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Tom Cruise: I Came Across As Arrogant

Tom Cruise: I Came Across As Arrogant

Tom Cruise has publicly admitted wrong three years after his lashing out against Today show’s Matt Lauer while talking about prescription drugs. (He criticized Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants and told Matt he was glib and didn’t know about psychiatry.)

Tom said during today’s morning segment of Today, “I thought about it a lot. It was a subject matter that was important. And now it’s being debated in the public, which it should be. But looking at it, it’s not what I had intended. It came across as arrogant. That’s one of those things I could have handled better.. It’s not the person I am… I learned a lesson. I learned a really good lesson.”

Tom Cruise Returns To “Today Show”
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  • Idani

    It’s is nice that he realizes he was arrogant and hurt many by his stand. Hope he meant his apology.

  • boogie

    I don’t think so. He is still arrogant. lol

    If you watch it again….he does not make much eye contact and his eyes shift to his left……usually meaning he is not being honest

  • moe

    he’s just PR-ing his new flop film.
    he’s a fake!

    btw..he’s starting to look very feminine.
    and Katioe is looking masculine LOL

  • claire

    He seems to be eating humble pie lately. Maybe he sees what an asss he made of himself, both personally and profesionally. Hey, when you’re a mature adult, sometimes you face the mistakes you made, and admit it. Good for him.

  • Cruise is a liar

    LIAR…hate this cridget

  • Miapocca

    Since SCIENTOLOGY hasnt changed its stance, I dont think Tom Cruise has changed who he is…he is simply BEGGING the public to see see his moview


  • Miapocca

    Yeah,.,…he looks sick..AA

  • scar2

    Sounds like he’s got a publicist again telling him what to say. He didn’t have one 3 years ago.

  • rem

    i believe the word he should be using is NAIVE/DUMB/STUPID but instead he’s saying arrogant, flipping egomaniac

  • Mav

    It’s amaaazing how quickly Tom Cruise can play “humble” once he realizes that he may be about to lose all financial backing for his studio. If Valkyrie flops, it pretty much spells the end of UA. He desperately needs people to be in that theatre.

    Does anyone really believe that Tom would be admitting he made these mistakes if his movie was poised to be the next critical and box office success?

    He is, above all the things, and actor by trade.

    And this is, without doubt, nothing but an act.

  • cruise control

    Yeah SURE TOM, you desperate, backtracking publicity wh*re.

  • brian

    He actually looks very healthy. In fact, most people are commenting about how great he looks, how in shape he is. And, good for him for admitting his part in that whole thing. There are some people, such as some of you here, that hate Tom Cruise out of jealousy or just because you can’t get over the past. That’s sad for you and unfortunate, but Tom isn’t like that at all. Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields say he’s a wonderful person, who are you to say otherwise?

    By the way, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cruise two different times and he is genuine. Nothing fake about him. It’s a shame that there aren’t more people like him because he is just very open and very true. It’s good to see that even though he has been the greatest actor for several years and has had such an incredible career, he’s still that same person. If you question what sort of person he is, then you must be saying that Brad Pitt, Lauer, Shields, and the hundreds of others that have worked with him and gotten to know him on a personal level are all wrong about what sort of person he is. Are you really that self-righteous?

  • cruise control

    Well said, Mav (12).

  • bella

    I respect the fact he admitted his mistakes. But it is odd that after three years and the promo of a new movie he is apologizing. I am sure he is sorry, but it seems a little insincere, if you waited so long and you are also promoting a new movie.

  • Mav

    Dear brian, I would never talk about someone I haven’t met.

    And for every glowing ounce of praise you can dig up, I feel quite certain I can match it with shovelfuls of dirt.

  • Mav

    And bella makes the most astute observation on this thread.

  • B

    I think marriage to Katie and having Suri are changing him.

  • Sushi

    his LATEST flop is the reason he’s trying to chance his image. Phony-**s liar!

  • Karen

    I think he seemed a little tongue-tied during the whole interview and kept cutting Matt off.

  • Karen

    I think he seemed a little tongue-tied during the whole interview and kept cutting Matt off.

  • tana


  • dido

    ı love him and he still looks young and so hot

  • bejeebus

    doing a little backpeddling eh? you know what really bothers me about tommy girl and katie? they think that the people who comprise the general public are total morons who can actually be fooled by their “act”. that we are so much less evolved than they that we can’t see past their pitiful attempts to come across as normal, humble and endearing. they do not realize that we can see through that transparent veneer into the shallow depths of who they really are as people/robots.
    no, we don’t believe in your false modesty, mr cruise. you showed your @ss to everyone already and we will never forget what your @ss looks like!

  • voe

    I don’t buy this. If he apologized before his movies lost money, maybe. But now? Nah!


    Tom Cruise is the greatest actor? Please, he made actions movies guys like to watch because there no need to think (don’t get offended w/ my statement, my husband and son told me so) when watching so MI series pulled in dollars and all of the sudden he was great. Well, it went to his empty, little educated head. Now he finds himself not so great and he’s humble. Hah! I hope his church sucks all of his money and cast him out to humble him more.

    And please don’t come back to me with “he has more money than you blah blah blah” stuff because all the money apparently isn’t enough for him, otherwise he wouldn’t mind losing audiences.

  • cruise control

    haha! So true, 25. :)

  • nancy S. and paul M.

    I think Matt Lauer is arrogant!!!!!!!
    Who do these talk show hosts think they are?
    So they ask questions? Wow.
    I have seen Matt Lauer on the streets of NYC many times and he is never friendly or gracious. This is Tom Cruise the movie star.
    Matt Lauer makes me sick.


    Did you notice that when Today Show talked about his hit movies they
    were 10 years ago.. What happened to MI 1,2,3.. and his latest flops
    .. Doubt that Brian Singer is going to show up on Wednesday.. Since we all know that Tom is the only one to talk about this flop.. And if it is a flop he will blame Brian Singer not himself..


    Thank Mimi Rogers for introducing him to Scientology..

  • Callie

    Problem is, Matt Lauer IS glib and arrogant himself, hate him and WTF is the Today show. It runs all damn day and is loaded with nothing but stupid crap.

  • sarisue

    Tom cannot even construct a simple conversational sentence. He has been following a careful script during this Valkyrie promotional tour. I wonder if his new publicist drafted something up for him. The minute he goes off the page it’s more of the same.

    He’s very strange–why was he hanging around the desk, etc? He says he was arrogant yet continues to carry himself around as if common rules of civil human conduct do not apply to him because he is “Tom Cruise, Movie Star”. And it’s pretty sad that they ALWAYS have to go back to reference movies he did 25 years ago.

  • ginger

    Tom Cruise continues to live his life as a lie and should have been nominated for that performance as an actor and not Tropic Thunder. The “interview” in question was highly applauded by his sister, a devout Scientologist , who at the time was his publicist. So, Mr. Cruise starting losing his fans and money at the box office and that meant less money for his “humanitarian” efforts…meaning Scientology and that alone. Tom Cruise is regarded as royalty in Scientology circles and his words are as revered as David Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard, so he expects the same from the general public. His propaganda was not bought by the public so now he back-tracks issuing a phony “all of a sudden I have a new movie out” reversal on his actions. A man who can change ,when his certainty and control are questioned, without even a backward glance. He is a man of great contradictions and lives by these rules.

  • kit

    No sell.

    Now, in the very same month that his questionable movie comes out, he apologizes. Now, that he has everything to lose professionally.

    As early back as Oprah’s show, he defended what he said on the Today Show. In fact, on Oprah’s show he said that it was the audience that misunderstood what he said.

    NOW, he has to eat crow because Merrill Lynch is on his a%%.

    This is going to be interesting.


    Why is it when they show Tom they always show Risky Business when
    he didn’t really make it to the A list until he did Top Gun..

    He must be giving millions out to pimp is daughter Suri how many
    sidewalks does that kid have to carried around … Now if anyone is
    a media hog it is Katie who calls them in her apartment so that they
    are ready for her to get into her car.. and she even smiles at a few
    of them.. Walking up a side walk is so boring …so don’t say that
    about Jen Garner..

  • DollyLou

    Using the phrase “humanitarian work” instead of saying the word “Scientology” was so disingenious, but that sums up everything about Tom Cruise.

    Great post, ginger.

  • xoxoxoxo

    Bella, I disagree that he’s truly sorry. He wasn’t sorry 6 months ago when he appeared on Oprah’s big show. His butt is on the line with this movie.

  • tom

    I like Tom and have nothing against him (except his ‘religion’ which I disagree with) but he really chose a no-brain wife who sold her soul for his fortune. No one likes Katie. That’s why people aren’t crazy about Tom really now.

  • boogie

    I agree Matt is also arrogant as well as snobby

  • eliza

    Tom looks good. But everyone knows why he’s so apologetic and humble now. It’s all about the movie and the power. He’s trying to regain his popularity, with the fans and at the box office. He’s even
    using his little girl to soften the hearts of those he has alienated. He’s trying to create a new image. It’s a new act.

  • kiterunner

    my hero and he’s a real man to admit his mistakes

  • jaye

    nancy S. and paul M. @ 12/15/2008 at 11:35 am

    I think Matt Lauer is arrogant!!!!!!!
    Who do these talk show hosts think they are?
    So they ask questions? Wow.
    I have seen Matt Lauer on the streets of NYC many times and he is never friendly or gracious. This is Tom Cruise the movie star.
    Matt Lauer makes me sick.
    You’re funny. Tom Cruise knew who Matt Lauer was long before he went on his show. To say Lauer is arrogant for doing his job is silly. He was respectful to Cruise. It was Tom Cruise who went off the deep end. Cruise probably had to choke down the bile rising in this throat to offer a self- serving apology. If his career was still going strong, he would still be up on his high horse.

  • usana

    What a hottie and he looks young!!!!

  • secoyas

    touching interview..WTG Tom

    this movie is only for the smart mature people

  • renee

    God bless Tom and his family

    God save America and God bless our troops

  • 911

    I bet the jealous trolls here will look scary 5 years from now and wish they have the good life and good looks of this man.

  • miranda


  • farah

    Awwww Tom gained more friends through Matt Lauer……

  • tropic

    Thanks JJ because I missed this segment. Its amazing after what this man and his family went through with all the lies from the media and tabloids he manage to have more fans respect him and have more new ones respect him. Not many people can have that legacy.

  • mickey

    He is just trying to resurrect his image. He is arrogant. What we saw in that last interview WAS the real him and all this “Hey, I am a likable down to earth average joe” stuff is the act. Nobody is debating the issue that he was talking about in the last interview with Lauer–people were talking about what a nutjob he is. In my opinion he still is a nutjob and that won’t change just because he trying a different PR approach this time out.

  • agnes


  • DollyLou

    asana, secoyas, renee, 911, miranda, farah, tropic, agnes…all the same one person