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David Archuleta - "A Little Too Not Over You" Music Video

David Archuleta -

Check out David Archuleta‘s just-released “A Little Too Not Over You” Music Video.

It’s the second single from the American Idol Season 7 runner-up, off his self-titled debut album.

The music vid was shot by Scott Speer, who also did Ashley Tisdale‘s “He Said She Said” and Jordin Sparks‘s “Tattoo”.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Archie’s new music video — YAY or NAY?

David Archuleta – “A Little Too Not Over You” Music Video
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  • lex

    FIRST.. adorable (:

  • Lisa

    this is a very sweet song
    love the vid

  • Snoop

    hes gay ;)

  • Laila

    I loved it.
    And it’s a YAY!!

  • Audrey

    dig it! and he’s not gay

  • Cheyanne

    i love it! but, does anyone else think she looks like Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl during the scene where they’re playing Guitar Hero?


    It is amazing how the runner up does better than the winner does..
    Take a look at the past winners.. and how the runner ups do better..


    It is amazing how the runner up does better than the winner does..
    Take a look at the past winners.. and how the runner ups do better..

  • Lindy


    He looked very cute w/ that girl

    & I can’t stop watching !!


  • tARA

    I looooooove David Archuleta! he’s SO talented!

    and he’s NOT gay.. i can tell ya.. HAHA.. oh yep! i bet he’s not…

  • Zeinab

    LOVE IT, it’s definitely a YAAAAAAAY !!!

  • Zeinab

    LOVE IT, it’s definitely a YAAAAAAAY !!!

  • Julia

    I actually think he’s OK.. but i think they’re in love.. or they are REALLY good actors… because look at the way they look at each other!!!

  • lida


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Love this guy!

  • Duyen

    awww this is a cute video!! i love it!<3

  • Soy

    Awwww, this is so cute!
    David is a phenomenal singer, and this video is adorable~ :)
    AND HE IS NOT GAY. He is STRAIGHT. Thank you very much.

    Geez. Why does it even matter anyway?
    Sexual orientation should not be an insult!

  • Halo

    I don’t understand why he’s going the George Michaels route by singing to girls in his videos when he’s actually gay? He’s just lying to himself. People who say he’s straight either don’t want to believe it or that they don’t really know.

    David Archuleta is definitely going to come out the closet in the future. Another Clay Aiken. He’s gay for real…

  • meleah

    AMAZING! Go David!!

  • meleah

    AMAZING! Go David!!

  • meleah

    AMAZING! Go David!!

  • maria

    david !!! is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best!! video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! david i love!!! ah!! ihe is not gay ok?

  • maria d

    david !!! is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best!! video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! david i love!!! ah!! ihe is not gay ok?


  • Hallie

    Well, I thought the video was fantastic!
    To all of you who thinks David is gay, you have no reasons to say such things. There is no evidence of that.
    David even said in a video that he thought Taylor Swift was gorgeous! :)

  • muack!!

    yeah!! amazing!!

  • Deb

    I like his voice, but I cant picture his face with that voice at all, I will always enjoy his music, but I cant stand the puppy dog videos.

  • katttteh

    wait- is Jared gay?

  • Halo

    LOL because he complimented a female, it doesn’t make him gay? I guess Elton John, Ian McKellan, and other actors/ male musicians who are gay should just ban female compliments because it makes them less gay.

    There is evidence. You just choose not to see it.

  • Nia

    Awesome vid and song
    I think its a great concept.
    And he is so not gay. David is a genuinely humble guy and ppl only call him gay cuz tht is a rarely seen combination in the entertainment world. :)
    Love 4 David. Keep news about him coming. ♥♥♥

  • bella

    LOL . . .you can tell he is going to be one of those guys who will look like he is 14 forever.

  • jessica

    aww that was cute..LOL
    i like it

  • sari

    I like it.
    Go David!!

  • Halo

    I don’t know what the reasons are for other people to call him gay but I, as in myself, know that he’s gay. I would like to get my money when he comes out the closet people ;)

  • kasia

    the girl kinda looks like amanda bynes and jessica alba in some scenes
    anyone else notice that?

  • Paulina

    he is adorable , his songs are great , but this boy is GAY GAY GAY .
    and there is nothing wrong with that .
    please come out the closet David , ready when you are hun !

  • Paulina

    LMFAO at all his teen fan girls ..
    obsessing over him is cute , but believing he isn’t GAY ?



  • Archie rocks

    It’s amazing!! Archie is a great actor!! I love him, he looks so cute!! love you Archie

  • Paulina

    he IS a great actor , he ALMOST had me convinced he was straight in this video .

  • Archie rocks

    hahaha what’s wrong with these losers haters??
    hahaha, they are jealous of Archie’s new video ’cause Archie looks so cute with the girl..haha, haters he never comes out of the closet ’cause he likes girls losers…hahaha poor haters, they wanted so bad that Archie is gay, but that never will happen..I have no doubt of Archie,. I know he is a shy boy who has had a girlfriend, but he is not fool and not gonna say his private life with the public, besides this song was written by himself..I know when a gay is gay and when a boy is straight, and I’m 100% sure that Archie is straight and as long his fans knows it, I don’t care what those losers think…
    The video is amazing!! best video ever!!!

  • zeny

    its a yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amazing video!!!!

  • sv18

    yay and more :)

  • I love it!!!

    Archie is a shy boy but he can act very well..He looks so handsome!! I love him..I think I’m in love with him….
    Archie said in a new interview that finding a wife is very important for him, he seems to be a real and honest person, and I believe him…
    sorry if you are gay and you are jealous of the Girl because Archie and that lucky girl look like real girlfriend and boyfriend…But we have to admit that they have good chemistry…Archie I love you awwwwwwww!!!

  • Tomj

    I’m anxious to know how people seem to think they can discern someone’s bedroom preferences based on interviews and music videos. You must have some sort of magic skill. Don’t tell me, I’ll bet its because he spends so much time around girls, and very little time around guys. Yep, that’s a real give-away.

    Oh, I know… you have some sort of “gaydar”, right? Well, I’m gay myself and I can tell you that I’ve got effeminate friends who are 100% straight and very straight acting friends who have no interest in women. So good luck with your quest to “out” every dude who doesn’t act like John Wayne.

    Great video BTW.

  • Amanda

    hes so gay but its okay haha jk hes cute but looks like a 10 year old and kinda sounds like one too haha he def does NOT look like he is almost like what 18 years old now?? wow woah jeezz ahah but w/e he is cute and a very talented singer!! still havent bought/gotten his album/cd and now i really want to!! great music video!!

  • lisa

    You’re so full of it Halo. And I’m personal friends with Jesse McCartney.

  • kelly

    absolutely amazing and great!

    David is such a cool artist!

  • Halo

    Lisa, get off your high horse. So the internet is only limited to fanboys and fangirls? not people who can actually know other individuals in the entertainment world?

    Jealousy is a sickness. So get well soon.

  • lisa

    Oh, don’t worry Halo, I’ll be fine. I’m heading over to Jesse’s house right now with some friends. But I’m not going to name names or the scenarios involving those names.

  • me

    He doesn’t belong on this site, Jared. He belongs on the Disney site.

    He’s so sissy.

  • brebre

    I don’t care for David. I think he’s very annoying. I wish he and his dad would stop trying to be famous!!!