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Suri Cruise: Peek-A-Boo Time!

Suri Cruise: Peek-A-Boo Time!

Suri Cruise plays a little bit of peek-a-boo as her mom, Katie Holmes, takes her home after another performance of All My Sons in New York City on Saturday.

Yesterday, Katie, 29, dressed for the cold New York weather and threw on a stylish white beanie hat.

Suri‘s dad, Tom Cruise, recently talked to E! about his Tropic Thunder character, Les Grossman, saying, “I’ve talked about doing different videos with the character. I’ve started working with Ben [Stiller] on it, and we’ve kind of talked about different things to do. We were gonna do some in our free time, but we haven’t found the free time…yet. He’s a fun character! I gotta talk to Ben, but there could be more to do with that guy.”

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  • sara

    suri is so beautiful but you just know she is gonna be so messed up.

  • g!rocks

    aaw! Suri is cute! strangers are taking her pic with cell phones! poor thing!

  • meredith

    she is gonna be as messed up as an olsen twin, but worse.

    sniff, sniff.

  • messisuri


  • jordan

    I can’t wait to see what they do with that Tropic Thunder character. I couldn’t believe that was Tom!! I’m a huge fan of Tom and Katie’s, but I just feel so bad for poor Suri. I was in NYC like 2 weeks ago and saw them getting out of an SUV with security all around them. It was like 40 degrees out and Suri didn’t have a jacket on. I felt so bad for the poor girl. I got a couple great photos of them getting out of the car and posted them for you to check out. What do you guys think of Suri’s life?

  • Mark

    Wow. Check out that 3rd photo of Suri there. Thanks for sharing Jordan! Did everyone see these?

  • Mr. Blonde

    No, #1. You don’t know. I don’t know. No one knows the future.

  • meredith

    mr blonde,
    think about it LOGICALLY.

  • angel


  • angel


  • mika

    cutee =]

  • Mr. Blonde

    I Am thinking about it logically, #9. There’s nothing to suggest that kid is going to be messed given her older siblings and good parenting she seems to be getting.

  • meredith

    life through a lens

    very healthy

  • flojo

    what’s on the corner of katie’s lips…is tom kissing that or did he do that?

  • nina

    love them

  • lurker

    best parents in Hollywood
    congrats to Tom’s GG nom

  • dido

    beautiful family

  • cupcakes

    mom and baby are cute

  • y

    Would love for Katie to win the Tony’s for AMS play!!!

    Both are dolls!

  • Marissa

    Is this some type of F’d up joke, my god can’t even walk w/ a baby w/o pics being taken, that’s where the paparrazi over step thier boundaries.

  • BG

    That “thing” on the corner of here skanky mouth is a herpe. She is gross! She kisses her daughter with that shit on her lip. How disguisting.

    Suri looks wierd. Nail polish? rings? She already has issues. It’s disturbing to see this kid look like this. She is not normal like Violet or Matilda. She is in a world of her own and that is sad!

  • Lisa

    Does Scientology believe in Christmas? Hopefully Suri has a list all ready for Santa that she can bring with her if she ever gets to sit on Santa’s lap. I would love to know what she would like from Santa? Maybe new dresses, dolls, fingernail polish, and it looks like from these pictures she is liking jewelry now too since she is wearing rings on her fingers. too cute…… I wonder when she will get her little ears pierced? She is never too young for diamond studs. tee heee


    fake ring stickers lol

  • twilightzone

    to- mr blond

    There IS a very strong possibiity that Suri WILL have problems.
    Just by the idiot parents she has-mostly the weird cult her dad is involved in and her mom-Katie- who is not comfortable in her skin as a mom. Why? well..its so very obvious- I an experienced parent and there are many other obvious reasons that you have no idea about…..tidbits I am seeing from your uneducated posts.

    It’s too bad….Suri is a very pretty child….but, you can see the sadness in her eyes as if something is lacking.

  • ew

    Is that lipstick on Suri?? I sure hope not. Herpes alert Katie!

  • diva

    u kno why dont they keep her at home this is gonna start bothering the poor lil girl she needs some friends!

  • lily

    jeez, i wish she would stop with the fake smile. just frown, katie! your human, no one will care.

  • mju8

    When your parents are a control-freak midget and a robot wife, and both subscribe to a cult, you know you’re going to be messed up later in life.
    Sorry, but it’s just the facts.

  • regina

    How old is this girl?28???? She┬┤s just a toddler!!!Nail polish, rings!!!!! She has to behave her age, and play,play,play!!
    She has to hang around Matilda ledger to learn how to act her age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yuck

    Kat -liter with herpes is such an eyesore. I hope Tiny Tom does not do Broadway anytime soon. JJ. enough of the all the has been Cruises.

  • Amy

    Of course she’s going to have problems, her parents tote her around like either a prop (Tom) or a surrogate girlfriend (Katie.) Poor thing.


    Katie looks like MAN
    Walks like a MAN
    No denying..”she’s” a MAN BABY

  • fug Suri

    All kids are halfway cute when their Suri’s age. She’s average…

    She’ll be really ugly as she gets older cause Katie Homely is her mother.

  • patriotic american

    “Does Scientology believe in Christmas? ”

    No, L Ron Hubbard taught that Jesus was a figment of people’s imagination implanted by Xenu, Hubbard also said that Jesus was a lover of young boys.

  • No #22, they don’t believe in

    #22- Scientologists do NOT believe in Christmas.

    Katie and Tom act like they believe in Christmas so they can take advantage of holiday photo ops.

    They probably celebrate Hubbardmas or something sick like that.

  • 2 Patriotic american

    I think we both got that one right. Merry Christmas, #34.

  • elaine

    que motivou vc a realizar este filme sobre guerra, e pq nao filmou nada ainda com sua esposa Ktie Holmes,sendo que sempre filma com suas esposas.
    Seus filmes sao de excelente qualidade mas confesso que prefiro vc em cenas romanticas.
    Venha conhecer o Brasil.

  • tinna
  • Hair

    PLEASE get someone to cut that ugly mop of Suri’s. That is the ugliest hair “style” any female could wear. I have no idea why Katie thinks the “style” looked good on her, Suri, or anybody else for that matter.

    Suri’s face is way too round to be wearing that cut. She looks like a balloon.

    I think Katie should shave her own head. She would look better.

    I’m still waiting on Katie to go blonde and copy Posh.


    Also, too bad that Katie is obsessed with painting Suri’s nails and dressing her up in dresses all the time. Now, I see she’s wearing jewelry.

    This kid doesn’t know how to interact with anyone..muchless children her age.

    These two birdbrains (tOM AND katie) don’t have a clue the permanent damage they are doing to this kid because they dont’ stop to think. All that matters to them is getting their faces plastered on as many magazines as possible no mater what the cost to the kid.

    Katie=Mommie Dearest

  • my Chuck OH my Chuck


  • Green Eyes

    In her defense, Katie can’t help getting a cold sore, they’re actually very common, obviously even among the rich and famous; however, they’re also highly contagious, so she shouldn’t be kissing Suri near the mouth.
    And yes, Suri should be playing with the likes of Violet, Matilda, and Heidi & Seal’s kids – all kids who are allowed to play like kids do and get dirty.
    As far as that blanket goes, it really is time for them to realise she is not an infant anymore and stop carrying her in that stupid blanket like a baby. If that is her ‘blankie’, then I understand, that she is attached to it, it is her security blanket, but there is also a way to make that bed-size blanket a more managable, cut it down a bit. A healthy child will need their security blanket less and less and as you cut it down bit by bit it gives them a chance to outgrow it – a healthy child that is, one who has security elsewhere, and fun, and normalcy – Suri may not fit that mold.

  • Big Mama

    To Mr. Blonde: I know the future. In it are more photos of Sure and Katie.





    Suri is a gorgeous kid, i wish they would stop flaunting her. i know she will be photograph no matter but they almost enjoy showing her off. The child is going to have a very warped sense of identity. Its prob part of scientology!

  • My voice

    I have defended Katie and Suri a lot on this blog, but the one thing that that REALLY bothers me is how Katie insists that Suri match her clothes.

    That is SO annoying.

    Put Suri in some pink or something already.


  • Glambabybumps

    She is so cute!

  • Idani

    I really don’t get Katie’s choice of clothes. She bundled up all summer including that one day where she wore a winter coat when it was in the 80′s. And now that it is winter, she isn’t wearing a coat and she is wearing a sweater with huge cut outs in the sleeves.What? She is cold in the heat and hot in the cold?

  • http://aol Susan

    Many little girls play around with nail polish. It is no big deal to have her nails painted. Honestly, some of you are soooooo critical. And, do any of you know what she does other than the 5 minutes you see pictures of her??????

  • Lisa

    Thanks #34 and #35 for clearing it up for me, but I can’t tell if you are joking or telling the truth. ha haaa

    I hope Katie’s family will still celebrate with Suri even if Tom refuses to. Speaking of Katie’s family, we haven’t seen too much of them lately spending time with Katie and Suri. It would be nice if they could see more of Suri maybe at their home in Ohio for the holidays. It’s sad that Suri can’t be like any regular little girl that can have a sleepover at her Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I loved spending alone time with my Grandma when I was little.