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Zac Efron Loves The Lakers

Zac Efron Loves The Lakers


High School Musical star Zac Efron keeps his arm around his leading lady Vanessa Hudgens during the basketball game at Staples Center on Tuesday (December 16) in Los Angeles.

Looks like Zac is really letting his hair grow out!

From courtside, the couple watched the New York Knicks face off against the Los Angeles Lakers. The game is still going on but last we heard, the Knicks were up by 7. (Vanessa was spotted giving David Beckham a hug!)

On Sunday, Vanessa celebrated her 20th birthday with Zac.

15+ pictures inside of Laker lovers Zac & Vanessa

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265 Responses to “Zac Efron Loves The Lakers”

  1. 1
    no name Says:


  2. 2
    bettybaby Says:


    the look freaking adorable, as always!!!!!!

    hope they’re having fun!

  3. 3
    Tara Says:


  4. 4
    Tara Says:


  5. 5
    ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz Says:

    wow fast
    i just posted this 10 minutes ago in the older post

    cuteee !!

  6. 6
    rc Says:

    he looks good except for the hair, oh god the hair!

  7. 7
    eeek Says:

    Adorable!! Zac looks hot like that. The V hugging Beckham picture is also adorable even though you don’t have it up.

  8. 8
    Lily Says:


  9. 9
    ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz Says:

    eh wait a minute
    zac didn’t get nominated for golden globe, jared !!!

  10. 10
    andy Says:


  11. 11
    Sarah Says:

    gawd these people need to leave

  12. 12
    ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz Says:

    yeah he doesn’t get nominated by the golden globe
    or maybe Jared know something we don’t… hehehe

  13. 13
    diva Says:

    They look amazing V looks pretty as ever and that look fits Zac so well he should wear it more often!

  14. 14
    mike Says:

    **** all the haters….love them!!!!!!!!

  15. 15
    j Says:

    I like V’s hair this way.She is very pretty.

  16. 16
    Alejandra Says:

    Lakers won by the way!! Go LAKERS! Go Zanessa!

  17. 17
    daze Says:

    thanks jj for the update and pix there so adorable i hope u can post more pix of them

  18. 18
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    THEY’RE NO ******-LOVERS, you moron!!
    …………GET LOST!!

  19. 19
    gay power living Says:

    cutest twinkie ever. vanessa is ok too.

  20. 20
    wee.. Says:

    people love them ..
    they are really awesome..
    ADMIT IT!!

    we love zanessa..

  21. 21
    Zac Efron 's # 1 fan Says:

    Aww Zanessa looks so cute together.

  22. 22
    erihar Says:

    Wow…the haters are out tonight. What has got everybody so uptight. These guys go to a simple game and it’s like the haters are on a rampage. Thanks jared, for puttin them up on the main site. Not on your JJJ site, all the kiddies are asleep, hence more post here, That should say something about the age of their fans.

  23. 23
    syatirah Says:

    can you come to perak,malaysia..?your acting very very good………………i like ………can you act in more film …………………….


  24. 24
    Chelsea Says:

    Hahahaha. Zac is trying to be like Robert by not washing his hair, but he just looks gross.

    it’s sad that no one thinks Zac is hot anymore. but he isn’t so who cares haha.

  25. 25
    ishani Says:

    so cute!

  26. 26
    giz Says:

    Zan being at the staples center made the game 10xs better to watch

  27. 27
    khloe Says:

    they look so great! glad to see them out and about together! =D

  28. 28
    khloe Says:

    they look so great! glad to see them out and about together! =D

  29. 29
    vanessa Says:

    ahhhhh yessss my fav couple i love them they so cute go zanessa

  30. 30
    Taylor Says:

    They really want people to remember they exist.

  31. 31
    tom Says:

    Oh boy. Vanessa’s hair looks like such a mess. She really needs a cut. She looks like Medusa.

  32. 32
    ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz Says:

    that’s called CURLS, tom !!

  33. 33
    poppy Says:

    First, they look amazing. Zac is totally channeling Ren/Danny tonight, so hot.
    Second, Taylor..30…that could be said about any celeb at the game. But wait, hold up! They are there to enjoy the game, just like everyone else. People, ie their fans know they exist, they go to the game because they want to see the game, nothing else. If you knew anything about ZV, you would know they are one of the very few couples who don’t court attention. I mean Leo has been at every game near enough, does that mean he wants people to remember he exists, don’t think so. ZV have nothing to promote right now, so they are just enjoying themselves, geeez, you people make me sick with your judgements.

    third. Rob actually looks like he doesn’t wash, Zac’s hair has gel in it, and there is a difference.

  34. 34
    Boji Says:

    Zac is not trying to be like anybody else. Zac is Zac. He did say he was kinda lazy when it comes to cutting his hair. Or you never know, he may be preparing himself for his next role.

    Vanessa is looking pretty,pretty good. She looks happy and contented. That’s how it should be.

    #30, Taylor, they don’t need to remind people that they exist, unlike some celebrities. You do that by doing something out of the ordinary to draw attention from the papz. All they are doing is watching a game, a fav of Zac’s. Papz are drawn to them by their mere presence.

  35. 35
    erihar Says:

    Who says they don’t think Zac is hot anymore? I’m sure not hearing much of that.

  36. 36
    erihar Says:

    Wow..seriously HATERS!! A little too much. #30 I guess you don’t pay much attention, but these guys probably hide themselves more than any celebs I would know. They don’t do things to get noticed. They actually try not to. You might want to think about whether your post belong on spencer and heidi’s post. You have got this couple all wrong.

  37. 37
    athena Says:

    Ah man, I forgot to watch the game on tv tonight…I thought that he might be at the game…he looks great, they look great…looks like Zac got himself cleaned up to hang out with his girl. He looks hot, but doesn’t look too comfortable in the pics though.

  38. 38
    Paulina Says:

    i actually like these two together , they are like one of the most GORGEOUS couples ever .

  39. 39
    zanessa4ever! Says:

    zac has really matured. he looks his age. and HOT AS EVER!!
    i lovee zanessa!

  40. 40
    hello1 Says:

    Poor Zac, he got passed up by Robert Pattinson and now Zac is trying too hard. You look plastic Zac, calm down with the make up and stop trying to over do it with the hair. you look 100% fake now. you’ve grown up and now no one wants you! make another HSM movie so people can remember you name again loser

  41. 41
    LUZ Says:

    i agree they don’t need to remind people that they exist, and Zac is so much better than rob !!!!! and more hot :D

  42. 42
    hello1 Says:

    its funny Zac thinks hes gonna be a major film star. keep wishing you’ll have Leonardo Dicaprios career. YOU CANT ACT ZAC! watch your HSM 3 movie where you and that black dude start dancing together at a junk yard. your not a man

  43. 43
    hello1 Says:

    LUZ #41, ZAC better than Rob??? Look at those pictures, Zac looks plastic and fake and looks like he takes longer than Vanessa getting ready. Rob at least looks natural (whatever you think of him) and doesnt need all that make-up lol that Zac seems to be using alot of.

  44. 44
    rosielee9 Says:

    Great to see them out enjoying themselves, these pictures just go to prove that Vanessa does go to the odd game with Zac but obvioulsy and it is well known that he loves Basketball and so goes to more games without Vanessa than with her but for this one she obvioulsy did’nt mind going.

    Love what Zac is wearing he’s looking all of his 21 years very sexy.

    Agree with most posts this is one couple to come out of hollywood that don’t go to every single event or place just to get noticed they are as low key as you can get for a couple in hollywood, they just like going out like any other couple would sometimes together sometimes with family or friends all of which is normal.

    They both look happy enough Vanessa is beaming and as usual Zac is focused on the game, nothing wrong with that he’s still keeping contact with Vanessa though.

    No doubt when he goes back home for xmas like he normally does all the panic will start again about not seeing them together, so I say just enjoy seeing the pictures as we get them and let them keep their private life as private as they can.

  45. 45
    jo Says:


  46. 46
    EPRÍ Says:

    so cuteee(L)love them.:D

  47. 47
    Curiosity Says:

    Love them… Love V’s hair and outfit as always. Where can I find the one where she’s hugging Beckham?

    Thanks JJ

  48. 48
    Karen Says:

    They most certainly are an attractive couple. They are probably spending quality time together since he will probably be going home in a few days for the holidays.

  49. 49
    yets Says:

    wow so cute
    i love Zanessa.

  50. 50
    stina Says:

    More pictures ? where is the huging pic?

  51. 51
    bee Says:

    ugh the Lakers won *boooooooooooooo*

    but they look adorable! V looks gorgeous.
    diggin Zac’s ensemble.. not too sure bout the hair lol

    thanks Jared.

  52. 52
    yets Says:

    you can see how Zac loves his Girl.

  53. 53
    christine Says:

    they both look very sexy!
    i want the pic of her hugging david beckham!!!!!!

  54. 54
    celina Says:

    hate her but absolutely love him…he’s a talented singer and he is an incredible actor…17 AGAIN!

  55. 55
    troy Says:

    I don’t see Zac doing anything different appearance wise then he has ever done. Why is it everytime some other media appointed “It boy”-like Chace Crawford and now Robert Pattinson- pops up the haters always say “Ha, ha Zac is trying to copy *fill in the blank* because he knows he’s over! Ha, ha.” When he does nothing of the sort?

    Could be that they know subconsciously that Zac is the one with staying power and those guys are just flavors of the month? I”ve nothing against Chace or Robert as I can proudly say I have never watched a single episode of “Gossip Girl” and I rather enjoyed “Twilight.” But I just wonder why these baseless accusations always come up.

  56. 56
    buttercup Says:

    More importantly… Zac Efron is trying to grow a moustache!!! LOL

  57. 57
    ladysdsandiego Says:

    they look so cute. vanessa looks beautiful. i love them!!!

  58. 58
    mimi!! Says:

    i love vanessa!
    i love zanessa! <3

  59. 59
    poppy Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Troy, Zac has been wearing his hair like that since the Hairspray promo tour last year, way before GG or Rob came on the scene, so if anything they have ‘copied’ him. Zac is naturally good looking, as if that took a long time to get ready, all he did is put gel in his hair, and fyi, I think you will find Rob wears a ton of make-up, as do all male stars in Hollywood as it helps with the lighting. I love Rob, but people just think he’s Edward and he isn’t. Twilight fans are oh so hyprocrytical as they hated, and I mean hated Rob when he was cast, and now they love him..hmmm. And just as a small point, Rob said Zac is a great guy, and vice versa, there is no need to start pitching them against each other, because unlike some of you children, they actually respect one another. I seriously don’t know why you children have to hate on people all the time. Zac has done nothing wrong, he works hard, keeps his head down, and has a good time. Nothing wrong with that, he is a great kid.

    And to whoever said Zac can’t have a career like Leo’s, I don’t think your in a position to judge that, no one but Zac will be able to determine what he does with his life. He has got talent, and let me tell you that a lot of people in the industry are sitting up and taking notice. That ‘black dude’ has a name, and its Corbin by the way, don’t be so disresepctful. Zac is a triple threat. He is truly a nice guy too. He is going to amazing in whatever he choices to do. It not as if HSM wasn’t sucessfu now was it.

    here is a link to the pic of V and DB. So cute!!

  60. 60
    Dianne Says:

    VAnessa wear same style of dress like she wear last May when they watch the game…

    I just wondering did they kiss again…Just kidding…

    It makes me happy everytime i see them together..

    The cutest and adorable couple of Hollywood…

    I love them both!!!!

  61. 61
    anna Says:

    I hope she pays whoever does her hair really well, because it’s GORGEOUS!

  62. 62
    christine Says:

    the pic of v and david is just adorable!
    it looks like they’ve met before and i think they have.
    v just looks like a little girl who met her idol, she is adorable and the way her and david are laughing is just too cute!!!

  63. 63
    mar Says:

    i lurve zac…but he has to cut his hair. it’s so f*cking long.
    but but but,, I STILL LIKE HIM!

  64. 64
    yets Says:

    the two of the sexiest and the hottest couple in the world.

  65. 65
    bimo Says:

    WOW……Zac &…..!!!!
    JJ, I wanna see Vanessa & Becks pic….pleaseee….

  66. 66
    aussiechick Says:

    cutest couple <3

    finally some morezanessa. miss htem heaps.
    all you haters are just jealous!
    well i say f*ck all you haters!

  67. 67
    aussiechick Says:

    cutest couple <3

    finally some morezanessa. miss htem heaps.
    all you haters are just jealous!
    well i say f*ck all you haters!

  68. 68
    ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz Says:

    vanessa and beckham :

    zac seems jealous… hahahaha :-) sarcastic smile here….

  69. 69
    zanessafan4ever18 Says:

    zac’s so hot!!!!!!!

    v looks nice!!!!!!!

    such a cute couple!!!!!!!!

    love zac!!!!!!!

  70. 70
    Meltem Says:

    david beckham giving vanessa a hug!

  71. 71
    grip on reality Says:

    is there a possibility that there is one picture out there taken from just recently showing vanessa hudgens without any makeup?

    seriously, you can plant potatoes on that face with all that goop!

    im not a hater. if she says she’s “real” and all you fans say she’s “real”, then let’s see her real.

    she looks so full of herself (well, i dont blame her… having zac efron around 24/7 definitely a plus!)… like she’s trying WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard.

    just my honest opinion. im not a hater, so please just shut up and allow me to express it.

  72. 72
    Meltem Says:

    ‘grip in reality’ #71
    here she is without no make-up, and still beautiful!

  73. 73
    Laura Says:

    They look so, so, so, so cute. I hope they are having fun together, they certainly look to be.

  74. 74
    grip on reality Says:

    @Meltem: FYI i did not say she was not pretty, however, no matter how naturally beautiful a person is, putting on too much makeup makes you look like a wax doll. and that’s exactly how she looks here (and how she has been looking latetly). IMHO she looks fake, and it’s pitiful.

    post the pics of her in her sweats and looking pathetic after her scandal broke out. now THAT’S REAL, and i do agree…she was still pretty.

    again, just my honest opinion. you kids enjoy your holidays.

  75. 75
    erihar Says:

    Look at her beach pics, or look at her 100 most beautiful peples pics from last year. She actually normally wears verry little makeup. She always wears eye makeup, and usually lip balm or stick of some sort, but the girl has no need for base or foundation…trust me other tahn events or when she is having trouble with her skin does she cover it with heavy foundation. I have seen her up close and a person who wore that much makeup that often would not have skin and pores that flawless; no matter how much you paid for a facial.
    I hate that you have to find something so petty to complain about especially when that accusation is so full or crap and based on nothing.
    I think myself, #72 and about a million other people could prove your statement rediculous in about 5 seconds with a ton of pics you need to visit some good fan sites with some great photo albums

  76. 76
    jOanna Says:

    71… this is Vanessa without make up and ( for me ) she still look gorgeous…

  77. 77
    vancrazed Says:

    wow #71
    I’m still trying to see how you think she is wearing too much makeup, it looks so lightly applied to me. Maybe that is just me, but my goodness you wanna see a lot of makeup go look at Katie Perry or Miley Cyrus who is just 16 and looks like she sleeps with it painted on.
    Look at her birthday pics from last weekend.

  78. 78
    grip on reality Says:

    “I hate that you have to find something so petty to complain about especially when that accusation is so full or crap and based on nothing.”

    Definition of OPINION:
    A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof:

    So please… keep your blood pressure in check. I was simply stating my opinion. i have every right to post my opinion, as long as it is not insulting to the person i am describing.

    If it insults or offends you in any way, i DO apologize, but really… you are in no position to react since you are not the person being addressed. there is no need to involve any emotion into the argument because you will just get yourself worked up over nothing.

    and yes, i’ve seen the fansites. i DO base my opinion on something that i’ve seen and observed for some time. I have made no accusations. as stated in my original post : “JUST MY OPINION”.

    thank you for YOUR feedback on the matter. i appreciate it! ☺

  79. 79
    vancrazed Says:

    That’s fine you stand among a small group of people …but whateva!!

  80. 80
    reenuh Says:

    wooowwww….she’s getting lovelier every time i see her..they look soo cutie together. such an adorable couple.

    i luv Nessa! she rocks! ;o)

  81. 81
    Chloé Says:

    So Beautiful, I want to live in LA.. France is so far :s
    Goo Zanessa!!!

  82. 82
    angelika in poland/anjelika Says:


  83. 83
    rosilee9 Says:

    Zac has said in the past that whn he’s not working on a film that he let’s his hair grow out and considering that he has done 3 films back to back this year I think he’sentitled to let loose for a while and as pointed out by Karen he will no doubt be going home soon for the holidays like he usually does so good for them spending some quality time together and just having fun and judging by these photo’s that’s what they seem to be doing, good for them.

    As I said in a previous post I think that Zac looks great in what he’s wearing.

  84. 84
    nathalia Says:

    simply stunning
    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  85. 85
    Tricia Says:

    AWESOMEEEE! hott couple!

  86. 86
    sam Says:

    Love this couple.

  87. 87
    kathy Says:

    they are so cute.

  88. 88
    ashley Says:

    God, he’s hot as hell!!!!!!!

  89. 89
    Naomi Says:

    Love, love seeing them like this, relaxed, happy and just enjoying each other’s company. What could be better?!

    Van, as usual looks gorgeous, hair and make-up simply flawless.

    I really like this rugged look on Zac. I hope he keeps his hair styled this way, just like at the Teen Vogue party. He looks really handsome with his hair off his face.

  90. 90
    Naomi Says:

    All it takes for ‘dissenters’ to suddenly pop up with illogical and senseless ‘opinions’ is for gorgeous and happy pictures of ZV to surface.

    It’s almost as if their guts are being twisted to see them so happy.

    How sad! They can’t stay away from the pictures and they can’t contain their bitterness.

    They’re not worth the time spent replying to them, besides, they most likely would not get it as simple logic is incomprehensible to them.

    Zac and Van are not aware these nincompoops exist nor do they care what they think of them.

    In the scheme of things, their opinions are worth nothing so I don’t see why we fans should waste energy and time proving things they would never get anyway.

    And that is my ‘opinion’.

  91. 91
    suzy Says:

    they look cute. V looks so gorgeous.

  92. 92
    Trisha Says:

    Zac truly is one of the nice Guys in Hollywood

    There relationship is not for Real though, Zac is Gay

  93. 93
    cindy Says:

    Zac and Vanessa really look their ages now. Zac is rockin the leather jacket look with the hair off his face. Makes him look so much older. His face has filled out too. Looks like an adult now for sure. Vanessa looks really beautiful too. She really beams when she is with Zac . I think they both really enjoy the Lakers too which is something they also have in common.

  94. 94
    cvb Says:

    Life in plastic is not fantastic. Both are fake.
    Hate them.

  95. 95
    ytrewq Says:

    aww bless that is so cute

    did like zac and vanessa trade seats or something lol


  96. 96
    Karen Says:

    It seems that the Becham’s have really taken to Zac and Vanessa. There have been at least 4 pictures now of Zac and David together over the past year and Posh invited Vanessa to some fashion thing—I forget now what it was—a few months back. That is some impressive names to know right now—either way in my opinion.

  97. 97
    re Says:

    shes ugly zacs hot

  98. 98
    cindy Says:

    JJ just wanted people to know what pics were available out there. All we want are some photos of our fav couple. What is wrong with giving out the site?

  99. 99
    Naomi Says:

    More pics here!

  100. 100
    smdwh Says:

    thanks Naomi I love the pics of the them while they are giggling and she’s fixing his hair too cute.

    They are so good looking and Vanessa’s hair is amazing.

  101. 101
    vancrazed Says:

    re, if you weren’t a big fan, how in the world could anyone believe that she was ugly. Not your type, get it, not the most beautiful…but ugly? Don’t think so!!

  102. 102
    go sox Says:

    Whoa!!! Can they get ANY more gorgeous??? First of all, so nice to see them say what the heck to the paps and live their lives. Second, Zac is looking much older and well, there just are no words for how sexy he looks. And third, Vanessa just looks SOOO amazing. At a freakin’ BBgame. Is that fair??? LOL I just love how her personality shines through in pictures.

    Just great pics, Jared. Thanks.

  103. 103
    Lisa Says:

    barf me

  104. 104
    OMG Says:

    what in the world is he wearing????
    Is he doing a production of Grease????

  105. 105
    viki_vikito Says:

    cutee !!!! love them

  106. 106
    Boji Says:

    Yeah, Grease Lightning! Do I spot a bit of side burns?!

  107. 107
    Zacfan! Says:

    O Zac is looking so damn gorgeous!

  108. 108
    marisol Says:

    se ven bellos son la mejor pareja

  109. 109
    carla Says:

    God I hate the sight of her. Zac needs to find a new woman.

  110. 110
    bill Says:

    They both look like the fell into a bottle of grease. EWWW!

  111. 111
    sweet Says:

    they are so beautiful
    i am obsessed with them! lol

  112. 112
    NativeNYker Says:

    He’s so obviously a p@%#&y boy! LOL. Disney would do better to get past their “innocent” stars bullshit cuz Zac is alternative…

    Ratns, Thoughts & Merde

  113. 113
    Veselka Says:

    I Love them they are ah-nazing
    I heart Zanessa

  114. 114
    Naomi Says:

    More pictures here!

    They are so so adorable and were really having a good time.

    I love their friendship with the Beckhams.

  115. 115
    amanda Says:

    oh please i can see him doing the messy hair and leather jacket thing, trying to look effortlessly scruffy hot like robert pattinson? No way. hes too cookie cutter, not a fan.

  116. 116
    Gossip girl Says:

    They are so cute!!!
    The perfect couple *-*
    I love them =D

  117. 117
    kadeisha Says:

    they look so dorable.they r my favourite couple.i just luv seeing them together.i hope they never break up

  118. 118
    kadeisha Says:

    ahhh my favourite couple.i just love seeing them together.they r the perfect match.i hope they never break up.

  119. 119
    Stacy Says:

    im dying from their cuteness
    omg they are too cute seriously!

  120. 120
    juilanie Says:

    zac u look great an hot i wish u where dating me not vanessa u guys are still super hot

  121. 121
    zanessa #1 fan Says:

    zc ur on fire DAMN ur soooo HOT u and nessa r the hittest couple.keep it up

  122. 122
    me... Says:

    zac raelly needs to get his hair back to the way it was in hsm3, none of this greasy, long, gelled back crap, just wash it cut it and leave it alone

  123. 123
    dianel Says:

    What a cute couple Happy birthday Vanessa

  124. 124
    sara Says:

    i love him is so hott !!

  125. 125
    Naomi Says:

    Even more squeeworthy pics!

    Gosh, I just love seeing them so happy!

  126. 126
    WentsWorthit Says:

    He is hot…2 hot for her….interesting body language….I just don’t think he’s that into her.

  127. 127
    Meltem Says:

    AND this one is too cute xD

  128. 128
    Naomi Says:

  129. 129
    Naomi Says:

    #127 Meltem
    Love the pic you posted! He’s really grabbing hold of her thigh/bum (Zac, Zac, you’re in public, control it!)

    I mostly love that you posted it just under comment #126.

    It reveals it as jealous driven dross, which it is.

  130. 130
    kathy Says:

    jj please add more pics

    or make a new post with the new pics. there are so many squee worthy pics that just got released

  131. 131
    vancrazed Says:

    If you think he is not into you, you are lookin at the wrong pics on the wrong sites. The boy is smitten. He actually is more obvious than she is, and has a wondering eye, and super wandering hands to prove it. Their both hot, and deserve each other let alone, it’s nobody else’s freakin business!!

  132. 132
    holly Says:

    see her marlboro pack on her lap in the next link: acEfronOutLunchLosAn.jpg

    zac once said that the only thing that made it imposible for him and a girl to be together was SMOKING.
    “Smoking would be the thing that would make an impossible match for me”

  133. 133
    Brenda Song fan 192 Says:


  134. 134
    zanessa4ever! Says:

    they look so cute!

  135. 135
    rosielee9 Says:

    Why on earth wopuld Zac need to find a new women judging by these pictures he’s more than perfectly happy with the one he has been with for 3 years.

    They look really happy and relaxed and like any other couple enjoying a night out and as it’s already been said spending some qulity time together before Zac goes and spends xmas with his family like he usually does, I hope they both have a good xmas with their families and with each other whatever time they spend together no doubt will be special for them.

  136. 136
    vancrazed Says:

    That pack is not on her lap, it is in his ca’t even see her lap in the pic because of the angle of the camera. If anyone, it’s his. It’s his car, his console. Get your story straight. Jealous much!!

  137. 137
    zanfan2 Says:

    Zac and Vanessa have almost perfected the “show no emotion” faces when walking the paparazzi gauntlet. The look is always the same with Vanessa linking her hand through Zac’s arm. But sometimes V just can’t keep the “look” and starts to react with the giggles. Come on, Zac just relax and hold V’s hand again. Or is there a “no-hand-holding” clause in your HSM3 contract and you don’t want to burn your bridges with Disney? But what matters is that V doesn’t seem concerned about it. Zac and Vanessa are clearly on the same page on how to live their lives as a public couple.

    At the game – the more relaxed side of Zac peeks through. He still looks pretty subconscious because he knows that every move is being photographed. V – on the other hand – is willing to just let her zest shine through and is not as concerned about the photos. She has to be or she would go insane – the girl can’t even go mattress shopping with her mom without every move being photographed. But then, she is so incredibly photogenic, why should she be concerned? Plus her vivacious personality is more comfortable with the paps while Zac is a much more cautious person. He is not as spontaneous as V which is another reason why they complement each other so beautifully.

    Perhaps Zac will learn to relax while living under a microscope because it comes with his popularity. If he enjoys living in LA then this is just going to be the way (for a while at least). He could move out of LA but that would make working in the industry a little bit more challenging. Lots of stars choose NYC or other places – although it seems that the paps are invading every little space in search of the photos. (NYC paps are morphing into LA-style paps – as illustrated by Katie and Suri).

    One last note – I could care less about the JJJ versus JJ posting debate. But since JJ has started putting V&Z on both, I have found that I prefer reading the comments on JJJ. These comments tend to be kinder and gentler and not as condescending towards these two. So maybe the irony is that the so-called “younger and immature” crowd are more true fans than the cynical “older” crowd on JJ. On JJ, there seem to be a lot of pop shots between posters and innuendos circulated about Zac.

  138. 138
    Rachael Says:

    omg, these chickdowntown ads are SOOOOOO annoying. sell out!!!!

  139. 139
    Malia Says:

    #55 troy @ 12/17/2008 at 2:23 am
    You got it right. Zac has staying power and certainly not the flavor of the month.

    BTW, Zac has worn his hair this way many times, including on the red carpet. Nothing new there. And he’s worn the black leather jacket before.

    That’s a cut picture of David Beckahm hugging Vanessa. :)

  140. 140
    sara Says:

    V gorgeous
    They so cute

  141. 141
    Malia Says:

    Hey, the people who hate on Zac and Vanessa do the same thing on other threads. They do it to Reece Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham . . . .

    They pick on their “awful clothes, too-much makeup, ugly faces, their haughty attitudes” or whatever. Whatever hatred they are feeling toward themselves, they post about the start they most envy.

    Best to ignore their putrid comments. It’s a true reflection of what kind of person the commenter is and in no way detracts from the goodness of Zac and Vanessa.

  142. 142
    8v Says:

    How can other people not see that these 2 are definitely for real?! To be young, gorgeous and in love. *sigh*

  143. 143
    HANNA Says:


  144. 144
    kgg Says:

    Wow! These are some of the best pics I’ve seen of Zac and Vanessa! They are just too adorable – quite the best looking couple in Hollywood! I love that they are just being themselves and watching the game. Funny, how just that innocent act can bring out so much hate in some of the posters on this site. Jealousy will do that to some people. FYI, I doubt if Zac is wearing makeup to a basketball game, and V needs very little or no makeup to look gorgeous.

    As far as Zac trying to look like Robert Pattinson, PLEASE. Zac is way better looking and much nicer and doesn’t hang out in bars like Robert. I think Twilight is so overrated anyway. I couldn’t make it through the first book. If anything Robert should try to emulate Zac…LOL

    As far as the cigarette issue, we don’t know for sure whose they were, so until I actually see Z or V puffing away on one or admit it themselves, I refuse to believe the pack belonged to either one.

    Lastly, it’s Christmas, geez, isn’t anyone filled with the joy of the season. Let’s try seeing the best in people and not the worst for a change. Trust me, you’ll be a much happier, successful person.

  145. 145
    eda Says:

    yyeii zanessa! vaness with becham.. nice=) haha

  146. 146
    Gabriel Says:

    HI i´m from BRASIL , and i like so much zac efron, he´s very styloso
    aushuahs and my dream is make friend of him !
    just jared came on to BRASIL

    AND PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASEEEEEE, when you find the zac, speaks for him that I love him, admire him a lot and that he wanted to come to Brazil, more specifically in the city of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais!
    I pass him please email:
    Abrasive I’m always here on your site!

  147. 147
    Gabriel Says:


  148. 148
    Brenda Song fan 192 Says:

    Who is more successful Vanessa Hudgens or that maddie girl Ashely Tisdale????

  149. 149
    zanessafan! Says:

    omg they are so cute together :D love ZANESSA !!!
    and zac looks HOT like always:D

  150. 150
    zanessafan! Says:

    Brenda Song fan 192 @ 12/17/2008 at 1:06 pm Who is more successful Vanessa Hudgens or that maddie girl Ashely Tisdale????


  151. 151
    haha Says:

    it’s amazing how hard they try to channel other celebs in their looks. i mean, zac, you don’t need to try to get brad pitt’s mustache. its bad on him, it’s worse on you. knock it off. and you’re never going to be rob. so don’t get your hopes up on your hair.

  152. 152
    haha Says:

    it’s amazing how hard they try to channel other celebs in their looks. i mean, zac, you don’t need to try to get brad pitt’s mustache. its bad on him, it’s worse on you. knock it off. and you’re never going to be rob. so don’t get your hopes up on your hair.

  153. 153
    hey_Gees_They're_mad Says:


    Zac is hot …I need a man like you Zac,


  154. 154
    cURIOSITY Says:

    just love them

  155. 155
    Zac efron's #1 fan Says:

    Zac and Vanessa look so in love with each other. Zanessa is so meant to be together.

  156. 156
    Karen Says:

  157. 157
    Karen Says:

    Be sure to see the 20 great pictures of Zac and Vanessa at the bottom of the article at the link I posted in #156.

  158. 158
    ali Says:

    his hair looks dirty…. haha it looks like someone is bummed rob pattinson is getting noticed for that look.

  159. 159
    sarahi Says:

    kgg #144 I agree totally. I am SO sick of this zac vs. rob crap. He has nothing on Zac even though TMZ really annoyed me by declaring that rob was “the new zac” whatever. Just because another guy is getting popular with the tween crowd doesn’t mean no one cares about Zac anymore. and would you people please stop with the hair thing. Zac’s been known to wear his hair like that before and it looks NOTHING like the mess on rob’s head. STOP TRYING TO COMPARE THEM BECAUSE MR PATTINSON DOESN’T EVEN COME CLOSE. Besides they’re not in competiton anyway. And for the smoking thing that was from HER BIRTHDAY PICS and have nothing to do with this post, as much as you guys don’t want to admit it there is only four explainations for why they were in his car.
    1) They’re his& he smokes
    2) They’re hers and she smokes
    3) They both smoke
    4) Niether one smokes but one of his friends does and they accidentally left them behind.
    The 4th option seems more plausible but I’m just being realistic even thouhg it would be none of our business if they did smoke. Vanessa looks beautiful and does not appear to be wearing a ton of makeup to me. Zac is unbeleivably make you drool hot and they look happy.
    PS I read on a vanessa website that they were voted fav couple of 08 by a poll from I hope it’s true!

  160. 160
    eda Says:

    i love zacs face when becks touch vanessas back jaja like he is jealous!
    zanessa rocks!

  161. 161
    ♥zanessa-lova4life♥ Says:

    YES! ZANESSA ♥♥♥
    Vanessa looks great, and Zac looks like he aged since SUnday :]
    Haha they look awesome and so adorbale!

  162. 162
    poppy Says:

    OMG will you people get over yourselves, Zac has been wearing his hair like this since last year, thats 2007, thats before RP came on the scene. Geez, he is allowed to have his hair however he wants to. Also, Rob has nothing on Zac. Rob is just another boring British guy, with no real style and looks like a scruff, just like every other British guy who can’t be bothered (I’m British btw, so I see them all the time, everyother guy looks like Rob, Lazy mentality). At least Zac looks clean, and his clothes are washed and nice. Seriously, if anyones copying anyone its Rob copying Zac. And can I also say that Zac has never in his life worn a velvet jacket, but someone else did….And FYI Zac always leaves his hair like this inbetween jobs, he lets it grow, he said so himself, his hair is totally his own thing, people copy his style more than anything, Rob’s hair is totally different and such a mess. He also doesn’t shave on ocassions, but a lot of guys do that, theres no harm in it. Zac isn’t copying anyone. He has his own style.

    Rob was hated this time last year, and I mean hated, nobody wanted him for Edward, you had no idea who he was, and now look at you all, its pathetic. He isn’t Edward, far from it, he never will be and I’m sure he’d tell you that himself. Yes, he is a nice guy, I met him when he was working on HP, but he is no Zac, I will tell you that for nothing. Zac has charisma, and Rob now looks like he is completley bored, he has no passion about Twilight, unlike the HP promo, a shame really. Zac is still grounded and such a humble guy.

    Loving the pictures, the ones of GG and getty are truly wonderful. They are so cute together.

  163. 163
    vancrazed Says:

    He wore his hair like this at several premieres. That I can think of, Madrid and Sydney for sure. Haters just want to have something to complain about. Most of these people who are miserable with themself take it out on others. I used to think that it was just Zac and Vanessa, but go check other stars and posts. There are haters everywhere. People miserable with themself that even have to complain because Angelina might be pregnant again. What a miserable way to live life.
    These two are adorable. They aren’t hurting anybody, and actually try to live normal lives. Vanessa gets blamed for being permiscuous and a witch to her fans, and Zac is called gay and fake. The whole thing is useless and we have to be the ones to rise above it. Those folks will never change.

  164. 164
    l2toya25 Says:

    Zac is gay. This kid can lie to the media like Tommy boy Cruise, or to his mom but my gay radar does not lie and has NOTHING to gain. He likes the men in the ‘uniforms’ like all other striaght women and is more interested in doodo diving than ballin… :)

    Or i could be an ******* who is completely separated from reality… I also think George Bush is a great guy but couldn’t lead a straving man to a free meal at Outback for some prespective…

  165. 165
    Riley Says:

    So glad you’re posting them on here again.. love them.

  166. 166
    A Logical Person Says:

    It is VERY CLEAR that the haters and gay bashers don’t know who Zac and Vanessa are. They have not followed their careers, seen their movies, their interviews. They have seen them posted on Perez Hilton sleaze site and have been brainwashed by his comments.

    BTW, Zac and Vanessa were a couple for TWO YEARS (and kept it low key) before Perez Hilton even gave them a second glance. It wasn’t until Zac and Vanessa’s Hawaiian vacation pictures came out in May 2007, that Perez jumped on the bandwagon and declared Zac gay and the relationship fake. And all the Perez parasites didn’t know who Zac and Vanessa were either, but they jumped right on his bandwagon.

    People need to learn how to do research and make decisions on their own instead of following the lead of a very angry man who belittles half the world.

  167. 167
    ashlee Says:

    #164 l2toya25 @ 12/17/2008 at 3:25 pm
    your ‘gay radar”???? honey, you probably wouldn’t know a gay person if you tripped over one in the street.

    from your tone, you sound like a gay basher to me.

    let me remind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, so calm down and take a deep breath.

    and did you know that 85 % of people who bash gays are gay themselves?

  168. 168
    monica(: Says:

    vanessa always looks so pretty :|

  169. 169
    Karen Says:


    Thank you so much for that quote of Zac’s. You have put to rest the debate about the cigarettes once and for all—I know you actually meant to stir up a hornet’s net but it looks like you just ended up sitting in the hornet’s net. By posting what you did it proves once and for all to me—although I never doubted it—that those cigarettes in Zac’s car didn’t belong to EITHER Zac or Vanessa. If Zac feels so passionately about his hatred of smoking then he most likely didn’t start doing it and with the viewing of these pics from this game we can clearly see that he had not been deterred in any way of “matching” up with Vanessa.

  170. 170
    Karen Says:


    That picture is most likely the best for many reasons. I know why a lot of people will oooh and aaah over it but if you enlarge it a couple times from Naomi’s thumbnail shots just getting their faces covering the computer screen is enough to take your breath away. Anyone who says Zac is not into her that much is just in denial or trying to razz the fans. These two are very simply in love and enjoying life to the fullest—TOGETHER.

  171. 171
    rubyred Says:

    They are so cute!!!!

  172. 172
    Trina Says:

    Zac is just Zac. He doesn’t try to copy anyone else or be like anyone else.

    Two Zac quotes:

    “I’ll never try to put on a fake image. I’m just Zac.”

    “You always have to remember that bullies want to bring you down because you have something that they admire. Also, when you get made fun of-when people point out your weaknesses, it’s an opportunity for you to rise above.”

  173. 173
    sarahi Says:

    you are SO right poppy #162! I said the same stuff too. It nice to see someone who’s actually met rob agrees with me. He can’t even hold a candle to zac’s incredible super hotness. lol

  174. 174
    bird brain Says:

    vanessa looks hot, im really digging her
    i hate 2 say it but it looks like the both really like each other
    lakers r disappointing me, they barely won against the knicks =[

  175. 175
    Love Says:

    GO zanessa :)
    vanessa looks so pretty as always
    love u nessa
    zac- his hair looks dirty

  176. 176
    sbb Says:

    OMG!!! Zac is so hot…!!!!!!!!

  177. 177
    catik Says:

    boring couple

  178. 178
    Martha Says:

    The whole gaydar thing is a joke, I have nothing against gay people, but man do they harp on about it as if they have some inbuilt sensor, and if the world revolves around them. If most gays had their way, the whole male population would be gay, Gay people don’t do themselves any favours by being so full of themselves, PH being an example. Well guess what, we women have ‘sensors’ to, and Zac isn’t gay, he said so himself, and its just painfully obvious that he isn’t. Just because he looks good and takes care of himself, doesn’t mean he is gay, its about time more men acted like him and actually gave a damm. You can’t help how you look, and Zac was a very akward teenager who became hot, nothing wrong with that. He is who he is, and he is with V, and has been for 4 years, since the first day of filming HSM1, his bff confirmed it.

    He is so happy with Vanessa and he loves her, look at the god-damm pictures. He’s touching her ass, playing with her hair, whispering to her, holding her, smiling at her, I mean wow, you have to be blind not to see what they have. Have you seen how he looks at her, thats love, and if you deny that, its obvious you have never been loved, or loved someone.

  179. 179
    Will Says:

    Wow, they are from from boring, #177, and they obviously interested you enough for you to take the time and look at the post and then comment. So weird that.

    Love Vanessa she is totally beautiful, Zac sure does love her, got to say i’m envious of him, he is a nice guy though so I can’t begrudge him too much.

  180. 180
    Lilly Says:

    Love them, so hot the pair of them. Damm thats love for you.

  181. 181
    Trina Says:

    #178 Martha @ 12/17/2008 at 4:53 pm
    Those looks and touches and affection between them is what sets off the HATE in a lot of people. There are some people who are SO unhappy that their insides boil with anger when they see this couple or any couple happy. They want to destroy these two because they ARE happy.

  182. 182
    ashlee Says:

    only people who are boring say zac and vanessa are boring.

  183. 183
    poppy Says:

    I love how Zac and V always get the most comments on JJ and JJJ. It just shows how amazing they are. Whether the comments are good or bad, remember there is a fine line between love and hate. All these detractors care about them enough to actually take the time and post, so it means Zac and V are doing something right. Remember when Zac said it didn’t bother him, and it makes him laugh how people can ‘hate’ him, well I think he’s right, these people have no grounds to hate him, but they take the time to notice him, hate or not. It makes me laugh with the irony.

  184. 184
    rini Says:

    they look hawt…but he also looks kinda dirty..

  185. 185
    rachel Says:

    Amazing pics, well the ones on GG and other fansites, they are squeee worthy. Love them!!

  186. 186
    Van Says:

    Those pics of Zac and David Beckham, thats hotness right there.

    V and Zac are adorable.

  187. 187
    Audrey Says:

    #185 the dirtier the better!! Totally hot couple alert. Too cute for many words. Love them.

  188. 188
    Mary Says:

    Loving how he took his girl to the game. They both look so into it, and eachother, and I love how in some of the pics V is on her feet cheering them on. So cute. He looks too hot.

  189. 189
    rockstar Says:


  190. 190
    LuckyL Says:

    Wow, they look f****** fantastic

  191. 191
    merlina Says:

    i saw zac super close in person in GMA and i have to say that his hair looked dirty in person…looks like he didn’t wash it for days or perhaps he sweats too much and hasn’t had a shower for a while…
    he also looks very very skinny and his features are very chiseled, almost like a sculpture…and he does look very young….

  192. 192
    Amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful couple

  193. 193
    deka Says:

    they look good and oddly, no annoying

  194. 194
    Ashley Says:

    ^^ yeah he is really thin, but he works out a lot, and obviously he has that gorgous toned body and arms, but he is super skinny! Some people are naturally skinny though! As for his features, yeah they are kind of god like, very defined, he has the perfect nose and jaw line. He is very very hot in person, and his eyes are ultra blue and distinctive. He is so sweet too, a really nice guy.

    love his face in these pics, He looks totally into Vanessa here, he can’t keep his hands off her, his face just screams love, there are some über cute pics surfacing, squeee!

  195. 195
    Jude Says:

    just have to say that Zac has a killer body, so hot! RP couldn’t act out the meadow scene in the movie because his body is just not upto par, he even admitted that himself. Just a thought, but if any Zac fan remembers the Details shoot you will know that he has had his hair styled like this before, that whole shoot was dirty and scruffy and greasy, oh and it was before RP was even known to the masses!!

    Loving these pics though, so cute the pair of them! Zac looks incredibly hot! Live in love!

  196. 196
    Tiffany Says:

    So so hot!!

  197. 197
    Malia Says:

    Wow, GG does have some awesome pictures of the two. So does, popsugar and VABN. Wish JJ had posted some of those.

  198. 198
    ashlee Says:

    i think zac does sweat a lot. you can always see his hair is damp around his neck and his face when he’s on a red carpet. and his face looks shiny because he has oily skin. also looks like he put gel in his hair.

  199. 199
    Tiffany Says:

    #198 I think he gets nervous, plus he doesn’t like red carpet events much! He is still super hot though!

    And Malia, your so right, all the cute pics are other sites!

  200. 200
    Tiptoes Says:

    I like it when Z and V are just themselves – affectionate and giggly….like this…

  201. 201
    ummm Says:

    …JJ posted this immediately when the pictures came out last night. About like 5 mins after they first showed up on getty. All these adorable new pictures weren’t released until today throughout the day. It makes no sense to add them here now if they are everywhere since it probably takes money to get the hq pics. You all will complain about everything.

  202. 202
    ashlee Says:

    true, jj did post them soon as they came out, even before the game was over.

  203. 203
    yets Says:

    im so happy to see them enjoying themself
    I love them.

  204. 204
    Deb Says:

    He actually looks his best in these photos.

  205. 205
    go sox Says:

    Me too, Tiptoes, and it’s so rare that we get to catch them being themselves like this.

    Deb, I think he looks great in these pics, as does Vanessa. They both look gorgeous, but they also look totally happy and relaxed. Happy people always have a glow. They sure do.

    When is the gay thing going to stop? I have NEVER, EVER seen a gay guy with his hands on a woman, like Zac is with Vanessa. EVER!!!!

  206. 206
    Karina Says:

    They look so cute and Zac looks so hot. I love his hair.

  207. 207
    Karen Says:

    People who are complaining about what his hair looks like on the red carpet need to understand that there are people getting him ready to go out there and have his picture taken a zillion times. Blame them for what his hair looks like. He has said in interviews how some lady will always come around and put some mouse or gel in his hair before he goes out on the red carpet.

    I think he has a touch too much gel in his hair here but he probably did this himself so he may have gone overboard OR maybe he’s going for the grunge look. Nevertheless, I really like the look(maybe with a little less gel) as I like his hair away from his face so you can see his eyes and it makes him look older. The not so clean shaven look is kind of helping also.

  208. 208
    Malia Says:

    I think his hair looks FANTABULOUS. Don’t think he’s going for any look. He just threw some gel in his hair and ran his fingers through it.

  209. 209
    kelsey Says:

    wow. That body language totally says, “I’m not into you.” It’s likely he’s more into the guys.

  210. 210
    kelsey Says:

    wow. That body language totally says, “I’m not into you.” It’s likely he’s more into the guys.

  211. 211
    kgg Says:

    Kelsey #209 and 210 – WTF? Are you blind…wanna borrow my glasses? You must not be looking at the same pics the rest of us are looking at. Please go look again and come back with another statement that’s true and not a fantasy in your mind.

  212. 212
    A Logical Person Says:

    Yep, kgg, in this picture, Zac’s body language totally says he’s not into here.

  213. 213
    A Logical Person Says:

    And this one:

  214. 214
    A Logical Person Says:

    And this one, too:

  215. 215
    A Logical Person Says:

    And how about this one?

  216. 216
    A Logical Person Says:

    Oh, and how about this one?

  217. 217
    A Logical Person Says:

    Shall I post some more?

  218. 218
    BABY V supporter Says:


    ZANESSA <3333

  219. 219
    V-loyalist Says:

    What a good looking couple!! Glad to see them having a Ball again watching Lakers win and V meeting the hunk David, I’m sure they had absolute fun that night!

    A logical person, thanks for those great pics, yes by all means if you have, more post it for all the skeptics to see.

  220. 220
    cindy Says:

    I agree Karen, the look Zac has here is really working for him. Makes him look so much more mature. His hair away from his eyes is his best look. I think that is why Vanessa prefers his hair pushed back as she stated on Ellen. Why wouldn’t she want to see his gorgeous eyes? Again, he is in between roles and tends not to cut his hair until the directors tell him what look they want. Then he gets the style they are looking for for the role. As long as he keeps his hair out of his eyes , it looks fine to me. They both look like they are in their 20′s now. Hopefully more mature roles will come their way this year. Again, really enjoying these pap free pics. The ones taken outside when they are leaving , leave a totally different tone. You can tell they really hate the paps, especially Zac. Vanessa, can tolerate them at certain times but must try hard not to get irritated too. Glad they are avoiding their silly , useless photos more and more now. I think they are wise to ways of hiding from them.

  221. 221
    go sox Says:

    I have NO idea how ANY one can say he doesn’t look that into her. OMG. THat’s so ludicrous. The pics that A Logical Person posted say it all, for those of you doubters. These two have a fabulous relationship……they have so much in common, they have fun together, support each other to the max, have the same dreams, have personalities that mesh well together, and are TOTALLY attracted to each other. And it goes BOTH WAYS!!!!

    That’s what makes a great relationship!! They have so much going for them. It’s up to them to make it in the long run. I think they can do it. Beautifully. But only time will tell. I wish them the very best!!

  222. 222
    ace4 Says:

    wow, those photos ar very sweet……….love them.

  223. 223
    nadine Says:

    Vaness alooks sooo amazing!!! love her and her and david beckham are soo cute at this pictures<3!!! and of course Zanessa!!!<3

  224. 224
    reenuh Says:

    A Logical Person those are lovely photos…thanks so much for sharing them to us. JJ, come on man, how come you don’t have these???

  225. 225
    Karen Says:

    Everyone who wants to see great romantic pictures or those haters and doubters who enjoy causing an uproar on JJ go to this link. All the great pictures are there—some 102 of them. Then you people who thinks Zac isn’t into Vanessa maybe you won’t come back on here making such stupid and uninformed comments. Or maybe some of you just are trying to get the numbers up here on JJ?

  226. 226
    suma Says:

    her hair is so perfect!!!
    i love zanessa 4ever!!!!

  227. 227
    ZANESSA Says:

    #211-a logical person: ok honey u are everything but logical.
    of course zac is into vanessa. he loves her. stupid

  228. 228
    ZANESSA Says:

    zac is sooooo hot!!!
    and vanessa is soooo beautiful!!!
    yep, they match!

  229. 229
    chris Says:

    zac looks SOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. 230
    holly Says:


  231. 231
    zanfan2 Says:

    The chemistry between V&Z remains so strong after three years. It is like they are still on their first date – how amazing and lucky are they? At least twenty of these photos from the game capture the connection sizzling between them. There are three pictures where just their fingertips are touching and you can practically see the sparks. They must feel like the luckiest two people to have found this connection.

    Yet they remain independent and committed to their individual families and friends. I particularly admire how Vanessa stays with her family during the holidays. I am a little sister who is years behind my older sister. I was devastated the first Christmas when she went out of town to her serious boyfriend’s house instead of staying with us. It meant so much to have my sister home for the holidays and I am sure that Stella feels the same way.

    Remember Zac’s comment about how photos catch just a split second? V’s birthday photos are a case in point. From the photo of her walking along ahead of Zac, it looks like she was deliberately exposing her stomach. But when you see the pap video, you see that the wind blew her shirt apart for one nano-second and she quickly gathered it back together.

    Congrats on their ranking as the top celebrity couple. I hope that Fox news speculation that they won’t be able to stay together as their careers pull them apart proves false. They did make it through the separation while Zac was in Toronto doing Hairspray and V was on the road doing the HSM tour. Can’t imagine that that wasn’t stressful – especially with all the rumors that Zac had dumped V for “she who won’t be named.” V & Z held it together during those tough months – these days must feel like a cake walk in comparison!

  232. 232
    Karen Says:


    Ok, HONEY—such a condescending reference—you owe #211 an apology as well as A Logical Person. #211 was posted by kgg and was replying to the stupid post in #210 and A Logical Person posted all those links to some wonderful photos of Zac and Vanessa in reference to the same stupid person who said what they did in #210. Maybe it would help to read all the posts and also to read them fully before getting so smart with someone.

  233. 233
    Karen Says:

    Holly just because you don’t like Vanessa doesn’t mean Zac would make a better match if he was with anyone else. After all, it is clear from the photos that he is in love with Vanessa, not anyone else.

  234. 234
    Tiptoes Says:

    i agee Zanfan2, its amazing how loving and affectionate they are when the paps and intrusive video are not in their faces. i can just imagine how it must be to hold back their emotions and gestures when they are in public specially red carpets/interviews of HSM. am glad they had a chance to hang out and just be themselves.

    and being themselves includes scruffy and untidy long hair of Zac. van even in her most casual get up looks stunning.

    Karen, i think some fans can’t appreciate sarcasm nor dry humor. and let us not give any more attention to those who are blind to see the lovely relationship of this two.

  235. 235
    gbobdabcer Says:

    aww……………………………my babys r all grown up!
    happy late bday v!
    hey zac! call me! lol

  236. 236
    mhay Says:

    i really enjoying reading your comments
    thanks for supporting our Zanessa
    God Bless us All.

  237. 237
    Nabilla BR Says:

    The DIVA (Vanessa) and Zac make a perfect couple ..
    Brazil loves them ♥

  238. 238
    zacefronishot Says:

    omg but i llooovvee zacs hair long!!! so cute.. and i went to that gammeee!!

  239. 239
    Steph Says:

    they are so adorable!! BTW: I love the boots Vanessa is wearing!!!

  240. 240
    Malia Says:

    #237 Nabilla BR @ 12/18/2008 at 11:08 pm
    It seems that Zac and Vanessa have a great man fans in Brazil. Great to read your comments. :)

  241. 241
    Malia Says:

    Ooops typo: *great many fans* :P

  242. 242
    susana Says:

    hmmmmmmmmm zac en lindo y

  243. 243
    Tiptoes Says:

    Zac is a one-woman man post is up in JJJ.

    I would like to say that I admire loyalty and commitment from someone who is popular and considered a hearthrob. Zac, you have proven yourself to be a worthy BF for Van. Your parents have brought you up well to value relationship and keep it sacred…

    And of course, Van is also a one-man woman. That is why their relationship has endured this long….

  244. 244
    Malia Says:

    I liked the E segment, but I wish they had mentioned Zac’s upcoming movies–17 Again and MAOW instead of the one they “think” will be his next project–Footloose.

  245. 245
    go sox Says:

    I liked the E! segment. They portrayed him just as he is: a multi-talented, hard-working young actor with a great family and a special relationship. That’s him. Yes, they could have said more, but honestly, with the time they had, I think they did well. I especially loved hearing from all his former teachers, who saw his talent and charisma back then. Who knew he could play the piano, or play such a fierce Snoopy??

  246. 246
    Karen Says:

    I liked the E segment on Zac also. I found it telling how Zac wasn’t shown doing any interview for this segment or his parents were not shown once talking about their son. Only previous clips from movie premieres or interviews were shown of Zac. I think it shows just how grounded and level headed he is and it would seem he gets it from his parents. I will admit that I would have loved to hear his parents thoughts on their son’s talent and success but it was nice to hear from those people like his former piano teacher talk about him as they have known him from the very beginning of this ride. I also loved the segment where he is playing Snoopy the dog—one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters!

  247. 247
    Tiptoes Says:

    I want another follow up on the E segment, maybe after 5 years, but this time from interviews of people who are really close to him, like his best friends, family and even Van. But what I like what I heard from his former piano teacher, acting coach, people who knew him before he became a star.

    But what I like also is that they recognized his hard work, his privacy and his being grounded by his values, and his long term relationship with Van. “He is taken already… he is a one-woman man” ….love it.

  248. 248
    Imjustme Says:

    and who says that a celebrity couple will never last bc of their careres will spilt? freddie prinze jr. and sarah michelle gellar made it. they have been married for what, 5 years or more now? they did last because they are in love, have always keept their relationship private, and been faithfull to eachother. This is exactelly what zanessa does too. This isn’t just “puppy love”, this is true love, they are taking their relationship more serious than some of you gyus think they do..

  249. 249
    aly Says:

    i love her hairs and zac is looking hoooooootttttttttt

  250. 250
    yeahNO Says:

    #30 your an idiot. so what, they’re not allowed to go out? just cos they went out doesnt mean they’re trying to get attention. it’s not like they asked paparazzi to bloody follow them and take pictures..

  251. 251
    SASSHA Says:

    Luvv yhooo Vanessa ur ma fave actress and singer evaaa x
    Cant believe ur datin such a hottie like Zac!!! :D :D :D

    He is soo fit i wish dere were guyss as fit as him in ma skll xx there is but not as luvlieee as da gawguss zacattack LOLOLOL

    Nessa ur one luckiie gurll *** Luff yhoo Sashaaa

  252. 252
    go sox Says:

    Imjustme and yeahNO, you got that right!!

  253. 253
    Karen Says:

    Taylor, they have no worries as to if anyone is going to remember them. They were voted by Fox News to be the Number 1 couple of the year and that means beating out Brad and Angelina. They didn’t pay someone to come in and take these pictures. The photographers at this game were the ones obsessed with getting this many pics. And it was paps outside that got those pictures when they left.

  254. 254
    Jaman Says:

    V is Fantastic and great. Zac is very lucky!

  255. 255
    zanessa Says:


  256. 256
    Hey222 Says:

    They rock together!

  257. 257
    newport beach, 92660 Says:


    my uncle is a lakers FANATIC , and i went with himm , and i saw themmm,

    ahhh lifees good ,


  258. 258
    zerotrickpony Says:

    they look so gorgeous together :]

  259. 259
    beija Says:

    hey zac !!! my name is beija louie and i am a 14 yr . old teen . iam writing this down cause i am bored and cause i like u!! you may think that i would act crazy like all girls but , i am not that kind of girl , trust me. so i live in sacramento and i attend leroy f. greene middle school . i am also an 8 th grader . i just wish that i had a wishing star and then wished 4 u 2 come and meet me!!!!
    Beija Clarissa Louie
    e-mail address

  260. 260
    holly Says:

    hi i u love sexy zac xxxxxxxxx

  261. 261
    zanessa Says:

    awww!! they loook sooo cute together!!!!!

  262. 262
    Hannah Says:

    It seems that Zac doesn’t have a shower for a MONTH…

  263. 263
    lslsharon Says:

    vanessa is so beautiful!!
    go zanessa!!!!!!!!

  264. 264
    lslsharon Says:

    zanessa is so cute~~~!!
    love vanessa ~~!!

  265. 265
    alyssa Says:

    zac efron u r so sexy and forget all those haterz out there telling u that they ♥ u but i ♥ u more than anything in the world! ur #1 best fan

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