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Happy Birthday, Brad Pitt!

Happy Birthday, Brad Pitt!

Brad Pitt turns 45 today and the LA Times just did a nice piece on him.

“I doubt time and gravity will be as kind as I was to myself,” Brad says with a smile. “It just made me think about the ticking clock. Am I in mid-life? Am I halfway there?. . . . Do I have 10 years, five years? And so what are those moments going to be that I do know I have, which is now?”

His latest movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is out in theaters on Christmas Day. I saw a screening of it earlier this week and it is fantastic. It may be Golden Globe nominated for Best Drama but there are so many built-in hilarious moments as well. The entire cast does such a superb job — Brad, Cate Blanchett, Elle Fanning. JJ approved!!!


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1,088 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Brad Pitt!”

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  1. 101
    anoble Says:

    Posting some of my favorite Brad videos – hope you enjoy them

    Brad Pitt

  2. 102
    anoble Says:

    Brad Pitt Unbelievable

  3. 103
    anoble Says:

    A Brad Pitt Tribute

  4. 104
    keep them coming Says:

    anoble, thank you for the videos.

  5. 105
    huh Says:

    Did GMD get any nomination for his stupid nazi movie? Ooooops, none. The movie will flop coz tommy girl can’t act. :lol:

  6. 106
    Maty Says:

    Happy Birthday Brad !!!!!

  7. 107
    dina #1 Says:

    Looking at the videos and the older, younger pictures of Brad used in them, I can say without a doubt that IMHO Brad is so much finer today than when he was younger. He was beautiful, no doubt. He had killer abs, no doubt.

    But for me personally, right now, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, and on, and on, and on, and ever since he met Angie and became a dad he is the man. He is beyond beautiful. He is fulfilled. He is masculine. He knows who he is. He knows what is important. And he knows hot to treasure it.

    This is my opinion and I am sticking to it. Peace

  8. 108
    anoble Says:

    Here’s a brand new one – looks like it was just added. One of my most favorite Brad movies – Legends, I think I have just about worn out my dvd!

    Tristan Ludlow Tribute

  9. 109
    Felinelilly Says:

    Hi back anoble, Neleh and dina #1.


  10. 110
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    huh @ 12/18/2008 at 5:53 pm
    `was that the best you could do?!? LMBAO no wonder you nuts depend on the same 3 bishes to do all the ‘fighting’. go call ‘Passed Away’ to fight for you, cause you’re pathetic.

  11. 111
    Org Ruth Says:

    Happy B-Day Brad and congrats on the nominations for you and Angelina.

  12. 112
    anoble Says:

    Brad Pitt

    Hey Feline, how’s it going today?

  13. 113
    NOELLE Says:


    Oh dear! Your obviously obsessed with brad & co judging by your name and your overly protective behaviour over someone you do not know, have never known and will never know. You will have to come to terms with this dear or you will continue to live a pitiful existance waiting and longing for a tidbit of news on this man! Go out and meet people, have fun and live your own life and not live vicariously thru the Hollywood crowd

  14. 114
    nina Says:

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous papa Pitt.

  15. 115
    anoble Says:

    Ain’t No Other Man– Angelina to Brad

  16. 116
    cc Says:

    Happy Birthday, Brad!

  17. 117
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    …`in brad’s case – 45′s the new 60. LOL

  18. 118
    anoble Says:

    s exy brad pitt

  19. 119
    huh Says:

    Gay Midget dwarf tom refused to show his movie to the critics. We all know the reason that it sucks.

  20. 120
    anoble Says:

    thanks, honey

    Brad Pitt Bleeding Love

  21. 121
    huh Says:

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 12/18/2008 at 6:19 pm
    tommy girl is the new botox queen.

  22. 122
    ELLLLES Says:

    18 DECEMBER 2008 Hello Magazine online
    When he was a lad, the internet and computers were the stuff of a science fiction story. Yet today veteran actor Kirk Douglas has confidently transitioned into the cyber world, and at 92 is the world’s oldest celebrity blogger.

    The Hollywood icon posts regular updates on social networking site MySpace, where he has posted a profile and racked up 4,413 friends. As well as his writings there are family photos of the chisel-jawed actor and his second wife Anne, plus a snap of film star son Michael Douglas.

    “I express my opinion, and I tell (readers) that they don’t have to agree with me because it’s a free country,” says Kirk of his blog, which has covered everything from his love for his Russian immigrant mother, Bryna, to his backing for US president-elect Barack Obama.

    He notes his favourite films as Champion, Spartacus, Paths Of Glory and Lonely Are The Brave, joking: “I just happen to be in these movies!”.

    The screen legend also shares his greatest remaining ambition in life – to meet Angelina Jolie – adding the proviso: “Provided my wife lets me”.

  23. 123
    anoble Says:

    oh, come on, Jared – let go of that video – it’s a good one! (forgot the Neleh mantra) Please, please, please no mod!

  24. 124
    anoble Says:


  25. 125
    yolly Says:

    Happy birthday to the luckiest man on earth. You are a different person evrsince meeting & falling in love to Angie. She made you a humanitarian, a good father (you deserves it), a good partner to Angie (hopefully you are secretly married) & above all a loving & caring partner to Angie & your children.

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