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Paris Hilton: Devastated By Burglary

Paris Hilton: Devastated By Burglary

Paris Hilton is “devastated” by the burglary of over $2 million worth of jewels from her LA home between late Thursday evening and 4 a.m. Friday.

“I am devastated. I cannot believe someone broke into my home. They took items that had such sentimental value that no one will ever be able to replace,” she tells Life & Style. “I’m just thankful that I wasn’t there when it happened.”

The heiress was out partying in LA when her home was broken into. An insider reveals that “millions of dollars of jewelry was stolen — diamonds, necklaces, rings, watches and family heirlooms from her grandmothers.”

Luckily, though, the insider says the thief was caught on tape. “Paris has surveillance cameras set up in every room,” says the insider, who’s seen the tapes. “The thief was wearing a black hoody and knew exactly where to go, like he’s been there before.”

Taking no risks, “Paris has upped her security team to three 24-hour bodyguards, and she has someone on her property at all times,” adds the insider. “Detectives are doing a huge investigation.”

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  • FroFro

    All that money and you’d think she could afford a safe…..and a brain.

  • Amy

    The moron left her door unlocked!! Nobody deserves to get robbed, but seriously, she’s got shitty security if someone can just walk in and take all that.

  • nunny

    i agree with number 1
    but its always sad when things ar taken from u

  • SO Sad

    Ya I feel really bad for her. People are starving and homeless in this world and she has 2 million and jewels stolen. Cry me a friggin river. She seriously needs a reality check.

  • eda

    omg! poor paris.. i mean the sentimental items =/

  • sarah


  • naty

    It must have been someone who had access to her house, that happens a lot, you can trust people anymore. You have to be careful who you let in to your house.

  • Sarah

    Please,she lives in a gated community,Most of her doors,and windows does not have to be top-notch-locked 24/7.

    you need a reality check.
    Yes,people are losing there jobs,but 2m worth of jewelery is a lot.
    LAPD better do a investigation.

    as someone who has been a victum of burglary,and been robbed,this isn’t something small.
    Someone went into HER home,and took HER jewelery.

  • anon

    I can’t stand Paris, but nobody deserves to be a victim of robbery. I hope they catch that mother and put his butt where it belongs. And just maybe she’ll get back some of her Grandmothers jewels. Sounds to me like it’s an inside job. Someone who either partied at her house before, or someone who has done work there. Probably the latter. People are extra desperate this time of year.

  • April

    boo fucking hoo

  • SO Sad

    LOL comment #1.

  • duh

    where were the police
    dont they have a patrol in the area?

    isin’t there a guard gate for the community?
    and what about a burglar alarm?
    she kept all that jewelry just lying around the house?
    hope she gets everything back.
    I guess she was too trusting a person.

  • Marta

    of course all jewellery was insured and catalogued.
    At least owner of 2M $ jewellery, who has some brain , would catalogued and insured all items.

  • mary

    who would be ABLE to steal from PARIS HILTON’S house.
    wow, they’re skilled.

  • whatever, yo

    #14, they’ve done it before………

  • Anon

    This really smells. Maybe it was her former running buddy, Brandon Davis. I heard the Poor Little Rich Boy-Junkie ‘s allowance was cut off by his grand parents and he has been panhandling his friends and begging nights on different people’s couches.

    And I bet there are a lot of “friends of Paris” who are very surprised to know she has TV surveillance cameras in every room. I’ll bet those cameras catch some real interesting stuff from time to time. The person who walked around as if they’ve been there before, probably HAS been there before. They wore a hood because they knew about the cameras, too.

    I don’t feel sorry for Paris. She is not a very nice person, she’s mean and underhanded. She has tried to be better in public since she went to jail. She is still a nasty person. She is doing this for attention because she is upset about her break-up. She is SO jealous of Nicole she wanted to get the other Madden brother so she could do the “marriage and a baby” thing, to compete with Nicole Ritchie. But she is just doing it for show. That’s why she got dumped. Paris is crazy.

  • Nurse river

    Paris is a lovely woman but perhaps too careless with where she stashed all her jewelery. Nobody deserves to be robbed, but locking one’s door when leaving the premises is a basic necessity these days. Who leaves their doors unlocked with priceless jewels laying all about? Hmmmm – I like Paris and I wish her well. By all means, she should increase the level of security in her home. She lives in a mansion behind locked gates for goodness sakes! I guess the rich can afford to loose nice stuff…they’ll only just get more and more to replace what was lost.
    I hope they catch the thief…this person obviously knew where to find the goods and needs to return it all plus pay restitution to society.
    Times are tough yes, but never should one steal.
    If you’re hungry, go to a food kitchen. Get a job.
    Don’t take advantage of trusting souls who themselves work.
    Have peace in your souls.

  • FroFro

    #12 – I’d bet money that she has all those things in place to protect her belongings and property and person. BUT, you have to actually SET the alarm, LOCK the doors, and put those personal precious irreplaceable things in a safe and lock it. Considering the person it happened to, I would guess it was more an issue of lack of brains and street smarts than an over-abundance of trust.

    I agree #4 and April. I’ll shed tears for people who work their ass off for their meager belongings and a bit of sucess here and there only to be robbed of it all. It happened to a co-worker of mine 2 months ago. They took EVERYTHING, even the family photos and the kids christmas gifts! Poor Princess Paris will just replace it with the insurance money she will get and buy more unecessary crap that she will wear once and toss in a basket on her vanity. I also agree that it was probably someone she knew…someone who knew they could get away with it. They obviously assessed her as an easy target for some reason. I cant imagine what that reason would be.

  • Selena Gomez

    That is really sad. Who nows who could have done it. There are so many people that hate her its not evan funny.By the way what happened to her new”bff” from that show on Mtv. Wasnt her name Brittany. She could Have done it not metioningt names.

  • FroFro

    ****Don’t take advantage of trusting souls who themselves work.****

    I didnt realize she actually worked. Oh right, her BFF show and her thingie she did for a month out of every year where she had to milk cows and shttt. Got it. ***shakes head****

  • montana mike

    everyone knows that she goes out every single night of her life, so you
    don’t have to plan too much to steal from her. it’s not cool to steal from someone, but i have a hard time feeling sorry for her. 2 million could have gone along way towards helping out her old roommates from lynwood

  • Starr with two “r” baby

    i don’t like Paris at all but she doesn’t deserve it. Nobody does. Even my biggest enemy.People who say otherwise are just plain evil. I truly understand her and hope she’ll get all those jewels back. I’m pretty sure it’s an inside job though.I agree that people are starving around the world and have no moeny at all but you won’t change those rich people, they don’t feel concerned, seems like it has nothing to do with them….they just think they worked to get this money so why helping poor people? and as for paris who grew up with a golden spoon, she’s always had all what she wants to, she’s never known what poverty is and even though she wants to help poor people, she’ll never do it alone. I personally think this world will change only when rich people (billionnaires and millionnaires) unite to give money to charity but HELLO do you seriously think this will happen? when pigs fly! haha. Don’t be mean with her folks, she lost her personal things, even for the most stupid brat, that’s sad. Be compassionate once in a while.

  • cary

    I feel bad that her house was broken into (I know what that fees like) but oh poor Paris Hilton losing millions of dollars worth of jewels. She can probably buy all of Tiffany’s if she wanted.

  • Nicole

    Is there any reason to ever feel bad for Paris Hilton? I haven’t found one yet. Not jail. Not herpes. Not her jewelry being stolen. Nothing.

  • Wendy and Lisa

    $110 bucks says the “robber” was one of her little brothers. Gimme a break!

  • bella

    She probably knows who did it. But having 2 mil worth o jewelry lying around the bedroom? Mmmmme not buy it. I wonder if the lame brain even paid the insurance premium on her “stolen” jewelry. Remember, times are not tough for just Brandon Davis but Paris Hilton too since her grandfather cut her off and so did Benji Madden. Paris does EXAGGERATE somewhat, so was it 2 mil? or less and she with the help of Mr. Minitz added on. Wonder if any sex tapes or kinky objects missing too.

  • geez

    Even if she’s a Hilton, I do not think she deserves to be robbed. And why should the rich give their $ to the poor? I mean if they want to, that is fine but no pressures here. Would u share your shopping money to the starving third world people? I bet you do not really need ipods, designer jeans and coach bags so why don’t you donate your $ instead? Don’t u think it is just the same situation but only in a different level?

    I think Paris or her family already pay taxes more than anyone in this gossip website…

    Oh well,,,,

  • Anon

    You watch. The jewlery is gonna get returned by some anonymous person and the whole thing will fade. I don’t think she intended for all this . The police call put it out in public. Now the heat is up. Do you know how hard it is to fence “heirloom” jewelry when the “heir” is a Hilton? That jewelry is probably famous…and do not worry. Girl froiend had insurance. I don’t know if the insurance company will pay up if the door was unlocked…altho, maybe the person who “robbed” her had a key? Door unlocked? Alarm not activated? Wow. That sounds REAL careless. Uh huh.

  • killershoes

    Was there globs of grease and sweat splattered about everywhere that was burglered? HUMMMMMMM? Could this be a inside insurance job from a beary ol friend?


    While it’s terrible that Paris had things stolen from her house, I really don’t give a shit that she lost stuff. People like her born into a perfect high society don’t understand reality. There’s tons of families out there that could use even the smallest portion of her money to use to give their children Christmas presents that the children really want and such.. believe me I would know because I’m one of them. She’s sad because she lost diamonds? No. Honey, please, get yourself some independency and stop being such a Barbie faker. You’ll never be one anyway.


    While it’s terrible that Paris had things stolen from her house, I really don’t give a shit that she lost stuff. People like her born into a perfect high society don’t understand reality. There’s tons of families out there that could use even the smallest portion of her money to use to give their children Christmas presents that the children really want and such.. believe me I would know because I’m one of them. She’s sad because she lost diamonds? No. Honey, please, get yourself some independency and stop being such a Barbie faker. You’ll never be one anyway.

  • bey rocks

    i guess thats what happens when u party all night long

  • alex

    we all know she’s a snobby rich attention whor.e
    but it doesnt give you people the right to make fun of her
    i understand what she’s going through because i had this happen
    to me. it sucks when people take your stuff and go through
    your personal belongings. it makes you feel very violated.
    you people are just ignorant, cold-hearted bastards

  • FroFro

    I dont see anyone making fun of her. I see people calling it for what it is. If you are stupid enough to leave your doors open and millions in jewels money whatever sitting around, then you are asking to get robbed, especially if someone knows you are this careless. Yes, its sad, but I am not going to feel bad for her. I feel bad for friends and neighbors who lost their homes or jobs this year, not this useless shell of a human being who has more money than an entire community of regular people will ever see in their lifetimes. Paris did not earn the money she has. What a waste.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im telling u it was benji =]

  • roccksstaaar

    I agree that it was Benji! Lmao. That cracked me up, but I still feel sorry for her.

  • GEEZ



  • lol

    i think she probably lost a lot of money in the stock market, so she hired someone to robbed her house to cheat insurance.
    seriously, she can get all the money back through her insurance company and more importantly—–A HEADLINE—–for free.
    this is just too fishy. can someone say INSURANCE FRAUD!

  • remember da truth

    Fro Fro — you are so right!!!

    It’s a terrible shame and a violation, and no one is condoning the thief, who is even lower than Paris. But her grandmother’s heirlooms should be in a safe. And NOW she gets a security guard on her house 24/7? AFTER 2 million in jewels walks away?

    And what about her choice in friends, who know where she hides her jewels? I’m sorry, but I don’t even know where my friends hide their jewels, because they are ALONE when they take them off and put them away where they belong!!!!

    Obviously, someone who is out every night at clubs and boyfriends’ houses should not leave heirlooms that mean something to her left to lie around. She doesn’t deserve to be robbed, but she deserves a kick in the head.

  • sweetjasmine

    “I am devastated” my ass. “WA WA WA” dat servz her right. dat bitch iz motherfuckin’ spoiled. if it waz me i woulda robbed her God damned houz. i kno right… she sho dezerve a kick in the head ( if she haz 1). she sucha a fuckin’ airhead, who dezerv nothin’ but shit.

  • brie2009

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Well who ever the dude or chick was must be a real pro in stealing stuff.

    #30 you are right about Paris. With the economy going bad all she can do is cry about having her diamonds stolen. Many people are crying cause they are losing their houses and jobs. She should at least feel bad for those who are losing everything not some stupid diamonds.

  • brie2009


    She needs to stop partying. She is almost hitting her 30′s and all she can do is party. At least Nicole Richie realized that and is now having a better life without the partying. And she is taking care of Harlow’s life and not her reputation.

  • Tushar

    though i m frm india i m a gr8 fan of urs and felt vry bad on hearing of the burgalary