. But then again, unlike Aniston, she still has a career ahead of her. I guess when your career is circling the bowl, you do what you gotta.

  • kirstie

    Some of you haters are so annoying. I agree with Janelle.You know you love him. If you hated him you sure as hell wouldn’t be reading and making comments. Are you that pathetic or do you just want attention?

  • kirstie

    Some of you haters are so annoying. I agree with Janelle.You know you love him. If you hated him you sure as hell wouldn’t be reading and making comments. Are you that pathetic or do you just want attention?

  • sharon

    Brad looks so hot and gorgeous as always. I can’t wait to see the movie. He is a great actor.

  • b

    this a film worth watching, intriguing and intelligent.

  • sara

    Is he high, it takes him 20 hmmm… to finish a sentence, and his answers are so pretentious, that you know he is trying so hard to sound intelligent. For sure he’s on something.


    He just looks tired, but he doesnt look bad, ugly, or older than he is

  • boo(real)

    well worth the length. everyone sud see CCOBBB

  • Idani

    Can’t wait for the movie!

  • loveAJ

    Brad is hot. Good year for jolie-pitt. Both got nominations. Next year Brad has two movies out. TOL will have Oscar buzz for sure. IB will be shown at Cannes. Next year is going to be a good year too. It is great to be a JP fan.

  • samara

    thank God is mustache is growing out…..he does look tired but still handsome

  • boo(real)

    brad nor angie are showing their naked a$$ to promote a PG family movie,,,FAIL

  • CK

    Love him. He is so beautiful. The movie is amazing. I can’t wait to see it.

  • guli

    sara @ 12/14/2008 at 12:23 am —NOOO sweetie you are…. duhhhh please check why are you posting on a thread of people you hate on a Saturday night???? hmmmmm… let’s think about this …who is the one screwed up w/o a life??? Welll sweetie time for your meds :lol: :lol:

  • boo(real)

    maniston sunk this PG movie with her playboyesque spead eagle GQ shoot.

  • awwwww

    This movie got 8 CCA nods and 5 GG nods. Hope will get many SAG and Oscar nods including best actor.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m sure: “PENIS TALK”, folks!!

  • beautiful

    It is a must see movie.

  • ummmm

    Gorgeousness Overload.

  • LOL

    The mustache is because of the movie that he’s filming, directed by Tarantino.
    I’m just waiting for the Aniston fans start saying that he looks ugly, old… and other boring stuff.
    Poor people, that’s what it happens when you are a fan of someone that isn’t capable of changing her look to be a character or make a good act…

  • boo(real)

    maniston sunk this PG movie marley and me with her playboyesque spread in GQ shoot.

  • deleda


  • nina

    Brad is getting hotter and hotter each day. I am looking forward to watching this movie.

  • boo(real)

    DILF, watch out angie :) as if i had a chance…..

  • chuck

    he is not ugly, and he’s a great actor
    he has done seome amazing parts, bur for christ sake, he is so boring!

    With his ten kids, what does he want with that? I laughed so much with jen’s comment on GQ, after all, jen and john mayer are so more real than him and angelina, she is always posing the same

    and for the people who are trying to spread love, asking why so much hate, it’s jus because I don’t like him, if I ignored his existence, i wouldn’t be here

  • Candy

    Where’s Cate’s interview?! I’ve seen parts of it already and Cate had so many interesting things to say and she’s so articulate! Brad, on the other hand, has always come off as a soft-spoken jock and it’s evident in this video. I am looking forward to this film though!

  • chuck

    and for people who are criticizing jennifer’s cover
    its called artistic nude!

    and it’s not like she went there and asked to get semi naked on the cover to promote her movie. They called her and proposed that, and she accepted, it wasn’t a bad concept, at least for people that know something about the subject

  • chuck

    I totally support Cate, she is a great actress and a regular person