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Robert Pattinson: Craving For Conversation

Robert Pattinson: Craving For Conversation

Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson grabs a late night snack with a mystery male at West Hollywood eatery La Conversation on Thursday.

Earlier this week, the 22-year-old British actor was seen partying with “I Kissed A Girl” singer Katy Perry. The pair helped a friend celebrate her birthday at Il Sole in West Hollywood.

Robert is signed up to do New Moon, the sequel to the highly successful Twilight. The Chris Weitz-directed film is set for a November, 20, 2009 release.

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson craving for Conversation…

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robert pattinson la conversation 01
robert pattinson la conversation 02
robert pattinson la conversation 03
robert pattinson la conversation 04
robert pattinson la conversation 05
robert pattinson la conversation 06
robert pattinson la conversation 07
robert pattinson la conversation 08
robert pattinson la conversation 09
robert pattinson la conversation 10

Credit: Austin Visschedyk; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • lisa

    why does he always look high

  • Mary

    ahhh!!! sooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    ROB I WANT YOU!!! <33333333

  • patty

    yay!!! finally a glimpse of rob!!

  • Lea

    What a delicious stoner he is.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    wow he looks hot, as usual XD hahaha love him

  • Diana

    I love him, but he really needs to take better care of himself and shave! Makeup does miracles.

  • zach quinto’s wife


  • reen-xoxo

    twilight is the best film & hes cool

  • jade

    lookin good, boy!
    i love this guy!!

  • angie


  • searlus

    Hope that Ben Barnes would also join the cast of New Moon… as in Edward Cullen & Prince Caspian in one movie – DROOOL!!!

  • teena

    lol, when he’s dressed down like that he could pass as that guy in your freshman lit class in college who’s like a music major. He’s very handsome, but he can play down his looks quite easily to blend in.

  • Ariel

    I bet he is terrified in all these pictures…

  • carmen

    Did he grow up rich? He seems to have this whimsical take on money, like it’s not important, and he tries hard to dress like he’s poor. The only time someone doesn’t think money is important is when they’ve grown up with it!lol Other than that, I really liked him in Twilight.

  • silo

    Well, at least he ate something other than Hot Pockets. I swear, his diet sounds putrid and I feel like I should buy him a colon cleanser to just wash out all the hot pocket cheese residue in his lower intestine. And then maybe a liver cleanser for all the alcohol the kid drinks!lol

  • Leilani

    omg, I don’t know why, but I love the fact he dresses like a fat person with low self esteem! It’s the funniest thing. His pants are like the “fat” pants you wear when you are on your period and you’re bloated and he wears lumberjack shirts the way fat guys do to hide a belly. And the hat is like icing on the cake–a hat a fat guy would wear to hide a receding hairline! Maybe he just doesn’t want to lay all the pretty on us at once!haha

  • yay

    Just a couple more months before we get to see him rub one out in LIttle Ashes, complete with the freak ‘stache!

  • tila

    boo, he’s hiding his magical forest of hair. Him and his hair cleavage, he’s such a tease with that ugly hat. Every time he takes off that beanie, an angel gets his wings. When he hand combs his hair on top of it? Bonus points, two angels for the price of one.

  • lauren

    Don’t shoot me for saying this cause I love him, but doesn’t he look like a really hot version of Haley Joel Osment? Seriously, image google Haley Joel Osment, and they could pass for siblings! I want RP to utter “I see dead people” now……

  • maria

    loool ur comments are so funny guys!

  • caliluv

    do you guys ever read She loves Robert and is always talking about how Zac “Lipgloss” Efron is so jealous of him and how he needs to stop open mouthed posing! I do wonder why he does that gaping mouth pose too.

  • elena

    mijo needs to take care of himself. He’s got to look 17 for 2 or 3 more twilight installments. I just want to slather Oil of Olay all over his eyes to ward off wrinkles!

  • nessie

    Dear Daddy:

    You may not be in total DILF form here, but you are still one hot papi. I know that’s sorta creepy to say to my own dad, but let’s face it….I’m sorta creepy period. Okay, I gotta go, Jacob wants to take me on a date. To the Tot Lot.

    Playdate, date, same difference….



  • salma

    love him love his style
    cool boy

  • Maggie

    LOL ten times over. Your guy’s comments are amazing. He does hobo real well. He may wear the same outfit over and over but he throws in a new jacket once in a while just to keep things spicy. And it’s working. HOTT.

  • katie

    love him

  • mina

    You guys are cracking me up! lol!

    Oh and Robert, you and your bad self keep on trying to hide the prettiness. Umm, it’s not working but keep it up. You amuse me.





  • gerard Vandenberg

    Are european celebs infected with the “AMERICAN-MONGOL-SYNDROM”, folks?

  • xxx

    robert, don’t get rotten by celebrity! i hope you’ll stay grounded…

  • edward you are our dream

    THANK YOU JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cain

    every time i see his photo he’s like on crack or drunk at least, what’s his problem?

  • athena

    #1 It’s because he’s always high….I don’t see any kind of charisma about him…I’m a little disappointed that he looks so scumpy and unkept..His looks are waning…and hope he’ll still be an asset for the next film. Thank goodness film can make you look better on screen.
    Robert, those odd face motions you make are not pleasent to endure. Indulge me and don’t be afraid to look beautiful again.

  • Valerie

    Did I just did not see anything that other man. “Honestly, I prefer the americans. Without much grace as well as all British.

  • katherine

    GMAFB Athena and all the rest that claim he looks “high”! He doesnt. He has FLASHING LIGHTS from the paps taking his pic in HIS FACE!!!!! WTF kinda face would YOU be making if you had people in your face taking your pic???? People should just chill with their little “high” and “stoned” comments, just because he’s not POSING for the paps and just going about his normal way of life, does not mean that he is high.

    God, sometimes people get on my nerves with their moronic comments, i swear.

    Anyways….getting away from those loser comments…

    Good for him for not changing himself just because he made it “big” with Twilight. He seems unaffected in a way by all of this, he’s still doing the same stuff as before, still dressing normal and acting normal. Not letting the hysteria that followed with Twilight affect his life. You gotta applaud him for that.

    Too many people get famous and then forget who they are. I dont think we will see that with Robert.

    I think he’s gonna go down the same career path as Johnny Depp perhaps, he reminds me of Depp a lot, especially Depp’s early years in H’Wood.

    Looking forward to seeing what they do with New Moon, i think they will do a great job with it, and i’m hoping that Eclipse and Breaking Dawn will be made into movies as well.

    Robert, you’re a sweetheart and a hottie, dont EVER change your way of life!!

    We all love your talent and look forward to seeing more of it!!

  • Cici

    love him
    i’m happy that all the hype doesn’t change him a bit. he’s still himself.

  • Dawn

    I agree with Katherine. My OMG people can you calm down on all the mean talk. He absolutely doesn’t look high. He more looks like a deer stuck in headlights because bright beaming flash bulbs are attacking his face. I’d luv to see the expressions you would have with all that crap flying at your face. God bless him for even venturing out & just trying to live a normal life. I’m so down with the way he dresses. This is Rob’s style & if you don’t like it than move on to someone else. I really digg this guy. He’s real & I just hope he stays this way & doesn’t feel the pressure to morph into a fake hollywood image to please everyone. Stay true to yourself Rob, that’s who you do best!

  • ms. o

    I love his look, (I just woke up…look..???) I hope he doesn’t let Hollywood change him…he is very easy on the eyes….

  • Laura petersen

    I hope the rumors are TRUE about Rob Pattinson starring as Jack Sparrow’s younger, Hotter brother in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4′ with Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush!!

    Rob is a great guy and deserves all the best opportunities.

  • OMG

    Tick Tock its almost 14:59 on your time in the spotlight.

  • Brittney

    …ew, ew, ew.
    How could anyone look at those pictures and then use a word like “sexy”…?

  • Ceceily

    He’s so hot but then kind of so not. I think ultimately hot. Just like Ed Westwick. Must be an English thing.

  • nina

    ew, ew, ew, how can people call him sexy? Because unlike you they probably know how sex works and who works well with sex. Like this slightly musky but hot dude.

  • nina

    and you people saying he looks “high”–my mom uses the word “high.” She’s never been “high” either, so anytime someone is simply squinting, that looks “high” to her too. It’s so obvious you guys don’t even know how different drugs affect people’s demeanor. The guy is squinting cause he’s got flashes going off in his eyes. And whenever the dude seems to be anticipating a liquor fueled night, he takes a cab. So, stop acting like his mother.

  • lower

    # 43 and # 41, stop changin’ your name and say the same damn thing, if he is not hot for you GTFO!

  • nina

    hey, lower, I”m 43. I didn’t say what 41 said, I’m responding to it. Read.

  • Cherie

    Does he vegetables? Any sort of roughage at all? Fiber? Someone get this kid some metamucil!

  • Ckn

    Ugh is this the same guy from twilight? I mean it doesnt look like the same guy, he looks like he would smell like BO and cigs, if hes so sick of the spotlight and screaming girls why be an actor? He looks way older that 22! The next Colin Farrell…..

  • Elektra

    Wow, I just love this dude, he´s tall, he´s sexy…and the brit accent, OMG!!!! Want him since HP and don´t care if he goes out with some beotches…call me Rob.

  • um

    The guy is going out on what would be the equivalent of a 7-11 run at night. What do you guys want him to do? Put on lip gloss and foundation and tweezer his eyebrows the way Zac Efron does before he goes out? Gosh, I’m sure none of you have ever left the house in sweats and a ponytail and no makeup.