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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Christmas Cute

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Christmas Cute

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal keep it low-key and casual in jeans, shades and hats while strolling through Brentwood, Calif., on Sunday afternoon.

Reese, 32, and Jake, 28, were in the neighborhood to do some Christmas shopping. Among their many stops: Brentwood Country Mart (also a favorite of Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck).

The duo may have been stocking up on cool toys for Deacon and Ava, who will reportedly be spending Christmas with mama Reese and Jake this year.

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133 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Christmas Cute”

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  1. 101
    Ivana Says:

    Kiki i watched “Pinneaple Express” with James Franco … he is so divine, i love his smile and his energy… I think i am in love. :-D

  2. 102
    Ivana Says:

    Is this means that Jake become history… :))))) i think not ..

  3. 103
    Kristen Says:

    Ivana ~

    Merry Christmas. I hope you and your family had a wonderful safe holiday.

    Oh I can’t wait to see it now. I think I’ll rent in tomorrow. Isn’t james Franco GORGEOUS! I think I may fall in love too. Jake is too handsome too – love his look with the long hair!

    So nice to chat again. I missed our little talks…

  4. 104
    Kristen Says:

    Ivana ~

    Merry Christmas. I hope you and your family had a wonderful safe holiday.

    Oh I can’t wait to see it now. I think I’ll rent in tomorrow. Isn’t james Franco GORGEOUS! I think I may fall in love too. Jake is too handsome too – love his look with the long hair!

    So nice to chat again. I missed our little talks…

  5. 105
    Kristen Says:

    sorry for the double post – I don’t know why it did that

  6. 106
    X Says:


    Germany was devasted morally and economically by Hitler but this country learned a lot in spite of fact of some people have nazi ideas.

    Se, I hope sincerely you would not be this way.

    I know a little of Germany. Next my home there´s a place callet ‘Santuário de Schöesntat”. It´s incredible true history about a German priest who saved a hundred of Jewish in II World War in German land. Probably you know.

    In this place, there are some priest and nuns who came from Germany. Some Brazilians students go to Germany too. There a interexchange.

    These ideas are totally oposity Se´s ideas.

    I think you need reconsidering your ideas if you wanna be happy.

  7. 107
    X Says:


    I think James Franco is a dish. In truth, I prefer him than Christian Batman Bale. I heard rumours about Oscar nomination to James.

    But my true love is still Jake.

    Do you know Jake will be host at Golden Globe ? I am looking forward to see him with long hair live in 11 jan 2009.

  8. 108
    Ivana Says:

    X i read it about Golden Globe.
    Jake is great choice for host. I think he will be perfect, but on this last pics he cut his long hair. Don’t worry i still love him. :-)

    Kiki Thank you on your wishes…
    James is so cute, even when he play drug dealer :)))
    I noticed that he look little bit like Heath.

  9. 109
    Francesca Says:

    So X, do you live in Brazil? Where? I know Rio mainly, although I have visited Brasilia and Belo Horizonte. Big country and very nice people. Amazing that they tend to like Yankees, or at least they used to. Not like Peruvians and Argentinians, etc., who do NOT like Yankees. I have a theory why Brazilians like Yankees and will explain if you want.

  10. 110
    ellena Says:

    So they are fabulous together, but did he have to give her his baseball cap?

  11. 111
    se Says:


    The generation of Second World War died!
    Nowadays the bigest victim of First and Second World War France and Russia work together with Germany.
    I like the mentality of europeans very much. They find always a way to begin again.
    You know the ex chanceller of Germany Gerhard Schöder…He got the relationship with Russia and Germany. The minister of Russia Putin would send to Germany oil through Polan but Polan wouldn’t like. The Russia decided to send oil for Germany and France through the North Sea.
    When these countries celebrate the End of Second World War they celebrate together….
    In you can watch the celebrate in Moscow 2005 Victory Parade. And in youtube you can watch the germany army in Moscow too…

    Don’t believe what you watch at TV or cinema and try to read good book about history and watch the documentary of BBC or Guido Knopp in youtube too.

    Do you know Saint Hildergard von Bingen. She was the first ( women ) doctor of Germany. She composed lot of music. She had been lived in Middle Age but she said that in future the people would have problems with pollution etc…

  12. 112
    se Says:


    I thing that the Israel are making the same dirty war as Adolf Hitler.
    The Palestina would be bombarded TODAY….. and Libano too. It wasn’t the germans that bombarded another countries at present. Nowadays Israel and USA bombarded another countries. USA had been killed millions of people!
    Today in Palestina were 300 people!

  13. 113
    se Says:

    The Video Game Mafia and the Disney Company had payed to Jake Gyllenhaal work in Golden Globe.
    It is long time that he didn”t appear in films and the people probable fogot him. It will be difficoult reconize in Prince of Persian because the computer animation must transform his face in a real face of a men of Iran.
    I will not watch because I haven’t wish to see all these monster with Botox and 1 kg of make up. Or woman with masculine muscle because they are making excessive fitness. It is a familiar party because Hollywood has a plague of nepotism. I the opinion that these families are very bad and represent nothing!
    The film of this year are garbage too!

  14. 114
    X Says:


    I live in São Paulo.
    I don´t understand when you say Brazilians like Yankees. Did you want to refer to team ? I don´t see any Brazilian passion for Yankees.
    Brazilian people don´t know any sport that it´s not football (soccer). It´s fanatism.
    In my opinion, Brazilians don´t dislike peruvian. I´ve never realized anything against this people.
    But Argentinian is other history cause it exists a big rivalry (you know: Pelé X Maradona, Black people (macacos) X Argentinian (only true european in South America) (LOL).

    But, in the end, we are all in the same ship. I mean, even with some despot presidents, in Latin America we live in peace and the countries help each other.

  15. 115
    X Says:

    ellena, I am not sure if he did cause I think Reese´s head must be smallest than Jake´s head.
    And more they must have a billion of caps in their wardrobe (LOL).

  16. 116
    X Says:


    I have to agree with you in some points.
    2008 isn´t good year to Jake in his private and professional life.
    He lost a good friend, his grandmother, his parents divorced…
    He didn´t launch any movie. Nailed was shut for three or four times cause no money. I bet Brothers would be movie to Oscar and it seems people didn´t like. I hope to be wrong but I think these movies don´t go to theaters.
    The only good new, in my opinion, it´s PoP cause it´s big production Walt Disney.
    I know that you don´t like anything about Jake but I still believe he has power and I think he must choose better movies, alternanting ‘arts movies’ with comercial movies as all star do.

  17. 117
    Francesca Says:

    X I meant NorthAmericans…people from the USA…. when I said Yankees. I didn’t want to use the term Americans since other people in the Western hemisphere claim they are Americans too. My experience when I was in Brazil, long ago, 1965-1966, was that Brazilians at least then seemed to like Americans. Peruvians did not like Americans nor did any of the Spanish Americans (Ecuadorians , Venezuelans, etc. ) like Americans. Yes, I know that Brazilians adore soccer (futebol). When I was there in 1966 and the Portuguese won vs. Brazil, most of the “bares” (run by Portuguese) in Rio were trashed completely. Hatred, sheer hatred.

  18. 118
    Ivana Says:

    Se deserve Reese Witherspoon’s Paige Denim Jeans…. :-D

  19. 119
    se Says:


    Brothers isn’t a original film. It is a copy a film from sweden. I have seen this film. There are one of DVD in public library near here.
    The women whose acted in this film was this actress whiose was the empress in film Gladiator, Connie Nielsen!

    I repeat the new direction of Disney Company is very bad and the director Michael Eisner. They things only about money and in this film they would like to have greatest profit using children and teenager.
    They are a very dirty prostitutes!

  20. 120
    se Says:


    I wouldn’t like to take sexual illness and problems with syphilis whose destroy the brain, heart and skin.
    So bad is win a turism travel to DAFUR in Sudan!

  21. 121
    se Says:


    The brazilian don’t like Americans too. It is because they changed their international comerce to Chine too!
    Brazilian and Americans are two folks that don’t match.
    You have been in Brazil long time ago. Brazil isn’t a country if friend people more. They were in the past and perhaps you can find this people somewhere in Brazil. Brazil is a very violent country where the people attack you on street and they are dishonest on bussness. It is because lot of custmers of Airport in the world don’t let the brazilians make turism or imigrate at present!

    Sorry X I am not speaking speak about you but the people must know how the brazilians are at present. What’s happen in Airports here in Europa and USA!

  22. 122
    se Says:

    Perhaps Brazil is the biggerst country after USA whose make drug trafficking!

  23. 123
    se Says:


    You can observe? The world will End because the people are stupid!
    Look at the quantity of people whose like this dirty and bad tast of mode Jeans!

  24. 124
    Ivana Says:

    Who would like to take sexual illness …. i guess no one normal.
    Still i think you use wrong site to express your protest….

    This jeans obviously amuse people, in ancient Rome they have gladiators… now they have shopping :))).

  25. 125
    se Says:

    When sombody would be arrest in ancient Roman thee were 2 possiblities: The people went to work in a farm as slave or they would be killed in a Circus by an wild animal or gladiator. During the interval or break was the death sentence….If you had financial problems you must work as slave 5 years until you debt would be finished…
    The Roman don’t let the people in prison because it was expensive for the State. The money of State were for the soldier whose defended the border against the primitive; robber and assassins Barbarian…

    Ther are still Gladiator shows at television and Hollywood make lot of film with violences in this way!
    The difference is that the governments of World and the ditactors leathers of Globalization use the violence to let the people confused and with fear. They thing that they dominate the people with dirty sistem.
    There are another things that these ditaktors leathers are using too:

    Bad schools for the people don’t thing too much and revolted against government.
    They attack the family with help of TV and Cinema when they make propaganda of divorce and the youth have sex early to them destroy their lives ….. then the market would be full of slaves whose take every job because they haven’t nothing to eat etc…
    Economic Crisis like this one we are having now…Unemployment destroy the family too!

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