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Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: Livin' La Esquina

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: Livin' La Esquina


Cute couple Jennifer Aniston (in Degaine jeans) and John Mayer share a romantic stroll back to his apartment after dinner at La Esquina with morning talk show host Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos in New York City on Thursday night.

Jen, 39, once again has joined the fight against childhood cancer, teaming up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in a national television spot filmed with a six-year-old St. Jude patient, Ellie. Jen asks everyone to, “Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not.”

10+ more pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer livin’ La Vida Esquina…

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jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 01
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 02
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 03
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 04
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 05
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 06
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 07
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 08
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 09
jennifer aniston john mayer la esquina 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • jen fan

    Here she is again! Wow, thanks Just Jared.

  • Jordan


  • jen fan

    Well I will post a couple before the nuts come on to try and ruin the thread. Jen and John look so happy.

  • a realist

    She has such as unfortunate face.

  • jill

    Desperate is what I call a woman who goes back to a man who broke up with her on camera.

  • Ghost

    These two bozos make me want to take a dump in my pants.

  • dianad1968

    The two biggest posers. They deserve each other.

  • solid

    Good, she’s soo ugly on 3 and 9 pic.

  • dianad1968

    She was the oldest one on the double date. :lol:

  • abc

    some people only comment how ugly everyone is
    it’s getting really annoying

    love them both

  • jen fan


    Aniston is on Conan on Friday. Hope everything is going well. Talk with you soon.

  • r

    why say bad things about people who hasnt done anyone harm? jealous??

  • Ghost

    ABC. Not ugly………. Immoral you stupid idiot.

  • ray

    love the pics!

  • hahahahahahahaha

    Turbo chin has fresh botox.

  • just saying

    cute couple

  • abc

    ghost. i did not understand your comment.

    you’re saying that people on here don’t say that she is ugly over and over? just look at the comments above you.

  • Lola

    OMG ! These two are so beautiful together

  • horseface maniston

    so she is a horseface

  • jimmi

    She is so funny looking, and shallow.

  • ugh

    is she holding her nose because John farted?

  • yuck

    Poor John, I guess he has to put a pillow over her face to make out with her.

  • superficial Maniston

    I guess he will be dumping her soon, just like the rest of the men who have run through her bedroom.

  • Ghost

    I’m saying she is not ugly you stupid piece of sh-t. Just an immoral piece of cr-p.

  • denise

    She looks like a female Dustin Hoffman, with botox.

  • hahaha

    Two fugly deserve each other.

  • abc


    why would you think i’m directly talking to you.
    are you the only person who comments on these? no.

    don’t understand the word “some” eh?

  • Jenho

    Jen Aniston is like a door knob everyone gets a turn.

  • Ghost

    ABC . You posted my name on your entry, and made direct reference to my post. Your prior post said ,I did not understand your comment. Figure it out yourself idiot.

  • boo(real)

    JESUS!!! maniston looks SO OLD in these candids!!! can’t photoshop the candids. the lines in her forehead are SO obvious. this FAFE photo op looks awkward. looking at john… jennypoo, HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO TOU!

  • Teressa

    Loving these two together. Seem so happy. Don’t usually see her smile with a camera around.

  • abc

    maybe you did not understand me.

    you first referenced me first. acting like i was talking to you, when i wasn’t.

    and what’s with the name calling? immature.

  • turbo chin

    John is just the bed warmer for the moment. He will soon be running for the hills just like the rest of ‘em.

  • Teressa

    Actually Ghost, the poster ABC is correct. Her comment #10 did not address you at all.

  • janice

    jolie loons so mean and jealous. jolie is so beautifull she is so sexy so imoral or plastic and clingy she makes my mother look like a sex goddess at 83years old compared to jolie, get glasses you morons. jolie and peewee are fugly and ageing badly even gwennyth looks better than jolie

  • Lorianne

    Bottom line: They’re happy.
    And I’m betting that many of us would love to be happy too.
    Plain and simple.

    It’s all about finding your bliss and celebrating the little joys in life.
    Who are we to judge the looks, age difference, etc. of any of these people? Of course it’s fun to mock; but bottom line: they’re happy.

    John is actually a sweetheart. Quite intelligent and has an incredible sense of humor. I can most definately see why these two would be attracted to one another. They have a nice balance between the two of them.
    Good for them!

  • darlin

    hey, haters! get out there! if you dont like them, you dont have to post your stupid comments.

  • diva

    can they both go AWAY! so sick of them and her!!

  • Teressa

    Do you guys notice something strange about the negative posters here? The underlines in their posts and even in their names?

  • darlin

    diva, if you bored of them, you go!

  • Naranja

    Jeez, will all the haters please stop hating on these two? They look happy. Sure she has lines on her face, she’s pushing 40. And yeah, he’s not the best looking dude. But still, they look nice together and happy. Let them be. Nobody hates on how skeletal Angelina looks or how OLD Brad looks.

  • !

    Well..they do look happy. Jen and John together doesn’t make sense, but then again Demi and Ashton didn’t either the time.

  • how aniston

    typical, do “charity” work when it means national television face time. same scenario when she did oprah’s big give – national television spot too. aniston does not give money, she gives face time aka self promotion.

  • ewww

    UGLY, shallow, fake, a liar, pathetic, and desperate. she is an attention diva and needs to get a life.

  • Ghost

    Post # 17 Teressa. Learn to read.

  • Teressa

    Now some of the underlines are not there. For instance under Jill name camera was underlined and in blue. Then Ghost’s name. The response to ABC from Ghost. denise and boo also. Same person?

  • Anonymous

    they are acting for her movie promotion because she wants to be seen with a man, it is all dollars that is why they are playing up for the camera, she tells the truth after she is married

  • Anonymous

    when they look into each other it is a very bizarre and a theatrical connection, it is a game, it ends in a few weeks

  • Teressa

    Ghost. You first, moron!

  • Jill

    Lorianne @ 12/19/2008 at 1:55 am

    Awwww, that was such a touching comment. But what are you going to say the next time he dumps her and publicly humiliates her?