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Tom Cruise: Secret Santa With Jimmy Kimmel!

Tom Cruise: Secret Santa With Jimmy Kimmel!

Tom Cruise sits down with host Jimmy Kimmel to exchange Secret Santa gifts with each other.

Looks like Tom gets a tin of snacks. Popcorn?

The 46-year-old actor also faces off in the “Touch the Head” competition on Hollywood Boulevard, in an attempt to break Cameron Diaz‘s long-standing record in the contest (Score: 48).

Watch Tom‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, December 22 on ABC. His new movie, Valkyrie, opens Christmas Day.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 01
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 02
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 03
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 04
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 05
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 06
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 07
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 08
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 09
tom cruise secret santa jimmy kimmel 10

Photos: Michael Desmond/ABC
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  • vixy2!


  • nicole b.

    TC has lost a lot of weight and looks like he got some nips and tucks. One thing about him though, he is always smiling and courteous. I guess he’s still trying to repair the damage he did a few years back with his bizarre interviews. With a new movie coming to the screens this devoted Scientologist needs to sell some tickets, hey, you know, the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Calif. doesn’t run on peanuts and he is their biggest fund-raiser or as he calls himself a “humanitarian”.

  • Sarah

    Man Tom is REALLY going to town with this Valkyrie promotion. He even stopped off at the New York Times (why?) for an intimate interview where no question was off limits

    Talk about pimping yourself out. My question would have been: Tom, how much did you really pay Katie to marry you?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`tom looks as young as connor.

  • Lisa

    I can’t wait to see Tom on Jimmy Kimmel. I can only imagine how silly Jimmy can be with him. It would be really funny if Tom could be in one of Jimmy’s skits that he likes to do.

  • emma

    Go Tom Go!!!

  • dog lover

    He looks delish for his age. Love him and his family.

  • sushi

    Cant wait to see it too. Enjoyed him on Letterman
    and the Ryan Seacrest interview esp when Ryan
    played Les Grossman dancing music.

  • usana

    Thanks JJ :)

  • obama’s back to the future adm

    I love history and World War 2 stories and movies so Im there for Valkyrie. Its a crowded movie time since Im also watching Marley and Me,Benjamin Button and taking the little ones for Bedtime Stories.
    Im skipping The Spirit but will also watch Leo and Kate’s movie.

    The Keanu Reeves movie was a letdown for me.

  • janel


  • greys

    Amazing versatile actor. Good soul and he looks gorgeous.

    Happy Birthday to his beautiful classy wife Katie also to Tom’s friend Spielberg. I think its also Brad Pitt’s birthday.

  • xanadu


  • anonymous

    Im happy he lost some weight and got his Top Gun haircut. My favorite haircut on him while I know others prefer his last Samurai look. Dont like men unshaven. Sorry. He looks really hot and young.
    Kimmer looks good and healthy these days too.

  • herewego

    His re-invention is quite impressive. “Nicest person in the whole wide world”.

    Just forget and forgive???

  • Syrai

    He looks great for his age.

  • leo

    He looks great and loving all the pics
    particularly number 2.

  • Jen1

    He looks so wonderful. His hair is back! Go Tom! :)

  • Glambabybumps

    HBT Katie, Brad and Christina Aguilara!

  • halo

    take my breath away

  • ruby

    No way he is 46 years old. He looks 35. Thanks JJ.

  • Ashley Banks

    Tom, never smile again. He is scary lookin. I am gettin real tired of his nutterbutter ass.

    He about to ruin Big Willie’s career.

  • wtf

    Did he go to his premier tonight?

  • baby

    Sure he is hot but he’s more than a pretty boy because he can really act and his movies are 90% entertaining unlike many others the media hypes them or some nuts but their movies are rarely watchable.
    Many people globally have seen most of Cruise movies.
    Above all he is a kind genuine human being.

    Adoption now is like a trend when Cruise and McCain’s wife
    did that LOOOONG AGO.

  • baby

    God bless him and Merry Christmas to him and his family.

  • usmc

    Cannot wait for Valkyrie…..

  • delia


  • observer

    Zac Efron said he wants to model his career after Tom Cruise,DiCaprio and Johnny Depp!!~

  • hmmm

    Tom looks more fit,happier,handsome and younger than even most actors who are only in their 30′s. i.e 90210 actors,Jude Law,Colin Ferrell, etc even the actors in Top Gun like Anthony Edwards,Val Kilmer dont look good like Cruise.

  • WARNIng, danger!

    Cuckoo alert!!!!!Of the first 28 comments, 18 of them were written by the same person. If you look at the times, you can tell that he sat and wrote one after another, all in the same identical style.

  • amway

    How cool it would be if Tom wins the Globe and Katie the Tonys. Their nods alone are so cool for them. He is yummy looking and so happy he found Katie. They are so in love and content together.
    I like what Letterman said about Valkyrie that not only adults ought to see it but young people because World History is part of our lives,we need to know them and it also pays tribute to all the men and women that sacrificed their lives for peace. Its a shame young people dont care for America’s history let alone Germany or other countries.

  • TO 29

    Russell Crowe looks wacky these days. Nowhere Tom’s hotness.

  • here he comes

    Based on the 18 positive comments posted above, all written by the same pathetic lunatic, I am guessing that Mr. Blonde will be posting in 3 2 1…….

  • WARNing,danger!

    Oops, I meant 20 out of 28 comments. That’s really good actually, for tom because it means he has about 3 fans out of 28 people. He’s more popular than I would have guessed!

  • Idani


    Well of course he looks good. He has had a few nips and tucks and some botox and most likely hair plugs. You can tell if you compare his face with pictures taken even a few months ago. Nothing wrong with it, if I had his money I’d do the same.

  • spooky

    He’s my ultimate crush along with Christopher Reeves.

    Thanks JJ and Happy Friday.

  • lm6o

    Poor jealous stalkers miserable for missing out on the sold out tickets of Tom’s Time Warner Center interview.

  • v

    So blessed!!!! Unbelievable because he looks nothing like his age:)

  • WARNing,danger!

    spooky and v, you’re not fooling anyone. You’re the same person who’s been on here since 1:30 posting one comment after another about how wonderfull Tommy is.

  • nikita


  • hahaha!

    The guy who’s doing all those positive comments above on the great Tom also goes by Mr. Blonde and Mr. Horse and is on here every day. He’s either working for Tommy Boy or is Tom or is one sick fanatic.

  • hahaha!

    nikita, you had me at cuckoo

  • had me at hello

    He had me at hello and lost me at glib.

  • had me at hello

    Mr. Blonde and all of his personalities need exercise, herbs, and Dianetics to cure himself of his fanatical funk.

  • had me at hello

    What is the “Touched in the Head” contest? Tom will win with a score of 1,000,000. I hope the prize is therapy and meds.

  • darlin

    jealous haters??!!

  • Just Me

    You’re the same person who’s been on here since 1:30 posting one comment after another about how wonderfull Tommy is.


    Somebody needs to get a life! It’s totally the same person over and over and they’re so obvious. They’re not even smart enough to hide it! LMAO!

    Seriously #39, whoever this freak is, they do it on every Cruise or Holmes thread! Next they’ll start with the “God Bless Tom” posts, then move on to the God is going to get you for dissing Cruise posts. It’s hilarious. This person is not JUST obsessed and delusional, they’re in stalker territory!!

  • ?

    jealous of what?

  • haha!

    SO true,47, and you called it-ath the same time that you were writing your comment, look at what darlin 46 wrote> Looks like Mr blonde and all his personalities have moved on to the next type of comments as you predicted.

  • Lana

    GEEZ! Tom is everywhere right now. He must be really desperate to get people to see his jacked up Nazi movie. I swear he would go to the opening of an envelope if he thought the paps might be there!

    He also obviously had work done. A few months ago he was fat, had a saggy chin, love handles and a ton of wrinkles, not all of a sudden the wrinkles are much less. Yep. He had botox (LOOK! His forehead doesnt move!), a lift, probably some filler and lots of lipo!! There’s no fool like an old fool!

    Go away Tommyboy. You’re O V E R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!