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Leona Lewis: I Will Be... With Chace Crawford

Leona Lewis: I Will Be... With Chace Crawford

Leona Lewis gets handcuffed by a police officer on the set of her latest music video “I Will Be” in Brooklyn, New York City on Friday.

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford will make a cameo in the vid. A source tells People how they met: “Chace went to London a couple months ago for meetings and to promote Gossip Girl. He went to a party and ended up meeting Leona. [The two] hit it off and talk every once in a while and have become fast friends… A couple weeks ago Leona called Chace and asked if he would be in her next video. He obviously said yes.”

“I Will Be” is a pop rock ballad produced by industry heavyweight Dr. Luke and co-written by Avril Lavigne and Max Martin.

The song was originally recorded by Avril in 2006, and is included on the Limited Edition version of her third studio album, The Best Damn Thing. This will be Leona‘s third single off her debut album, Spirit.

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  • eda

    couple aalert? NOOOOOOOO!

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    She’s too old for him

  • Sara

    Just because they’re in a music video together doesn’t make them a couple. In fact since they’re both such private people, doing something so public would make me believe that they definitely aren’t going out.

  • Ashley

    shes gorgeous and so is he. but she already has a b/f, thats not famous.
    has anyone ever heard of girl and boy just being friends?

  • cutie

    pretty :-)

  • Lyly (France)

    omg i’m so happy!!!
    looooooove this song!
    and both leona and chace :D

  • deka

    i like her
    i like him
    but doesnt she have a long-time bf?
    i wouldnt perpetuate any romance rumors just yet
    not you jared, everyone else :-p

  • Karina

    Leona and Chace are only good friends… Leona has a boyfriend called Lou, shes been with him since they were like 12 years old!!! So there wont be a new couple alreat lol !!

  • Jijna

    Leona and Chace “are only good friends” ?” They are probably not even ‘friends’ as they most likely just met on the set of this video for the first time!

    She looks like a Beyonce wannabe.

  • Future-mrs-chace-crawford

    Aww these two would make the cutest BFF’s! lol … UK’s hottest female with the US hottest male!?!?!? hmmm … can’t wait to see the vid! xoxo

  • ada

    she’s ugly and a poor copycat of Whit and Mariah. Why does she do another cover? Karaoke singer.

  • Couper

    Hmmm, I like Avril’s version better. Something about Leona’s voice is a bit irritating.

  • lee

    i hope ada realises mariah and whitneys biggest hits were covers..

  • cecile

    I love this song by Avril Lavigne, it’s a beautiful song !!
    I hope it will be good by Leona Lewis

  • Mandy

    Okay I don’t get you people! You thrive for gossip! Sure I check JJ every now and then but it doesn’t mean I believe everything I see and turn it into a bunch of made up crap! Leona is probably the most talented singer ever to win X-Factor and since she was a child had an amazing voice. See on youtube if you don’t believe me. And just because they’re appearing in a video together doesn’t mean they’re going out. Ever heard of friendship?

    And how is Leona a Beyonce wannabe? Everyone has their own style. They may have role models but you can certainly see that Leona wants to carry out her own life and not Beyonce’s. And don’t judge before you watch.

    Personally, I’m glad that Leona is getting the success she deserves in LA. You can see she has a bright future ahead of her and I wish her the best of luck.

  • Mandy

    and what do you mean runnergirl? ‘she’s too old for him’ they’re both 23! She’s just only 3 months older than him! and even if they are together, which they aren’t, age is just a number. and 3 months isn’t exactly the biggest number in the world.

  • aussie_Rose

    squeeeee…i love this song. Im glad she’s releasing it. And Chace in the clip, thats just an added bonus <3 Cant wait :)

  • tammy

    leona looks amazing and she’s got a boyfriend…stop stop with all this rubbish about chase. Love it she looks stunning!

  • kjdfj

    Wow she’s gorgeous. I wonder if her hair is real or if she is as fake as Beyonce.

  • zach quinto’s wife

    if she goes out with chace? i wouldn’t care – because they are both beautiful.. but, that would be supprriissiinnng or awwwkwwarrd!

  • Abdulla

    i’ve been a huge leona lewis fan ever since she was on the x factor, but i hate “i will be” being the next single. she has better songs on her album that could make a big impact on the radio.

  • pocky810810

    she is not too old, she is the same age as chace crawford

  • KI

    Leona and Chace are the same age.

  • music fan!

    LEONA LEWIS! she is a legendd
    and number 19..
    her hair is real

    she’s mixed with welsh and guyanese idk if i spelt the countries right
    her hair is real you can tell too.. its the same texture from root to ends.
    unlike beyonce.. whos real hair only goes to her shoulders.
    but she’s good too. not hat’n on beyonce

  • danny

    hi well they are both 23 lol so leona aint too old for him!!! and personally i think leona lewis aint just hot…she is stunning, no other celeb has the look she has!
    the song i will be has been recorded by avril…yes, but not the same production or the vocals, leona is merely taking a song, putting her twist on it and getting the best out of the song…and yes it is true that mariah and whitney biggest hits were covers.
    the song is great and her vocals are immense as always…wasnt sure how much attention she would get but the vid looks ace so expect a number 1 in the states!!!!!

  • Emma

    loll; you guys are hilarious. eitherways this is one video ill be looking forward to.

  • charlote

    she does not go out with him,!!!!!!!! shes been going out her boyfriend since i think they were 14 years old. shes been with her boyfriend for a lot of years now.

  • James

    This is NOT her third freaking single off the album, its like her tenth man, she’s had A Moment Like This, Bleeding Love, Better In Time, Forgive Me, Run, and then its I Will Be, get it right.

  • WTF

    3rd US single.

  • lolla077

    i don’t think she is a beyonce wanna be ..her and beyonce do look alike ..and she has an amzing voice… mariah and whitney are so old news anyways..
    and plus leona has a long time boyfriend….thats all



  • lynn

    Her hottie bf had better watch out; if Chace is as big a manwhore as he’s made out to be, he’ll be trying to hook up with Leona as soon as he can.

  • Jetison

    I love u sosososososo much Leona!!
    You have an awesome great voice!
    and now i discover you are more & more beautiful!!

    your career begins to take off, go Leona!

  • Calvin999999999

    I like I Will Be, not sure if i would release it as a single though. I love Yesterday, i wish she would sing it live. I think Take A Bow should have been the 6th and final single from Spirit.

    She is releasing a new album in November. i hope she works on her low register a bit more and also explores super head voice as well.

  • ihateleonalewis

    i dont get why leona lewis always has to get other people’s song. take bleeding love for example. it was originally jesse mccartney’s and now she’s getting avril l.’s song. doesnt she know how to be original?

  • street wear

    Very good place