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Chris Weitz Confirmed as 'New Moon' Director

Chris Weitz Confirmed as 'New Moon' Director

The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz has been confirmed as the director for New Moon, the sequel to the hugely successful film Twilight, according to MTV.

Mr. Weitz released a statement, saying “I am honored to have been entrusted with shepherding New Moon from the page to the screen. The extraordinary world that Stephenie has created has millions of fans, and it will be my duty to protect on their behalf the characters, themes and story they love. This is not a task to be taken lightly, and I will put every effort into realizing a beautiful film to stand alongside a beautiful book.”

It was announced earlier that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and the movie studio Summit Entertainment were parting ways.

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  • mililikies

    YaY! FIRST!

  • http://123456789 jess

    the books are better sorry but the twilight movie was SHIT!

  • fatin

    im gonna miss catherine :(

  • jen

    hopefully he does a better job than catherine, because twilight was soo bad, which really was sad since the books are so amazing!

  • master

    I saw the movie…..

    Yeah, it sucked.

  • riley

    he’s right.
    its not an easy job to do.
    everybody’s expecting too much.

    but catherine did a great job :D
    wish all the best for her!

  • marie

    I’m kinda of worried about Nww Moon, after all, Edward doesn’t appear much in the book. I don’t wanna spend my money to see Bella e Jacob all the movie and then, 10 minutes left Edward shows up.

    Ugh, I think they should probably do something about it, not changing the whole book, maybe a few parts, because in the end of the day, Rob Pattison is the fav for Bella… not sure Jacob will be cool enough to be in the movie the whole 11/2 alone with her. x_X

  • marie



    Always hot and good looking, OMEEEEE !!!

    I was just thinking about one thing :

    In new-moon we don’t see Edward a lot !

    And i can’t stand bella/jacob

    Kristen is just a bad actress (sorry for her fans) but i don’t like her !

    so i’am worried…

    Will see !

  • marie

    I agree with a few people UP
    NM is the worst book and the end of eclipse phew makes me wanna throw up

    jacob is too annoying blehhh and bella too stupid (sorry, just my opinion… and the ones that read the book know why i think that LOL i dont wanna say why because there might be a few ppl that didnt read it )

    lookin forward to see what they’ll do with the script though

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆] i going crazy or did i see this same exact thread before? LOL

  • trish.

    Catherine did a good job with what she had.
    she only had 3 million to work this.

    This guy was the producer of some of the American pie.
    He better not mess this shit up.

  • trish.

    lol@new moon is the worst book.
    it isnt bad…Just bella did alot of crying.

    i’m actually eager to see Kristen stewart do that so she can prove all the people wrong who said she was a bad bella.

  • Glambabybumps

    love the book! hated the movie!

  • notbusy

    It baffles me why people still run to the theater to see this movie every weekend knowing its awful. Same with 4 Christmases which is awful. Guess people like throwing away money.

  • my opinion

    NM is the worst book and the end of eclipse phew makes me wanna throw up

    i agree. the story should have ended at twilight. if new moon, was the first in the series, it would have NEVER taken off, bcus it sucks.

  • trish.

    LOL it does suck!

    edward not being there.


    i want vanessa to play Leah!!!!! it would be the ONLY reason why i would watch new moon, because twilight sucked!!!!

  • mee

    me too, i want vanessa to play Leah!!! actually i wanted her to play bella, she is so much better and prettier than kristen, but kristen is bella so i want vanessa to play Leah.

  • suma

    i totally agree with #18 and #19 vanessa would be awesome as Leah, i hope she gets the part!!! then i would totally watch twilight!!! just because of her!! =) she rocks! <3

  • Maria

    VANESSA TO PLAY LEAH OR BELLA????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!

    I have absolutely NO COMMENT for that. Just…oh my God…That’s just ridiculous.

  • jANE

    i’m glad catherine’s not directing new moon, cuz i didnt enjoy the movie as much as i enjoyed the book. i think she did a terrible job.

  • trish.

    lol vanessa as bella?

    get out of here.

    someone’s stuck on disney world.

    leah should be played by blood moongold.

  • trish.

    is vanessa even auditioning?

  • Elle

    Best movie of 2008

  • suma

    yeah there is a rumor that Vanessa will play Leah, and it would be AWESOME!! because twilight totally SUCKED!!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? #25 BEST MOVIE OF 2008?? LOL NOW THAT’S FUNNY. THAT MOVIE IS HORRIBLE!!!

  • life

    I hate Jacob too and I have no interest to watch a movie with Bella/Jacob focus. They must give screentime to Alice, Edward, Bella and I will watch this movie too.

  • trish.

    The movie is not horrible.

    If Summit gave Catherine more money than 3 million dollars.
    you bet our ass it will be better than every movie.

    Vanessa hudgens? really? She can act as much as she can sing.
    NOT. lol

    she needs to stay with Disney.

  • trish.

    Why are you people complaining about new moon?
    it’s PART of the story.

    why would it be just about edward and bella with no love traingle problem? it wouldnt be entertaining.

    i hated new moon too, but i realized i love edward more now because of how annoying jacob is.

  • trish.

    Daniella Alonso

    She should be Leah or emily.

  • suma

    trish who the heck is daniella alonso? plz talk about someone we actually know.
    and shut the **** u idiot. vanessa is awesome!!! and 3 million dollars? big woop, thanks God she was fired, cause the movie sucked and so did the book, i started reading new moon, got bored and threw it away, i spent $20 dollars on that shit. STUPID BOOK AND STUPID MOVIE, AND BTW rob pattison is soo ugly, but good thing he matches with kristen, they both need to brush their hair and get a really good tan.

  • trish.

    EVEN IF vanessa hudgens was hired. She has a SMALL role.

    of course you wouldnt appreciate a good book because you’re stuck in the highschool musical world.

    Daniella alonso is the girl from remember the daze, WHO ACTUALL HAS ACTING SKILLS. UNLIKE VANESSA.

    for disney, it doesnt matter if you have talent. just as long as you can entertain a bunch of 12 yr olds.

    kick rocks.

  • trish.

    it’s funny how you people cant grasp the concept of the film/book.

    with 3 million bucks, catherine did a good job. with WHAT SHE WAS GIVEN.

    the earned a whopping 100+ million with the budget 3 million.
    summit should be thankful for Catherine for even wanting to DIRECT the movie.

  • life

    Sorry but Jacob is unwatchable. Of course he’s in the book, but I hope he won’t have a major screentime in the movie.

    Vanessa Hudgens can’t act.

    Maybe it’s just me but I loved Twilight movie.

  • Maria

    Daniella Alonso would actually be a good pick.I hadn’t even thought of her.

    Also, the girl who made the comment about “TALK ABOUT PEOPLE WE KNOW…” I think it’s quite obvious that the Twilight cast had close to NO (if any at all) known/famous actors. So how about we stick to people with ACTUAL talent rather than casting teeny-boppers just because or their names and their million dollar contracts with Disney.

    This isn’t Twilight : The Musical.

    I really hope they don’t sell out and cast people like Vanessa Hudgens.

  • ash

    Meh, Vanessa Hudgens as Leah.. mmmm idk… maybe.. but all we’ve seen her do is a a goodie goodie.. you think she can pull off Ms. Bitchy Leah(who I think is hilariously awesome in the books. :P) and she also seems a lil on the short side… But I guess thats why they call it “movie magic”, with all the tech. they got to make you look the part.. :-/

    And if you dont want to see Jacob through out most of the movie.. dont see it… wait till the dvd comes out and skip through it all… but I bet you, you wont… You’ll go see it just to say you hated all the Jacob screen time and Bella crying.. well.. thats what you got with the book, and thats probably what you’ll get with the movie. Deal with it or skip it. Pretty simple.

  • Elle

    Vanessa is good for disney movies, that’s it. And Suma you are the idiot, a lot of people know Daniella Alonso.

  • Sarah

    im going to miss catherine.
    she did a great job.
    i loved every second of Twilight.

    But im really excited to see what Chris has up his sleeve.

    I cannot wait for New Moon (:

  • Katherine

    I love Twilight. I want an Edward for me :P

  • LolaSvelt

    Why post the same thread? All you did was add the word ‘confirmed’ in the article, and it was confirmed before anyway!

  • indiesr

    I’ll just wait to see what happens…hopefully it will be better than Twilight. Yes twilight was bad, no one expected it to be exactly as the book, but the essence of the Love Story between Bella & Edward was never really established, the book was rushed to show the dumb fight scene. Hopefully, new moon will be better, there is enough material to show bella’s depression, her “friendship” with Jacob, and Alice and then Edwards return….maybe they should get a new screenwriter too.

  • life

    I’m ok with Bella crying. It’s important for the movie but it ISN’T necessary to put Jacob like the star of it. It’s a common opinion. Give to us Bella, Alice and Edward. Jacob story is boring and it’s unattractive for a huge part of fans of this saga.

  • adrianna

    yes i think vanessa will be leah, at least i read that in a magazine, ( she was audictioning for it) she has the perfect profile because she is caucasian and a little indian.. so she is perfect! way to go! ill se this movie, hope its better than twilight

  • Truth

    Vanessa Hudgens is way, way, WAY too good for the Twilight movie franchise. It’s a a great book, but a horrible movie, and playing Leah would be like taking 200 giant steps back. Leah’s one of those background characters that accidentally wound up with a bigger parts than she should have. Kind of like Jacob. Hope Vanessa says ‘absolutely not’ to Twilight and finds a better movie to showcase her talents.

    As for the new director…good luck. New Moon is the worst of the four books. Mostly it’s about Bella depressed, then it’s Bella and Jacob (gag). Edward’s not even present for a third of the story. And from what I can tell, the only reason people even watched the movie was for Robert Pattinson.

  • kourtney

    okay for the people saying Vanessa Hudgens should play Leah, I WILL NOT see New Moon if that stupid girl is in this movie. go back to just jared jr and obsess about her over there, because no one over here wants to hear about her.

    I know most people don’t like the whole Jacob/Bella story, but the only reason is really because Edward isn’t in the book whenever it’s just the 2 of them. I’m sure the movie is going to find a way to update us on what Edward is doing, (I think he goes to south america for a while?) if I’m right. and remember Bella always hears Edward in her head telling her things so maybe they’ll have him in on those parts. and I’m sure from the point where Bella jumps off the cliff bungee jumping, Edward is going to be in the movie because thats when Edward hears from Alice that Bella “killed herself” so I’m sure it will show his story leading up to going to Italy with the Volturi. I mean, remember Twilight the movie didn’t follow the books exactly so I’m sure New Moon won’t follow the book exactly either, but will make it more understandable for the people who haven’t read the books.

  • cjean

    I’m waiting for New Moon with great anticipation. When I first read the series, I skipped all of the Jacob part of New Moon. I didn’t like him and I wanted the Edward/Bella parts only. However, now I’ve just finished reading New Moon from start to finish and I’m glad I did. I’ll never be a Jacob fan, but I do like the depth he gave to the storyline, once you read it. If you just want to rush through and have a shallow story line, then yes, minimize Jacob’s role. But it will totally change Breaking Dawn’s story line and the depth that Jacob and Bella’s relationship adds there.

    As for Vanessa for the role, I don’t think so. If they decide to sink to those levels, the franchise will fail. They need strength, depth and darkness to achieve New Moon’s potential to get us to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (which are more widely accepted). Without those elements, it WILL fail and potentially not get the rest of the films made properly even though they are the more popular.

    By the way, you can slander the books all you like. If you haven’t read them all, front to back, you have no opinion. If you read them, and didn’t like them, then you didn’t like them; period. That does not give you the Judgement call on whether they are lousy books; just means you didn’t like them.

  • lolz

    I think that the movie was better than the book. but I use the word “better” quite loosely. it’s like comparing s h i t and vomit. go figure… whatever. I’ve read all the fu ck ing twilight assaga books (just finished) and I’m probably retarded by now (like all the desperate 12-old fanfgirls). dumb… I really feel sorry for myself and that useless torture.

  • Maria

    I refuse to take part in turning this thread into a Vanessa Hudgens vs. Twilighters thread, but it completely amazes me how people are actually saying that Vanessa is too good for this franchise. I’m sorry, and I just want to point out that I have absolutely nothing against Ms. Hugdens or High School Musical, but in what way exactly is she any better than any of the actors on this movie or the ones to come?

    Everyone on here has their opinion about the quality of Twilight (both the movie and books) and its actors, but you can’t deny the success of them both. As little as some of you might want to admit it, taking part in this project (even for Ms. Hudgens who already is somewhat of an established celebrity) would catapult ANYONEs’ career no matter who you are (Hello? Robert Pattinson anyone?). So the fact that some of you are saying that she’s too good for this is INSANE, and shows how little you know about show business, because let me break it to some of you…she didn’t do High School Musical 1 & 2 because of it’s deep and meaningful messages, or the opportunity to showcase her talent in a complex character.

    Anyways, and this is just my opinion, I still believe Vanessa Hudgens would not be a great pick, and I really don’t want to believe that she actually auditioned for the part, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Frustrated

    I was actually looking forward to the movie version of Twilight, but everywhere I turn, people are complaining about one thing or another and it’s making the whole thing less enjoyable. I am starting to believe that NOTHING can be done with this movie that will please the majority. From the beginning Twilight fans whined about Robert Pattinson (I actually liked him), now it’s Kristen Stewart (I actually like her too), Taylor Lauther, Nikki Reed, the screenwriter and the DIRECTOR for God’s sakes.

    This movie series doesn’t have a chance in hell if the fans don’t learn to SUCK IT UP and take what’s given to them. You guys are lucky there is even a movie out! Most books don’t get made into movies. And as a Twilight fan who is ALSO a Vanessa fan, I pray to God that she’s not in Twilight. Twilight’s going to implode at the rate it’s going…no reason for her to go down with it.

  • lalalala

    kristen stewart had no idea wat she got herself into b4 she agreed 2 twilight. she did her best, and look @ how sun ppl r treating her. if i were vanessa, id use that as an ex. n’ run as far away from twilight as possible…n’ keep running….