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Bar Refaeli Crowned Corona Queen

Bar Refaeli Crowned Corona Queen

Bar Refaeli walks the catwalk in a flowing blue number at a fashion show for Corona’s ‘Save the Beach Project’, which aims to help save Europe’s beaches by getting people to clean up the litter in Milan, Italy on Tuesday.

The 23-year-old Israeli bombshell’s boyfriend, Leo DiCaprio, has been working the promotional circuit for his new movie, Revolutionary Road.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli getting crowed Corona queen…

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bar refaeli corona queen 01
bar refaeli corona queen 02
bar refaeli corona queen 03
bar refaeli corona queen 04
bar refaeli corona queen 05
bar refaeli corona queen 06
bar refaeli corona queen 07
bar refaeli corona queen 08
bar refaeli corona queen 09
bar refaeli corona queen 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • julien


  • Naima

    Jared please stop posting photos of this woman, she is a nobody, plus all she does is remind the world of how dumb Leo is in the women he chooses to date.

  • notfromhere

    David Beckham envy her legs…

  • french

    she’s nothing , why talk you about her?
    we dont care

    she’s so ugly

  • french

    her legs are fat


    i agree with #2 what does she do LEO???

    she has one ugly ass donkey face at least you could post prettier woman like the untalented LC or the great singer/performer Rihanna…, no knows how this manly lady is… please.. this site gets worser everyday

  • Gabriela


  • madeleine stewrt

    disgusting oh my god I am about to vomit…

  • madeleine stewrt

    gabriela you are blind

  • blah

    #9 Bar is not disgusting! Ur disgusting!

  • Carley

    I think shes pretty. But she is just dating some famous actor. if thats all it takes to get some notoriety, then sign me up. Sign me!

  • elizabeth marinas

    leo is very lucky to be dating bar she is very hot

  • kate

    #13 : she’s not hot and i dont think that Leo love her

  • blah

    #14, how do you know if he doesn’t love her? r u in his fucking mind or something?

  • kate

    #15 : Leo looks always sad and he never smile when he is with her ,

  • blah

    Oh, and Bar is hot!

  • blah

    the bitch is sexy!

  • blah

    #16, sometimes they do smile when they’re together but the haters just ignore it.

  • blah

    And just bcuz he doesn’t smile when he is with her doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her.

  • kate

    when he was with gisele he smiled

  • blah

    Gisele and Bar are different people.

  • kate

    i hate gisele but Leo looked more happy with her , and gisele didn’t use him for her career like bar do

  • blah

    Why does everybody say that? Okay i know that if she didn’t date Leo she probably wouldn’t be recognized. But she has really tried to get her name out.

  • agatha

    awww she is very pretty….and she is great model leo is the reason to vomit not her!!!

  • blah

    You know what? Thats your opinion! If you think bar uses leo for her career then believe it. But I don’t think she does.

  • blah

    #25: lol. Leo is not ugly.

  • kate

    Leo is wonderful , bar is ugly ,look at her legs =S

  • who am i?

    Everyone knows that Bar uses men to get what she wants…she used a man (fake marriage) to get out of serving in the Israeli army and used a subsequent relationship to get her additional press in Israel.

    Her relationship with Leo has been a gold-mine for her. She has gotten more exposure (and introductions to high-placed people) through him than she would have ever gotten on her own!

    She is not ugly, but she is definitely not supermodel material. I think people compare her to Gisele because of the Leo relationship, but take any other supermodel out there…Coco Rocha, Carolyn Murphy, Chanel Iman….they all are very unique looking and striking. They have a presence that is unmistakable – they command attention. Bar has none of that. She has no grace or presence on the catwalk and only a few poses and looks for modeling. The only reason she gets these jobs is because of connections to Leo or the attention the brands are hoping to get because of her relationship with him.

    She’s nothing special, and obviously has no moral character. Leo is a fool for dating her, but that’s his problem….

  • elva

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  • lollipop

    She will not go far. She lacks charisma. Pretty yes. Charismatic no.

  • LolaSvelt

    #7, well you think ‘worser’ is a word, so that pretty much says it all.

    Doesn’t she remind anyone of a younger version of SJP here? I think she’s beautiful, anyway.

  • me

    The only thing this girl is known for is her relationship with Dicaprio. (You’ll notice Jared had to put Leo’s name in there – even he knows she needs that to get attention) Bar uses Leo for fame and is nothing but a golddigger. Really wish Jared posting on people that did something other than sleep with famous men….

  • me

    ^posting = posted

  • ihb

    Bar is not ugly but she is not stunning, she has no presence or charisma. She is a commercial model with more and more contracts and she can be more than thankful to her boyfriend for that. I don`t say that Giselle didn`t profit from the publicity that came with Leo but she made it in high fashion since she is simply incredibly good. Bar – not so much.
    I have to agree that he does not look happy around her, a smile once in a while but most of the time they are very distant.

  • madeleine stewrt

    oh my god how stupid and ugly women when I see looks like a so stupid toy — the toy which is used by press for entartaintment

  • gina

    a disgrace to all the hard working women in the industry (and I know a few), no work ethics, b*tchy, demanding and in front of the camera not even good

  • How odd

    Is she exploiting Leo to get more press and jobs? yes
    BUT Giselle did the same, and still does to another American star (Tom B.),

    Those girls are professional gold and fame diggers. They know that having a connection to a famous star gives them a competitive advantage.

  • queenie

    She’s beautiful but imho she doesn’t have the body to be a runway model but more of a commercial type…

    And her legs… it’s annoying to look at

  • lulu

    her legs are so fat and ugly and she is really ugly

    why is she a model ? i hope she say thanks at Leo (before he break with her) because it’s thanks to him that she is a model and she did Corona’s ‘Save the Beach Project’ because people are interested to her only because with Leo we speak about her and because his(her,its) fact more to sell to put a model who is in magazines even if it is a very bad model

  • lulu

    *because it’s fact more to sell

  • http://youtubecom/priincessaiisha Aisha

    She’s dating Leo? One of the hottest actor out there? Er, no! Leo CAN do better and he WILL. Bar is ugly, okay she pretty but still. She’s been branded a ‘supermodel’. There isn’t even anything super about her. I’ve never seen her do a runway for a designer. Major anyway. I’m taking Chanel, D&G and Louis Vuitton. She is a swimwear model! Tyra Banks and Kate Moss ARE supermodels because they done LOADS of different runways! That makes a supermodel. Leo got her the jobs in modeling. Without him, she’s nothing. If Leo is reading this, dump the wh*re. She’s using you.

  • http://youtubecom/priincessaiisha Aisha

    #29 couldn’t be more right. She is using Leo. And Leo always smiled when he was with Gisele. Who is beautiful and striking. Bar (what sort of f*cking name is that, anyway?) is gold-digging him. I hope he sees the light and ditches that sl*g faster than you can say Titanic. Haha!

  • madeleine stewrt

    hey blah listen to this carefully I say this for you and this silly woman you are as stupid as this women ,,, you are both the most stupid persons in the world

  • madeleine stewrt

    hey stupid agatha you are blind and need to see your doctor because you cant see very well or wear your glassess .. but I think the matter is not with your eyes with your brain …

  • blah

    #44: fuck up u stupid bitch! thats how you know ur’re sucking leo’s meat! ur’re blind and need glasses!

  • ann

    she is soo perfect, come on guys she is hot and a good model. Thanks Jared

  • llk

    mediocre model, nothing special, hit the jackpot with her bf

  • me

    A good model has a presence on the runway and in their pictures. This girl has none. Her only skill is looking good in a swimsuit and using Dicaprio’s name to further her career.

  • ana

    I hope I have her legs

  • :)

    hhahhahahahhaha you can that she`s ugly ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is soo perfect !!!!!!!!