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Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: Olive Tree Cafe Couple

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer: Olive Tree Cafe Couple

Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend John Mayer share a romantic dinner together at Italian restaurant Il Mulino the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Friday night (December 19).

Later in the evening, the couple enjoyed some time at Olive Tree Cafe in Greenwich Village.

Before their dinner date, Jen (still carrying her Ferragamo bag) made an appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. FYI, the outfit she’s in now is what she wore on the show.

10+ pictures inside of Olive Tree couple Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

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jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 01
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 02
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 03
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 04
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 05
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 07
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 08
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 09
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 10
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 11
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 12
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 13
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 14
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 15
jennifer aniston john mayer olive tree cafe 16

Credit: Mauceri/Alqequin, Jackson Lee/Rocke/Turgeon; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • serafina

    john, run away!

  • Suzana

    Work it Girl!

    With award season’s coming , and Brangelina being nominated for almost all of awards , They will steal every single limelight.

    Work on it. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame as much as possible.

    Hey Girl ! How does it come that your eye color keep changing. Last night it was Green and now it is Blue? You were wearing black in both occasion.

  • Janet’s nose’s hair

    Is it just me or John is wearing lips stick?

    They look like mother and son. how sweet.

  • solid

    famewhoring train. Maniston overdose.

  • Catherine

    I like the firs pic with the snow and all. I want to look like her at 39!

    He looks like someone’s sucked all the blood out of his body though.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, she’ll never be known for her films

  • SO SAD

    this lady has no class, no more feeling sorry for her, she has worn me down, please john,.. keep her so she can finally let go of brad and his family, she has slept with every tom,dick and harry, stripped naked on the front of a mag for a dog movie, got dumped by john in front of millions of people and craw ed back to him, paid for paps to follow her around, claimed she has moved on from brad on the Oprah show one week and the next week she is still talking about the entire Pitt-Jolie family, what a pathetic lying loser, she is a dizzy drug user.

  • hahaha


  • exotic

    awww, mother and son… How sweet..

  • tix

    whatever! They deserve each other.

    They are both pathetic, user, douches,famewhores,liars & attentionseeking f*ckers!

    Enough of the show, JOHNJEN! I thought she does not want attention & hates the paparazzis? Now she enjoys all the lens.

    These two are irritating.

  • Imzadi

    Girls, you are really pathethic. Get a life for your own. Or why else all the bashing for Jennifer Aniston? Don’t get it.

  • SO SAD

    i think she has a face only a mother can love..oops, sorry, her mother does not like that face either, that is so sad, john’s contract is up after the movie is out. hang in there john.

  • ONTD

    does peeboy look like a young frankenstein,lol

  • ONTD

    THAT is some funny sh it SO SAD, i almost spilled my coffee

  • hextorini

    Why do you hate her so much? Didn’t do anything wrong to you. I bet she even looks much better than all of you. OK she is not a very good actress, but certainly doesn’t deserve all the harsh criticism. BTW she was briliiant in Friends.
    And of course she’s in the tabloid coz YOU read every thread regarding her. So that’s why.

    I’m not a fan of JA but she looks good, even if she’s not a beauty queen… but hey it’s not a sin.
    I don’t know her in person, it’s possible that she is horrible but you cannot judge it from pics.



  • SO SAD

    she is a fame seeker who lies about it, she rides brads coat-tail for her publicity stunt while slamming his partner, she has been milking this divorce for the past 4 years, she can’t act, she is unattractive, sleeps around, lies and then acts innocent, and her crazy fans fall for her lies every time, this bed hopper pose with no clothes on for a dog movie, she has lost her mind,

  • siska

    they look so cute..enjoy merry christmas everyone..please be kind to each other..mean words show mean spirit..

  • angel

    they’re sooooooooooooo hot.

  • qarla

    i love jennifer aniston. I don’t like john mayer for her.! lol

  • puke

    she is just nasty looking, no wonder john can’t look in her face, merry Christmas every body. happy

  • http://undcecsli cherylj

    the new heidi and spencer……and i’m sick about the fact that i even know who heid and spencer are……………why are they famous……..

  • lylian

    LOL, just in case anyone didn’t know that she had a sleepover with him, she’s making doubly sure that everyone knows they had dinner together!!

    Love them. Very hopeful they will marry. They seem so right together.

  • sharon

    there will always be people who worship people for all kinds of reason, but i would save my admiration for a more deserving person, can some one tell me what these two contribute to this world besides having paps follow their every move?, for them to make more money off of you to see their movie?, what do you get out of it? this society is in the toilet. how could you like them when you don’t know them?. err!!!

  • julien

    Isn’t he like half her age…no seriously, I mean sure she still looks amazing but what do they talk about? She’s probably more into booking her retirement home and choosing a coffin…and he’s still playing with Lego…hummm

  • tizzy

    These two are pretending their body language is all wrong. Her acting ability is very, very limited, she is less talented or attractive than her other castmates and to top it off comes across as dim and shallow yet she gets endless publicity and film roles. Guess the other castmates didn’t marry well and then have agents who reminds us of it constantly.

  • Joe

    Please get married so you can leave the Jolie-Pitts alone.
    Aniston will have a baby when black snow falls.
    Ho is too selfish. No wonder Brad left.
    How long can you string a 41 yr old guy around who’s
    dying to start a family.

  • insider

    They are standing in the cold snow looking lost because all they have together is an act for paparazzi. People dont like this couple. She doesnt like him that is why she has to fake smiles etc….

  • arugga

    Jen and John look great. We saw them last summer in Miami at a small out of the way eatery. They looked very into what each other had to say (they were talking about earliest memories as a child) and laughed a lot. The whole time John was wrapping his legs around her ankles under the table.

  • insider

    #27: tizzy : well observed. You are right. Only the subtle things, the things that are meant to come from the heart that you cant act, are all wrong. Exactly. Well observed. You are a good judge of character.

  • insider






  • Mary

    what a phony promotion for her shiteous film

  • gil

    someone was asking for the review of marley and me.

    here is a link,credit to ell

    ell @ 12/20/2008 at 5:27 am

  • LALA

    Insider you are a very busy person. Don’t you every get tired of posting this crap on all the Jen and John blogs. You really need to see a HEAD SHRINK cuz I for one are tired of reading your BULLSHIT. Are you a stalker?.. If not you are close…..FOR all you JEN haters she will always to known for her movies… She’s a head of all the polls on the internet. The people that talk trash about her is the same tiring people that go from blog to blog trying to keep of mess……Banglina must pay you good. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you haters

  • tigerlily

    pls someone tell me what brand is her trench coat?

  • Anonymous

    LALA : everyone who writes insider is always the same person ? You are clueless. EVERYONE WHO TYPES “LALA” IS NOT THE SAME PERSON EITHER. ……………….I used “LALA” before…………

  • insider

    LALA: everyone hates Jen and John because they are scamming the public…… is cheap attention getting before her movie/ Do you not have anything better to do than respond to my comments ?…………..which are true ?……………..I am not talking trash about Jen, she knows me very well, I am saying this cheap act is TRASH. AND IT IS. AND EVERYONE HATES THEIR PUBLICITY GAME. OK ?…………………calling the paps when she is supposedly spending the night ?…………..yeah right…………….TOTALLY FAKE FOR ATTENTION. She has other plans LALA. I know.

  • Mary

    I wonder if Mayer will be around AFTER her flop films?
    flop as in mental midget films.

  • insider

    arugga: they are doing that INTENTIONALLY so you, and a million other people, will talk about them. WHY ?………………they started the act before CANNES. Vince Vaughn flew into Miami and gave John advise about the act. Vince was acting too. He said he found the whole experience “unfulfilling”. They used John to defend against Cannes and seperate Owen and Aniston from a pairing. You think her security team would allow a photographer to follow them everywhere if it was not intentional ? ALL THIS IS REHEARSED. She is doing a performance 24/7. She is in the public eye. They are using yours and others interest in her personal life to promote her movie. That is ALL SHE TALKED ABOUT ON LETTERMAN. There is nothing else in her life……… husband, no kids, no social involvement : “she is concentrating on her tabloid career”, she wasn’t lying.

  • Ace tomato

    I don’t need to bash on Jennifer Aniston, but anyone claiming she is known for her movies is seriously kidding themselves.

    I can’t name a movie she’s been in that was amazing, or a role she played (in a movie) that is a memorable character. I think I have seen her in maybe 3? movies and none of them were anything but mediocre.

    She did a great job as Rachel on Friends, and is well suited to television comedy, but she isn’t a great actress. She’s adequate, and she has star power from her tabloid/celebrity status – not her talent.

    I respectfully challenge any Aniston fan to make a reasonable case for any movie role she has played – explain to me where her great acting skills are demonstrated, and how she really embodied a character and made the film.

    . . . . I’ll wait . . .just . . let me know when you come up with something . .









  • desparate

    how desparate do you have to be to take back a man that dropped you in front of millions……..she tries so hard to look adoringly at him but she isn’t a good enough actress.

  • Beck

    Still trying to make it look right. John looked more intimate with the reporter than with Jen so they are still doing these phony staged pr pictures. Jen is the most desperate w h o r e of Hollywood. She is so disgusting.

  • Suzi

    Douchifer= Jen and John both are douche bags for sure.
    These two screwed up must have contracted a photographer to follower her. These two read the blogs every day then plan what stunt they are going to do next. Such pathetic douche bags. I think she is embarrassed because no one believed they are a couple. This slut want to be link with a younger man when she turn 40.

  • ANGIE!

    Its so funny that when she has a movie to promote she is flashed by the paparazzi and she makes her self seen.

    When she dosent we dont know where the hell she is..hmmm

    U guys really think that woman can go on a show like “INside the actors studio” and talk about her carrear like angelina did? Hmmm

    Talentless she is

  • Beck

    SO SAD @ 12/20/2008 at 5:42 am i think she has a face only a mother can love..oops, sorry, her mother does not like that face either, that is so sad, john’s contract is up after the movie is out. hang in there john.
    I think John’s contract is up after her forty birthday. Jen is so insecure about turning 40 that she wants to be standing next to a young man.
    Jen has mental issues. John has fame issues. So that’s why all the phony stunts. If Mayer was not with her he would not get mentioned at all.

  • Chris

    At least Jen dressed her pet and put make up on him but he is still ugly as dirt.

  • Besane

    kill jolie save the world @ 12/20/2008 at 5:42 am

    You have been flagged. A typical rabid JenFan


    What’s sad is that you people care. And I’m embarrassed that I took the time this morning to read some of your comments. If Brad Pitt and Angelina read your comments…..they would more than likely think…..creepy……creepy……… people. They don’t like you….nor are you a part of their lives in any way. You people need to get a serious life of your own. And I think Jennifer Aniston is a pretty, and successful woman….but yea….she can do better than that drowned rat she’s with. :)