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Megan Fox - Spike TV's 2008 Video Game Awards

Megan Fox - Spike TV's 2008 Video Game Awards

Transformers star Megan Fox dazzles in red at Spike TV’s 2008 Video Game Awards held at Sony Pictures’ Studios on Sunday, December 14, in Culver City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress skipped out on the red carpet but did the night’s honors of presenting the Game Of The Year award onstage to action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox looking red hot at Spike TV’s 2008 Video Game Awards…

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Spike TV, Chris Polk/Filmmagic
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  • moe

    she is far from an Angie lookalike.
    She looks like a dragqueen

  • VerĂ³nica

    She looks amazing.

    Megan is not trashy. She have a little of class.
    And the other hand, I love her dress, her shoes an her hair.



  • Cool

    It’s either her make-artist fell asleep on the job or she suffered a serious sunburn. Yikes. She tries to hard.

  • bella

    She is very beautiful. But that dress looks a little trashy. Very 80′s. I realize some of the 80′s fashions are making a return. As a person who remebers the 80′s, you will regret wearing it later on when you look back. Trust me.

  • Miapocca

    she is not dazzling and yes she is an angie lookalike..for htose of you who dont remember it was only yesterday that jolie stole someone lifestly and started dressing with st john..before she was just as horrible looking as this one…

  • alekziel

    She is not like Angie at all.
    Angie is gorgeous and she has class, this chick is pretty but trashy looking.

  • dianad1968



    It’s called “growing up”. You should try it sometime.

  • Natchy

    Angelina was never a ‘horrible looking’, she used to have a PUNK look, and not a ‘boho rock’ look. If you pay attention, Megan doesn’t have a unique style, she wears the same things as Mary-Kate, Nicole or Lindsay Lohan…

    I personally think that she is a little bit annoying, but no less pretty.
    Megan Fox is a pretty girl, but lately she has been acting like a wannabe.
    But who can blame her… ANYONE would love to be a Angelina Jolie lookalike. :)

  • tana

    I think she’s cool. She loves video games and Transformers. Plus, she’s not into all the celebrity hype like most attention whoring celebs.


    Wa wa wee wa!

  • Sara

    She’s definitely not a Jolie lookalike.
    There’s just something about her that’s trashy an fake. She could probably pass for a porn star. Maybe it’s a face that looks like it’s had too much plastic surgery, the tranny-like arched eyebrows or the fact that she just has eyes with absolutely no innocence.

    Jolie exudes class. This girl could never do that if she tried.

  • megan’s hot

    She’s looking modest…….. YOUNG!!!!! and hot as usual…

  • nuckingfats

    The only thing that looks anything like Angelina Jolie in Megan Fox is the lips — that’s all. It’s funny though, with all of Angelina’s tattoes, she still looks eligant. But with Megan, her arm tattoe makes her look very trashy and without class. Maybe it’s her dress, really ghetto looking. Also, Angie has more acting props than MF, even in Angie’s younger years.

  • hahaha

    well atleast she has one thing in common with Angelina Jolie, they both cant act to save their life…

  • bLiZz

    WTF?!?!?!…MEgAN FoX Is SuPa BaD (SeXiI)…wHo EvEr Is UnDeR Me CaN DiE

  • Stella ava

    #14 who’s an academy award winner and got an oscar nomination again? pretty sure it wasn’t Miss Fox. Fox ONLY has looks to save her life and at least Angelina actually saves lives through her humanitarian work…what have you done lately?

    btw, Megan: you shouldn’t brand yourself as a bitch when you’re on TV.

  • andie

    she could be pretty …
    but her hair looks so nasty: it seems greasy at the roots and not healthy at all

    If you can’t take care of it, cut it short !

  • amy

    wow she is looking real fake! she needs to lay off the plastic

  • hello

    angelina used to not have class at all during her wild days but now she does. so maybe megan’s going through that wild no-class phase and maybe she’ll grow to be classy with age.

  • nausiated

    First of all, she looks NOTHING like Angelina. Her whole face shape and bone structure is different, her eye shape, hair, everything. Yes she got her new big lips but they are fake and yes, they look fake, and they are not even close in shape and size to Angelina’s lips. She does try hard to copy her makeup but you can’t change your face, it is what it is. Megan Fox is a pretty girl per se, but she lacks class and grace to be anything special. She has no self esteem considering how much plastic surgery she has had on her face in the past couple of years. Her personality is dull too so I don’t see the appeal.

  • get silly

    oh my god !
    oh my god!
    this is why she is the hottest women on earth
    she is so fucking sexy
    love the dress, love everything about her here
    honestly some ppl should stop hating on her
    even i sometimes think megan looks bad, but she looks so gorgeous here
    love u megan fox!

  • evie

    She is a pretty girl, but there is no comparision to Angie. She is too hard and cheap looking in these pics. It’s all too overdone and fake looking. The ratty hair and heavy tacky make up is awful.

  • Jughed

    Very hot!

    Angie who?

  • fake with no personality

    First why is she always caking her face with too much makeup ?? she is always wearing a tons of makeup always too much dark eyeliner, it’s rare to see her with a barely makeup .

    Second she has a lips job, a tits job, she is fake , she is not natural , she is caked up with too much makeup and plastic surgery she is just one of these porn fake hos, so she lost all credibility to me.

    Third she looks trash with these tatoos, trying to copy someone else, she has no personality .

    Conclusion she is one “fake” “caked up with tons of makeup” porn trashy looking ho, with no personality and no talent .

  • dianel

    Megan is very pretty but I don’t like her dress

  • brie2009

    Megan looks beautiful!

  • Hunter

    I smell a bunch of haters! Lmao Megan is the best…go hate on the ffuckerss who are doing drugs and ruining there lives or possibly hate on urself for hating…

  • jasmine

    Megan is gorgeous. Way better looking than Angelina.

  • Cynthia

    Megan looking fierce as usual. Love her hair, dress and shoes!

  • shea

    HOT!!!!! i love her. major girl crush

  • becky

    Hey, you can get pictures of you and her together here:

  • Keddie

    Hmmmm. I dont think she looks like Angelina Jolie at all and most part of it I dont think she wants to be like Angelina Jolie. I think those haters are the ones making that up. Are u sure she wants to be Angelina Jolie?? Did u ever ask her or what do u people read minds now? She got her own good looks and her own hot body to show and yet she might not have the acting abilities yet but still improving she still have a room to grow. She’s kinda complicated person with complicated personality and i think she is still on that road looking for her own identity. I think angelina jolie and the rest of us do.

    I dont think she wants to be Angelina Jolie I think she is trying to make her own and just want to liver her own life she is kinda rebel type and not like Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff type who are the one trying so hard to be hip and “in” acting and making song records who doesnt even have voice quality at all.

  • Keddie

    Also to add up there’s a lot of starlets out there that it seems to me they are all the same. Geez they are like a bunch of clones and I dont think Megan are like one of them. I’ve never heard much of some chick who says I read comics or I play video games its rare and she is not common and she is not ashamed to prove it. Go Megan you rock girl.

  • ffxiv gil

    Thank you for your help!