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Matthew McConaughey: Travel Update!

Matthew McConaughey: Travel Update!

Matthew McConaughey just updated his MySpace Celebrity, posting pics of himself, longtime love Camila and their son Levi. Here’s what he shared about his latest travels, generously plugging away at his new brand:

“Back on the west coast after some incredible travels… cool inspirations seen and done via the road and had some real just keep livin (jkl) moments along the way…

-Took a 14 day road trip with my buddy Gus down to southern Baja. He and I became great friends on the road 16 years ago and we needed to get back on track with our friendship and do some of that old fashioned phi-loso-phising that only a road trip can render…we needed it, we got it, thanks Gus…j.k. livin

-We broke down in the middle of the desert while on that trip, in a place where we hadn’t seen nor heard another human for three days. I had to jog down a dirt road for a couple of hours in hope of finding a trace of anyone…Well, I finally did, and her name was “Matty“, an 82 year old Mexican woman who loaned me (a complete stranger speaking broken Spanish), her 1981 Isuzu truck with 263,000 miles on it. That truck got us to a place where we could get the gear to fix MY truck and get back on the road…Thanks Matty….just keep livin….Good hearted strangers and trust….cool

-After 4,206 miles of camping across America, I was once again reminded of how good looking this country is…saw family and friends, met strangers, made acquaintances…I was in some predominately “red” states when President-elect Obama was elected. I talked to a bunch of people who had voted for McCain and-check this- unanimously, those same people were genuinely excited and hopeful about Obama being elected…They all felt that the country had spoken in earnest, electing Obama, and they were more than “ready for the ride”, they were ready to get into the action…cool…j.k. livin

- I spent my 39th birthday on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon…almost got “butted” of the edge by a ram and caught some shooting stars…as for the first sight of the GC, mother nature created something that looks so fake, its real….cool

-We decided to put a “dime of every dollar” j.k. livin brands makes into the j.k. livin foundation. We appreciate the online sales so far and know that we put a lot of time into each product choice and we believe in the message that no matter what, we gotta “just keep livin.” …Now, a piece of every purchase is helping some kids who need it, do the same…Check out for more info about the store and foundation…appreciate it…cool…j.k. givin

-Getting into some new music, best album front to back I’ve heard in a while is the new Kings of Leon, “Only by the Night”….good music….cool…j.k. listenin’

-I went to Brazil for the first time to visit my lady’s family and tour the land a bit…Found a very proud and happy culture there. We ate, we drank, we danced, and they tolerated my stumbling through the Portuguese language….I will return, beautiful country, beautiful and classy people…thanks Brazil…cool

just keep livin, mcconaughey

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  • Jessica

    Thank you Matthew!

    I’m proud to be brazilian and I’m happy that you liked my country! Brazil will be proud to have you at anytime!


  • ellie

    wow what a journey.. I’ve been to Brazil and would love to come back!great pics I knew you would be great parents

  • redneck

    Thought I just had to be a red neck white collar worker to have that good of day on my time off….. maybe I can still make the bucks…. Hugh where are you for all of us real woman….

  • andrea

    I think its cool that he gets to travel where he wants to go and that his girlfriend is up for it. They seem like a kick back kind of family.

  • diva

    first that pic is too cute! all the traveling he gets 2 do is amazing his kid is gonna grow up just like him

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  • ct

    who cares about him and his penelope cruz knock-off

  • gerard Vandenberg

    just one word: DISGUSTING, folks!!

  • Nicole

    its true what he said about the Grand Canyon…..looks so fake, but its so real…only way to describe it

  • dl

    It’s like reading something a ninth grader wrote…dude.

  • babydoll.

    just keep livin?? its the new slogan for livestrong? c’mon matty, ain’t a lance armstrong.

  • zach quinto’s wife

    what the hell? why does he keep saying JUST KEEP LIVING? JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK JK. lol
    but, i love their family (:

  • zach quinto’s wife

    oh sorry, forgot to put the L’s. lol

  • Lori

    Aww, I like MM. If nothing else, he has great taste in music. I LOVE Kings of Leon and addicted to their CDs. America, wake up, they’re a great homegrown band!

  • MarieMJS

    I love him, he’s awesome and he’s living his life, enjoying travelling and exploring the world. I wish more people would be that down to earth.
    And he has a lovely family too!! I find it fantastic that they are travelling with the baby.


    he’s such a looper. His ‘lady’ is a scanger!

  • mariana


    we love you, Matthew and Camila.. sortuda voce não? hahaa. (just a sentence in portuguese.. it means = you’re lucky dont you, Camila? haha)

  • Anon

    Matthew is crazy…in a really good way. I think he is a complete delight.
    The baby is absolutely adorable and the Lady Momma seems like a sweet, laid back beautiful woman. Good on you, Matty!

  • lee

    I cannot believe this man is almost 40. No wonder he dates twenty-somethings. And why didn’t he mention his little boy? At least we know what his tombstone will say: Just Keep Livin’! Annoying!

  • I love pepper

    Great family! Now they just need to get married and make their relationship legit!

  • Puke

    Matt is a drunk and a race traitor and “his lady is ugly”. If Brazil is so great why are the people there dying to get out. Stay home in America Matt and sing our praises for once in your drunken life. America the beautiful.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ;matthew’s a mamjor lame.

  • Helena

    There is no way in hell he will marry this fug woman I hope all three of them tumble backward over a cliff. Woody Harrelson is a much better actor than Matt.

  • Triple x

    Camila is absolutely gorgeous….and Matthew knows it. Those who say jealous comments about her are just that – jealous!

  • Elektra

    What a bunch of fugly and jealous women here…I bet all you fat asses are just very fricking envious. Camila is beautiful. Enough said.

  • ckayed

    This guy is so not cool. He tries so hard to be Mister King of Cool and he is just not. He has lost his appeal and I think it is because he opens his mouth too often these days and what comes out isn’t very complimentary to the English language OR the human race. YUCK!

  • tizzy

    I hope he gave, that ‘stranger’ who helped him when he was desperate and trusted him completely without prejudice (as she would probably had received) a lot of money!

    # 26 Agreed he is the opposite of cool.

  • Hackeyed Matt

    McConaughey is a fool who can barely string a complete sentence together, by procreating with this ugly mongrelized gold-digger he has further polluted his own stupid jackass gene pool.

  • *Irish eyes are crying*

    Why did he settle for that ugly thing I will never know. He could have done so much better.

  • Ian, Irish-American dude

    Where are all the racists coming from? Camilla is a beautiful lady and McConaughey is lucky to have her and their son in his life. He has a family now.

  • senior

    Thanks for this thread on Matt and Camilla Jared. Matthew thanks for sharing, Brazil is a wonderful country and yes, a very cool place and people. Best Wishes, and many blessings, to you and your lovely family in 2009!

  • pat

    Hey dumb@$$ , Haven’t you heard of the violence down south ? Did you atleast offer the lady some $$? Stop acting like your some kind of god .Trump paid off someones house when his car broke down.. Now that’s generosity!!!

  • bonnie

    He’s just like every other idiot who was never interested in Kings of Leon until this year when they released Sex on Fire and every little moron suddenly claimed to be their biggest fan. Jump on any band wagon, eh Matt?
    And he can’t spell- you dont get pushed ‘of’ a cliff, you get pushed ‘off’ it. What a twat. He seems pretty self obsessed, his poor girlfriend and kid get left behind while he buggers off on another bromance.

  • Ugh!

    He won’t marry that ugly dark hairy poor skank. And that kid looks just like its ugly mother. Maybe its not yours Matt, ever think of that.

  • shea

    i find it annoying that he keeps saying “cool” at the end of everything too

  • Ugh

    Hey, Skank is not an ugly word why delete it? I only said skank which she is S K A N K!

  • April

    cute family :)

  • no talent

    camila is not dark she is half white and spanish


    Camila is UUUgly, Giselle Bündchen is Beautiful,both are from Brazil.


    #no talent#
    Camila is white and portuguese,not spanish.

  • Mungo Ogun

    Camila is not half spanish she is a Pardo from Brasil you obviously don’t know anything about the Pardo people of that country. She has nothing to do with Spanish anything. Brasil and the people there are not like the Spanish people people of other countries in South America. And yes, Half the people of Brasil are dark-skinned so what. They are also White in large numbers. Brasil is different and unique and Portuguese speaking so don’t lump them in with the other Spanish speaking countries. Do research and learn the facts about Brasil.

  • Mungo Ogun

    No, she’s not white & Portuguese she is a Pardo., So is model Adriana Lima. Giselle is ethnic German. Ambrosio is ethnic Italian. Please research Brasil to learn the truth about that special country.

  • hello

    okay so whats pardo pardo is white and portugese or latin she still has european and portugese roots

  • T

    #33- I think it is cool he gave a shout out to KOL. As much as you want them to be your hidden treasure, a band needs to grow and attract new fans. They’re still not that big in the US and they want to be. Their music deserves a wider audience.

  • peaches and cream

    His lady is really hangin on to him and following him all over the world, putting up with living in a trailer, and hangin out on the beach. Even got knocked up to keep him around. Too bad he won’t marry her a$$!!!! She will be 30 soon, alas, too old for Matthew. He’ll find another lady friend and string her along too. Just Keep Livin!

  • peaches and cream

    Also that poor baby looks cold in the pic. Ever heard of a hat or blanket? Sheez.

  • Mungo Ogun

    Pardo is not white And Portuguese you fool! The Pardo people are European and African and Amerindian look it up if you don’t know what the Pardo people are.!

  • Sandra

    Well this explains why she named her handbag collection Muxo, “Goddess of the Water”, based on the entity Yemoja. She is giving the people in the West a history lesson about herself. The Pardos are a broad classification of mixed race people the Whites, Blacks & Amerindians and they constitute, according to the most recent census of 2007, roughly 52% of the population of Brazil. Why are some Americans so hung up on this sort of thing? I have been to Brazil once and the country is very different from what most people imagine.

  • say what

    camila dont have no damn african or black in her did you hear her say that she is from brazil and portugese where are youll getting your info from levi is white mm is white and camila is white and portugese why are you putting african or black in this she is not mixed with black

  • Unbelivable

    Say What, Hello whatever name you use troll doesn’t change the facts. To those of you who want to know the truth just do your research about the Pardo people of Brasil on the internet. Anyone with eyes to see can clearly see that this is a Pardo woman. Over half of the population of Brasil are racially mixed as stated above, but one thing for sure she is no damn stupid Puerto Rican like this troll.