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Robert Downey Jr: Elementary, My Dear Jude

Robert Downey Jr: Elementary, My Dear Jude

Robert Downey Jr. shows off his chiseled body in his new film, Sherlock Holmes, in these new official photos.

Looks like some sort of fight club as RDJ looks pretty bloodied up!

Jude Law (who plays Dr. Watson) co-stars in the film and has a conversation with RDJ in the other movie still.

Guy Ritchie directs the film and Rachel McAdams also co-stars as Irene Adler. The film is set to open on Nov. 20 next year.

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  • HOTTT!

    Wow, love that bod, who knew?

  • sheryl

    Jude and RDJ! Good pics. It’s going to be hard to wait a whole year!

    *blows kisses at Jude*

  • Pole

    So far the film looks extremely promising – I cannot wait!

    *also blows kisses at Jude*

  • julien

    Holy bloody Mr. Downey!!!!!


    Congrats to Robert Downey Jr.. for his Golden Globe Nomination
    for Tropic Thunder.. and yes there will be video with Tom Cruise and
    Robert Downey Jr. together with Roberts black makeup .. It should be
    fun to have that at the Golden Globes opening scene..

    Since Tom is the only one talking about his cameo and Robert had
    a bigger role .. why would Ben Stiller do anything that movie is now
    over … NADA will be done for Tom or Robert

    Congrats to Robert since no one even noticed his nomination..!

  • ruth


  • fourplay

    Robert is smokin’!
    I really like these two actors and I’m thinking this will be a good movie.

  • dolorescraeg

    oh god that jude…we don’t see enough of him. so elegant in that period costume. is this the same jude who feels so comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt. i cannot wait for this film to come out. what a combination. law and downey. i expect fireworks.

  • Sandy

    It looks like some sort of moving day here and i can’t exactly figure out
    what they are trying to do. They have mixred up all the various shoots
    and thrown together the photos and removed most of the comments
    it appears. I don’t know if this is a new look or wheter this is a new
    philosophy for the archives and certain stars as well. We’ll have to
    watch what happens now. I think there are only a couple of weeksof
    shooting left now anyway although I haven’t seen Dr Watson’s future
    wife yet but i think these ladies are window dressing. Doyle wrote very liffle about them anyway. I just want to see the movie now, any way they make it. And the stars , particularly Jude. And I used to think he looked great in a moustache when he played Errol Flynn. I should have known Jude does right by anything you do to him. it’s hard to downgrade such ymmetrical chiseled handsomeness. you are one of
    a kind and very very special Jude, a real treasure.

  • mary

    put a shirt on.

  • gay power living

    RDJ can walk around shirtless at my place any ol’ time he wants. That is one fine speciMAN! GD! He is such a hot man and he’s in his 40′s!!!!


  • Yes


  • ericap

    Wonder if Guy will let Jude take his shirt off, too? one can only hope! :)

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    oh my god hoooooooot

  • elle

    Thanks Jared!!!

  • Ashley banks

    Iye what a nasty druggie body

  • sienna


  • Pole

    @ericap – We should write to Guy and suggest it ;-)

  • Sara

    Jude, i can’t wait to see you on this movie. *-*


    It would be fantastic if Robert Downey Jr. WON the GOLDEN GLOBES and the OSCAR than the media about Heath Ledgers parents can finally go away… Just wish that RDJ would come out and say something about his nomination…

  • Jen1

    Aw, Jude. Love his look for this movie! *hearts*

  • cari

    Looks like an old man’s chest to me…unless you have lowered expectations. I agree..put a shirt on.

  • FroFro

    Still relishing in this mans comeback. Its the best thing to happen to Hollywood. He was my favorite when I was 14 and still is to this day!

  • bb

    He and Tom should win at the GG also MTV awards

  • LoriLori

    What a mess! He is not aging well, he is sucking his stomach in and still looks bad- JL should be Sherlock


    he’s hot !

  • Sara

    it seems to me a real fantastic production. i’m just too excited! i don’t know if i can handle so much emotion. really can’t wait to see Jude on this movie. he will play the best dr. ever!

  • sheryl

    Good idea, ericap and Pole!


    Dear Mr. Guy Ritchie,
    I’m looking forward to your Sherlock Holmes film! Thanks very much for the shirtless scene with Robert Downey. Now, if it’s not too much trouble, can you make sure there’s a scene that includes a shirtless Jude?

    Your consideration of this request is greatly appreciated.

    * ;) winks at Jude*

  • [ā˜†I n F a m o u sā˜†]

    …`jude lost his hair and became a ;sidekick. hahahahahaha

  • sheryl

    Yes, ?InFamous?, and yet he’s there and you’re here! What about it? hahahahahaha

  • becca


    he is soooo hot! definitely old enough to be my father, but STILL!


    and he’s extremely talented as well!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    jude law?

  • angie

    @32, that sounds hot!!

  • ashly

    Amazing actor, amazing guy.

  • caits

    Oh. my. god. Literally what I said when I saw this. Are you TRYING to kill me? RDJ is effing gorgeous, I dont care what anyone says. His age is obviously not slowing him down, and the comments about his past life are in poor taste. The man has recovered and looks better than ever. I can’t stop staring.

  • http://yahoo shelle

    Robert looks fantastic at any age. He has made a fantastic turn around with his life. He has fixed his health and his mind and obviously his body as well. He is to be commended for everything in his life right now. He looks absolutely fantastic and better than at any other time in his life. “He appears to be at his sexual appearance and peak right now.” I am 43, and I grew up loving him throuhout the years , we grew up at the same time. He looks fantastic and oozes sexuality now.

  • rien

    I will post my comment if I found back my heart, which jumped and forgot where it belonged. And if Jude has the same pose like RDJ, I think I will be the one who forgets my heart, my body, my mind…

  • et toi. bonne nuit!

    soooo… im not taking my bf to see this, he kept covering my eyes during iron man – ha ha ha ha – CANT WAIT

  • Sandy

    I wouldn’t wory about Jude playing ‘second banana’ – if you remember
    what he did in RIPLEY – plain and simply walked off with the movie. I
    think his Watson will do the same here. I can’t wait (aside to Sheryl –
    you absolutely slay me!)

  • Sara

    “In Famous”,
    you don’t read the news very much, do you?
    He is THE Doctor! not any doctor.

    anyway, Jude is elementary, my dear “In Famous”.

  • dolorescraeg

    jude, shirtless…..oh god…that would make my day and night. he is such a grreat actor….not to mention the sexiest guy on the planet…..

  • nikki

    Get Watsonize !

    Jude is sooo dashing . in his victorian suit. and if he gets shirtless
    someone is going to have to call Dr. Watson.

  • jill

    I’m loving Jude as Dr. Watson and RDJ in fighting in a pit is very
    interesting. I cant wait to see this movie.

  • Jazz

    Oh. My. God. The man has got a rockin body!!!!

  • dolorescraeg

    if it was guy ritchie’s idea to pair jude with downey he should get an award. what casting. sheer genius. please hurry up and release this film. they have said they will make it into a franchise. i keep thinking jude law ‘s faceon the big screen….. good for whatever ails you.

  • Carl Berger

    Get your heads out of your asses, Watson is not a mere sidekick, he’s an integral part of the story, as in, the story could not be told without him there.

  • Pole

    I agree with Carl Berger – Dr. Watson may “offcially” be a sidekick but he’s still as crucial to the plot as Holmes is. Take away Dr. Watson and what would be left?

  • Sara

    no no, Watson is a d-o-c-t-o-r and end-point.

  • Sara

    Dr. Watson,
    I need you for a consult.
    I am with symptoms of Jude.
    and only you Dr. can help me.
    I assure you that. ;)
    Please, please, don’t say no.
    Thankful, Sara.

  • sheryl

    I agree, Pole. I think of them more as a duo than Watson being a “sidekick.” But whatever the case, duo or sidekick, I don’t see what difference it makes…having Jude portray him is an excellent choice.