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Jennifer Lopez: Marriage In Crisis?

Jennifer Lopez: Marriage In Crisis?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s marriage is at a “breaking point,” the latest issue of Us Weekly is reporting.

Jennifer showed up to the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last week without her 8-carat diamond engagement ring, wedding band, or husband Marc Anthony.

“They both didn’t wear their rings on purpose,” said a mutual pal of the married couple. “Nothing Jennifer does is without purpose.”

Her best friend, Leah Remini, also can’t stand him Marc. “It if was up to her, Leah would just break them up today,” a pal says.

The pair did, however, have dinner Tuesday at Beverly Hills restaurant Luau, which they left holding hands (pictured below).

Marc‘s rep, Blanca Lasalle, refutes all of these rumors, saying, “They are doing great. [These] are fabricated stories. They are together.”

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  • Nicole

    Woah, is this site going to the gutter or what?

    What the ef is up with all these posts about tabloids?I dont get it, are they paying you or something?Its iridiclous!!!

  • bandit

    I agree. JJ unless it’s a true story or tidbit or pics from something other than a tabloid, why bother posting these tabloid covers?? Maybe there is payalo involved. If so and this is norm for your site, not interested in visiting your site anymore if all you do recap tabloid stories.

  • bitchetta

    I miss the old J-LO….don’t get to see her at all anymore….ever since she married this ugly, tiny, skeletal-looking, domineering shrimp she’s been kept isolated from her fans that want to see her…….she needs to leave his sorry ass and not look back…..
    I always thought J-Lo was a strong-willed woman……I guess not. Now she’s kissing his ass.

  • jillyro

    Yikes, another tabloid story? What is this, the blog for all tabloids now? If we wanted a tabloid heading Jared, we would buy the mag, hate that your site is full of these tab headlines lately.

  • Natchy

    One of these days those magazines will just take marriage rings off or ‘making celebrities fat’ with photoshop, so they can have ANOTHER sick story!

  • JEN

    lol those tabloids are ridiculous .

  • kat420

    Leah Remini can’t stand Marc Anthony because he’s not a $cientolobot?

  • cutie

    JLo has been looking very pretty lately.

  • JEN

    well Leah has been a friends of Marc before he even got with Jennifer so i doubt it.

  • youwillmissme

    One thing I like about Jennifer is that she always looks presentable under any circumstances. Stylist!

  • angela

    i hope they’d stay together for their twins’ sake.


    The ring thing is called PHOTO SHOPE!! It is amazing how everyone loves Jlo.. What a scam she is..!! That low life can’t get any famous friends so she hangs out with Leah Remini from that loser tv series..!!!
    That got cancelled last year.. Wow Jlo what a farcse you turned out to be
    What does everyone want now.. that BEN and JLO get back together..
    Hey why not since everyone of Ben’s comment page has her in it…
    Or talking about how he doesn’t do anything with Ms.Garner..

    The photo they used is a file photo from a long time ago..

  • kayla

    I dont belive this story not very credible but I just waned to share an expeience my friend had when jlo and marc were filming a movie in puerto rico in 2006 and there was a group of fans outside when they wrapped up filming that day Jlo was nice enough to shake hands with the crowd and sign some autographs but he was a total asshole he literally pushed jlo to an awaiting limo would not let her finish .Hes a total control freak and self absorbed asshole,ugly inside and out cant believe jlo is with this looser

  • lol

    Hey Becky Smith did you forget to take your meds today?

  • cary

    How stupid do they think we are? The hand circled on the cover is her right hand.

  • alana

    I don´t believe it….where are the evidences,the photos?Nothing but rumors
    Jennifer looks very pretty but a little serious



  • elva

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  • No. 16

    I think maybe you are stupid, the hand circled is her left, your right!!!!!!

  • jhoey27

    I don’t know why time and effort is wasted with this woman who is self absorbed and has the illusion that she’s a famous celebrity. Actually, she needs to stay with Marc cause he would probably be the only man that would fits her. Lopez would do anything and everything to put get attention since nothing else works, not her movies nor her singing.

  • deka

    not surprising
    she’s a disaster in a pretty package


    Hey lol.. No why would anyone be interested in Jlo.. Who by the way
    was famous for her boyfriends and husbands..her c.d tanked 2 movies tanked one went straight to video.. and now she can’t find a director to do this movie with her .. it is called the curse of Jlo… Now that It is pretty sad when the only friend she has is Leah Remini!! So Jen get back together with Sean Puffy Combs.. you know the man that suits you the best.. Her career was down the tubes when she financed El Cantante by herself with her production company… And it only made 7.5 million dollars..

  • The Star

    jlo is gorgeous

    it would be too bad if they’d split just after having twins….i mean, not even a year after …but this is just a tabloid’s report, i doubt it.

    i wanna see the twins now…. that’s funny about celebs, they show us their babies when they’re like 1 or 2months old? LOL all babies look the same at that stage…i mean, they’re all tiny little things that don’t look like anything (not a cruel statement, just something general)….and the worst thing about this is that she got six milions bucks for those pics….and i won’t even talk about that homewrecker-slotty-HO angelina jolie! haha… anyway good for them…i’d love it if it was me and my tots.

    peace peers XD

    hope this wedding will last longer than that. [ so rare in hollywood ]

  • Celebrities in High Heels

    No wonder. When was the last time you saw her look as good as she does in this photo? Certainly before she married skeletor. Marc is out of the picture (hopefully) and the hot J-Lo of old is back baby.

  • funny chuck norris

    Those twins are gonna have one interesting upbringing it looks like, although I guess a lot of hollywood couples have kids in a divorce. Still, it’s a little sad.

  • Heather

    She looks gorgeous, as always.

    This story is so ridiculous.

  • marisa720

    Hope it’s not true. It’s hard to tell what ‘s true and what isn’t . I guess time will tell. I wouldn’t be surprised though.She has kids now so now she can go full fledge with her career again if she wants. And if Marc gets in the way she does seem like the type to dump him and move on. But we’ll see.

  • supaman

    this is bull

  • Mary

    Oh goodness, here we go again. J-lo farts and everyone puts her ass on a magazine. J-l- loves attention,so she didn’t wear her ring so that Media fools would pickup on it and talk about it for weeks,giving her the attention she craves. J-lo is a has been with lips that look like she been sucking dick all day long. she is boring..NEXT

  • spicylily, thailand

    Dear Jared

    I don’t believe it and hope it’s not true.
    Please stop posting the tabloid stories and covers.

    Thank you very much

  • Answer Guru

    It wouldn’t be a surprise. The woman is going down and it’s not a pleasant view for her either so you can imagine…

  • Karen

    Many celebs don’t wear their rings all of the time. Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner have both been photographed without their rings and the headlines were all about divorce for them too!! When are people going to learn that they will say anything to sell the rags!!

  • carolina

    I can´t believe it