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Beyonce: 'Obsessed' Trailer!

Beyonce: 'Obsessed' Trailer!

Check out the new trailer for Obsessed, an upcoming thriller film directed by Steve Shill.

Obsessed tells the story of the successful career of asset manager Derek (Idris Elba), beautiful wife Beth (Beyonce) and their son. They are put in jeopardy when temp worker Lisa (Ali Larter) starts to stalk Derek.

Obsessed opens in the UK on March 20, 2009, and in the US on April 24. Visit the official movie website at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s acting in “Obsessed” so far — YAY or NAY?

Beyonce: ‘Obsessed’ Trailer!
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  • Jesse

    Beyonce you can’t act… Give it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chelsea

    Looks like a pile of crap.

  • Anna

    LOL, Beyonce trying to act, it never gets old

  • movie watcher

    looks very good.
    very similar to a bollywood movie i saw called aitraaz.
    i think this will be a very good movie
    beyonce, good actress your very talented!

  • movie watcher

    looks very good.
    very similar to a bollywood movie i saw called aitraaz.
    i think this will be a very good movie
    beyonce, good actress your very talented!

  • Luck

    Beyonce is a suckie actress. Stick to the stage bee.

  • Patrick

    This really looks good! I am a fan of Ali Larter, and Beyonce has definitely grown as an actor! I really enjoyed Cadillac Records, and this looks great!

  • sickness21121


    This looks like a steaming pile of dog shit. Fatal Attraction rip off that we’ve seen a million and one times. And Beyonce needs to stick to singing. WOW I need to go and gouge my eyes out with a spoon after seeing that.

  • jayonce

    shut the hell up……….h8terz just keep the h8 coming its just keeping bey’s bank account richer hahahahaha

  • aLICIA

    Wow she is doing a role that doesn’t require her to play a singer. Beyonce really should stick to singing and playing singers.

  • Sandra

    Whoop her Sasha! Can’t wait to see this!LOL

  • ladysdsandiego

    this looks so good. i wanna see that fight scene.

  • ladysdsandiego

    this looks so good. i wanna see that fight scene.

  • Terry

    I think Beyonce is the Executive Producer on this film too! Make that paper girl! This looks really intense! Idris Elba is one sexy man!

  • sickness21121

    Jayonce?!? Obsessed a bit?? One might speculate given your nom de guerre that you are in fact a stalker similar to the one depicted in this horrible trailer. And hmm, it’s great that Beyonce has money but what is your point?? She still can’t act and that movie still looks like a steaming pile of dog poo. I’ll bet you any amount of money that this movie will be in the discount bin in blockbuster quicker than you can say cheez.

  • talent

    Beyonce PROVED she can act in Cadillac Records too. You haters don’t have to think so because the critics are giving her props. And yeah she’s the Exec Prod of this like she was for CR and she’s caking off the soundtrack.
    Fall back haters and go find the untalented tricks to hate on – that train wreck and that poser for starters.

  • lalalove

    It actually seems like an OK movie, people!
    I might go if someone else pays!

  • lalalove

    Give the girl a chance, people. Let’s hope she redeems herself with this movie.

  • Dodo

    This movie looks great! Can’t wait to see it in the theater

  • athena

    YES!!! This looks great! Beyonce is a great actress too. This is like a modern version of Fatal Attraction that starred Michael Douglas and Glenn Close…I love it..

  • Elle

    looks like a ripp off of Swimfan


    I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diva

    ths actually looks good i like both Ali and beyonce!

  • atlqueen

    Beyonce looked okay but that movie is a rip off of Fatal Attraction. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. I didn’t want to see her in something like this.

  • hello

    nay. go back to coming up with alter egos for your next album

  • http://justjared constance

    beyonce looks so out place when she’s acting…like she’s trying too hard. another actress like kerry washington or sanaa lathan would have been better

  • Jessica

    She may be the next Cher like icon for all my gay guy friends.

  • andywebb

    this movie looks awesome
    cant wait

  • Yours truly

    To: Constance – #26

    You nailed it! Bee seems as though she’s trying way to hard. Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, would have really given the role Bee is trying to play, real depth. Although I think Bee could be decent if she took some formal acting classes because she’s so not a natural.

  • fkfj

    Beautful wife my ass, she’s the most disgusting singer alive.

  • fkfj

    Beautful wife my ass, she’s the most disgusting singer alive.

  • sara

    She can’t act and it’s even is uncomfortable to watch a movie with her in it, she does either the blank face or the black girl mad thing, why, why do people keep putting her in movies, give it up girl, the a black Madonna .

  • stepho

    love Ali.
    Beyonce, not so much

  • wow

    Ok….Beyonce actually took acting classes recently with Ivana Chubick. A world known acting coach. Beyonce Studied the role for Etta James in Cadillac records and is getting rave reviews for her interpretation in the movie. Beyonce is just expanding her acting abilites playing different roles. I didnt think she couls play this “Obssessed role” before but now I think she is doing pretty good.
    Love Beyonce always the perfectionist and excellent entertainer.

  • WatchingMovies

    Beyonce is a hard worker but sometimes it is hard to watch her acting. I do respect her drive. I think she should consider some training

  • #30

    to # 30
    Disgusting doesn’t get you on the cover of Sports illustarted.
    She was on the cover and she looked amazing.
    Don’t hate just because you don’t have $80 Million in your bank account.

  • Nice

    She is doing a lot better now. I can’t hate on this womans drive and determination.

  • Um…

    This movie looks like total bull5hit!!! Ali and Beyonce are my crushes though, so I may rent it….at some point.

  • fkfj

    Obnoxious personality & no matter how many acting classes she takes. she just doesn’t have the talent to act, she’s not someone you wanna see, hear.

  • tia

    looks like your average Lifetime movie of the week

  • elsa

    swiman indeed, also fatal attraction, its really, really bad

  • Lilly

    I think it looks good.

  • Vee

    Wow! Looks like this movie will be a thriller!

  • Ashley

    this actually looks really good to watch.


    I do not think Beyonce has a talent for acting. She is a good dancer, performaer and singer, but you cant do EVERYTHING.

    I agree with 26, Kerry, Gabrielle, Sanaa, or Taraji would have been much better..

    I DO NOT understand why the keep casting Beyonce

  • Stephanie

    Beyonce is an amazing singer and dancer. And she’s a good actress. She wouldn’t have gotten a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress if she didn’t do a good job in Dreamgirls. In Cadllac Records, many top critics said her performance was Oscar worthy. She’s doing extremely well for somebody with only 5 movie roles so far. She’s going to be an outstanding actress one day because she definitely has the potential

  • nicole b

    looks good!

  • john

    Beyonce is a gorgeous woman and extremely talented. Only reason some people give her a hard time about her acting skills is that they don’t want somebody to be good at everything they do. She’s a pretty good actress that seems to get even better with every role.

  • sara

    This looks like a good popcorn thiller. Count me in. I like the whole cast.

  • ono08

    nay. Fatal attraction on a budget.