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Rumer Willis Does D&G

Rumer Willis Does D&G

Red-headed Rumer Willis rocks out a nautical-print D&G halter cocktail dress at the D&G flagship boutique opening on Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills on Monday.

Last month, Bruce Willis said of 20-year-old daughter, “I worry about her being in showbiz. It is full of people like me. She has turned out so well. We did not push her into acting. She just sat me and Demi [Moore] down and said: ‘Look, I know you both think you’re big shots but I don’t want any help. I want to do this by myself.’”

10+ pictures inside of Rumer Willis at the D&B flagship store opening…

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# 1
[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 12/16/2008 at 11:22 am

She is so unattractive. Please don’t post anymore pictures of her, Jared.
She is scary-looking!!

# 2
Amybobammy @ 12/16/2008 at 11:22 am

She really needs to stop

# 3

I don’t like to say that but she’s ugly.

# 4
Lord have mercy @ 12/16/2008 at 11:27 am

She is sooooo NOT appealing at all…
No matter what she’ll wear, the color of her hair, the tatoo, anything… she is such a mess
(And I’m not jealous of her at all for those who think I might be !!)

# 5
mikey black eyes @ 12/16/2008 at 11:29 am

sorry, but she is not attractive at all…doesn’t turn me on

# 6

I think it’s wrong to call a young girl “ugly.” I think Rumer has a unique look and will probably do well in a comedy movie or TV sitcom. She seems like a very nice girl and she has to be pretty thick skin because just about everybody on every messageboard calls her ugly!!

I don’t like the dress though. It needs more material at the top!!

# 7

Oh My… well, if she puts herself out there for “celebrity” fame, as opposed to her two other sisters, then she needs to be ready to accept the good with the bad.

I just wish she could get her jaw line and chin fixed.

# 8

I saw her on CSI New york and she did a very good job.Hope to see more of her in the future.

# 9

I am absolutlly not old fashioned but the boobs showing thing, or the naked pics, that are the tendency now , aren’t necessarily making a woman more attractive.
Having real style and class is making the best of what you have, not necessarily showing (or uncovering) what you have.

Mr. Blonde @ 12/16/2008 at 12:07 pm

Famous or not, no one should be treated this way, #7.

Willis probably wishes you got your personality chip fixed

She looks like a hooker dressed like that. She kind of look like Aniston. Those two have very unfourtunity looks.

ugh….why do a lot of female celebrities have to show so much skin?

It’s a turnoff and a disrespect for women.

It’s 2008 and women are still degrading themselves as sex symbols.


THebestever @ 12/16/2008 at 12:35 pm

She gives ugly a new meaning. And I usually think any girl can look attractive with a little makeup and hair styling, but she may as well go without cause she’s still UGLY.

i dont think she is ugly. she has very exotic features .
this hair color matches her skin color and eyes.

she does have a weird nose and chin. but nothing that a plastic surgery cant fix :)

All you calling her ugly must know what ugly is. Obviously none of you are beauties or you would not be sitting alone at your computer visiting these sites just to trash everyone else…you’ll still be ugly so it won’t help you one bit! Why don’t you first work on yourself before criticizing others.

She has pretty eyes but an oddly shaped face.

She’s ugly.

poor girl. her nose looks malfigured and doesn’t match her face at all. that’s part of the problem with her. big features and non-existent nose. did she have a nose job? or is that just natural bad luck?

Oh God, the hair, the horror.

well, it’s not that bad, i mean , she’s not pretty pretty but not unattractive….her skin is great! it was like that with s.j. parker wich i think is far better looking than rumer, but for years they kept pegging her as unattractive, wich she really objectively just isn’t…..anyways it looks like rumer has great character nad again, not ugly!

rumer-s only becoming c-list because of her parents. definitely not doing this on her own. If she was doing this alone than she wouldn’t even get someone to do her head shots!! she’d always play the late shift clerk at the gas station… the one who’s slow and dirty looking.

and forgot to write, it would be wrong for her to get plastic s. like mentiond somewhere here….she looks like like her parents wich are good looking people and i think if i was her i wouldn’t like to change something given by my parents…….

great body, great dress
i guess she’s starting to grow into that chin

Lillianne @ 12/16/2008 at 1:45 pm

If you can’t pass the pencil test you need to wear a bra.

Barbara Anne @ 12/16/2008 at 1:48 pm

“I want to do this myself” . . .HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Looking like she does and having her lack of talent and lack of experience HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. . .Does she actually think she would have landed any kind of parts or even had her picture taken if she wasn’t the daughter of those two parents ….. Give me a break; the homely Willis daughter is completely spoiled and delusional. Go to school and get a job like everyone else and stop living off your parents fame Hey, I think I’ll have that talk with my dad “The Brain Surgeon”. “Ya know dad, I want to be a brain surgeon just like you. I know you think you’re a big shot and all, but I’m 18 now, so I think, I’ll start tomorrow. Ok. Sign me up for surgery” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Rumer Willis Cuts Because of Her Parents to Head of The Line

It’s not her fault but she is ugly.

she does look a bit much like her father doesnt she…

Damn #12 I couldn’t have said it better. Your breast is about to pop out of her dress, that’s very un classy. and ew shes uglyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Her breast****

gypsychloe @ 12/16/2008 at 2:38 pm

Wanting to to make it without her parents’ help shows independence .
Not buying into the cookie-cutter- Hollywood -beauty standard many people would like her to abide by – suggesting plastic surgery and the likes so that she can look like most other actresses- shows self-confidence (Barbra Streisand, anyone?).I wish her much success.

Hey ~ I want to be a very successful actress @ 20 but I probably would have a harder time than the magical Rumer. Her wealth of talent her amazing good looks, personality and charisma has made her a stand out amount all the young hopefuls that come to Hollywood each year looking for a break. She was just born with beauty, style, and abundant talent. She has worked hard to hone her craft, studied, and learned. She has waited her turn. It doesn’t matter who her parent are she has what they call in the business the “it” factor. She could have come to Hollywood with just a dollar in her pocket and just her dreams and all the door would have opened just like they have (movies, television, etc.) not because of any famous mother or father but because she is magical and she knows how to do it on her own. Amazing Just Amazing

For a young woman she has very, very bad breasts and she needs to dress so that I can’t see them……

I think she is incredibly fortunate to have wealth and access. She should take her considerable channels of access and tap into her authentic passion. She simply does not have the body and face for fame nor does she have the soul to act.

Why not go to university and discover her real passion? I can see her digging up dinosaurs in North Dakota, or listening to people’s problems in a cozy sky high office in Century City…but the next Demi Moore?

Please, one was enough.

hmmm, she has nice eyes. If she could somehow fix her nose? her nostrils are too big and maybe make her jaw smaller, she would look 1000 X better.

#18 EW..I was thinking the same thing. Her facial features are really small for her big ole head. Her nostrils are turned up making her look even more unfortunate. She has to keep her nose cleaned at all times or any slight buggers will be seen and hang out because of her upward turned nostrils. Sorry to say but this chick is butt ass ugly, and if she’s gonna but herself out there as a celebrity then she should know that the public is gonna pick her apart.

Rumer Willis Does DOG?
No, Rumer Willis is a DOG?

Good luck to her. I just wish she’d smile, it always helps.

Bruce and Demi did NOT make pretty children. I feel kinda bad for her that she inherited Bruce’s chin. Definitely not attractive on a chick.

Geez, someone’s sure intent on being in the spotlight, aren’t they?

I feel bad but I have to agree with you Stacy. It’s weird because it seems like once they hit a certain age something happens to their faces. Even the middle girl and youngest were gorgeous as kids and now they look very different. They look less like their parents than someone else altogether.

Beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, flawless skin, gorgeous natural young woman’s figure

This young woman is not exactly ugly but she isn’t pretty either. It is so weird to look at her. She has gorgeous skin and hair but the puzzle wasn’t put together correctly. Very strange, hard to explain. She just isn’t hot.

you guys would really like this website:

you guys would really like this website:

poor rumer..hopefully she has good self esteem cuz if she read some of these comments she would probably kill herself,,yeah, she isnt a beauty queen but damn we dont even know the girl

Having seen older pix of her on JJ, I can say she has a lovely smile – she should show it off more often.

Having seen older pix of her on JJ, I can say she has a lovely smile – she should show it off more often.

kira is the new demi

pretty skin, nice body, just needs a bra, has pretty eyes, chin and nose arent the best but i dont think she needs plastic surgery.. she needs to smile more but she isnt ugly either

all i can say is….poor b itch

Someone is getting desperate for attention! I suppose mom and dad were too busy for their young daughter. How else to explain the breasts hanging out along with the god-awful clothes and hair color on this poor girl? Daddy needs to spend some money on a good plastic surgeon to fix that face.

This is ridiculous. Does every actress look perfect? Are there any roles out there for anyone other than the most beautiful and perfect people? I can think of many good actresses who do not fit into the perfect looking mold. How about Joan Cusack, Christina Ricci, or even Cate Blanchett? I would not consider any of them beautiful, yet they are good or even great actresses. Just because her parents are famous should not mean that she has to give up her own dream if that is acting.

tiffer7497 @ 12/17/2008 at 4:07 am

Is it just me or does this girl have a huge chin? If she didn’t have the Jay Leno chin she would be alright looking.

We don’t want to see this Potato Head!

The only thing that has her in the spotlight is her parents fame and name. She is not attractive at all and she knows it….so the thing that she has in her court her youth and her sad skinny boy body. I know this is cruel but it is true. She needs to quit trying so hard!

I remember the MASK movie every time i see her …

kennethbrown3022 @ 12/18/2008 at 12:20 pm

Rumer is not a pretty girl at all, maybe if she showed her breasts completely it might our minds off of her face!

her face reminds me of that movie from the 80′s called mask

I love the sarcasm of #31-sneze….your a hoot lady.
and rumer is a dog that would have been chased out of Hollyweird if not for her plastic boobed botoxed haaaaaaas been pedophile mom and balding cradle robbing dad.

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