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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: $200 Million Prenup?

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: $200 Million Prenup?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are hammering out a $200 million prenup (at Brad‘s insistence), according to Star‘s latest cover story.

A supposed family friend tells the mag that Brad has decided that “he wants a prenup in place that spells out everything – their finances, their property and who will raise their children in case something happens.”

The latest issue of Star has more details on Brad and Angie‘s supposed prenuptial agreement.

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  • Prue Halliwell

    Susie: how about YOU getting on that rocket ship so we wouldn’t read your stupid posts, especially since we don’t care about you?

  • Angelina Jolie Pitt

    Is this the new JP thread now?


    How many covers did Star Magazine say that they were getting married.

    IF ANYONE WAS AT THE PREMIERE of Button of Benjamin Bratt you
    would now every where he went to be interviewed the same question
    “When are you getting Married Brad/” His answer We are not getting
    married any time soon.. So what does Brad think of Jlo’s next movie
    called PLAN B the name of his production company?

  • sebda


  • llm

    No matter what the world think or unfairly maligns these 2 wonderful people, their love can resist everything. God Bless the Jolie-Pitt.

    Have a great day!!!!!!


    B*tch stop lying, you jealous hag. Brad never said any such thing. lol

  • Kuky

    Ty JJ ;)

  • nikomilinko
  • Ashley banks

    Angie once said that she would never get married again. now She just goes along with saying maybe some day because she knows it’s a big deal to some people.

  • Vee

    the real lou @ 12/17/2008 at 9:48 am 11 Comments
    # 1 Passing Through @ 12/17/2008 at 9:30 am ROTFLMAO. GMAFB Jared – this is the SECOND TIME THE STAR HAS HAD THE $200MIL PRE-NUP STORY! They had it earlier in the year – shortly before they claimed Brad & Angie had gotten married in NO…and then tried to bribe a clergyman to lie and say they had married

    More like the 3rd time.They posted this bullsh*t story for the first time in 2005.People like Amy are the reason this lying rag is even still alive.I will not be posting on this thread in the future.This story is stupid and only idiots would believe Star magazine.


  • Not impressed by JA

    Lying and playing the false good girl like your stupid idole who is now a wanna be p*rn star while talking nasty about a mother of 6 who doesn’t hesitate going to Irak while pregnant, promting social justice for other women and children all the while her senior of 7 opens her legs left and right while doing p*orney promotions for a family oriented movie. That’s the kind of stupid and REAL skanky mature women you worship with no shame !

  • eliza

    What garbage. The Star will make up anything to sell its rag. I agree it has zero credibility.

  • mmsic

    I’ll say this again,I will believe all this when it happens,right now this story is all hearsay.Considering the source,nothing surprises me(sorry to borrow this from Brad’s ex).Money must be so hard to come by these days for STAR that they have to recycle their top grossing news.

  • hope it’s true

    I think it is about time that these two got married.

  • bird brain

    i never believe shit these types of magazines right
    fuck them, honestly i doubt they would even get a pre-nupt

  • Orchid

    12 croc @ 12/17/2008 at 9:45 am

    lol! we all know how racist STAR magazine is, so ‘how would they split them up?’ question is easy ,yeah STAR. brad takes shiloh, knox and viv, yeah STAR, and angelina takes maddox, pax and zahara? right STAR?

    brad’s insisting…. angelina’s resisting lol sounds like a song
    in the lane…….. snow is glistening!

    lol STAR u morons

    this is a made-up pre-nup by STAR for a made-up wedding by STAR. slow news week i guess!
    A nice Christmas song. :smile:

  • peggy

    They are AMAZING people.
    If you were to add up all the money they spent on charities and New Orleans, etc. it would add up to way more than just $200 million. I am very grateful to all they have done to better our society.

  • Faye88

    Jared – I just have one small request. PLEASEEEEEEE DO NOT ATTACH JEN ANISTON NEWS TO ANGIE’S ARCHIVES. When I click on Angelina Jolie I don’t want to see Jen Aniston’s face pop up.
    Thank you.

  • oops

    They are already married.

  • LL

    Faye88 @ 12/17/2008 at 5:33 pm

    AMEN. Just report abuse when it happens.

  • nicole b.

    Agree with Faye88 I do not want to see Marley’s co-star’s face on Angie’s post, maybe Marley would be ok, but not the Ms. Jen Horseface I’ve seen that it seems everywhere and even Katie’ Holmes’ herpes sore looks alot better than that fake photoshoped looking horseface and photoshopped body. If you want a real look at her face look at the cover of Vogue, its so manly and chiseled esp. the chin. The nose looks smaller since the last operation but it doesn’t go with the horseface. Tell you’re plastic surgeon to take a break you look fake enuf anymore and you’ll be Mike Jackson’s twin siser.

  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Another lie by a rag. Pre nups don’t work that way. There isn’t a set number.

    At least this headline is better than last weeks “It’s Twins!”. People passing y must have thought that the Star was about 5 months too late with that headline.

  • OT

    Education fund boosted in part by Jolie-Pitt

    Care to Learn gets $200,000 match from philanthropists on top of St. John’s $50,000.

    A $50,000 gift to buy emergency needs for Springfield Public Schools children has become a $250,000 gift, instead, with a match from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation and other philanthropists.

    St. John’s Clinic physicians and co-workers raised the first $50,000 through their Force for Good campaign, directing the money to the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools’ Care to Learn fund, officials announced today at St. John’s.

    The $200,000 match, which will be available in April, was offered by the founders of the Care to Learn fund.

    Local businessman Doug Pitt, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation (which includes actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt); local philanthropist Jim D. Morris and a private donor started the Care to Learn fund with the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools to support schools and students in meeting basic needs.

    The needs can include food, health care and hygiene products.

    The fund so far has provided staple items such as underwear, socks and other personal hygiene supplies to 300 students in schools throughout the district, according to a St. John’s news release.

    The Jolie-Pitt Foundation, Morris and the private donor match every donation the fund receives 4 to 1 up to $50,000, the news release said.

    “Care To Learn is about immediate funding for emergency needs that are disrupting their classroom experience,” Doug Pitt said.


  • LL

    OT @ 12/17/2008 at 6:05 pm
    That is so cool. Thanks.

  • anon

    LOL uh ok star,,whatever…Fans would never buy trash like yours.
    Congrats to Angelina on her Satellite Award.

  • jenny

    Probably not a bad idea for them since Angelina will not marry him.

  • Neil

    GAW’D DY’MIT!, Jared! Sucked me in again!
    (Is it too late to ignore this thread?)

  • anon

    `Happy Early Birthday Brad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leo

    I thought they weren’t going to get married until everyone was able to?

    They lie again to the public?

    When will this couple finally stick to their word?

  • me

    Hard to believe… In fact I don’t think that’s the way things of a prenup are working.

  • foxy brown

    I doubt that they need a prenup–Brad and Angelina have probably been married since before Shiloh was born. After all Brads family is very conventional and even though Angelina has had her moments :) I doubt she would have a baby out of wedlock. She has said she has been intimate with four men–two she was married to, Brad and maybe the boyfriend from high school — facts that says she does have certain values about sex before marriage. If she was not going to let someone into her life unless they were committed to her and Mad it would just make sense that she would get married before she gave birth to Shiloh. She has said that her friends told her it would probably take about six months to get pregnant. She said instead she got pregnant right away. Plus she and Brad have been wearing rings on their right fingers since right before Shiloh was born. * Look up the pictures and you will see!!! Yes, she was pregnant before Brads divorce maybe because she loved him so much and maybe she was afraid that something would happen and she would not be able to be with him–only she knows for sure–but I would not risk letting Brad “stay on the market” for to long. After all he is BRAD PITT!!! and I would bet that Brad wanted Angelina to be with him and have his baby–maybe for the same reasons. After all she is ANGELINA JOLIE.

  • irma

    Tabloid’s news. But I am still hoping someday they will get married. God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

  • old lady

    I don’t believe this. They are so happy with the way things are that they do not want to do anything to jinx it, I always thought.

  • fan of BRAD & Angie

    Happy Birthday Brad. By this time he is probably on the way to L.A or he is already been back to L.A with his family.

  • npa

    Best of luck to Brad and Angie.

  • lsam

    JJ, I don’t read tabloids anymore especially Star. Thank you for the photo though and your efforts. I just bought a copy of Rolling Stone magazine which has a better article and without an “insider.”

  • salma
    Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn ripped into Katie Holmes’ style and now he’s taking down Jennifer Aniston!
    “Sometimes I think she has ‘desperate character’ written on her,” Tim told OK! at the Manhattan launch party for Tide and Downy Total Care. “The clothes we wear send a message. And I think that’s the message — I don’t think that’s her intention though.”
    Aniston seems happy being man-free but apparently Tim doesn’t think so!

  • lurking

    I hope that fans would go back to the Button thread. Tabloids are not for us. This tabloid wants more hits from the fans. I”ll be lurking at the Button thread.

  • fan of BRAD & angie

    The X is pathetic & desperate to be in circulations again.

  • la

    star magazine is a joke , this is too free of a country to allow such
    false publicity and get away with it. this thread doesnt deserve any comments i agree with CLINIQUA

  • http://firefox gena
  • jay

    Smart man Brad. I wonder if it has anything to do with the unstable lives they are leading and Brad knowing it will definitely come to an end. Protect the money and kids Brad or Big trouble.


    Anyone is a fool without a prenup.. with all the actors we make rich!!!

  • http://firefox gena

    Happy Birthday Brad!!!!

  • llm

    Happy Birthday Brad !!!!!!!

    Insider – CCOB roundtable

  • RUBI

    I dont buy it………………looooooooove them.

  • llm

    Happy 45th Birthday Brad Pitt!!!!!!

  • http://firefox gena

    Surprise JJ does not have a “Happy Birthday” pic up for Brad. What’s with it JJ?

  • trés jolie

    Okay, Angie merry him and thän take the 200 Mios. You ern it.

  • farah

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were just NOMINATED for Screen Actors Guild awards.