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Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish: Calvin Klein Couple

Ryan Phillippe & Abbie Cornish: Calvin Klein Couple

Actress and hostess Abbie Cornish and boyfriend Ryan Phillippe arrive for the Calvin Klein Spring 2009 Collection launch at Pier 2 Walsh Bay on Tuesday (December 16) on Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia.

“We wanted an LA-based actress, someone youthful, strong and confident,” said Kevin Carrigan (the creative director of CK Calvin Klein) of choosing Abbie to host the 40th anniversary party for the brand. “We hope that she will have a future with us.”

Other pictures include Ryan and Abbie arriving in Sydney earlier in the week.

20+ pictures inside of Calvin Klein couple Ryan and Abbie

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ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 01
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 02
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 03
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 04
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 05
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 06
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 07
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 08
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 09
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 10
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 11
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 12
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 13
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 14
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 15
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 16
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 17
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 18
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 19
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 20
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 21
ryan phillippe abbie cornish calvin klein 22

Credit: Picture Media, ICON/FamePictures; Photos: Mike Flokis/Getty, INFdaily
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  • Patricia

    At last some photos of Abbie that show how beautiful she is. You go girl!

  • hun

    Sorry, I like Reese better. I have no patience for homewreckers. I just can not bring myself to look at them in favorable light. My life was afftected by a homewreaking nightmare. It sucks.

  • amuse me

    She’s got great skin and a perfect nose

  • aussiemade

    beautiful couple.

    both look amazing in these shots

  • Just sayin

    I know he ended up in a relationship with Abbie, but it’s important to note that Ryan had cheated on Reese before. I’m not defending Abbie Cornish but I hate when people put two women against each other. Ryan is the a**hole not Abbie.

  • Just sayin

    Didn’t he use to be cute?

  • lollipop

    Grace Kelly she is not. I think Reese is waaaay prettier than her and she looked better with Ryan. This girl has BLAND features although she is cute. Nothing about her stands out. Its like every girl off the street. Sorry. Boring.

  • maryrowery

    the look like a very good match

  • mia

    this sounds crazy…but he looks younger than he usually does. he looks like he’s 5-6 years younger than his actual age.

  • emilie

    im with number 2.

  • lollipop

    …and Ryan looks like he goes whereever the wind carries him. Too bad he broke up a good solid home with Reese. He had it all. Now he has a broken home and he can start a hillbilly version 2 family with Abbie. Gross. He’ll eventually dump Abbie too.

  • Susan

    What?? Hosting a party?? HUH?
    She’ll never compare to Reese, and he’ll never ever have it that good again… marriage is forever… LOSER!

  • Kay

    i’m sorry to point this out.. but look at HER CANKLES. ew.

  • itis

    RE: Just Sayin’

    They’re both a-holes….no self-respecting woman would be with a man who is married. They deserve each other.

  • lara jane

    I kind of think she’s prettier than Reese (Ryan is a slimeball for leaving his family, of course) but somehow they don’t look good together. She’s too statuesque for him.

    So superficial, I know.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..` c-list finniest. LOL

  • deka

    they look greasy…

  • Glambabybumps

    i hate these two together!

  • wish

    She and ryan make a ok couple but She did not break up Reese and Ryan.Reese did the breaking up she wanted jake so bad that not that now she seem she regreting the the whole thing.What she doing going there with them anyway.Jake can’tcome with her?If she want a family Christmas she should have stay with Ryan.Seem she’s regreting that she ever start dating Jake .That all he think about is marrying her all the time.Which she not going to do.There are two sides of the story.

  • yoyo

    Hey look! It’s Abbie Cornhole and Ryan Peepee. A couple of self-serving, backstabbing assholes! Thanks for posting their picture Jared. It’s important to remember what fucking pricks look like!!

    Also, to pre-empt any of you sad sacks who want to defend these two wastes of skin………fuck you, fuck you in your ass, whiny little betches, your a waste too.

  • funny octopus news

    there’s something about him that just seems … off to me… look at his squinty little face!

  • My, my

    Such eloquence, #20. I’ll certainly take everything you say as gospel since you seem to be such a wise and well spoken person.

  • Ivana

    Wish what you trying to say…
    First… Christmas is not yet and we don’t know with whom Reese will celebrate.. maybe she will have nice family lunch with Ryan and kids, while dinner and night will be reserved for Jake. WHO KNOWS.

    And i don’t like these two (Ryan & Abbie)… I simply can’t find anything atractive in them..

  • mary jane

    she is incredibly beautiful, and I agree with #3 , her nose is perfect!!

  • Halo

    She pulled her hair too tight. She will be bald by the time she’s 40 if she loves tight buns like that. I have to say that has to be some good hair gel. Her hair is not frizzy in the slightest at where her baby hair should be.

    I can’t say Reese is prettier or vice versa. Reese has that chin and non whitening teeth while Abbie has her unattractive moments as well. They both have their shi-tty days. Ryan just has never dated someone who looks waay better than both of them.

    Ryan is definitely going to stay with her for awhile. He looks happy with her. Reese turned into Madonna in their marriage. It wasn’t so much about putting her career first but she turned uptight. Ryan loves the fact that he can go surfing and have the greatest sex with Abbie.

  • k

    Homewreckers ! Shame he doesn’t want to be around his children during Christmas.

  • laura

    Abbie looks cute. I’m glad that he and Reese can alternate their kids for the holidays.

  • Da Hail?

    Now Now, you cant steal a man who doesnt want to be taken right ladies?

    If we give pitt a pass for his sins and for ruining angelinas image by dragging her into his mess then we cant bash ryannow can we?

    Same rules apply for ALL humans right?

    That being said, ryan likes plain looking girls so he can be the prettiest b*tch in the couple. Trust.

  • reality check

    They make a gorgeous couple and seem very happy. Reese seems happier and more relaxed with Jake. Ryan seems like he’s glowing at Abbie. The kids are well cared for.

    I really don’ t know how much more you can ask from two 23 year-old movie stars who got married because they were having a baby.

    None of them are perfect but they all seem like they are trying their best.

  • Raichill

    She is way prettier than Reese. I bet she and Ryan would have gorgeous kids.

  • Reese is fake-nice

    “Too bad he broke up a good solid home with Reese.”
    Good for Ryan to dump Reese.
    Too bad for Jake to beard with Reese.

  • jeff

    How the hell does anyone know if they had a good solid home. Seriously people who post here live in some sort of 1955 fantasy world.

  • not a fan

    Oh hello cankles.

  • ryanna

    boring couple, who cares about them after reese witherspoon

  • Gabriella

    C’mon, let them live in peace. nobody knows what happens in life, heart or head of others to be condemned.

    It is because of this anger, this hatred, this intolerance that the world is as it is.

  • katie

    Reese’s fans are particularly hateful towards others.

  • jen

    It is so crazy to assume that you know what went on between people you don’t know. Just appreciate them for their work.

  • Alison

    I think they make a nice couple. Ryan looks much happier than he did in his last years with Reese. Good luck to them.

  • aussie_Rose

    mmmm…welcome to Sydney sexy! (ryan)

  • Jennifer



  • jen

    Im sorry but I dont see the prettyness in her and by the way am not a reese fan so im not saying it to hate. She’s kinda boring looking and has very poor taste when it comes to clothes!

  • Cozy

    I can’t even look at these two. I hate both of them ,which is totally ridiculous but I do. Having my family gone thur the same thing same on both of them. But more shame on him for hurting his kids.

  • chinychinchin

    Resse and Jennifer Aniston both have really weird matching chins, that
    is why Ryan and Brad left them, because they couldn’t stand looking
    at their ugly man chins…lol…….Abbie is gorgeous, and has a normal
    looking chin, and of course Angelina is a goddess!!!!

  • Kristen

    I just can’t bring myself to like him. And it isn’t the affair thing either. I didn’t like him before that. Abbie seems like she has some potential as an actress – hopefully the rumored affair with Ryan hasn’t hurt her career much.

  • Kristen

    I just don’t like him – Abbie is ok – hopefully this relationship hasn’t hurt her career.

    Is she in any new movies? or Ryan for that matter?

  • Kristen

    sorry for the duplicate

  • M

    I’m glad they finally walked down the red carpet together. Ryan and Reese seems so much happier and good for them that they are civil with the divorce unlike another high profile divorce that’s going on right now.

  • Ariana

    Ryan is gorgeous – lets focus on aesthetics people, seeing as this is a gossip rag and it is absolutely impossible to say what went wrong between Ryan and Reese.

    The man is gorgeous, he looks happy, that should be enough.