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Katie Holmes Looks Beanie Beat

Katie Holmes Looks Beanie Beat

Katie Holmes looks a little worn out on Saturday night as she leaves her New York City apartment to do another performance of the play All My Sons at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

The Broadway actress looked festive in her holiday red winter coat and fun the day before in a purple polka dot top.

Earlier this week, she celebrated her 30th birthday.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes looking beanie beat…

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Credit: New York Life, Mauceri/Alequin; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • It’s ROBO bride

    Jessica @ 12/21/2008 at 11:23 pm
    Lisa @ 12/22/2008 at 12:24 am

    Actually I have been around plays before. Katie is the one that said it was the perfect job because now that rehearsals were OVER she had all day to spend with Suri. In the plays I’ve been involved with once they start, there are no rehearsals unless the director thinks there is something wrong that needs to be defined. And then they generally just work on that aspect of the play. Furthermore the meetings tend to be minimal. Getting ready generally takes no more than 90 minutes. So she seems to have an awful lot of down time to rest don’t you think?

  • oh hell no

    Oh boy, this is one too many crap pics of Homely. It’s effing cold in NY and you need to stay home and rest. Homely, please seek medical help fast. And for God’s sake, an understudy can perform in your absence. No need to spread your virus and germs around. Please hide and fade away.

  • pink

    How cool it would be if she also wins the Tonys for All My Sons add the blessing of Cruise nominated for Tropic Thunder at the GG.

  • Kat-liter makes me vomit

    I wish this goldigger, non talent, tranny would keep all that f*ucking ugliness and herpes to herself. Kat-liter is such a non talent, average looking booger.

  • estrogen monster

    She looks like L isa Mac Pher son did before she … google the name.

    I think she’s not buying Scifagloony anymore and she’s been doing purification rundowns. I believe she’s not doing so well with the auditing and the vitamin preparations are being over prescribed – the cold sores could be blisters from too much Niacin.

    Katie will fade away. Tom will divorce her quietly. This has to be managed well. She knows too much about his ghey.

  • Who?

    Can anybody say “Amy Winehouse”?

  • Idani

    pink @ 12/22/2008 at 1:07 am

    Her performance won’t even be nominated. She was only average.

  • gemma

    Katie is still far lovelier than the ugly unhappy lowlives trolls!

  • peta

    Katie is a sweetheart and a pretty one. All she needs is rest and after Jan.11 she can be with her family and unwind before making movies again which i miss terribly from her.

  • ymani

    omg, katie, yourstyle is great, but pull yourself together, and jesus, let little suri walk sometime. maybe that’s the reason she’s so rambunctious in every picture. COME ON!

  • Mr. Blonde

    I’ve never defend Scientology or any other religion, #122.

    Who the hell is that Davis person? I’ve never heard about him beng associated with TomKat at all.

    I only tell people to shut up occasionally when I hear something so stupid and redundant, #124? What vulgar language and obnoxious behavior?

    Why is her a jerk, #127? They love each other.

    And you’re so innocent, #129.

    Um…no, #132.

    Watch you be wrong-again, #135.

    He was busy and had a job, #137. I’m sure his family understand especially with that cake he sent to his wife. Do you judge only Cruise or all fathers or mothers that miss a school play or an event or whatever because they have to work?

    What an ignorant thing to say, #146. People really need to stop using that excuse. It’s a LARGE supporting part and just as demanding as the other parts.

    I was wondering when someone would come along with some nutty conspiracy theory, #155. Is that what you’re insinuating, #151?

  • charollett

    Sounds like a lot of people are jealous of Tom and Katie. How about some compassion and wishing Katie well. Jealous people always have to say mean things and put people down. Why all the hurtful comments about her looking old and make her feel bad, she has done nothing to any of you people.

  • Reflex

    Even I do look that bad when i’m doing the cleaning
    So much for lifestyles of the rich and the famous

  • LuckyL

    Lol, she’s powering down

  • sunnymaid

    uh PUUUULEEEZ #162, that is SO tired. LOOK AT HER!!! who in their right mind would be jealous of her???? She looks like a strung out herion addict!!!!!

    She’s with one of the most ridiculed actors in the world….jealous???? Yea, NO

  • sunnymaid

    and BLONDE, once again you are INCORRECT. This is NOT the first time she’s been photographed with corns/bunions/blisters on her feet. She was photographed at the LFL premiere with all of the above

    OH and I hate to make you cry….no wait, no I don’t…but your idol is such a LOSER, he has to bribe people to say good things about his upcoming stink bomb

    Distractingly bad,” and “unengaging Nazi escapade” are among some of the reviewers’ comments attached to “Valkyrie,” Tom Cruise’s film that opens Christmas day.

    Cruise’s people can’t be happy —for the obvious reasons — but also, according to a source with radio station K-Earth 101, the Cruise camp was willing to go to great lengths to garner some positive publicity. In fact, they went so far as to offer a screening for anyone at the station and their friends at the Cruise home, if only they’d “say ‘nice things’ about the movie,” according to the source.

    Here’s what’s said to have happened. On Nov. 24, Mark Steines of “Entertainment Tonight” called into the show to discuss the exclusive interview “ET” had scored with Cruise. During the course of the interview with Lisa Stanley, Stanley mocks Cruise for not having a German accent in the film, says early viewers “laughed at it,” and then asks, “Listen, I’m just curious how you have no German accent, so many delays, and now people are saying, ‘It’s fantastic!’ It’s impossible.”

    Impossible if you’ve seen the film … maybe. Which is why, according to the radio station source, a member of Cruise’s camp called the station to offer up a free friends and family screening.

    “They offered to hold it in Tom’s home — they didn’t say if he’d be there or not,” the source says. “We just had to agree to say ‘nice things’ about the movie.”

    Cruise’s camp didn’t respond to a request for comment.

  • joey

    katie is the prettiest girl in her family her sisters are not so pretty no good genes there and it’s showing….. look people she’s not glamorous just pretty or pretty o.k if even but very lucky girl.