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Adam Sandler: Open Wide!

Adam Sandler: Open Wide!

Adam Sandler enjoys some last-minute holiday shopping with his wife, Jackie, and oldest daughter, Sadie, 2, at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles on Friday.

How cute is Sadie munching on her popcorn?!

Adam, 42, and Jackie, 34, recently welcomed second daughter Sunny Madeline seven weeks ago.

Adam‘s latest kiddie fantasy/comedy Bedtime Stories opens on Christmas Day. He plays Skeeter Bronson, a fix-it man whose extravagant tales, told to his niece and nephew, start coming true. Visit the official movie website at

20+ pictures inside of the Sandler family shopping up a storm…

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Photos: Ghost/Fame Pictures
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  • julia

    His wife loos like ASHLEY TISDALE. picture #15.. TAKE A LOOK!

  • Teena

    Is Adam pushing his Nanny in her wheelchair? Sweet boy.

  • samantha

    I think Sadie will be very beautiful when she is older.

  • R

    Jared they are Jewish so it’s probably just shopping no Xmas. ;-)

  • Rayt

    Sadie is adorable!

  • jimena

    yeahh she does! at first i thpught it was ashley
    i dont think adams daughter is cute

  • someone

    Sadie is soo cute. Makes me go awww

  • someone

    Sadie is soo cute. Makes me go awww

  • Rayt

    #4 R – they celebrate xmas even though they are jewish. Adam has said so before.

  • miss zanessa

    lOlZ hIs wifE rEallY dOes lOok lIkE aShlEy tisDalE
    i Was lIkE iS ThaT aShlEy hOldinG aDam sAndlEr´s BAbY?
    WTF? o_O!!!

  • JGP

    wow, a Hollywood family that actually looks like a real family, very sweet.

  • keke

    I think Sadie is adorable! And will probably grow up to be a very beautiful young gal!

  • groundcontrol

    Now how does this family look any different than any other family? How is this family “real”and “very sweet” as opposed to other families?

    Good lord. Stop projecting your delusions onto celebrities.

    And unfortunately that child is not going to be good looking at all when she is older. But that’s sweet of you to say. But she will be very rich and probably very capable of fixing what needs fixing.

  • ashley

    stop saying sadie isn’t cute. so what, she isn’t a model look cute kid, but she is still adorable. they all look VERY happy all the time, thats all that matters. some people make me sick.

  • groundcontrol

    ashley @ 12/20/2008 at 9:38 pm stop saying sadie isn’t cute. so what, she isn’t a model look cute kid, but she is still adorable. they all look VERY happy all the time, thats all that matters. some people make me sick


    Don’t cry, Ashley. Sadie will be happy and rich. If people don’t want to hear the truth than stop saying how good looking she is and that she will grow up beautiful. That’s not happening.

    Try discussing how lively she seems and interested in her surroundings. That’s a better topic for this child. But when you insist on fantasies that rely on assessing her looks at 2 then expect to be shot down when you utter delusional nonsense. I’m hoping she turns out to be a doctor rather than a model or gold digger anyway.

  • sara

    sadie is cute? are you blind? she is the ugliest celeb tot

  • Freya

    Maybe that’s Adam’s mother in the wheelchair, and maybe they’re shopping for Hanukkah, especially since it starts Sunday evening?? My husband is Jewish and his mother and his sister also celebrate Christmas and of course we do because I’m not Jewish. Anyway, Sadie looks like Adam and I’m sure she will grow up to be quite attractive. My children are half Jewish and they’re adorable.

  • www

    That is one unfortunate-looking child.

  • queen


    shes CUTE!!


    HEY, QUEEN !!!!!…….AGREE WITH YOU TOTALLY !!!!.All kids are cute…..Must be the same person or people who hate and bash on Suri Cruise……She looks just like her daddy, and is precious…

  • wish

    i really do wish they’d take a little more time and care w/their daughter’s hair! she really is an adorable little girl

  • Lori

    He said on Letterman that they don’t celebrate Christmas. His wife converted to Judaism before they married. As for Sadie, lay off the little kid you heartless b astards.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …the horror!

  • yoyo


  • grinch

    That little girl is the cutest thing on the planet. She looks like alot of fun!!!

  • angie

    They look like a nice relaxed family having a good time shopping.. very sweet.

  • Whutevas

    I luv the political correctness on this post. Sadie is sooooo cuuuuute; why she’d give Suri and Shiloh a run for their money in the cuteness category, right folks. Yeah right. And I’m sure half of you commented on previous posts on how the kid is.

  • morgan

    she’s a kid, for crying out loud.
    you guys are pathetic.

  • Deb

    They just need to dress her more like a girl, she is always in Boyish clothes!

  • Mr. Blonde

    How could you say that about a little girl, #13 and #18?

  • David jones
  • vmars111

    Wow, no doubt about it, you can’t mistake that kid for anyone but Sandler’s!

    No offense…?

  • ewww

    she is one UGLY kid. she belongs on the short bus.

  • Sad for Sadie

    Why people keep saying Sadie is ugly?!?!?
    All kids are cute and even if they are not as cute as you would like them to be….why you care?
    The important thing as a parent is that she grows up to be a successful lady and not some crazy nobody!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    But my wallet is empty, folks!!

  • shurly

    Why are you saying that all kids are cute ? Really ? ALL of them ? I’m sorry, but some kids are cuter than others. And I’m not mean, I’m just honest. When I see her, I dont think cute. I don’t really think “ugly” neither but still…

    It’s like they don’t make any effort with her. She’s a little girl, why can’t they dress her and do her hair like a normal little girl ? Her mom must be the only woman who doesn’t care what her daughter looks like. Well good for them, but don’t ask me to say that she’s cute then !

    And before you accuse me of not having life, I’m a mom. My daughter is 8 yo and she always looks good when we go out. That’s something my parents taught me and I think it’s a good thing.

  • JGP

    I commented that they look like a real family as opposed to other celebrity families because they are not out there for a photo opt, they are not out there wearing thousands of dollars in clothing and are not surrounded by nannies, bodyguards and so on. It just looks more real than say a Tom Cruise family outing or a Posh/Becks family outing, which seems like a photo shoot and not genuine.

  • G

    what is this world coming to when we tell little girls they are ugly so young….this is how we give people complexes and they start trying to have plastic surgery and making themselves throw up to look like “pretty girls”

  • lee

    Little Sadie is so adorable and they always dress her so cute. Can’t wait to see the new baby!

  • JustForComments

    Freya, you seem like a nice enough person, but your kids aren’t half Jewish. They are whatever religion you are. Please stop perpetuating the nonsense of being “half-Jewish” – you either are or you are not. I commend Jackie Sandler for having the guts to convert because Judaism was important to Adam so that the kids are good Reform/Conservative Jews.

    As far as Sadie’s looks – she will be one of those women who gets more beautiful as she gets older.

  • Popp

    Sadie is beautiful. Enough said.

  • sara

    Sadie is not beautiful, and all kids are not cute thus take a good look at the pictures. And no I don’t bash Suri, she is actually cute. The reason they don’t have bodyguards, etc is take a look at the kid no one would take her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow his kid is a pure image of him
    that face is all adam
    personally i dont give a shit so ill say it, sadie looks like a boy
    she’ll probably more into her female looks when she’s older

  • lakers fan in boston

    probably grow*

  • candy

    Hey Sara I bet she looks cuter than you though,,, i bet dog shit looks cuter than

  • Paige123

    If they did something w/ that poor kids hair and dress her like a girl perhaps she can be cute. She is a girl version of her Dad is all.

  • peaches and cream


  • Katryna

    Honestly, I think Sadie’s going to be a knockout when she’s older. She kind of has features that would look really good once she grows into them a little bit more. She always looks happy and that’s important…she’s a kid, and all kids are cute :)

  • hannah

    Yes I totally agree. Not that I dont think Sadie is adorable anyway, but as she gets older, she’s going to be a knock-out !!!

  • Kimberly

    It’s very typical in this day and age to pick on people’s looks, but a 2 1/2 year old…c’mon. No wonder so many kids have body image complexes these days. No, she’s not the cutest kid, but so what…give her a break. Seriously, did you ever see Alicia Keys when she was a kid on Cosby Show? She looked like a little boy. She grew up to be a pretty woman. A bit of advice…..Be careful what you say because who knows, you might end up having and ugly kid !!