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Rachel Bilson is a Beanie Babe

Rachel Bilson is a Beanie Babe

Rachel Bilson bundles herself up in a beanie, ugg boots and a hoodie while shopping for groceries in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Last night, the former O.C. star stopped by the opening of the D&G flagship boutique on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Other stars stopped by the opening, including: Rumer Willis, Jessica Stroup, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and Paris Hilton.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson, the beanie babe…

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rachel bilson beanie babe 02
rachel bilson beanie babe 03
rachel bilson beanie babe 04
rachel bilson beanie babe 05
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rachel bilson beanie babe 07
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rachel bilson beanie babe 09
rachel bilson beanie babe 10
rachel bilson beanie babe 11
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Photos: JAC/WENN, FlynetOnline
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  • elf


  • her again

    And she’s back…with new glasses, it looks like.

    I wonder why the paps are so endlessly fascinated with her errand-running habits? How come we never see Anne Hathaway at the grocery store?

  • lenn

    It`s nice to see rachel with thurmen again

  • Pinky

    @3-Uh, because they’re on her payroll and her people call them every day to give them her schedule? Duh, what else could it be? This fug piece of work isn’t relevant. At all. A listers don’t get papped this much, she’s a fame wh*ring pap tipper, plain and simple.

  • tomy

    man is she an ugly midget or what

  • lenn

    You are all jealous that it hurts

  • maryanne


  • haydenlover

    @5 Exactly!

  • wish

    @no.7 Lenn thats all she know how to do.You never see her help nobody but herself and the paz.

  • shanda

    And you are right NO.5 pinky

  • Laura

    dude….leave her alone…wtf….what are your problems?

  • aa

    yaa wtf like what are you doin ? why dont we care if u think shes ugly
    btw shes freakin th emost gorgeous girl

  • lenn

    @wish, real world, shanda

    Rachel hosted recently a party for D and G to benefit THE ART of ELYSIUM. Do you know what that is? Please make some research before you jump on conclusions.

  • Willow

    she has drumsticks for legs

  • Pinky

    @14, do you know that is the one and only charity she supports, and the reason for that is because they have a red carpet. Period. You people (person) that support her are delusional. We have common sense and see her for what she is, her fan sites are even shutting down.

  • tiffani

    @ 3

    Because Anne Hathaway is low key, as are people like Scarlett Johansson. They actually work and don’t have to have their PR teams let the paps know what their every movement is and to show up accordingly. They’ve worked their way to earn their star title. They don’t get off on the attention. Oh and they both live in LA by the way. I’ve seen both women numerous times. I felt the need to say that because people seemed to be under the impression that the paps are everywhere and it’s impossible to go out and about without them in your face. While that’s true for certain parts of LA, it’s not true for the whole city. I also mentioned it because people think that Rachel and others like Vanessa Hudgens are followed and harrassed all day. While people like Halle Berry, Scarlett, Anne and other A list actresses that live here are practically ignored and able to go about their business everyday without being caught. Funny how that happens.

    Oh Brad and Angie have a home here too. They were actually here for a few days the end of October. And what do you know, no candids. The only pics you got were from the premiere she attended. I guess the paps weren’t on their game those few days. People like Vanessa, Rachel and Lauren Conrad are way more important. I guess I’ll be flamed for telling the truth now right?

  • Molly

    I don’t mind seeing posts about her hosting the D&G Art of Elysium party because stuff like that is what I consider “part of the job.” But seeing posts of her shopping are ridiculous, especially since that seems to be all she ever does. Also, why did she wear jeans to the D&G event when everyone else was dressed up? While I don’t think she’s ugly and I certainly don’t think she deserves all the mean-spirited comments that she gets, I DO think she whores it up just a bit too much to the paps.

  • lenn


    You are so full of hatred that you are not seeing what really matters

  • maryanne

    @ lenn,
    No, Pinky is logical.

  • bird brain

    i dont think she looks all that great her
    i usually love her cuteness, maybe it’s that beanie, it does look kinda stupid
    happy holidays rachel!!=]

  • Pinky

    @17, thank you for the logical down to earth post that is completely 100% true. @19, I am not full of hatred, I just call it like it is. So tell me, what is it that matters?

  • poppy

    She looks beautiful, and relaxed. Love her, and her Chanel Portabello is love.

  • lenn

    @ maryanne

    I mean, red carpet or not, but it is for a good cause. If it helps needy and very unfortunate children, why not?

  • maryanne

    @ lenn,
    Sure, and why not more? Why not charities that don’t have fancy dinners and red carpets? She spends so much money shopping, surely she can part with some more. Maybe if she didn’t spend so much money tipping the paps to keep her irrelevant face out of the gossip blogs, she’d have more to give to charity. Look at the big picture, not the snippets that are planted in the media.

  • maryanne

    *out IN the gossip blogs

  • Pinky

    Lenn, please. There are 1000′s of charities that do good work, countless celebs donate their time and money and occasionally even do photo ops for them, but most don’t involve a red carpet. This fame wh*re wouldn’t pour water on someone on fire unless she could get a photo op out of it, much less donate her time to a charity. Her favorite charity is herself, plain and simple, and that’s what I object to. She has done absolutely nothing to warrant the attention she gets, like #17 said, and the money she pays the paps would be so much better spent giving to the homeless or even put in her own retirement fund. I just think it’s ridiculous, transparent and pathetic.

  • lenn


    benefits for unfortunate children

  • lenn

    ok guys, everybody is entitled to their own opinions

  • maryanne

    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I just wonder how many more years you’re going to gleefully swallow the crap she and her publicist spoon-feed you before you see her for who and what she really is.

  • lenn

    I don`t think i would ever know who she really is. And that applies for all the celebs out there.

  • elva

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  • M

    I don’t understand how you dislike someone so much yet know everything about them and post things about them constantly. Everyone gets it. You don’t like her. Now get on with your life.

  • shanda

    @#33 we still can say what we want that’s call freedom of speech.And she don’t do nothing for others

  • red light district

    lenn, the people who know everything about her but hate her are nothing but obsessive Hayden fans who just can’t let it go. There are plenty of ugly annoying midgets that are celebs yet they keep picking on this one. I went back in history threads and it’s never been this bad for her. They are just a bunch of bitter Hayden fans. It’s okay because one day they will realize one night when he doesn’t come to them (because he doesn’t know who they are and doesn’t care) that it’s just not worth it.

    Rachel can’t even do an even for children without being beat up. I for one can’t be mad at her. I would do the same as her. I would til I drop. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good while you still do.

  • turker

    ıs there anyone who can fınd her adress or phone number.ıf u can please answer me.ıf u can , ı can do what ever u what.ıts too ımportant for me to contact her

  • lenn

    @ red light district

    Actually i`m a Hayden fan. Rachel, as a celeb, counts for me, being a good girl. I`ve never read scandalous things about her. She is very family oriented, I think, that is one of the reason why Hayden falls for her. Maybe she loves the attention she gets, but she is not really parading herself like others celebs do. And i think, she is very proud being Hayden`s girlfriend.

  • sterling

    She looks like a GNOMISH BUG!


    PLEASE: people are not stupid they know she is a fame whore and as for Hayden lovers many who used to like him don’t anymore and those few that still hang around hoping he will show up again just so they can fawn over him and his bad ass looks as well both of them looks as if they are constipated, not happy or even enthusiastic about being around each other, They treat each other as if they are working again and all appearences are just a job.

    She looks like she has AGED horribly now and dresses worse each time I see her. The hat does nothing for her looks and she is a copycat designer. She can be out of sight for a month and people don’t miss her really. Only her OC fan base and those Imdb board people along with some of her Hayden lovers fan base which are getting smaller every day.

  • jaeger

    I wasn’t really aware that there were any “mongoloid midget gypsies” in L.A. Oh well, just learn something new every day…

  • red light district

    @oh please
    OH PLEASE! Real fans don’t get upset because there pretend boyfriend starts dating someone. Rachel is not the first girl he’s ever dated she may not be the last. They are just upset because he’s serious about her. Anyway fans aren’t important. Box office counts. He does well enough to keep going. People complain about his movies and acting but if he brings the cheese in, who cares about that other stuff. He isn’t exactly a huge flop you know. If he were we wouldn’t see him because no one would cast him not because he just doesn’t want to work.

  • Amanda

    Who is this twit and why should I care??? What has she done to be remotely worthy of ANY attention whatsoever? I don’t even recognize her from anywhere. Wait a second…never mind. Don’t answer that. I just realized I really don’t give a sh*t and could actually care less. I’m outta here.

  • Tiffany

    Sigh :roll: The stupid jealous comment’s are unreal. Cuz…There is nadda to be jealous of. That girl is out being photographed once again and not doing actual real work. What is up with that shyt?! The girl looks like she has bird leg’s alright. Yeah. KFC drumstick thighs for legs and the Dr. Suess beanie. Oh shyt! That ain’t working girl and yes. She has aged and looks older and harder in the face then her ripe old age of 27. Shyt! The woman looks atrocious like, a train wreck y’all.

    My guess is Gayden Cristalmeth want’s her is, b/c non one else better wants his bony gay ass and will settle for the bag hag looking old lady for his beard. Both look like like shyt and are loser’s in Hollywood right now. If, they are serious then, shyt. Both are too stoned to know the difference y’all. Stupid b*tches please use your brain cuz, drumstick thighed woman ain’t all that. Just a has been Y’all. Get over it and the board police can kiss my sweet black ass.

  • http://Justjared ivy league


    You’re so right, gurl! Thx for the insightful comment. I’ve often said the same thing about this loser-ass famewhore, only to be flamed, fiercely.

    We get it, Rachel. You’re back in LA, after spending time in Canada w/your equally pathetic b/f. Big. F7cking. Deal.

  • atlqueen

    I just don’t get it. WHY THE HELL COME IN HERE IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM!!!! Talk about pathetic and stupid, ugh! Go follow someone you admire.

  • sharon

    the wicked witch from the north is back and that hat makes me think of where is waldo.

  • voice of reason

    The haters are back in both threads, what a surprise, nice to see you have changed usernames yet again-trying to deflect attention from yourselves. But guess what, we know who you are because you type the same rubbish over and over.

    If Hayden has let you down, go find someone else to fawn over-lots of actors out there that have been done for drugs, DUI, sleeping around and getting drunk 24/7-they should be right up your alley.

    Freedom of speech works both ways

  • chauncey

    @ she is very proud being Hayden`s girlfriend…

    Yah so damn/dumb proud of having a BFF like him – lol

  • sharon

    see the waldo gets around !!!!

    “Rachel Bilson Plays Like Waldo And Avoids Fans In NYC!”
    posted 35 days ago 241 viewsA while back I was waiting at the hotel where a lot of celebrities were staying in town for the annual network upfront presentations. As I was waiting with over 50 other fans, I noticed Rachel walking up the other side of the street trying to avoid everybody since she does not like to sign autographs or pose with fans. I then caught up with her on the corner looking into the window of a toy shop trying to fix her hair. I called out “Rachel,” and she turned and said, “man you fans are everywhere I go” disgustedly. I told her that me and my friend were the only ones that knew where she was, since everybody else was back at the hotel, so she decided to sign a few autographs for us and pose for a few pictures, even though she didn’t really want to. In the photo she is smiling, but do not let that fool you. In any event, I still got my picture, so I was pretty happy.

  • sharon

    here is the link to the story

  • voice of reason

    At least she did throw a phone at him LOL