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Jemima Khan: Guy Ritchie's New Girlfriend?

Jemima Khan: Guy Ritchie's New Girlfriend?

Madonna‘s ex-husband, Guy Ritchie has his eyes set on somebody new — millionaire socialite Jemima Khan.

According to London’s Telegraph, Guy, 40, and Jemima, 33, attended a dinner party at the Notting Hill home of Matthew Freud, the founder of British public relations exec Matthew Freud and his wife Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of media baron Rupert Murdoch.

Also a guest of the party was Sting‘s wife, Trudie Styler, who had introduced Guy to Madonna at a dinner party at her house in Wiltshire in 1999.

Jemima was last romantically linked to actor Hugh Grant.

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  • Ally

    She is only 33?

  • jan

    Is it true? I thought he was dating one of the actresses in his film?

  • banananannananannaa

    They both moved on so quickly.

  • Madonna

    Ooh la la!

  • lakers fan in boston

    thats my boy guy!
    she actually doesnt look that bad, way and i mean way better than madonna
    her face reminds me of some1 i just cant think of who, hmm maybe eve mendes, idk but she has some1s face

  • Marieme

    This woman has always impressed and fascinated me. I remember when she lived in Pakistan with her then husband and reading with fascination about the many dangers and difficulties. I find her gorgeous and strong. It will be interesting to see if something develops.

  • mary

    both parts of the couple move on fastttt

  • helen

    She’s very pretty.

  • Alison

    I’m friends with her ex-husband’s daughter, and she says she is absolutely gorgeous and possibly the most genuinely nice person she’s ever met, and makes such an effort to accept her into her own family.

  • Alison

    I’m friends with her ex-husband’s daughter, and she says she is absolutely gorgeous and possibly the most genuinely nice person she’s ever met, and makes such an effort to accept her into her own family.

  • Really

    Good for Guy! She’s definitely more attractive than the whore of an ex-wife he had!

  • Sheila

    Much better than Madonna!

    Congratulations Guy Ritchie…

  • susan

    good for him!!

  • Tish

    He did move on rather quickly but given the public flauntng of her cheating, I don’t blame him. I wish them both much happiness.

  • sheryl

    I think they had moved on from each other a long time ago. Jemima is definitely an upgrade.

  • blondie

    She reminds me of Jacqueline Bassette, a little…only more plump,
    and more young.

    Sorry, though, this is not shocking enough!! We crave someone
    a bit more scandelous. Someone like, let’s say….hmmmm…..
    Jennifer Aniston. Yes! Jennifer Aniston.

    Let’s just see if Guy Ritchie can turn Jen into the actress
    that he could NOT turn Madonna into being.

    And let’s try and count the kids that they would have!!!
    Shall we???

  • towa

    DOWNGRADE….I mean, anyone after Madonna will be a downgrade! Get over it GOLD DIGGING ASSHOLE

  • mar

    good for him. Madonna oribably beat him up mentally every day. She looks older.

  • sofia

    Hmmm…A girl as great as Jemima probably deserves better. But then, if she wants to have fun with the Guy, more power to her.

  • desire


  • z

    Jemima is one of the most intelligent and graceful women around. A step up for Guy! :) I’ve had the most immense respect for her as a mom, wife of Imran and just her philanthropy and the causes she supports.

  • JJ

    desire SHUT THE HELL UP he can date whoever he wants its not ur decision.

  • Zoe Moon

    Good for Guy. She is an extraordinary woman! I am very happy for him.

  • me


  • jughed

    Woah. What a babe. I have a feeling that Madonna is a very difficult woman to live with.

  • babybelle

    jemima 1000000000000000000000000000000000000x
    better than that WHORE ciccone


    Beautiful, young and rich Jemima! Lucky Guy!

    Jemima is certainly an upgrade from Madonna!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This is the american way to hide your preverence for fucking boy’s, folks!!

  • Angelove

    She is pretty but she reminds me of Penelope Cruz.

  • Idani

    towa @ 12/21/2008 at 6:49 pm

    Excuse me, but anyone after Madonna is an upgrade. Especially Jemima. She is a genuinely nice person and rich in her own right.

  • Eva m.

    Hey, Guy deserves this beautiful woman after having to sleep with Gristle woman for all those years, Yuck. Did you all hear how Madonna “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” took a fall starting her show in Argentina. Osteoporosis does this, regardless of all the body wraps the old hag has done. Maybe, she should get on stage with the help of her backup dancers who make her look like their grandmohter.

  • Davis

    Just to let everyone know, it’s not true. I know for a fact. Jemima Khan is NOT dating Guy Ritchie.

  • barbara

    A Rod is past. Madonna has a new love in Brazil, 21 year old hot model Jesus Luz.

  • remember da truth

    Sheryl #15 — you are so right.
    Only kids don’t seem to get that the split is the last step in a relationship being over, not the first! People are lonely, apart, no longer bonded, out of love, and on their way to moving on long before they actually leave each other.

    I have known several couples who broke up and still lived together, even sometimes still slept together, while dating others and are totally over each other. Life isn’t a fairy tale, and people who think everything is great and then someone suddenly has an interest in someone else is delusional.

  • remember da truth

    Desire, are you really that stupid? First off, who cares if someone is a Muslim?
    But the fact that she is not, was born in England, is a rich socialite whose mother was Lady Anabelle, for whom the famous nightclub Anabelle’s was named for, really should tell you that she is not a Pakistani Muslim, for God’s sake. She married a politician/cricket player who was Pakistani.

    People who are excited because she is rich should remember that Madonna earned every penny she has. This woman inherited it. Not that she’s not smart and kind and beautiful. But just remember there is a big difference between earning your money and being born with it.

  • Silvana

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKK,33 ??? Hummmmmmmmm,i think she is 53 no?

  • Shanice

    Shes too good for him. He is known for being a gold digger after taking 70 million from madonna.

  • dd

    ahaha.madonna is so much better.madonna is the sexiest woman alive.she is sexy.she can be 50 but is the most powerfull woman alive.i dont believe in that rumour.they just went to a what?? madonna was into a party last night in brazil with a lot of famous doesnt means she is dating.tomorrow madonna will be at london and she will spend the xtmas with guy,probably that means something

  • xtmas

    she is so ugly.madonna st her age was so much better,and madonna is hot.imagine this woman at 50!!lol.she doesnt has the madonna energy.madonna is a nice person too.she is not a bitch anymore.she will join ritchie for xtmas

  • guy ritchie

    today madonna and guy will made 8 years of marriege.its sad.tomorrow they will be together,damn i hope they can make things work out.madonna is powerful and sexy and guy is the man for her

  • XX


  • MAI

    guy looks older than madonna.madonna looks gorgeous in brazil.she is so hot

  • MAI

    hot her???lol.english womens are not hot darling.look at her face.looks like a man.madonna is hotter.she is provocative.guy will never find a hotter woman than madonna.madonna is a sex bomb

  • andamentothat

    Jemima Goldsmith Khan is a step up.. DOes she still go by Khan? She used to be married to Imran Khan a long long time ago and she is closer to 35 i think.. This is not a flattering pic but she is quite skinny and gorgeous looking otherwise. Yay for Guy!

  • huh

    As a muslim myself, all i can say is: ‘desire’- you should be ashamed of yourself.

    as for the rest, jemima khan DID convert to Islam when she married him. her muslim name was haiqa, but she still went by jemima. i don’t know whether she’s still a practising muslim though.

    also, she might just be 33. she was very young when she married imran khan, only about 19 or 20.

  • Daniel

    While Guy possibly falls in love with this woman, Madonna would be a bridge for that ugly brazilian model become a supermodel.
    There’s no way that anta nordestina is in love for her.

  • barbie

    If this is true, great for Guy. Jemima is more his league. She is a billionaire’s daughter, politically connected, educated and from the same social and class circles as him.

  • huh

    I thought Jemima and Hugh were still together. Oh well, Hugh was caught with the prostitute. He’s never going to settle down.

  • http://Loverbpy Elton Jahn

    She is a dried up hag.

  • http://Loverbpy Elton Jahn

    She is a dried up hag.