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Jennifer Aniston Knows Her Neckties

Jennifer Aniston Knows Her Neckties

Jennifer Aniston (in Valentino) stops for a moment and waves to fans as she exits the CBS studios after appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday. (Of course, she toted around her fave black Ferragamo bag.)

During the interview, Dave brought out various magazines with Jen featured on the covers, including the recent GQ cover featuring her with nothing but a red, white, and blue neck tie.

Then Jen pulled out a gift from the back of her seat and gave it to Dave, a similar tie that she used on the cover shot of GQ. She then helped Dave put the tie on.

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  • http://http ben

    40 years old woman acts like a 20

  • Chris

    She is trying way to hard to look young. Give it up already! She is one ugly woman.

  • JADE

    Golly. I just hate this pathetic, manipulative beeyotch!


  • lame

    the interview laid such a big rotten EGG as do all her interviews. she’s trying to do the Fishyth paltrow thing now with the short skirts. Tim Gunn called it 6 mos. ago. she IS desperate.


    she is trying so hard to be “cool” !

  • andamentothat

    trench coat copycat!!

  • spicylily, thailand

    Oh I my goodness…..
    Horrible, horrible dress
    No class

    I have few books with her pictures 4 – 6 years back.
    Her boob was clearly smaller than now as appearing in GQ.

  • great hair

    crap career but her hair deserves an pocar

  • great hair

    omigod i meant OSCAR!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`it’s so funny to see people hate man!ston. why do people hate her… sure she cant act (at all) and sure she’s ugly… but damn, some of you take her `existence personal, like if you could you’d end her ;life or something – fcuking hilarious.

  • It’s A WEAVE

    great hair @ 12/18/2008 at 8:22 am crap career but her hair deserves an oscar
    Uh, HELLO – it’s a WEAVE, see below:
    The pic to the left, is her making her infamous ‘Ivy’ crawl last month (nov), the pic to the right is her last night (3 weeks later) .

    Yes, like everything about this b*tch, even the famous hair is FAKE — a WEAVE.

  • dono

    You people are really rude towards her – has she done something horrible to you? If you dont like her, just skip her articles and be quiet. I bet your tone would be so different if she was still married to Pitt.
    I wish i looked like her or Jolie – both of them are beautiful, in their own different ways.

  • faith

    Maniston does have brown eyes and hair.


  • ayrin

    HAHAHA, I KNEW she would not go to a televised interview wearing long pants!!!!!!
    she HAD to wear a miniskirt or shorts to letterman, of course!!! noone would recognise her with clothes on !!!
    so obvious and predictable, of course they must have spoken about her physique, what else is there, her brain or her good acting? ups, maybe her bitterness.

  • NaiGi

    Oh! Come On! Why you all Sooo Rude! Jen look awesome!

  • Mabes

    I don’t understand the negative towards JA! She has it all and why not flaunt it! I think she is amazing! Keep going strong JA!

  • fugly jen

    please, she’s the ugly plain woman’s Rorshack test. I honestly think so many women are in on this game to not tell the truth re her looks, because they must actually have faces like hers, and to tell the TRUTH and say she’s fug as the day is long, is to say the same about themselves. That also drives the Jolie hate. I even saw a professional lookalike site out of Hollywood, and even her lookalike was homely.

  • Marijse

    i think she looks gorgeous.
    and i have always thought she has an amazing personality.

  • VER



    she looks stunning.

    love her!

  • dono

    Marijse @ 12/18/2008 at 8:50 am

    i think she looks gorgeous.
    and i have always thought she has an amazing personality



  • Aniston the Hag

    Mabes @ 12/18/2008 at 8:45 am I don’t understand the negative towards JA! She has it all and why not flaunt it! I think she is amazing! Keep going strong JA!

    Oh yeah right show all of it. what’s next when she had shown everything a sex tape of her and the douchebag??? ewwwwgggg gag that’ will be so GROSSS!!! Imagine getting poop on by Mayer aggghhhhhh

  • KayKay

    I hate to say it and feed the rumors of obsession but I am beginning to believe them. Angie’s Kung Fu Panda dress was supershort and showed off her post pregnancy body. Jen’s super short dress almost seems like a copy cat performance.

  • Aniston the Hag

    she’s really wh0ring out all she can for her DOG MOVIE


    how can u tell what kind of personality aniston has? I liked her on friends but in interviews she comes across as quite dull, she’s not funny, and always seems scared of questions. so I have to ask her fans…what personality are you talking about? or are you talking about the one the writer’s of friends gave her rachel character? you do know that’s pretend right?? The words don’t really come from her brain.

  • Wow

    ls it true she spent $400.000 on botox,exercise,tanning and cellulite treatment all because of Angelina.

  • jen fan

    Wow, Jennifer was absolutely stunning last night on Letterman. Beautiful and fun. Loved it when she gave him the GQ tie and helped him put in on. What an honour for Dave. Dave is counting on when he last saw her as well. Two and a half years since he saw her last but states that she still makes a point to see him.

    She is on Regis today. Can’t wait.

  • est

    She look old .so wax and. frozen face. aging is a b.itch!
    And she dress like sl.ut!

  • me

    She’s beautiful. Lovely curves.



  • jen is so blah

    I’ll pass on her movie, the dog dies anyhow that’s all I needed to know. What a depressing movie on Christmas. Money can buy beauty but it’s certainly not natural on her. Jens constant whining is so irritating as well.

  • ava

    was that me, but she did not know HOW SHE MET JM?

    She like make a joke, but… TOTALY FAKE RELATIONSHIP.

  • Olivia

    OMG she’s so gorgeous! You guys are just jealous because she’s looking better than ever before!!!
    If Angelina Jolie and her skeleton legs are on the red carpet everybody is like “wow!” . But when Jennifer wears a short dress everybody is like “look at that s.lut” or “she’s copying Angie because she’s wearing a short dress”
    Angie may have the better face, but Jen’s got the better body (by far)

  • jillyro

    BORING JEN @ 12/18/2008 at 9:00 am how can u tell what kind of personality aniston has? I liked her on friends but in interviews she comes across as quite dull, she’s not funny, and always seems scared of questions. so I have to ask her fans…what personality are you talking about? or are you talking about the one the writer’s of friends gave her rachel character? you do know that’s pretend right?? The words don’t really come from her brain.

    I agree, pretty package but she’s empty inside. She’s so boring and uncomfortable, she never has anything intersting to say and she always looks afraid of her own shadow, not confident at all (she is a self-described insecure person and you can see it). Too bad her career is mainly based on her looks because that will not carry her forever, in 40s & 50s a woman needs mega-talent to survive and stand out and Hollywood and hers is marginal at best.

    I too think people are in love with her Rachel personality, but Jennfer has no personality, only when it’s scripted does she show anything.

  • kiki

    Dressing like a whore again.

  • Not impressed by JA

    her outfit looks like a nightgown ! She is really into that playboyesque centerfold vibe !

  • Nakedoldjennextdoor

    I love watching her on Letterman he irritates the H*** out of her
    loved it when he said let see a clip of this TV thing…I mean movie- he always takes little swipes at her
    she looked nervous and on quard the entire interview

  • sofia

    Woah! That skirt is too short for a talk show, no matter your age. Too bad because the coat is nice. And that chin has got a life of its own! It seems to be getting bigger and harder. No wonder she doesn’t show us her profile.

  • satan

    oh so fugly… with all that money, jen-ho is uglier than satan… very funny…
    saw this woman on Letterman… YAWNED… utterly charmless, inept, inarticulate… what do Americans see in her?

  • http://aol Susan

    While I am not found of her face, I think she has 1000 times more class than Angie. It is about time she took some swipes at that Angie bi…ch! Angie is the sl..t and low class who tries to always come off like she is royalty. Remeber her past folks. Angie is the bi-sexual, brother kissing skank. And, Brad is disgusting how he always comes out and says someting so nice about Angie when anything is said bad about her in the press. He has a lot of respect for her. Really? Respect for someone like that. Give me a break. That says a lot about Brad. They BOTH humiliated Jen and for that they should pay. If I were Jen, I would be attacking them both with full force. Jen did NOTHING WRONG….ANGIE AND BRAD DID. They are scum…both of them.

  • amy

    will wait and see how angie looks at 40. clearly not as good as jen.

    cause angie is aging already at 33 and did had work done on her face recently.

    if someones face looks frozen its angies.

    by the way… angies nosejobs arent plastic surgery?

    dont denie it cause her nose changed through the years
    and it didnt grow!

  • AN

    ava @ 12/18/2008 at 9:41 am was that me, but she did not know HOW SHE MET JM?

    She like make a joke, but… TOTALY FAKE RELATIONSHIP.



    GROW UP.


  • Things a woman shouldn’t do…

    After carefully reading the comments on every Jennifer Aniston thread, I’ve decided to assemble a quick guide to women in general: ‘Things a woman should never do in order to be original and not copy Angelina Jolie’. So, take not, you foolish girls (Jen, pay attention!):

    01) Be a mother;
    02) Have twins;
    03) Wear a short, a long or a midi dress;
    04) Wear black clothes in general;
    05) Adopt a child;
    06) Be on the cover of any magazine;
    07) Do charity work;
    08) Fall in love with a man;
    09) Fall in love with a woman;
    10) Buy knives;
    11) Buy guns;
    12) Defend world peace (although still buying guns and knives);
    13) Appear naked in a movie;
    14) Have long, dark hair;
    15) Breathe;
    16) Undergo C-section;
    17) Not speak to a parent;
    18) Give interviews to Vogue;
    19) Wear a trench coat (much less a black one: double points lost);
    19) Pilot planes (you, wicked Amelia Earheart!);
    20) Travel to any African resort;
    21) Give birth to a child anywhere near the French Riviera;
    22) Meeting your signifant other while working in a movie;
    23) Speak to any UN officer or employee;
    24) Set foot in any Third World war ravaged country;
    25) Smile, in general;
    26) Wear a long, red dress;
    27) Be the voice of any animation character, ever;
    28) Eat an omelette;
    29) Have a French mother;
    30) Travel to New Orleans;
    31) Have a blond significant other;
    32) Not to get married to your significant other;
    33) Buy toys to your kids;
    34) Wear sunglasses;
    35) Let your child eat Cheetos;
    36) Talk about the precise moment you and your significant other fell in love;
    37) Describe your significant other in cute way;
    38) Praise your significant other for any of his/her accomplishments;
    39) Giving your children names than end in A, H and X.
    40) Dress like Morticia;
    41) Wear tattoos;
    42) Travel to Namibia, Vietnam, Ethiopia or Cambodia;
    43) Mention poverty, starvation or war in any way (Silly Princess Di!)
    44) Walk on the red carpet in a movie premiere;
    45) Talk about your pregnancy;
    46) Talk about your children;
    47) Talk about the help you proudly don’t have in order to raise your fast growing brood;
    48) Let your brood grow at a faster pace than one kid per year;
    49) Let your significant other photograph you for a magazine named after just one letter (like, say, W);
    50) Be around men, in general;
    51) Be around women, in general;
    52) Win any prize for acting;
    53) Say that you’re tired of what you do, and that you could just stop doing whatever it is that you do and that is not that important any time soon;
    54) Break your promise and go back to your job, like, 30 seconds after you said you were about to just quit it;
    55) Say that Hollywood is not you;
    56) Live anywhere outside the Los Angeles area;
    57) Resemble your father in any way;
    58) Not buy a house;
    59) Take your kids to play anywhere;
    60) Be there for your significant other;
    61) Invite any other woman for a sit down and talk;
    62) Say that you’re open for anything;
    63) Say that you don’t need to have kids of your own flesh and blood;
    64) Go back to your word and get pregnant as soon as a man comes along;
    65) Get married to anyone named Johnny (oh, Jen!, careful now!)
    66) Get married to anyone named Bill or Bob (Billy Bob is a kill);
    67) Say that you could not be any happier in your life;
    68) Say that you are fulfilled;
    69) Say that you love be pregnant;
    70) Say that you trust no one (not even your significant other, which is not nearly as bad as saying that your significant other is not the love your life);
    71) Give the timeline of your romance to a married guy;
    72) Have full lips, even if you were born that way;
    73) Say that your significant other thinks that pregnancy is sexy;
    74) Say that you feel sexy when pregnant;
    75) Drive any sort of motorvehicle;
    76) Never mention your due date;
    77) Give any opinions about the troops leaving or not Iraq;
    78) Utter the word ‘orphan’ in any context (sorry, girls, but ‘orphan’ is a trademark word already and it belongs to Angie…);
    79) Let your children wear crocs;
    80) Visit more than two countries in a week.

  • a total fan

    Things a woman shouldn’t do… @ 12/18/2008 at 10:24 am
    WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY to much time on your hands !! Get out and do something productive like visit family or go shopping.

  • a total fan

    Things a woman shouldn’t do… @ 12/18/2008 at 10:24 am

    I am a total Jolie fan but that was alot of research !!!

  • a total fan

    Anyway, I caught part of Letterman last night and now Regis ( didn’t get to watch the whole interviews either. But I did notice that Jens eyes are sky blue at Letterman and brown at Regis. Did anyone else notice?

  • Rachel Green

    Congratulations Jen on your SAG nomination, OH wait, you were not nominated for anything and never will be because you are not talented enough:lol: I pity you .. while Brad is home celebrating with her love Angie and her beautiful children, you go home to your dogs and your hired boy toy. Sad indeed. I hope you realize you are not talented enough to make it as a serous actress, you should have never sacrifice your marriage for the sake of an acting career.

    And Susan, STFU, you must not have children. How can you compare a barren child/woman who spends $3000 a month on her body and has had tons of plastic surgery to a mother of six children and counting. She gave birth to three of those children, of course her body has changed and also she has her children and her man to take care of, she does not have three to six hours a day for yoga class.

  • slambang

    Her dress is hideous. I’m not a fan, but I can’t understand the vicious hate on this board for her. Get a life, people.

  • slambang

    Oh, and Things I Woman Shouldn’t Do – that was hilarious! Yes, we must not in any way do anything that Angie has ever done! LMAO