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Christian Bale is Fruit Snack Sweet

Christian Bale is Fruit Snack Sweet

The Dark Knight star Christian Bale carries fierce 3-1/2-year-daughter out of a store in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday afternoon.

The 34-year-old Welsh actor, who had a yellow smiley face sticker on his right hand, was accompanied by his wife Sibi Blazic. His daughter carried around a bag of cherry fruit snacks.

Christian can next be seen in Terminator Salvation as John Connor. After Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, a group of survivors led by Connor (Bale) struggles to keep the machines from finishing the job. Out May 2009.

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  • lauren


  • Sean

    USC!!! FIGHT ON!!!!

  • LolaSvelt

    Definitely the cutest baby in Hollywood along with Matilda, NOT Suri. Though I feel terrible for comparing them. I’m just sick of her seeing her and Katie everyday.

  • Lenalein

    cutest family in the world!

  • gay power living

    Christian Bale was my FIRST MAJOR movie star crush when I was 12 and saw him in Empire of the Sun. God, that movie was heart breaking and oooooohhhh how I fantasized surviving the hardships of occupied China with him…

    I can’t believe he’s married with children. killer. I hope his family is happy and healthy for decades to come.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    gay power living — LOOOOVED ‘EMPIRE OF THE SUN’. Great movie!!

    Mr. Bale ROCKS!! Love his little family. Glad he’s gotten away from his wacko Mum and sis.

  • yoyo

    She’s got the same frown her dad does.

  • natalie

    UHM SORRY BUT HER NAME IS NOT EMMALINE. Bale and his wife have yet to reveal the real name of their daughter, Emmaline is just something someone (they?) made up to protect her. They even stopped calling her that on So you should really take and point that out. Besides, wasn’t it Emmeline they called her in the press anyhow, not Emmaline? Doesn’t matter though, that’s not her real name anyways.

  • cece

    cute baby but the dad is a JERK

  • therapy

    Bale always looks angry,unhappy
    and he looks 40 instead of someone who’s
    only in their early 30′s.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    #9. And you know he’s a jerk because??????

    Why would he have a ‘happy’ face on when the papps must have been houding him? I sure wouldn’t.

  • Valerie_f4

    She is Batgirl!

  • Dawn

    Cute kid – Yes! Cute father – No!!

  • role model not

    No.11 many fan reports from females and batman fans have pics and stories to prove he has a temper.

    That famous one was his fight with a husband because Bale treated his wife like crap. Batman fans even have a pic of him giving the finger to his fans.

  • boogie

    I thought its John Mayer!

  • Sunny

    Christian is wearing a South Sydney hoody… a gift from Russell Crowe, who owns the rugby league team. They co-starred in the terrific western film, 3:10 to Yuma.

    Bale protects his personal life and doesn’t seek attention unless he’s working at promoting a film. He resents papz taking pictures of him with his family when he’s trying to live his life privately.

  • angelove

    Please take off the USC cap. OJ is a disgrace and we dont need a man who hates his mom and sister posing like a wonnabee USC supporter.

  • luvshoppin

    She’s adorable! That shirt (in a different color) can be found here:

  • hannah

    She is the cutest wee thing!!

  • Justme

    I like Christian Bale, but only in the right role. I do not find him good in The Dark Knight, he does not make a good Batman, he is not suited to that role and his acting was poor. And no chemistry with Maggie G (who always acted badly in that pic). But maybe that’s just me.

  • emily

    Dang. There is some serious Bale hate here. I think he’s wonderful.

  • hoorah

    yep Justme his roles are the same. Always angry and always intense. Critics are right he needs a chill pill in his acting. I find Downey more versatile than him and even prefer Keaton’s and Kilmer’s Batman. His voice was distracting in the movie and he had better chemistry with Katie than Gyllenhaal.

  • emily

    #20- He makes a better Batman than any of the previous ones. And who COULD have any chemistry with Maggie? She was downright horrible!

  • *

    His popularity skyrocketed but his starmeter said his rise to fame was his arrest for beating up his mom and sister.

  • kel

    No.22 he has a lot of range and versatility. He’s been acting since he was about 10 years old, and has done a good job in all sort of different projects over that time. Just because you’ve only seen him in his big recent angry ass kicking roles does not mean that is the extent of his abilities. Downey Jr. is OK, but I find he usually is playing his own persona rather than transforming into a character like Bale does. Bale changes his voice, accent, body, movements, personality and everything so of the two of them I would say he is definitely the chameleon.

  • kel

    He’s been very uncomfortable and awkward with fame since he was a little kid running away from press conferences, 14, but I don’t think it makes him a jerk. He’s OK about signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, but he announces how many of them he will do depending on how much time he has and sticks to that. When you are encountering autograph demands constantly everywhere you go, a lot of them from people planning to just sell them on ebay, that’s pretty reasonable. If his wife or child are there waiting he also explains he can’t keep them waiting for long, and is firm about that. He does just about everything he can to keep out of the public eye in his personal life, so it’s not as though he’s encouraging things.

    He wasn’t arrested for beating up his mother and sister, 24, they waited until his premiere to accuse him of “assault” which turned out to be yelling after they hit him up for hundreds of thousands in cash. The family obviously has his issues (of course, most child star families do).

  • dianel

    What a cute little girl

  • lena

    FYI folks, all the negavtive comments are from one disgruntled Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise fan who is pissed at Bale and his fans for kicking her off a Bale fansite. This Holmes/Cruise fan tried to convince Bale fans that Holmes/Cruise are the best actors in Hollywood while insulting Bale at the same time. Needless to say, she was kicked to the curb. Pay no mind to the nut.

  • pr person

    The British Psycho!

  • goya

    lena, I know who you’re talking about. It’s the same person who spams the Katie Holmes Just Jared posts w a ton of “she looks like Jackie” and “Death to the Haters!” and “Bless this all-American family.” She is completely batshit crazy.

  • cari

    This is why I hate seeing he and his family photographed and posted like this. A bunch of numbnuts have their ridiculous and nutty opinions and comments about things not only not their business, but of someone they know nothing about.

    If you are a fan, buy Movie Tickets and DVD’s. Don’t harass someone in the normal course of their life.

    They don’t owe us anything. And if you DO enjoy their performance…we owe THEM a thank you. If you DON”T, who really cares…..

  • Peach

    She is adorable (whatever her name is). She actually looks like an Emmeline. Anyway they are a gorgeous couple who look happy – and don’t seek publicity like some. They seem to put up with it as long as it’s at a respectable distance.

  • Marie

    I had a feeling her name wasn’t “Emmaline”. To be honest, I’m glad, because I hate that name. She def. takes after daddy, in terms of facial expressions–I don’t think I’ve seen very many pictures of her smiling either. But that’s why I love Sibi (his wife)–she is ALWAYS smiling! In every picture I’ve ever seen of her, she’s beaming away.

  • pony

    Beautiful baby girl!!! He may not be Mr. Smiley, but I think it is pretty obvious that he has a beautiful happy family, and he seems like a very good dad and husband. I really like him :)

  • Lm jamalbi

    I wonder what makes people think that others give a crap what their daughter’s name is anyway. Full of themselves are they?

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    Dig this family anyway whatever their names are. It’s nice to see someone my little girl might be interested in she’s 1. Just saw 3.10 to Yuma it was really enjoyable. Great performance by Bale

  • Brulionnasprali

    thank you #26 for your comment, I wish more people would understand that.
    I bet most people who make those random comments like he’s a jerk or a psycho hardly knew him before the incident at the TDK premier or on the Terminator set, nor have they seen much of his work.
    they just keep repeating what the stupid tabloid tell them, and think it’s their own opinion

  • ffxiv gil

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