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Eddie Murphy is The Riddler

Eddie Murphy is The Riddler

Eddie Murphy will play Gotham villian The Riddler in the next Batman movie, reports The Sun.

The 47-year-old former Beverly Hills Cop was tapped by British director Christopher Nolan to reprise the role played by Jim Carrey in 1995’s Batman Forever.

The studio has also reportedly signed up Transformers star Shia LaBeouf, 22, to play Robin. Rachel Weisz is rumored to be taking up the Catwoman role.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Eddie Murphy as the Riddler — YAY or NAY?

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185 Responses to “Eddie Murphy is The Riddler”

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  1. 1
    nunny Says:

    he better do a good job..

  2. 2
    batman Says:

    Eh… could be better. i just hope that with the edition of robin, it won’t go back to how the batman series used to be

  3. 3
    mad Says:

    this sounds like a joke…

  4. 4
    Sharissa Neeranjan Says:

    NAY ! what the helll ?!?!?

  5. 5
    ewww Says:

    noooooooooo why?????????????

  6. 6
    Jamie Says:

    Hell naw.

  7. 7
    deka Says:

    eddie shouldnt wear spandex
    i was hoping the world would get a longer break from him post-norbit
    i’m nervous about this
    he could ruin the great resurrection of batman movies

  8. 8
    caro Says:

    Key point: The SUN reports this. Sounds like bull.

  9. 9
    Anon Says:

    Are u kidding me?! A Huge NAY! I hope this is a joke!
    Whatever happened to Johnny Depp playing The Riddler??

    And now they are adding on Robin?? As much as I love Shia and think he would make a great Robin, I wouldn’t mind not seeing Robin in this franchise.

    I thought the whole point of this Batman series was to stay away from all the tired, old comic book stuff we’ve seen done in the past.

  10. 10
    Molly Says:

    This is a joke. Nolan said he wasn’t going to have Robin in his Batman movies.

  11. 11
    eda Says:

    super bullshit! i mean is the sun.. besides they were telling jhonny had signed to be the riddler, and as catwoman angelina jolie

  12. 12
    Zena Says:

    Don’t believe any of it, seeing as Chris Nolan has yet to actually sign on to the project.

  13. 13
    ri23 Says:

    Bullshit on all of it, especially the Robin crap. Nolan and Bale said they will never put Robin in the series.

  14. 14
    andy Says:

    this is a lie… just a rumor

  15. 15
    nicki Says:

    ridiculous..they can do a lot better than eddie murphy.

  16. 16
    nunny Says:

    its me again….its like batman has now created certain expectations for to go to the old ways is not the best thing..but like i said before..he better do a good job..
    and i agree..his norbit thing was not the greatest film moment ever

  17. 17

    And lets get an unknown to play batman for a change… Yah.. since he
    doesn’t do much in the movie.. anyway!! Forget Christian Bale why bother with someone famous when you can get an unknown to play
    the part… So when the curse of Batman comes back No one will care
    about Batman..

  18. 18
    andy Says:

    get better sources!!!

  19. 19

    NO I doubt Chris Nolan will go up and accept the award for Heath Ledger…

  20. 20

    NO I doubt Chris Nolan will go up and accept the award for Heath Ledger…

  21. 21
    michael Says:

    well if u think about it no other media is reporting it, if it was true we would have heard it more places the The Sun. and the Sun has made up MANY false stories about other movies and celebs. Mr. Nolan isnt even signed on yet for the 3rd one. so we can just throw away this report

  22. 22
    Patty Says:

    WOW. I didn’t think the smart collaborators of the new Batman movies could mess it up so bad! But just having Eddie Murphy’s name within a thousand feet of the franchise makes me have no faith and no desire whatsoever to ever see one of the movies again!

  23. 23

    LIES, NOT TRUE: Jared they already shot down these rumors -esp the Rachel Weisz one that someone pulled out of their asss. This was done yesterday.

  24. 24
    Nikki Says:

    That is the most ridiculous person for that!! YUCK!

  25. 25
    sara Says:

    What a bad cast, I mean Heath Ledger was excellent when he played the Joker, but come on Eddie Murphy as the riddler?, Rachel Weisz as Catwoman and Shia LaBeouf as Robin? haha these actors just don’t suit the part, but maybe I’m wrong. I just have to wait and see, what Christopher Nolan will do :)

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