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Katie Holmes Looks Beanie Beat

Katie Holmes Looks Beanie Beat

Katie Holmes looks a little worn out on Saturday night as she leaves her New York City apartment to do another performance of the play All My Sons at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

The Broadway actress looked festive in her holiday red winter coat and fun the day before in a purple polka dot top.

Earlier this week, she celebrated her 30th birthday.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes looking beanie beat…

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Credit: New York Life, Mauceri/Alequin; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Jackie O

    if someone says she is so jakie o, i swear i will haunt your a$$


    The girl’s probably wrecked from working every day. She had seriously fuddy duddyed down since being brainwashed by looney Tom though. Run Katie Run !

  • boogie


    She looks like she took too much of something!

  • candy

    This is the end result when you starve yourself. Not a good look

  • joss

    she looks like shes high on something =P
    seems to age like everyday…

  • Love her

    Dearest Jackie O, I apologize, I was being sarcastic.

  • Alice

    What has Tom done to her???

  • shammy

    My thoughts and prayers are for Katie for a relaxing, enjoyable, and relaxing retreat vacation to get some rest and peace for this dear lady.

    She needs lots of TLC from her familia and friends.

    Happy Holidays!


  • kelly


  • Jackie O

    Love her @ 12/21/2008 at 12:37 pm
    Dearest Jackie O, I apologize, I was being sarcastic.

    Thank goodness!


  • 2 tom cruise

    Dear Tom–

    It’s time to get rid of this s*k*a*n*k and get a real woman. WTF is taking you so long. You’ve let this golddigger practically ruin your image and your career. She’s nothing but a……..

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas,


    Santa will you your career back if you dump ms. homely

  • Halo

    She has open sores on her feet because she keeps wearing cheap “expensive” shoes. I have some friends who spend money on foreign shoes (Asian) and they get open sores on their feet. Katie just needs to know to stop wearing them.

    As for her lips…out here in New York, we have something called Blistex lol. She should buy it and wear it at all times for her lips to heal. The weather here is pretty cold and she probably keeps going out with dry lips which results to her lips cracking.

    It’s not shocking to know that Katie is a different woman now. I don’t think Tom is the reason she has no style. She should just be herself. She thinks marrying Tom – results in 40 year old attire. She’s forgetting that Tom didn’t marry this Katie. The woman he fell in love with was vibrant and young looking.

  • me

    Looks like Tom’s gettin herpes for Christmas.

  • me thinks

    Me thinks she has been dumped.

    Is Tom still staying at the Carlyle and meeting THE blonde there?

  • kelly

    Poor thing.
    She looks like someone punched her in the face.

  • jen

    clearl she has herpes, right?

    it is HIGHLY contagious yet she constantly kissing suri over the last two weeks.

    do you think suri has it too?

  • jan

    She should stick with the bootcut jeans. Those thunder thighs and tree trunks really show up with straight leg jeans. She needs to face the facts and wear pants that are loose.

    Katie wants to be Posh so bad.

    Katie has a bad self image. It shows in her photos all the time.

  • take a bath

    does she bathe? she always looks so nasty…..

    Tom should send her to finishing school.

    (Finishing school is a school where she must stay until she has finished learning to act. ha ha ha)

  • who?

    Who is she trying to fool? Katie has no friends….she’s never been photographed with anyone except her parents, Tom, and Tom’s mom in 3 and a half years.

    Almost everytime she comes out the door she acts like she’s on the phone. How silly…….she’s a nobody. Who would she be talking to all the time? I guess it’s her security blanket.

  • Jill

    Holy sh*t, she looks like a zombie!

  • Mousse

    God knows I am NOT a fan of her.
    But this pic is just taken a second too soon or late. Anyway it shows perfectly what I yell since more than a year: this girl needs help urgently. She is not okay, she is not in control of her life, she is anorexic, she’s ruining her health so obviously as a cry for help and everyone sees it (except Tom) but says she is “oh so Jacky O”…, She has no idea about reality concerning herself and her child, and if she continues like this, Suri will grow up with a mother that won’t live so long.
    (Anemia, AND worse, can be caused by anorexia)

  • Jill

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 12/21/2008 at 10:00 am
    …`one bad picture… just one. ‘kate’ was blinking, that’s why it looks like that. LOL
    ‘kate’ was a nobody before she met tom – he made her a somebody.

    Yeah, he made her a human wreck. Are you fcuking blind? The woman ‘s got open sores on her mouth and her feet, she looks like hell warmed over, and you talk about she looks bad because she was blinking.

    Cruise is destroying this woman, and you’ve got your nose stuck so far up his ass, you can’t even see it.

  • vitamins not working here

    I can feel an explanation as how Scienos do not believe in getting the flu coming in like 3 2 1…

  • Naty

    I think Tom is beating the fudge out of her!

  • bella

    Ton Cruise you ba—– do something, look what you’ve done and now you are conveniently away doing PR on your latest bomb of a movie. The others were stronger even though you depict this one as being strong I don’t believe it for a minute. She’s passed the money stage psychologically now you need to get her some mental health help even though you don’t believe in psychiatry. She knows if she leaves you, you will take her child away from her just like you did to Nicole Kidman. Nicole was not that close to her children at the time so she accepted it. You are a horrible person, buying these women and then discarding them at your whim, after you destroy them emotionally. KH is strong but never your equal and you know this so you play this cat and mouse game with her. Where are her parents?

  • Janie

    How about you all just leave her alone? You have no idea what goes on. Why don’t you listen to Katie and Tom rather than the tabloids? They are very happy. You can tell when they talk. These two seem very happy together and maybe Katie is just tired from three plays a day for the last three months? Just a guess! ;)

  • tessla

    Is she drunk? Is she drinking to cope? I haven’t seen her with TC lately not even on her birthday, he’s too busy promoting Valkyrie couldn’t even attend his son’s premiere seven pounds with Will Smith. Guess he smelled a turkey of a movie there but his will be too. TC is too busy trying to make money for David Miscavige the leader of Scientology and his alter-ego.

  • nicole b.

    She looks like the poster girl for “The Grudge.”

  • ginger

    whoa…..wait til Tom gets a hold of this picture…….next you’ll see whose in control either she continues to look “Grudgey” or you see “Posh Holmes” again. Wait and look at the next pics and you’ll see whose in control.

  • barb

    Katie, you should have done what Jennifer Anniston did to hide her ugly mug without her usual 3 -4 hours of professional makeup, when she was delivering to John Mayer at his place, just cover your whole face up with the scarves mummy style and just let one eye peek out to the camera, take Jennifer’s tips ….works all the time.

  • Eva m.

    Did Tom do this to her or was it his evil step-spawn Suri?

  • penelope

    Katie you need help, scientology is not even doing good for you, and I can see that because it shows it in your face that ever aince you gotten with Tom you have been up and down

  • JEssica
  • Hanna

    Will someone please get this woman to a hospital? She is going to collapse, hopefully not on stage, or with Suri in her arms. Get his lovely girl an IV, a warm bed and a few weeks off.

  • tom

    Her high heels she constantly wears obviously have not been so comfortable… So why not wear comfortable shoes? Oh, I forgot. It’s all about image to Katie. That’s why Suri’s always in designer dresses too, even in freezing weather.
    —This poor girl doesn’t have a brain in her head.

  • mimi

    Yikes! Katie does look exhausted, but I saw a pic of her taken the same day on another site and she looked really happy so hopefully she is just tired and not depressed.

  • calico

    wow. truly 8-o

  • Dyna

    Holy crap, someone needs to do an intervention on this girl.

  • cjean

    I’m no fan, but I’m not a “hater” either. She looks terrible, and with the money she’s got and has no problem flaunting any other time, she has no excuse for looking this bad, except that something is dreadfully wrong. Could be something as simple as the flu, but it’s been manifesting for a long time now. She looks like she could use a little down time with her mom, out of the lime light to get healthy again, figure out why the past year has changed her so much and then fix it. It may simply be that she feels she’s wonder woman and can handle it all. She doesn’t need to; she has nannies, money and the wisdom to decide what is priority in her life. No fan, but I do hope she gets her life together before she ends up in hosptial.

  • Mr. Blonde

    She doesn’t pimp her daughter out simply because she takes her outside to do normal things, you don’t know if she bought her role in the play, and it doesn’t matter how rich and powerful the man of her dreams is, #39.

    You can’t tell that by photos, #67. Quit playing detective and mind reader.

    That couldn’t be anymore inaccurate, #69.

    Stop blaming Cruise for everything, #72.

    You’re an idiot, #75.

    This is the first time she’s been seen with sores on her feet, #85. Don’t pretend to read minds. Does it matter if her daughter wears nice clothes as long as she has a coat and/or isn’t cold?

    People really need to stop saying that Holmes has no excuse for never looking tired, #89.

  • zach quinto’s wife

    what the hell is going on with her? SHIT.

  • pathetic

    Jared pls.posting pics that will get massive hits for this site
    why not post the beautiful pics of Katie?

  • kit

    oh my goodness Katie is tired like many people experience in the world and some loonies think its Armageddon

    get a life

  • rory

    The only ones that need help here are the fulltime trolls on this gossip site. JJ is becoming like the trashy sites posting anything just to keep going. Jared does not even post pics of Bella and Connor at Tom’s premiere to spice up gossip he’s only with Suri and excluding
    his other two kids.

    God bless this beautiful family.

  • holiday

    Kudos to her for being herself and not hiding anything. She is a beauty inside and out. This girl’s life is everyday recorded in the camera. Are the paps gonna follow her on the restrooms and her bedroom too??????????

  • belated

    HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #

    The poor thing is exhausted. What’s the big deal? I even wish I had her energy because Im about to passed out from my holiday overtime lately(Im even single and only have a dog not a baby)
    many actresses passed out in Broadway and in other filming productions but they’re not broadcast because they are not Katie Holmes….

    cold sores is fine I even have those when Im on my period or when I need Vit.C

  • westpoint

    uberchic and cute

    i like her green purse and beanie

  • huh

    what has gay dwarf tom done to her? poor katie, run, katie.

  • Ashley Banks

    Damn, katie. Pull yourself together, girl. Many women would die to be in her position as the wife of A rich gay man. You can have your thing on the side while you Spend Tom’s money. I don’t see the problem.