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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Fave Holiday Recipes

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Fave Holiday Recipes

Gwyneth Paltrow has taken to her GOOP newsletter to share her favorite holiday menus

She says, “The Christmas morning breakfast/brunch is easy to prepare and has great seasonal and holiday flavors. The Spiced Pumpkin & Walnut Bread has become one of my favorites, I could eat the whole loaf. Make it and serve it warm in the morning. The frittata is really wonderful and you can use any ingredients you like, just follow the basic technique. Here I use sweet potatoes, shallots and goat cheese, but feel free to dream up your own combo. The biscuits are a healthier version of the good ole’ southern version but are just as tasty. You can scramble an egg, add one of the homemade sausages, stick ‘em in the fresh warm biscuit and, to quote a line from the epic eighties film Sixteen Candles, “Wha-lah, breakfast is ready!”

Check out Gwyn‘s fave recipes at

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21 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Fave Holiday Recipes”

  1. 1
    bonzo Says:

    Did little miss well-traveled British snot really say “wha-lah” or is that someone else’s idiotic typo.

    “Voila” is the proper term..

  2. 2
    tell the truth folks Says:

    She effed up big time when she let Brad Pitt go. Chris Martin is no prize.

  3. 3
    junior Says:

    love you gwyneth!! (cause you’re MADONNA’s BFF)

  4. 4
    Lillianne Says:

    I don’t believe for one minute that she does a single one of these things. Who is she trying to kid?

  5. 5
    chiki Says:

    I though she was a vegan???

  6. 6
    chiki Says:

    I though she was a vegan???

  7. 7
    cutiepie32 Says:

    I thought she was on that strict Macrobiotic diet where they eat seaweed and brown rice for breakfast?.

  8. 8
    nk Says:

    Don’t know what kind of empire she is trying to build, but it’s just not working.

  9. 9
    lola Says:

    Oh god, Goopy shut up already. We all already know that you don’t really cook.

  10. 10
    Cassie Says:

    Jealous people….

  11. 11
    Lucky Says:

    Nothing to be jealous of. Gwyneth doesn’t write these recipes. Kudos to the chef that does.

  12. 12
    GP Fan Says:

    When did Gwyneth EVER say she’s Vegan? She has said she is Vegetarian, and before making Asses out of yourselves, do your research and learn that there are different types of Vegetarians. Some Vegetarians eat certain animal products. Vegans do not–she is Not a Vegan nor has Ever proclaimed to be one. She doesn’t eat meat and by meat she refers to Red Meat/Beef.


    Also, she has said since her pregnancy with Apple, she hasn’t concentrated on Macrobiotic diets because during her pregnancies she craved non macrobiotic foods (which is very normal during pregnancy). So yes, at one time she was macrobiotic, but no more. She hasn’t claimed to be macrobiotic since the early 2000s. It’s been about a decade–get over it people.

    Jealous? Yes, these people probably are.

    I believe Gwyneth does write these recipes. Just because she’s blonde does not mean she’s stupid or snobby. Some of you need to get off your high horses and over your stereotypical insults and insinuations.

  13. 13
    Jaxin Says:

    GP Fan: Either way, no type of vegetarian eats a sausage. Someone who doesn’t eat red meat is NOT a vegetarian.

    She’s beautiful and a good actress, but just needs to stop saying she’s a vegetarian. :P

  14. 14
    LT Says:

    Good point, Jaxin. She also eats chicken and fish.

    I find her average-looking and overrated as an actress. I have some swamp land for sale to anyone who thinks Gwyneth writes GOOP or the recipes included in it. She has a team who produces this each week. Those interns really need to start using spell/grammar check.

  15. 15
    GP Fan Says:

    When have you seen her or heard her say she eats pork sausage? Not for nothing but there are vegetarian sausages and a thing called “chicken” or “turkey” sausage.


    I consider myself a vegetarian, but I still consume dairy, chicken and turkey Only. I do not consume Pork or Red meat or other types of birds other than chicken and turkey.

    Vegans consume nor wear absolutely NO animal products, including cotton t-shirts. Gwyneth has never claimed herself as being Vegan. Others may have innocently labled her a vegan, but to be a vegan is very strict.

    I believe she writes those recipes. I also believe she writes these blog entries because it sounds very Gwynethish. Gwyneth has a discrete way of speaking and I believe she is a very honest woman. That is one of the many reasons I love GP.

    Now if her blog was based on lyric writing, then yeah–we could argue that she isn’t writing those lyrics because she has no experience with lyrical writing. But anyone can compose a recipe. Even you Haters!

    Stop hating, people.

  16. 16
    Kayla Says:

    Gwyneth isn’t a vegan or even a vegetarian. If you eat chicken, fish and turkey, you are not a vegetarian.

    Agree, some of those entries do sound like she writes them and that’s not always a compliment. :-) However, I also agree it’s unlikely she’s writing the newsletters. Even celebs in the culinary field use ghost writers to capture their voice and given how much she copies/pastes in some of her issues, I doubt Gwyneth’s an exception.

  17. 17
    J.Allison Says:

    I love her GOOP!! Great idea on her part.

  18. 18
    amanda Says:

    I love GOOP too :) I think Gwyneth is a really sweet person; it’s a shame there are a lot of haters around here. Seems like all of Brad’s exes are picked on the most. I’m sure Angie will be too once Brad dumps her for another woman (in due time I’m sure, once he has his lucky number 7 kiddies). Oddly enough, 7 was the film set he fell in love with Gwyneth on. Strange. Oh well.

  19. 19
    ck Says:

    Gwyneth is not a vegatarian. Vegans eat no animal products. Vegatarians eat no meat or fish of any kind. Or eggs. They will consume dairy, and honey. But nothing that harms an animal.

    I used to like Gwyneth, not anymore. She is very arrogant and snobbish. Plus, she is clueless.

    She doesn’t cook. She has a full time chef, a maid, a driver, and either one or two nannies. And that came from Gwyneth’s own mouth. Yet she someone copes with life and can tell us all how to do it. Lucky us.

  20. 20
    GP Fan Says:

    CK, no, you’re wrong. Vegetarians do consume Fish, dairy, and/or eggs. They’re called lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarians. A vegan and vegetarian are two separate terms. Some people do not see poultry as meat, so I believe when G says she doesn’t eat meat, she is referring to beef and maybe even pork. The Jewish side of her may forbid her from eating Pork–not sure, but I know my Jewish relatives wouldn’t dare go near pork.

  21. 21
    Pregnancy Says:

    that’s great menu :D thanks

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