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Barack Obama is Shirtless

Barack Obama is Shirtless

Barack Obama goes shirtless as he and his family — wife Michelle, and daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7 — vacation at a beachside compound in Kailua, Hawaii on Sunday.

It was recently announced that Rev. Rick Warren will deliver the invocation at Obama‘s swearing. Hollywood is basically up in arms over the decision.

Rihanna was also announced as a performer for the inauguration charity ball.

For the full set, check out more Barack Obama family photos.

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  • Maleficent

    Oh my lord! I never thought I’d see the day our president had ABS! Its completely inappropriate, but he could so get it.

  • evie4

    He looks like he is in pretty good shape, so why are his pecs saggy?

  • God save America

    corrupt Administration to come hiring the usual Clintonites…..with Hollywood all over this President its a sad scary sight where the morals and values of America are heading.

    Promising change for America….more like Back to the future

  • sarah

    They needed this vacation, they deserve it.

  • bdj

    Looking mighty fine Mr. President Elect.

  • deka

    OMG! he is so incredibly sexy
    nothing hideous about him

  • carrieAnn

    I’m a proud Republican but I appreciate good abs when I see them. Hope Michelle gets a clue, she looks like ……

  • GOD has saved america

    I just love our First Family Elected! They bring not only a ‘wind of fresh air’ but they are brilliantly smart & so different from the typical-corrupt Washington politician. ABOUT TIME!

    Both Obama & Michell can sure rock fashion!

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!


  • angel hair

    holy crap, it is not right for a president-elect to be looking this good!!

  • eda

    It was recently announced that Rev. Rick Warren will deliver the invocation at Obama’s swearing. Hollywood is basically up in arms over the decision


  • GP Fan

    OoooOOO La Laaaa

  • Halli

    Paparazzi should not be following them around like that. Not cool. But Obama is in shape!

  • L


    i never thought i would see the day when a president had abs (or was a hottie!!!!)

    yum =]

  • jaye

    Jared did you have to bring up Rev. Warren AGAIN. You do love stirring up crap.
    Nice pic of obama. Refreshing for a President .
    God save America @ 12/22/2008 at 5:09 pm

    corrupt Administration to come hiring the usual Clintonites…..with Hollywood all over this President its a sad scary sight where the morals and values of America are heading.

    Promising change for America….more like Back to the future
    You should have been praying when Bush was in office. A man of morals? I think not. He sold out the country for his own power mad interest, those of his friends and Big Business. He fed the American people a load of crap and you still want to be breast fed by him. I don’t know if you’re stupid or just ignorant. Probably some of both.

  • Cyndi

    he looks amazing for a middle age president.

  • hi


  • gjc

    He looks amazing! Good for him for picking that bible-thumpin’-nut-job. He’s forcing everyone to the table and it’s good to include everyone, even the rightwingers. That’s how you build consensus.
    Can’t wait until Jan 20th!!!!!!!

  • Cyndi

    Jaye # 16…take your bitter pill and get lost. The man is not even in office and you have the gal to criticize him while Bush and his cronies bankrupted this country’s economy and military power in the past 8 yrs.

  • Jijna

    His body is ruined by those sagging man breasts. It looks like the Obama honeymoon is already over as many LGBT groups are up in arms that a pro prop-8 figure is speaking at his induction, it signals that Obama is not fully pro-gay.

  • Cyndi

    sorry, I meant # 3…sorry Jaye # 16

  • HM

    Hottest President-elect ever.

  • Erica

    His body looks decent. But he needs to tone it up more. Michelle looks sweaty in all that black.

  • Jam

    Not bad at all.
    Considering he is about the become President and he’s not some movie star or model.

  • Y

    He’s got nice definition in the arms and abs. Hot.

  • Anon

    I am happy we have such a young attractive modern family finally!!! BUT. How come these paparrazzi shots are out??? Since when is the paparrazzi allowed to get close to a president. This is dangerous. It is wrong. The privacy of other presidents was repsected when they went on vacation. In fact, we never ever saw pictures of the inside of the White Hiosue3 to see who Bush’s friends are. The media uses a double standard.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Photo by: Landov

    President-elect Barack Obama is spending the Christmas holiday Hawaii – relaxing in the sun, playing golf and eating Spam.

    On Sunday afternoon, while playing golf with friends at Oahu’s Olomana Golf Links, Obama, 47, who grew up on the island, stopped at a snack bar and bought two hot dogs, soft drinks and two orders of a local luncheon specialty called spam musubi – Spam and a fried egg on a bed of rice, held together with a strip of dried seaweed, according to reporters covering his trip.

    The snack bar clerk later told the New York Time’s Jeff Zeleny the president-elect’s tab came to $17.75.

    Asked how his game was going, Obama answered with a smile, “I’m not that good.” He also invited reporters to order a beer and put it on his tab, but none took him up on the offer. Spam sushi,,20248609,00.html

  • jo

    at least they get a vacation for a while. he’s gonna need it

  • I love Malia & Sasha

    and especially Sasha. She’s the one to watch. She’s so unaffected by it all and I love it. She’s a true Gemini. She’s gonna be the one Secrect Service is gonna be sweating over and saying “oh Lord!” about. She’s a livewire just waiting to spark.

  • Ha!

    Welcome to 2008, where the President of the US is tabloid fodder and we are critiquing his abs. They shouldn’t be on here – this says a lot about what people think is fair game. Yuck.

  • Jessica

    Yes, but his wife is an AMAZON COW !!! Yuk.

  • Solène

    Malia is a truly beautiful young girl.

    France loves Barack Obama!

  • bonzo

    Hollywood is not up in arms, Jared, not yet anyway. Just that idiot Cummings.

  • Ken

    France can have Barack HUSSEIN ! Good ridance ! And take your fat ugly wife wich you, y’all.

  • http://aol Susan

    OK, since we are all talking about looks, I will add in my two cents. I think Barack is hot, hot, hot. He is super sexy. I think Michelle is NOT, NOT, NOT. She is, in my opinion, VERY unattractive. How people compare her to Jackie O is a discrace to Jackie O. Michelle does not have the grace and style that Jackie had. No way in any form.
    Halley Berry and Obama…oh, what a pair that would be.

  • a realist

    MY – O – MY! Mr. President!

  • Madonna

    Ew x 4

  • omg!

    I don’t think he looks good at all. He’s too skinny! But than being a larda*s like Michelle though.

  • a realist

    #21, those are pecs, dear. Breasts are made of fat. Pecs are all muscle.

    Live and learn, sweetheart.

  • jane

    Michelle is a very attractive woman. Sasha and Malia are adorable.

    I love my president and the First Family.

  • sillyme

    Y’all think Barack Obama looks good? He’s got a skinny body like Popeye. And, those skinny legs? For someone who works out as much as he does, I thought he’d have a more athletic looking body. I think all of you all who say he’s good looking must be white girls.

    As for Michelle, she needs to start being careful now that she’s First Lady. Nobody wants to see First Lady with a do rag. I’m surprised, though, that the Secret Service let these photographers get close enough to get these pictures.

  • Daniella

    oh my. did not expect obama to look so fit!

  • Daniella

    oh my. did not expect obama to look so fit!

  • bailouts

    I pity them and the Secret Service because Obama now is the most toughest U.S. President to be guarded ever. Code name: Renegade

    And Americans dont complain how much money goes to protect this man?

    He’s like Hitler who came in recession times in Germany and people think he is a great leader because he talks so well. Great leaders are more than smooth talkers.

  • aussie_Rose

    wow, he has got a pretty damn good body <3


    God save America @ 12/22/2008 at 5:09 pm

    Oh yes. The last EIGHT YEARS HAVE BEEN THE BEST this country has seen since setting the slaves free. God has blessed this country like no other.

    We had a president who LIED to go to war…
    We had a president who has killed 4,000 and counting of US Troops..
    We had a president who has LIED about torture
    We had a president who was friends with the board of ENRON
    We have a president that is handing over the new PE a WONDERFUL
    stress free country

    So many GREAT things this country has been through the last EIGHT YEARS, I can’t even keep up.
    Damn those horrible years under Clinton. Those years where REALLY SCARY.

  • wtf

    Holy crap, he looks incredible! His daughter looks cute as well, this is an adorable bundle of pictures. And this is coming from someone who didn’t want to vote for him in the first place!

  • Jughed

    Hmm, I guess Barack’s healthy lifestyle that Mr. Rush Limbaugh criticizes him for actually makes a person look healthy…

  • ella

    Yes, I agree. Hottest president ever. Doesn’t hurt that he’s got brains to back it up too.

  • athena

    Wow, our future President is fit…he’s got abs…WAY TO GO OBAMA!!! You’ll be a motivation to the US and country world wide. A well deserved vacation for the family indeed.