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Brad and Angelina's Rep: No $200 Million Prenup

Brad and Angelina's Rep: No $200 Million Prenup
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie don’t have a $200M prenup
  • Gwyneth Paltrow has to work on her marriage
  • Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford like Ray-ban
  • Katie Price likes to show off her tummy
  • Gwen Stefani does a little shopping with Kingston
  • A-Rod shows off his buff body
  • Tom Cruise pokes a little fun at himself
  • Doutzen Kroes is a stunning Victoria’s Secret model
  • Vanessa Hudgens holds onto her black pea coat
  • A fan of Lindsay Lohan was arrested early on Wednesday after pushing past a nightclub security guard and trying to grab the actress, police said.
  • The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office on Wednesday ruled the death of Mark Ruffalo’s younger brother a homicide.
  • Hip-hop star Akon pleaded guilty Wednesday to harassment for tossing a fan off stage at an upstate New York concert last year
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  • African Girl

    Duh! :roll:

  • erica

    I bet they do, there wont be going into a marriage without covering their bases. Sometime things dont workout, even with children involved. Look at Britney and K-Fed or Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. Oh yes they themselves should know that things dont always work out.

  • Angelove

    Of course they don’t.
    Love the Jolie-Pitt’s

  • dark angel

    Blessings for the JPs this 2009 and the succeeding years!!!!

  • Angelove

    They probably have a Trust set up that will show where everything goes. Most people do that and NOT a prenup. My hubby is an estate lawyer. That is how it is done.

  • Angelove

    Here is how it is done.

  • dark angel

    Congrats to Brad and Angie! Win or lose, I’ll always be a fan.

  • anustin

    no prenup!both generous.hmhhmhmhm…..while the x?charity is not just my thing.

  • Andy

    Shocking :roll:

  • KAti

    Once again a tabloid fabrication. They´re not even getting married – not yet. But like Brad said in one of his recent interviews they might do it if their children would want it. And one of these days they sure want that mummy and daddy get married. BTW. Congratulations for Brad and Angie for their SAG Award nominations! And special congratulations for Brad on his birthday! 45 years old! Who would imagine that he´s that “old”. I think that after he hooked up with Angie and started family with her he´s gotten younger. Naturally there are times when he´s tired and that makes him look older but at other times he looks younger than his years. Have a great birthday party with you loved-ones. Wherever that is! God bless your family!

  • lollipop

    The idea of a prenup is absolutely disgusting. Its like “Hey Hon, if I leave your *ss, I’ll give you this amount of $$$$ because thats how much I think you’re worth. Absolutely vulgar. You’d have to be nuts to take a prenup with a money hungry sob.

  • lollipop

    Brad does not look any younger. If anything, he looks worn out and stressed and Angie will be looking like Elvira in 10 years trust.


    by the way – this is not the new thread…stay on the SAG thread peeps.

  • lollipop

    Sure its fine now but when Angie loses her “freshness” around the same time Jen did about 37 or so, what will Brad do then?”

    Trade up once again. For sure. Men are simple creatures trust and Brad has already stated he’s no Jesus.

  • llm

    Tabloits always lie, only trolls believe them.

  • me

    No, I don’t swallow that story, but I would like so much they to have a wedding!

  • a realist

    lollipop…Brad has found the love of his life, with Angie..His words.

  • YAY


  • SI


  • Star has gone in the crapper

    Star mag is like reading the National Enquirer, which I don’t buy. Standing in checkout lines just looking at the covers is so outragious. Star you might as well say we are desperate, our company is going under that we would believe.

  • osiris the greatest

    Happy birthday Brad !!!!!

    Wish you the best for this 45 th birthday

  • lakers fan in boston

    well that isnt surprising at all, about angelina and brad
    vanessa looks amazing in those pics, i love her so much =]
    i loved that tom cruise thing, it was funny

  • Not impressed by JA

    The only PRENUP will be between Maniston and her paid gigolo Mayer the Peeboy! They are both media wh*res and she already ‘bought’ him to be her personal boytoy.

  • Jill

    We knew that already, Jared. Double-duh!

  • legs

    awww. that’s sweet ange…

  • lylian

    lollipop @ 12/18/2008 at 11:58 am

    Sure its fine now but when Angie loses her “freshness” around the same time Jen did about 37 or so, what will Brad do then?”
    Trade up once again. For sure. Men are simple creatures trust and Brad has already stated he’s no Jesus.


    Dearie me. Are your men all simpletons? Poor you!! You get what you look for trust!!

    As for Brad wanting to trade up when Angelina loses her freshness.

    Let’s see now. So Brad traded up for Angelina because x doesn’t look fresh anymore? But but but … there are these photos of a nekkid x and I have been told, repeatedly, that x looks smashing, wonderful, better body than Angelina’s especially post 3 babies.

    So, surely, Brad traded down as far as the body is concerned.

    Could it be that Brad wasnt looking for any goodlooking body after all. But he was looking for a woman’s real body that housed a good mind and generous and brave spirit and actually nurtured 3 babies??

    Now if that were the case, most definitely, Brad traded up from x (great looking body, subject to airbrushing and other works) for a woman’s real body – Angelina’s.

  • debra77

    The thing is Brad Pitt is not a little boy. He is an adult man who has had the privilege of having several relationships. He has known some beautiful and unique women. When Angelina came into his life, he was looking for more then just a buddy to hang around with. He wanted a family life. Whether Jennifer did or did not does not matter at this point. He and Angie are together. I’m sure that they have made legal arrangements to take care of their children. They both have said that their number 1 concern is their children. They seem to respect and love each other. They seem on the same page in how to raise their kids, and live their loves. I say seem because I do not know them. But I am a fan of this couple.

  • lsam

    JJ, I told you so. Look at the source. Only read, People, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire. They are the ones who really get the interviews and not the grocery tabs who rely on “sources” and “insiders.” He-he!

  • neer

    Regarding Ben Affleck’s comment that AJ is not high profile enough as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, some people were saying that it was said in jest. Whether his comment was just a joke or not, It is still not proper as the subject matter (helping refugees etc) is a SERIOUS thing. It is not something to make silly remarks. There is always a PROPER TIME FOR EVERYTHING.
    He can help in his capacity WITHOUT THE NEED TO UNDERMINE THE EFFORTS,TIME, MONEY spent by other people specifically Angelina Jolie. If he really wanted to help, fine, good for him and for the unfortunate ones but he SHOULD LEARN WHEN TO SHUT HIS MOUTH. What a way to draw attention to himself but to use Ms. Jolie who I have high regard & respect for the things she has done in her own capacity for the past years up to the present.
    SHOWING KINDNESS FOR OTHERS is always good but TO CRITICIZE the kindness of others is JEALOUSY & JUDGMENTAL.

  • LuckyL

    Silliest comparison ever #2

  • neer

    I think Ben Affleck was just joking but it’s VERY INAPPROPRIATE and in A BAD TASTE! Besides, nobody is laughing!!!

    IMO, humanitarian work must never to be joked about. Never make fun of it. People who do charity work is always a big deal to them as they have witnessed the hardships that the refugees go through. People like Angelina Jolie really go out of her way using time, financial resources and influence/ celebrity to lobby for her causes. We NEVER hear Angie joked about her humanitarian work because she wants TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY as this involves HUMAN LIFE and apparently that is NOT A FUN MATTER. Ben affleck must learn a thing or two from Angie in dealing with this kind of things. Angie studied this (international law) in order not just to be emotional about it and she also knew a great deal of diplomacy. That’s why it’s no wonder Angie continuouly earn the respect of people from all walks of life because they can see how serious she is in her causes (which obviously Ben Affleck lacks!).

  • Rootingforjen

    They are now not even worth 200 million. This is BS

  • amy

    Well said Neer (#29)!! I totally agree with you! Affleck’s motive to help is kind of questionable to think of his declining career. Married to a starlet on whos career is down the drain as his.