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Ben Affleck: Gimme Shelter!

Ben Affleck: Gimme Shelter!

Ben Affleck speaks about the new short film he directed, Gimme Shelter, at the United Nations Headquarters on Wednesday (December 17) in New York City.

The four-minute documentary highlights humanitarian issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We made this film in order to focus attention on the humanitarian crisis in the DRC at a time when too much of the world is indifferent or looking the other way,” said Ben. “The suffering and loss we’ve all seen first-hand is staggering – it is beyond belief.”

He also poked fun at Angelina Jolie, UNHCR‘s most visible spokesperson: “UNHCR needs to find a Goodwill Ambassador who can get some sort of press attention.”

20+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck at the UN HQ…

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Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty
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  • s.

    Love him. Someone who has always done good deeds, been a humanitarian without it being to gain publicity. Way to go, Benji.

  • gay power living

    It’s so nice to see him using his celebrity influence to bring exposure as to the what is happening in the Congo. It’s a disaster soon to become another Darfur if the world does not take action.

  • Hmmmm

    That’s all well and good, but:

    Why is he everywhere on the other side of the world when his wife is about to pop?

    And, why does he looks like he’s lost 30 pounds ala when Carson first became tanorexic?

  • Luiz Rampelotto
  • Lol

    So obvious looking to be a ambassador.He should be with his wife.

  • Shut up


  • shammy

    If Benny boy ever needs shelter, I would love to help him. lol

    Ben is the ONE leader who can help with direction for these people in such an unfortunate situation. He makes me proud and blush at the same time for being such a beautiful person. You are lighting it up Ben!!!

    Hopefully, help from others across the globe is on the way and PEACE will cover this land soon. PEACE DAY on Sept. 21st!!! Please join this cause with your support.

    Love the smiles and wish much love to him and his familia.


    He’s such a poseur. I think he thinks he can do a short film and then slide into a UN position. He sees his buddy doing great philanthropic things (Damon) and all the other A-listers, and knows he’s coming in late to the whole thing, so he says, ‘Hey! I’ll go ride Angelina’s wake…’ It just seems so obviously not genuine to me.

  • lily

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  • ticksy

    Gimme Shelter from this gay ass queerball Jared!!

  • gschock

    so fake….

  • Adoring Fan

    So much hate for such a beautiful man. Don’t hate…Congratulate. Kudos Ben…you’re the man! Now get back home before that baby drops lol. Best wishes to the family.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    They only sell DILDO’S, ben!!

  • sabrina

    Is that all that Ben Affleck could come up with only 4 minutes of film on a war and suffering that has been going on for many years, how insincere and self serving and what an insult to the suffering of the people in the Congo.

  • dianad1968

    Why does every loser in Hollywood use Angie’s name to get media attention?

  • How odd

    So Angie’s people are bashing other actors who actually care and want to bring attention to humanitarian crisis.
    Ben- you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  • Jenny

    4 minutes is not a documentary it’s a coke commercial and 4 visits hardly qualifies Affleck to be posturing at the UN like some sort of savior of the Congo. When Ben starts walking the talk and puting his time and money where his big fat ego is then I will be the first to say well done unti it’s all arrogance and posturing, jumping on the celebrity charity bandwagon…Clooney did it first with his documentary on Dafur and was so much better, Angelina Jolie has been working for the UN for the past 10 years, Brad Bitt is helping bring shelter to many in New Orleans by building houses for people to live in, Bono has worked in refugee camps and was campaigning for Africa and what has Affleck done made a freakin 4 minute doco. Boo hoo Affleck.

  • jenny

    Four minutes is not a documentary it’s a coke commercial. It’s all bout Ben Affleck, it’s always about Ben he always has to be center of attention wherever his goes and whatever he does. Affleck has never walked the talk it’s all about his ego and publicity. Bono has been working on African issues for years and has spent his time working in refugee camps, Angelina Jolie has been working for refugees for over 10 years, Brad Pitt has built houses in New Orleans and George Clooney made a documentary on Darfur..and what exactly has Ben Affleck done, 4 short visits to the Congo and a freakin 4 minute film. Boo Hoo Ben.

  • Jen the Hag

    How odd @ 12/18/2008 at 3:07 am So Angie’s people are bashing other actors who actually care and want to bring attention to humanitarian crisis.
    Ben- you are doing a great job. Keep it up.
    uhhuhmm like Ben was not dissing Angelina Jolie when he said “UNHCR needs to find a Goodwill Ambassador who can get some sort of press attention.” He’s a johnny come lately wanna be humanitarian and he got a nerve to poke fun at what Angelina has been doing for the past 10 years?? He should at least study first and research and do REALLY, REALLY WORK on refugees before poking fun at what AJ’s been doing for the past years.

  • bea

    Only forur minutes is enough for center the attention in this problem.

  • teri

    I don’t find him insulting Angelina, he’s just joking. Everyone knows that Angelina is a very popular spokesperson and brings much wanted attention to world crises. I commend Ben for stepping up, wish more would follow in Angelinas lead.

  • Christy

    Ben *wishes* he could get *half* the attention Angelina Jolie does. Won’t happen anymore, Ben, your time is up!

  • andamentothat

    coat tail rider.. get in line.. Why does everyone have to use Ange’s name? Do something on your own steam. I get it, you want to get some sort of political coverage – Perhaps when Ted Kennedy retires, you can run for that senate seat Ben.

    Good that you are able to direct a 4 min documentary on the people of Congo and are able to compare yourself to Angelina. There are others too, why dont you compare yourself to the unnamed unsung heroes.. but that wouldnt help your cause would it.. You want the publicity not for the people of Congo or Darfur but for yourself..

  • Janeway

    Wow! I am shocked by the level of venom expressed by some of the posters. Who do you people think you are? Ben is a rich actor/director who could sit on his ass and count his money. Instead he is out trying to use his celebrity to help others. We have it so good in this country and most people are out for themselves, why are we not admiring this person for making a short film to try to draw attention to people who are suffering in this world? And since when can people not tell when someone is joking? This is not a contest between actors about who does more. This is a good person trying to do good in the world-let’s all applaud that!

  • xidai

    Surprisingly see so many hates from those did nothing to a guy actually did something.

    Very interesting, they even can’t bear a joke.

  • s.

    Someone said “he’s coming in late to the whole thing”, really? And what makes you think that? Because JustJared JUST NOW starts posting about it. Maybe he’s just now taking his efforts public. But, he’s actually been over to Congo long before all the other celebrities decided it was their passion. While everyone else (including Damon and Clooney) was making the public aware of the situation in Darfur over the past couple of years, Ben was QUIETLY going over to Congo to see the devastation there. Kudos for him for trying to do something to bring awareness to a horrific situation. And shame on you for assuming things that you do not know.

  • tell the truth folks

    I am do proud Ben.

  • Adoring Fan

    Ben is a good man who does things in a private manner. That is why God blesses him with a beautiful family. His is just giving back and trying to inspire others to do what he has always done in his own quiet way. If you can’t appreciate that, then you are to be pitied.

  • misty

    He is looking kind of fugly as hell, what the heck happened to his lips , as his wifey lips get bigger with collagen his keep shrinking. kudos to him for doing charity work, I don’t think benny is going to age gracefully, he is looking like crap!

  • Adoring Fan

    Poor Misty #29, have you totally lost your mind? Ben is no way ugly. He looks so cute, he reminds me of Violet when he is clear shaven. I see where she got her deep set eyes and even some of his expressions are so like his little girl’s. Like his wife said, “he is tall dark and handsome. An all around wonderful guy”

  • misty

    You adoring fans are mental midgets, this man is fugly, and
    when he speaks he has spit all over his mouth gross.and his lips keep getting smaller and smaller, as his wifey lips get bigger and bigger. Just because you find him good looking doesn’t make it so ok! Having said that these celebs do this for photo opts, to make themselves more likeable to you fans so that you can go out and see their shitty movies and we all know that benny and wifey suck at that, only people with power like polticians can do anything about the congo ok so get educated! Angie said it best she does charity work to get away from the bad press. but at least she gives alot of money to these charities. Hey benny why don’t you give some of your millions away like angie maybe people will respect you more, instead of gambling your money in the internet! another thing ben please don’t try to be funny, you and clooney both suck at that, and lastly if you are doing it for future office aspirations forget about it who in their right mind will vote for you! They had a poll on cnnand people voted to say that they would never vote for this cheesy actor. so stick to your daddy duties , and your drinking and gambling, on the net .