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Ryan Gosling is a Lumberjack

Ryan Gosling is a Lumberjack

Ryan Gosling rocks out a lumberjack plaid jacket after lunching with a mystery male at Cafe Sole on Franklin Blvd. in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Other pictures include ex Rachel McAdams and costars Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Sherlock Holmes in London yesterday. All of them are covered in blood!

According to People, Ryan “is still close to McAdams‘s family and he still speaks to Rachel, but they are both openly single. He still loves Rachel and Rachel still loves him, but the timing is off and they can’t make each other happy right now.”

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Credit: Big Pictures, Brett Thompsett; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • really????

    First, Love Ryan he is so cute :)

  • briee

    ergg! i want them to be together so badlyy

  • jo

    they broke up again?

  • Lola

    I love Ryan with all my heart, but I HATE the way he dresses. The coats, shirts, pants and shoes he wears are terrible!

  • b chick

    a little girly his jacket.

    i have one that looks exactly the same…

  • b chick

    a little girly his jacket.

    i have one that looks exactly the same…

  • TK

    If they haven’t made it work in after all this time, they never will. Time for the press to move on, I certainly don’t want him to be the male Jennifer Aniston.

  • hotness

    he is so hot regards of what he wears. He can wear nothing, for all i care, and still looks HOT! at least he isn’t an attention luving whore like other celebrities (cough cough….. spencer/heidi)

  • vinnyblue

    I also want Ryan and Rachel together again.

    Jude & RDJ looks BLOODY hot. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • deka

    i adore ryan
    mcadams irks me
    his style sometimes leaves one wanting but oh well
    still dreamy

  • Pole

    Thanks for the pictures of Jude Jared :-D

    He really looks amazingly hot as Dr. Watson. When the filming is over I’m sure going to miss the photos from the shoot. Oh, well.. It’s looks like they’re working hard all of them. It’s certainly one of the films I’m really looking forward to.

  • Becca

    You are right #7 – time for the press to move on and stop mentioning them together all the time. They are done and I would be surprised if they ever resurfaced as a couple ever again. The only way people will get over it is if they didn’t have to hear Ryan’s name every time Rachel is mentioned and vice versa. Let them move on to other people because they obviously are not meant to be with each other.

  • nicely said 12

    nice post 12. people need to get over their obsesion with this relationship. they obviously don’t want to be together, otherwise they would be together. simple is that. i’m sure they love each other in some way, but they love themselves more. hopefully people stop with the fanfics and naming their babies and praying to the gods for a reunion – because it ain’t happning.

  • sheryl

    I’m not interested in on-and-off relationship rumors. It’s boring, and it’s their business.

    Nice to see more pics of the Sherlock gang.
    *waves at Jude*

  • Mollie

    Love the Sherlock pictures! Rachel is so adorable. She can do better than Gosling for sure. He seems like he’s all about himself and would probably ditch her for a 20 year old model in a few years anyway.

  • wish

    Not interesting about his lovelife which is old news anyway.Just want to see what movie he’s in next.Very cute guy.

  • Dale

    Please Jared, no more Ryan & Rachel stories. They haven’t been officially together for almost 2 years! They are Brad & Jennifer, Part 2. People can’t get over it!

  • alliana

    I agree with you sheryl

    but people in general need to let them alone to make their own decisions
    no one but those 2 know what is going on, so people saying they aren’t meant to be or that they don’t want to be together are just as bad as the ones saying the other way around
    if the couple’s fans want to keep hope alive , and the press wants to feed that, ignore it

    but as much as “real peole” fanfiction creeps me out..if people wanna write/read them them is their problem , no one is making people read them.

    it annoys people that still have hopes for Chad M. Murray and Sophia Bush…but I just ignore their comments and stay away from fanfictions

    sooo the pictures
    I actually liked his jacket ,not for a guy though…if it was flannel shirt would be better

  • alliana

    && will this S.H be about one of the books ? or a “new”storyline based on them?

  • Allie

    Spoken like a true McGosling who is holding out hope, Alianna! Anybody who wants to keep hope alive that two people that they don’t even know get back together (when they know nothing about the relationship) is wacky to me. There are way too many people that live and die by what is going on in the lives of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Maybe they should focus on their own lives.

  • jeniffer

    noooooooo i want them together! they are adorable!! i hope they go bck together!!! :DDDDDD

  • Joey

    Many people like to think of Ryan and Rachel together so just deal with it.

    If people want to wish them well and hope they end up together then let them.

    What’s wrong with spreading joy and hope anyway — its the Holidays!

  • alliana

    yes this me…a true Mcgosling .you got me.the fact I think only the 2 of them have any voice in their relationship, that fans shouldn’t be saying they ARE or AREN’T meant to be makes me a McGosling?
    alrighty then…
    I always forget how hilarious and embarrassing any post about RG and RM are
    oh well lesson learned

  • Diana

    ryan and rachel need to be together! they’re so cute and are both Canadian! Come on now!

  • Karen


  • SSM

    Rachel McAdams is soooo pretty it makes my heart hurt. She should be in every movie made.

  • Pink

    I feel so bad for Rachael and Ryan. They are going to be 40 years old and married with kids to other people and there will still be people crying over the fact that their favorite couple is not together and holding out hope that they will divorce their spouses and end up together one day. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! They’re not together for a reason!

  • lorez

    ryan didn’t seem to be in love with racheal as he was bringing my cousin home with him and then giving her twenty dollars in cab fare the next morning to make it back home. tip to mr. i’ll be the best f**k you ever had – twenty dollars doesn’t get you past the valley.

  • Tara

    Ryan and Rachel will always be my favorite couple!!

    Who cares if they are really together or not, let people have some fun with it. People love them. Lighten up!

  • tO #28

    More details! What area of LA does Ryan live?

  • lulucita

    yess, I missed seeing some pictures of Ryan
    cute girly Jacket…FYI Ryan , I’ve seen women wearing that

    *ignores all the McGosling telenovela*

    lorez IF that is true…seems more like he was giving your cousin part of her payment earlier, not even taking her home the next morning???
    Classy Ryan and telling your cousin’s one night stand with him on a gossip blog?classy lorez
    and who said she was in love with Rachel? he could love as a friend only…what IMO is the deal.

  • Cam

    Lorez, what can I say? Your cousin is an idiot for sleeping with a well-known douche. Yep that’s what I wanted to say. As for Rachel and Ryan, if Rachel doesn’t mind STDs maybe she’ll take him back but she can do so much better than this loser. From what I hear, he’s f*&king anything that breathes.

  • lulucita

    I mean

    who said HE (not SHE lol)is in love with Rachel? he could love her as a friend only…what IMO is the deal…
    my bad

    sometimes is dificult ,thinking in spanish and typing in english

  • fourplay

    #29, people don’t need to lighten up, they need to GROW up! McGosling fans are pretty goofy, almost as bad as the Brangelina zombies! My god.

  • Emily

    If Rachel McAdams wanted him back, he’d be there like a puppy but she obviously doesn’t want him. So he’ll continue to screw around to satisfy his needs.

    People will eventually forget about them as couple because IMO, they’re boring as hell as a couple and separately.

  • BGD

    You have heard right Cam.

    I feel bad for any girl that gets caught up in the Noah Calhoun dream. And many are right now.

  • lady!

    Haha #28 – you’re cousin sure is a cheap…a $20 cabfare…hahaha

  • Really?

    #34 — I think people need to stop taking everything so seriously. People can be fans. It’s not about growing up, it’s about not getting so involved in people you’ll never know. Who cares if they are together or not. If people want to think of them as being in love or friends or whatever, what does it matter to you? Let it roll and move on.

  • fourplay

    #38, I stand by my statement……………..every…single…word.

  • getting old

    That’s what you call a statement, fourplay? I call it whining. ……..every….single….word.

  • neil

    Sometimes it isn’t,” two ships passing in the night” but two ships meeting each other at different ports of call; and then sometimes, after some time has passed, it is after all, two ships passing in the night. I wish happines to them both where ever life takes these two talents.

  • SJohnson

    fourplay – WORD. The McGosling fans are the main reason I hope that Ryan & Rachel never see the light of day again as a couple.

  • Liz

    Why does everybody care about them as a couple? They are so BORING! Of course, they aren’t exciting apart either. Maybe that’s why they keep popping up together like that photo opportunity last summer.

    Are we sure Ryan isn’t gay? John Travolta wouldn’t even wear that coat.

  • Loop

    I agree, I hope they never get back together because their fans are sooo annoying. It’s funny how RG gets bashed by Rachel’s fangirls every time they break up though. lol

  • Nonsense

    The problem is, #42, it’s not the McGosling fans who are the problem. It’s the haters. All these people who are saying to get over it and move on. How about practicing what you preach and move on by not posting? If it bothers people so much, stop reading the posts. I’m pretty sure every computer has an off button!

  • Elizabeth

    The McGoslings are feeling a little offended tonight !!!! LOL! They REALLY want to be able to still talk about, read about, think about, write about a couple that hasn’t been together in forever and not have people tell them to get over it! LOL!

  • fourplay

    #40, aren’t you cute! Listen…go find your mom – if she’s upstairs, walk up the stairs, if she’s downstairs, walk down the stairs…I’m sure you’ve learned how by now, because you have displayed impressive intelligence – Ok, once you’ve found her, tell her Fourplay said to give you a cookie!

    Night night!

  • Nat

    I see the intellectuals have entered the board. You’re just too clever, fourplay.

    All these posts suck, btw. How about writing “Ryan and Rachel are extremely talented actors” and leave it at that? The rest is just noise.

  • #45

    Some of us like one or the other. I happen to like Ryan, but why should every post about him mention Rachel and/or people begging for him to get back with her?

  • Sammie

    I agree ##49. While I love Ryan, I’m not a huge fan of Rachel’s and I could care less if they are together. I wish people would just let them be and live their lives.