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Rachel Bilson Digs D&G

Rachel Bilson Digs D&G

Host Rachel Bilson glitters in a navy D&G sequin blazer and white top at the opening of the D&G flagship boutique on Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills on Monday. (She also toted around Jimmy Choo’s “Zulu” clutch.)

“This is a strategic opening for the group on a global scale. Locating a D&G store in a very important street both for its positioning and visibility allows us to speak directly to our public,” said Gabbana.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson hosting the D&B flagship boutique opening…

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rachel bilson dolce gabbana 01
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 02
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 03
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 04
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 05
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 06
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 07
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 08
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 09
rachel bilson dolce gabbana 10

Photos: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures, Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • nina

    She is wearing H necklace officially now.

  • NativeNYker

    Where was Hayden? thats what we really want to know. She’s cute and all but its Hayden I want to feast on…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • wish

    She’s wearig it for her sister hattie don’t you get by now.Its over for them two already.

  • nina


    keep on wishing

  • Molly

    Hayden’s probably at home where he belongs, making dinner. J/K – this doesn’t seem like his type of event.

  • shanda

    Too late to get back out in the public after all that wedding rumors have been let out like that.Should have done so to put it all to rest.This does not excuse her for she did in canada to hayden and the rest of the people she lead on. I see her in a diffrent light now.The nacklace don’t prove a thing we all know its for her sister Hattie.Guess she won’t be moving to Canada.She’s fake as always. Hayden and her is done.

  • rachel

    she is not even pretty, what a boring nothing

  • wish

    @nina you keep on wishing too Why isn’t he with her.He’s not dating her anymore.Didn’t you see what her rep said you just as crazy as she is.Why can’t you beliveve its over? She playde her last card with him.So you can keep that’s its true People do break up you know the wedding rumor was the last straw for her.Why she would keep putting herself through this,And why she didn’t say anthing about it?She’s have nothing left just like you.

  • rachel2

    talentless midget, why is she even on jj, media whore

  • rachel2

    talentless midget, a nobody, why is she even on jj

  • jane

    This is the first event in which she is wearing the necklace “H”, it must be very happy with Hayden to use the necklace in public.

  • katie

    Love her style

  • ?

    @ 11

    IT is a good word to describe rachel. She doesn’t amount to much more. Wonder where the famous ring is gone to, that she was using for promotion duty for Edie Rose line ? She should drag that trinket out again, for good measure.

  • anne

    Rachel is so beautiful

  • Sara

    Love her :) ever since the O.C.

  • nicole

    New pics! Thanx Jared

  • at angry

    anne, sara, nicole=1 person who loves rachel, probably an ugly ditz too

  • Stacy

    What did she do to people in Canada?

    The blazer is great – if you’re a gay piano player.

  • Tom

    She is so pretty

  • nina


    I still have you for amusement

  • cew

    @ stacey,
    She pimped out her relationship with Hayden. I hope he dumped her ass. She’s not a good enough actress to play coy, she’s pathetic.

  • avionne


  • Stacy


    Well, she’s done that everywhere else, why not Canada? And she’s been doing it for over a year and he doesn’t seem to mind. I thought someone meant that she showed her ass somehow while in Canada, like by verbally assaulting a grocery checker or something.

  • cew

    she totally would if it meant she’d get a photo op. She’s so irrelevent, she needs to fade into obscurity.

  • teresa

    I don’t get the fuss. The hate, or the people that think she’s gorgeous. She’s not even all that cute. I like her…..pants. That’s the only good thing about the entire ensemble.

  • maryanne

    Oh please. She’s been wearing that H necklace for 2 years trying to generate interest in her relationship with Hayden, all the while sickeningly dodging questions about it by blushing or playing coy. Hayden likes his privacy, and she’s crapped all over that by not answering the question but doing everything else to make people talk about her and their relationship. She must know she can’t generate interest on her own. She’s an idiot.

  • kate

    Just Jared, please, I do not want to see pictures of Rachel, I want to see pictures of Hayden, he is more important than this idiot.

  • M

    i love rachel! hayden is the idiot :p

  • at M

    she nothing but without H she is gone completely

  • kate

    M) 28:

    Call Hayden Christensen of idiot: :O
    You have no brain? the idiot here is you and Rachel.

  • red light district

    What is the so wrong with claiming what is yours? I would go around wearing that knecklace if it were my life if I couldn’t actually come out and say I were with him. It let’s the ladies know (and some fellas) that he is mine and you guys can’t have him.

    Yeah Hayden likes his privacy. I’m sure if he didn’t like what she was doing just a little he would have cut her loose a long time ago. You get upset over anything. I don’t know who said she is wearing the ‘H’ for her sister but that would be so stupid. I love my sister to death but I’m not walking around with her initials on me. That’s just rediculous. We have best friend bracelets for that. LOL

  • sumo

    This necklace looks different from the old one. Is it the same “H”? Man I wish I could afford her jacket. So pretty.

  • Soraya

    Jared ! Thanks so much for posting this!
    I was like “wont she ever return from Canada? I need candids!”
    I love her sooo much!
    Why didn’t we have some candids of her return from canada at LAX airport? I wish I could have seen the way she was dressed!

    Please Jared keep on posting!

    For the others blaming Rachel just because she’s dating this ugly Hayden (Adam forever <3), that’s really stupid!
    Anyways ! Peace out guys!

  • cheryl

    the blazer looks a little bit like bath robe with glitters. i like the jeans and the shoes

  • kate


    Wake up! She will not go back to the stupid and ugly of Adam because he is a loser.

  • toni

    She should have spent some time on doing her make up. She has dark bags under her eyes and her skin looks blotchy. It looks like she showed up in jeans and a t-shirt and somebody handed her a too big sparkly jacket to look a little more dressy.

    Women don’t wear their lover’s initials on a necklace. That is just so high school. Someone on a previous post said the necklace is for Hermes and she had it long before she met Hayden.

    Where is Hayden?

  • rachel4ever

    prettiest girl ever! i love her sooo much. just adorable!!
    Rachel ROCKS!

  • rachel4ever

    btw: thanks jj for rachel posting!!! long time since I saw some candids :)

  • rachel4ever

    yes, it’s the same H-necklace.
    she is so pretty natural loooove her!
    all the other chicks here wear too much make up *ewwww*

  • rachel4ever

    yes, it’s the same H-necklace.
    she is so pretty natural loooove her!
    all the other chicks here wear too much make up *ewwww*

  • at 39 and 40

    deceiving midget, talentless and ugly

  • Vay Nay Nay

    I admire Rachel for not trying to cover up her lightly freckled face. Unlike other celebs, she embraces it.

  • drop top phantom

    finally rachel is back, i love her cuteness so so much
    i like most of her outfit, the bag looks really stupid and i dont like the jacket either
    it’s really nice 2 have her cuteness back, keep making more posts of her =]
    love u rachel

  • tomy

    i agree, she is talentless and ugly

  • M

    kate writes:
    M) 28:
    “Call Hayden Christensen of idiot: :O
    You have no brain? the idiot here is you and Rachel.”

    thanks for that LOL always good to know

  • M

    oh, and @kate adam is no loser!

  • kate

    46) He is an idiot, he has 29 years and still do not have a role of protagonist in a movie. Go see the films of him, just In The Land of Women him star, the rest he only had a small appearance. Perhaps nobody in Hollywood wants to hire him.

  • maryanne

    @ Soraya-
    Exactly. Why no candids of her returning at LAX? Maybe because she wanted people to think she’s been in Canada with Hayden all this time, when she’s really been back in LA for a couple of weeks. This also shows that she tips the paps whenever she is flying out of LAX with Hayden, picking Hayden up at LAX, or returning to LAX with Hayden. Funny how they aren’t there when she’s trying to lay low, but when she wants the WORLD to know she’s with Hayden, they just happen to be there. Quite curious indeed. She’s transparent and pathetic. I used to like her, but she’s no better than Paris Hilton.

  • red light district

    Plenty of celebs come in and out of LAX without being noticed all the time. That is a regular spot for them to catch them. They just didn’t get caught this time. Or they found some other way around it. Oh and believe it that Hayden is in LA.

    Oh and she is wearing that knecklace for Hayden not just because she got it at a Hermes party. Who wears a Hermes knecklace to a Dolce & Gabbana event? Put your thinking caps on guys.

  • nina

    Still there are adam and rachel shippers holding on to the slightest of hope, rachel is with hayden, get over it. And i believe that she is very crazy about him, highschool or not.