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Leighton Meester Covers Teen Vogue

Leighton Meester Covers Teen Vogue

Leighton Meester takes the February 2009 cover of Teen Vogue. Here’s what the Gossip Girl star opened up about:

On her parents’ highly publicized prison past: “I wouldn’t have volunteered that information, but I’ve never kept it a secret either. It’s just not my past; it’s not my story to tell.”

On her childhood: “I wasn’t born in jail; I was born in a hospital. I lived with my mother for a few months in a halfway house, and then I went to stay with my grandmother for a few more before my mom got out. But I had a normal life.”

On costar Ed Westwick: “He’s my favorite actor to work with. We have really good chemistry.”

On her debut album she hopes to release this spring: “The music is very fun. It’s edgy, like electropop rather than bubblegum and you can dance to it.”

Check out the video from the cover shoot and more behind-the-scenes pics.

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  • diva

    Thats great that she is on the cover becasue she totally deserves it she and chuck make the show for me IMO other than that she looks pretty in the pic!

  • gossip girl~

    I love blair!!!

    lovely girl ~~~

  • rach

    This girl is so beautiful and talented, she is by far the shining star on the Gossip girl cast. Its nice to see her get some recognition

  • Halli

    That’s a bad picture. It doesn’t even look like her.

  • eric

    Ed Westwick & Leighton Meester

    They are a perfect match ! : )

  • Jill

    Leighton meester ftw!

  • mia

    oh my gosh i loveeee leighton!
    she is a better actress than blake, i love blake but
    sorry, shes just not as good as leighton!
    she and ED have ammaazing chemistry,, and im
    happy she acknowledged it. them two would be an amazing
    couple. the crazy thing is their not even into eachother
    like how they are on the show, but they look like
    they are because of their great acting. its soo believable.
    i still have hope for chuck and blair, and Ed and Leighton! hah
    love gg, best show! hopefully chuck will tell blair that
    he loves her!

  • Laura

    Ed and Leighton have amazing chemistry and I’m glad she got the chance to mention him in an interview, she looks stunning, she’s a brilliant actress and I’m glad she finally got some recognition.

  • xoxo

    she´s a amanzing girl, I´m so glad for her..!!!!!!!!!!

  • aussie_Rose

    Ed and Leighton <3 Of course they have great chemistry, thats why Chuck and Blair work so well <3

    Love her :D So beautiful <3

  • hohum

    she is sooo pretty! and such a good actor!
    i love chuck and blair together!

  • alexa

    More covers for Leighton, please!

  • Russian girl

    Leighton is Sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL !
    WALDASS VAMOSSS!!!))))))))))))

  • christine

    Leighton is so beautiful and talented..
    We want more posts of her Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NativeNYker

    skank! I don’t know why folks go on bout her… she is so generic looking….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Sara

    She’s GORGEOUS!

  • Sara

    She’s GORGEOUS!

  • ~m~

    they have amazing chemistry!
    and she was the one character who (just based from pictures and promos – before i had even seen the show) was exactly how i pictured her in the books
    can’t wait for GG to return on Jan 5th!

  • agatha

    we love leighton she is the best young actress!!!!!and i love ggirl
    and they make a perfectcouple with ed!

  • agatha

    she is the best !!post more pleaseee

  • agatha

    wow she is so beautiful

  • nAT

    i love leighton!

  • Katie

    #15- Blake Lively is the one that’s generic looking.

    She’s such an incredible actress and in my opinion is a whole lot better than Blake is. I think Blake gets too much credit and Leighton doesn’t get enough.

  • Kate

    I agree #23! Leighton is much more beautiful because she isn’t your typical bubbly, blonde actress!!!

    I hate that she doesn’t get as much publicity as Blake…while Leighton is only on Teen Vogue’s cover, Blake gets the cover of W and is slated for the Feb cover of Vogue…laaaaaaame

  • ysa

    leighton’s so pretty!!! blair’s my absolute favorite character in GG.
    i’m sure i’m the minority since very few care about following the books from which GG supposedly was based on, but it’s nate and blair for me all the way. :-)

  • K

    i love leighton meester! she and blake lively are amazing!

    gossip girl!!!

  • Cynthia

    Love her, she and chuck make a great couple. Bring Blair and Chuck back together Mr. Schwartz!

  • LIZ

    love her, she’s gorgeous

  • Jane

    I love Leighton she is the best! She is absolutely stunning and I just love all the little cracks she adds in for Blair. Her and Chuck are by far the best thing on tv right now. Ed and Leighton have that once in a life time acting chemistry.

  • ILoveSecrets

    Leighton is and AMAZING actress. She does an incredible job at playing Blair Waldorf and I think she dererves a lot more credit then she’s getting. People act like Blake is the “star” of the show, but honestly I think the most talented actors on that show are Leighton, Ed, and Taylor. Leighton definitely shines on screen. And it sucks that they don’t give her enough credit.

  • Ann

    Her comment that Ed is her favorite actor to work with made me laugh because she said the same about Chace last year.

    15, It’s only your opinion that Leighton, is generic looking, not fact. Same with Blake and 23. Beauty is subjective and based strictly on opinion. What is beautiful to you may not going to be beautiful to someone else.

    By the way why are the two girls always compared to one another. They are not in competition with one another.

  • liza

    I love Leighton!! She and Ed rock the show!!! they’re the best!!

  • =]

    awesome i’ve been waiting for leighton to be on the cover!

  • yayyyypi

    YAYYYYYY! finally she totally deserves to be on the cover.

  • eda

    i love her more than blake=)

  • Kate

    To #31:

    When it comes to magazine covers, they kinda are in competition with each other. They are there to promote the same show (GG) and since double covers are rare, the mag has to choose which girl to put on the cover and that’s usually Blake.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, what else has this bit** been in again to run down a long list of actors she’s had worse or better chemistry with?

  • Key
  • alexa

    I love Leighton! She really needs to get more covers. Without Leighton and her famazing chemistry with Ed, I think I wouldn’t continue watching Gossip Girl.

  • Nita

    She’s gorgeousssss!!!!
    I like Blair better when she’s with Nate…They’re like Mr. & Ms. Gorgeous.
    Can’t imagine if they have kids…ahahaha
    *Team Blair & Nate!*

  • Ashley

    Yay! Going to buy that! She looks really different on the cover, I wish she still had her dark hair and pale skin. But I love how she mentioned Ed. They are the two best actors on the show!

  • Stefie

    I love Leighton Meester. she’s so beautiful and good looking,kind and amazing. i like her cute face and also her acting as Blair Waldorf. And Blair Waldorf really influences my life. I heart the way she acts.


    beautiful girl with perfect figure the ashley grahams of this world who are fooling themselves into thinking chubby thighs and bouncy 38DD busts are healthy must be very silly indeed. ash cannot see leightons beauty probibly because her bust blocks her view!

  • lilly

    I totally agree with Kate! Blake gets all the publicity, she gets to go to the golden globes and gets tones of covers! she’s so boring and a terrible actress, plus seréna’s character is looks like all that publicity is just there to make us like serena, because everyone prefers chuck and blair, so they keep pushing her down our throats!! STOP!! blair is the best character and leighton is the best actress: deal with it! and she’s prettier! she’s just less fotogenic and modelesque..but her face is wayyyyy prettier, blake has a HORRIBLE nose and wierd mouth!

  • Korean pretty

    xoxo. gossip girl
    she’s so gorgeous!
    i love her~!!!!

  • Korean pretty

    xoxo .gossip girl
    i love her~~~~~~~~~~~~