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Kate Walsh Gets Poinsettia Pretty

Kate Walsh Gets Poinsettia Pretty

Kate Walsh heads back to her home for a holiday party with a pretty poinsettia in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 41-year-old Private Practice actress recently announced she was getting divorced from husband Alex Young due to irreconcilable differences after 15 months of marriage.

Also pictured below is Kate sporting Burberry’s “Beat” scarf while out and about in Hollywood on Sunday.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Walsh getting poinsettia pretty…

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kate walsh poinsettia pretty 01
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 02
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 03
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 04
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 05
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 06
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 07
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 08
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 09
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 10
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 11
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 12
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 13
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 14
kate walsh poinsettia pretty 15

Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • Karen

    Kate looks rather surprised to see a camera. I’d think she’d be used to it by now!

    It may be none of our business, but after hearing (or reading) things like, “This is a man I’d make sacrifices for” and “She keeps pinching me to see if I’m real,” I’d REALLY like to know what happened to turn it all around 180 degrees a mere 15 months later.

  • ember heart

    Love the sweater and top she looks gorgeous

  • Moira

    So I guess it’s the hubby that left the house after filing for divorce. At least she got the house.

  • Ewana

    In some of the photos she looks so lost and confused :[

    Pretty sure that’s her brother Joe with her. I hope she finds someone else to spend her life with.

  • luca

    Love you Kate. Gorgeous than ever!!

  • Lexi

    Thank you JJ.
    Love you Kate! She looks gorgeous. :]

    Oh and she was going to an Al-Anon meeting, not an AA meeting.

  • jamie

    She looks so beautiful. I love you Kate always.

  • NataĊĦa

    Thank you JJ.

    Kate Walsh ROCKS!!!

  • Evangeline

    She looks gorgeous. I love her outfits and especially those jeans! She looks sad in the close up picture, though.. I hope she’s doing well. :/

    I’m glad to see Joe with her during this time. She seems to have a big support group and hopefully we’ll see her smile sometime soon.

  • kokolo


  • becki

    She looks really pretty but she looks in so much pain. I’m happy she’s with her family because it was cold to leave her just before Christmas. She’s getting the help she needs because obviously something happened to make everything change.
    She still rocks <3

  • Emily

    Kate looks great, good to see she has lots of support. Kate was at that centre for the same meeting she attends all the time, Al Anon. Nothing to do with the marriage break up, you know that Jared.

  • Lucy

    I love you Kate :)

    Nice to see her big bro Joe with her. They are very close. She has a great family and friends to support her, as do all her fans.

  • sarah h

    She is beautiful, she is pretty, I love you so much kate walsh, i’m with you!

  • amy

    Nice to see Joe by her side…she needs friends and family now.

  • ?

    Why is she attending Al Anon meetings?

  • Puce

    What are Al Anon meetings ????????

  • MLWfan

    Al-Anon is for friends/family of alcoholics. It provides support for someone who’s life is affected by someone else’s drinking.

    I wish Kate well.

    And to comments like those posted by ‘kokolo’ – give her time, and don’t be so damn heartless!

  • Liz

    A lot can happen in 15 months in any marriage. From earlier photos I still think Kate was pregnant earlier in the year and probably suffered a miscarriage. That can be enough to tear any marriage apart especially when both of them work very long hours. But who knows.

    Main thing is if they are happier apart, then the divorce is good. Kate will get over it with time and she has a strong support network around her.

  • S.

    Thanks JJ, but you could try and get your facts right. It took me google, and less than find minutes to find that it was Al-Anon, at the Senior Citizen Center. I knew it was Al-Anon all along even before googling, because you posted some pictures of her and Keisha Chambers going to a meeting together last January, Around the time Justin Chambers was having “sleeping problems”.

    For a woman going thought a divorce she looks sublimely beautiful, and lighter. Like some big weight has been lifted from her shoulders.

  • Amanda

    Kate looks fab. Also, seriously JJ get your facts straight she was leaving Al-Anon not a rehab center, so please stop trying to start something which is not true.

  • Jen

    Given the circumstances Kate looks very well. Glad to see her brother Joe with her. And nice of her neighbour to give her the poinsetta !

  • Sushi


  • The Fly

    I don’t think she looks particularly sad or in pain. You can’t expect people to smile all the time in candid pictures….

    One thing you can expect from Kate Walsh, though, is to look beautiful, and she does, as usual.

  • gafan4ever

    She does look sad. It makes me sad. You are gorgeous Kate.
    I love her lots.

  • Karla

    Aww Kate looks so pretty in those pictures at her house. Love the outfit & her hair is amazing. Also I want her black coat from the other pics!
    Glad she has her brother & friends around her & she seems like she’s doing ok.
    I love & support Kate <3

  • Kelly

    Kate looks really good despite the sad news :)
    I love her cardigan.
    Thanks for ID-ing the scarf Jared.

    And to #23 – Shut up. You know nothing. Re-read the posts above.

  • hannah

    She’s still got it.

  • Jess

    She’s beautiful!

  • Matt

    Kate looks freaking fantastic given the divorce news. She has to be one of the few 40 year old celebs to pull off no makeup and I like the new hair cut.

  • brainysmurf

    I think Kate is putting up a strong front. I have to say I agree with the poster above who thinks Kate was pregnant in the past, but miscarried. I really thought she looked pregnant last spring and summer-she had a bump. A miscarriage can hurt a marriage or maybe one wanted children and the other did not. Either way, it’s not really my business as it is non of anyone’s business why she went to an Al-Anon meeting-the whole point is to be anonymous. I love her scarf and I love that in this time of need, she realizes she needs her family. That is one thing I have always loved about Kate-she keeps her family close. They’ll get her through this-that’s what big brothers are for. Anyway, we can help Kate by watching Private Practice. Can’t wait for Wednesday.

  • me loves kate

    Kate looks so pretty on those pics!
    she is great! I wish her the best!
    Thanks JJ!

  • ashley

    she looks so sad:(
    lets send her a gift basket courtesy of JJ & Fans.

  • Elin

    you do know how to choose the pics, eh?

    - all smiles as always…

  • Chloe

    I love Kate and hope she comes through this ok. She is lucky to have a really close family and good friends and castmates. They will all look after her.

  • jocie

    kate looks so fabulous and gorgeous always….
    she is great…and still beautiful…
    love you kate…….the best for you….

  • love kate always

    i love kate walsh so….and i believe she is tough just the same as addison….she will get through this….love kate always..

  • Amy

    Kate will survive this. She always comes across as a strong, down-to-earth, independent woman, so she will overcome this and I’m sure she won’t be single for long !

  • Lily

    So sad to her about her divorce, it’s a real shame. I truly hope she finds someone great to share her life with, she deserves it. She looks soo beautiful as always in these pictures but a little bit sad obvs, i hope she’s smilingg soon :) it’s good to see her brother with her, nice to know she’s got support from her family by her and thatt :) i’m a bit fan of hers and hope she stays strong and happy x

  • yeaah

    she’s so beautiful. she looks AMAZING for 41 can’t actually believe that’s her age, she looks fantastic tbh considering what she’s been going through recently, hope she’s feeling happy soon and finds someone else <3 love hurr

  • Perry

    Looking chic, lovely and better than ever. I wish her the best and I’m sure she’ll find someone great in no time as she’s just gorgeous and seems to have a fabulous personality.

  • lee

    it was cold of him to leave her so close to christmas

  • Anna

    lee – No-one knows what’s gone on. They separated a few weeks before Alex filed for divorce and Kate is still living in their house so for all we know she may have asked him to move out. If they weren’t happy it is better for them to face it Christmas or not. Like others have said Kate will be fine, she’s strong and has her family and friends. Sweet of her older brother Joe to move in with her.

  • em

    Kate counter-filed on Xmas Eve giving the date of separation 5 days earlier than Alex.,,20249076,00.html

    Which lends weight to the rumor that Alex saw those pap pics of Kate leaving her lawyers a few months back and filed first just to get the upper hand and sympathy vote. Seems to have backfired given Kate’s counter-file and on Xmas Eve too. He must have really done something to piss her off!

  • ddd

    The counterfiling makes her only look bitter and stupid.

  • louis

    Countering means that he was a bitter a$$hole that went to the press and slandered Kate, and pissed her off. She looks pretty relieved in the photos, and quite content with letting him file first, until he or isd friends started talking tothe media.

  • Lorrrilu

    I think that Kate just rocks! I’m curious to learn actually what happened that split Kate and Alex up, but we may never know, and I suppose that every single detail isn’t our business-but I sure would like to know! I’ve been ill, so I’ve been watching lots of tv, and I’ve only recently discovered Greys Anatomy and Kate-she’s distracting me, for which I am quite grateful. Thanks Kate, and best of luck to you!