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Eddie Murphy is The Riddler

Eddie Murphy is The Riddler

Eddie Murphy will play Gotham villian The Riddler in the next Batman movie, reports The Sun.

The 47-year-old former Beverly Hills Cop was tapped by British director Christopher Nolan to reprise the role played by Jim Carrey in 1995′s Batman Forever.

The studio has also reportedly signed up Transformers star Shia LaBeouf, 22, to play Robin. Rachel Weisz is rumored to be taking up the Catwoman role.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Eddie Murphy as the Riddler — YAY or NAY?

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  • Mowgli

    wtf? those are terrible choices..



    itmust be fake

  • elsa

    no way, the sun fabricates stories all the time, expect a denial any moment from the studio

  • LOL LOL LOL Gullible much???

    This is obviously fake. C’mon people. A director hasn’t even been officially announced, let alone a cast.

  • Lulu

    Haha, yeah, sure. We all know that the Sun isn’t a reliable source… plus, Nolan already explained that HE would never do a Batman movie with Robin: the Batman/Bruce Wayne that Bale is portraying is way too young to have Robin as a side-kick. And please, Eddy Murphy? As the Riddler? God help us.

    Nolan proved that his vision of Batman is a serious, dark and complex one, can Eddy Murphy even DREAM about getting close to it? And i heard somewhere that Nolan is trying to have a new villain in the upcoming movie, a villain we only saw in the Comic books but who has never been portrayed in a movie… i don’t if it’s true, but that would mean ciao to Catwoman and the Riddler… and last thing, apparently Nolan is so sure about doing a third flick and wants to focus on other projects until a proper script will be held on the spotlight… ARGH!

  • http://sdsada n,nmm

    at least with heath youd know he was a well respected actor.
    eddies just… wel eddie…

  • Lulu

    My bad i meant “no sure”


    OMG WTF!?! this BETTER be a joke. They are gonna kill the whole Batman franchise again! This is sad :[
    I’m seriously gonna pray that someone came up with this is!
    But wait…. THE SUN reported this?? I’m pretty sure this all has to be frabricated!
    God, I hope so!

  • mayhem53

    LOL! That is freaking hilarious! It’s Edward Nigma….Not Edward Nigga!

    I’m The Da Riddler Dammit! Riddled Me Dis Bitches!

  • do_it_right_dammit

    fuck NO. Why does this jackass even have a career?

  • Pff

    Is this a big fat lie. I thought Christian Bale absolutely hated the idea of Robin. and plus Eddie murphy is a bit too parody for a Nolan movie isn’t he?

  • lola

    I think this is complete bull. Remember when Nolan apparently wanted Cher to play Catwoman? And although I LOVE the idea of Johnny as Riddler and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin, both actors have said they were not even offered those parts. And as one poster already said Nolan hasn’t even signed on to make the film yet.

  • Ben

    I call bullshit on this one

  • nahla

    nooo .. I doubt this is true .. there should be no Robin in the movies, wasn’t it bad enough when Chris O’Donnell did it ?? Awful pick for the Riddler.

  • gina

    This is beyond shocking and a bad decision.

  • joss

    uhh no? they could probably find someone better to play the riddler, like seriously, murphy? no way

  • jordan

    this has to be a joke.
    i mean they cant just go from having an amazing actor like heath to having the shittiest actor ever, eddie murphy.
    i mean come on. and bring robin? wtf.
    i love shia but him, rachel and eddie would ruin this franchise.

    the only ones that could do anything better than what heath did and make another movie better would be johnny depp, philip seymour hoffman and angelina jolie.

  • faiza

    …urm wth? lol JOHNNY DEPP FOR RIDDLER!!!…i’m down with shia as joker and rachel weisz as catwoman though :D

  • kaila

    eww not eddie murphy!

    shia labeouf would b good as robin. or milo ventimila.

    cnt wait for the next batman movie!!!

    i <3 christian bale!

  • Amy_29


    please say it is just a JOKE!
    eddie “tranny-loving-burro” murphy is a joke!

    LEO DiCAPRIO is my RIDDLER!!!!

  • Bond

    I don’t know. To be honest, was anyone expecting Heath to do what he did as the Joker? Eddie could surprise us all… I hope.

  • zoe

    i would like rachel to be catwoman…
    but christopher said no robin. and i dont want robin either! and yeah, johnny would make a better riddler.

  • essie

    anything with eddie murphy is a big nay

    i love rachel weisz so i wouldn’t mind if she was catwoman.. altho no one could ever beat michelle pfeiffer

  • Rayan


  • chel

    ewwwwwwwwwwww. he will ruin the movie. i cant stand him

  • Unknown

    Eddie Murphy in a Batman movie?
    That ought to be interesting.


  • M

    Robin? I guess Nolan and Bale are off the project now?
    I hope they don’t get a big name like Depp for the Riddler. He’ll cost more than it will be to make the movie. Casey Affleck FTW

  • name not important

    yeah i hope this is bull i was hoping on Johnny Depp for Riddler, I hope their right about shia being Robin but not about eddie

  • kc
  • heymary

    Johhny Depp For The Riddler,Phillip Seymour (sp?) For The Penguin! I’m 50/50 on Shia As Robin. I Would’nt mind seeing him in a skin tight suit though ;)

  • load of bunk

    Christian Bale said in an interview at a press conference he wouldn’t do the Batman movies if they ever introduced Robin. Don’t blame him really it was always a corny role even in the comics. No director in their right mind would hire Eddie Murphy to be the riddler. They need someone relevant who’s not a complete movie theater killer. I dont think the man’s done a successful movie in years.

    The Sun is a trash tabloid magazine now if it comes in from a reputable hollywood magazine I’d believe it. Honestly if they higher Eddie Murphy I won’t go see it. The movies are TOO serious to add a crap villian like the Riddler played by someone who has no idea how to do anything even remotely dramatic.

  • heymary

    read the name of the source. “THE SUN”. wait for a much more creditable person/site to confirm this before you get your panties in a bunch. i doubt christpoher nolan even has a script more less signed people for the film. you don’t think the sequel to the BIGGEST film of the year would be getting a little more attention? hmm?



  • NMdude

    Please, God, with all that is good….don’t let this happen.

  • Tim

    if this is true, then the next flick will suck, Nolan might as well not direct it.

  • lily

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  • jackie

    what are they thinking? someone better should play the riddler..

  • tennantfan

    No No No No No.
    DAVID TENNANT should be the Riddler!

  • Sethiroth

    HELL NO! If Christopher Nolan destroys the film by adding a robin, a catwoman, or an eddie murphy as the riddler – I will not watch the movie.

    A good scenario for the next movie should go like this:
    The new badguy will promise the public that he will capture batman. The public will be charmed by the villain and think he is a good guy while he is actually very evil. From there I’m not sure how the story should go. BUT PLEASE DON’T USE EDDIE MURPHY AS RIDDLER, OR ANY ROBIN CHARACTER, OR A CATWOMAN CHARACTER.


  • Eastcoastgrl

    this sounds bogus – i’m not buying it at all!

  • Lexi


  • Andrew

    TheSun is blowing smoke up our asses. This is such crap I dont believe it.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …` if you believe this you’re dumb-as-dirt.. and i have a bridge to sell you. LOL after heath’s oscar worthy performance you think they’d follow that up with norbid?! hahaha from depp to murphy – horribly lame rumor.

  • pimpdaddywelfare

    This is complete bull. Bale has said more than once that he’ll quit the franchise if they put Robin in a Batman film. Also, according to Chris Nolan, in the timeline of these movies, Robin would still be an infant. So I don’t believe a word of it.

    The Sun made it up.

  • Dareios


  • Mindy

    This has to be a joke. Even Christian Bale said he wouldn’t be part of the series once they introduced Robin.

  • drea

    uhhh… about NAY!!

  • jughed

    ha ha HA!

    Is this a joke?

    He looks ridiculous! Granted, it’s hard to make the Riddler as weird as The Joker, but couldn’t they pick a better villain?

    Like Mr. Myxlplyx. lol :)

  • AGUS-mdQ

    after Ledger , no more joker… no more batman.

    RIP Heath!!!

  • brie2009

    NAY!!!!!! They should bring Jim Carrey back!