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Dita Von Teese is a Grill Master

Dita Von Teese is a Grill Master

Dita Von Teese and a gal pal grab dinner at The Grill restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

The twosome was later seen picking up some holiday gifts from the Yves Saint Laurent boutique.

UK glamour model Jordan just dissed Dita‘s recent Playboy cover. She told OK!: “I’d love to do Playboy. Although I just saw Dita Von Teese‘s cover and it’s crap. The woman is rank. It’s not my cup of tea that she’s so pale. I think the pictures look a bit Readers’ Wives. It didn’t look like Playboy to me.”

15+ pictures inside of grill master Dita Von Teese

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dita von teese grill master 01
dita von teese grill master 02
dita von teese grill master 03
dita von teese grill master 04
dita von teese grill master 05
dita von teese grill master 06
dita von teese grill master 07
dita von teese grill master 08
dita von teese grill master 09
dita von teese grill master 10
dita von teese grill master 11
dita von teese grill master 12
dita von teese grill master 13
dita von teese grill master 14
dita von teese grill master 15

Photos: WENN/Apega/Agent47
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  • NativeNYker

    Can someone please splain the to do with this talentless wonder? Cuz I don’t get it….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • lucy

    Beautiful but too pale.

  • palvasha


    she is same same same all the time, pale skin, pale dress, pale shoes, pale personality, same hair and same red lips.



  • Julien

    Dita isn’t a talentless wonder. She’s a very good burlesque performer. One of the best in the world.

    Now Jordan, there’s a talentless wonder.

  • tweety

    Love Dita! :-)

  • Belle

    Must be nice to shop at Yves Saint Laurent…

  • LolaSvelt

    Jordan is a dog, nothing more. The fact that she’s popular here in the UK shows how horrid this country is.

    She also dissed Gwyneth Paltrow’s stunning Balmain outfit at the Iron Man UK Premiere. I’d love to see her pull off such a short dress without looking so slútty.

  • lily

    Which Playboy cover is Katie referring to? The German one?
    I’ve seen it and it’s quite beautiful.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    She’s always dressed to the nines! Love her!

  • mkat

    Dita is lovely and her Playboy cover was not crap.

  • Bolt

    lol@ugly fake tits Jordan trash talking Dita. Ho needs to go back to shoving cell phones up her twat.

  • Eon

    These are really not the best pics of Dita, but I’ve seen her n-ude and she looks much prettier than Jordan.

  • Eon

    * I can’t believe this blog blocks the word n-ude.

  • girl

    She shouldn’t talk about Dita’s pale skin, Jordan’s skin is orange!

  • Chris

    Fuck Jordan! I’ll take a porcelain beauty over an orange Oompa Loompa anyday.

  • seven

    …another story copied from Gossip Girl

  • Roberta

    She looks like a dude in that picture :S ! usualy she’s flawless !

    I guess shez not that pretty.
    I wonder how she looks without all of this make-up !

  • Josh

    Jordan should not talk. She looked like a whore for hire on Playboy while Dita’s covers were very tasteful in comparison.

  • ren

    dita is much better…so pretty

  • Metro

    Jordan must need the publicity. I love Dita, she’s pretty and has a great sense of style.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ………………….a grill?

  • indy

    if it wasn’t for the pale skin, dita would be perfect…. while jordan…ugh….please!

  • Neil

    Jordan needs to get over it! Go wax your juggs, bitch!

  • deka

    i liked the playboy cover… demure and hot

  • http://justjared me

    Geez Jordan. jealous much? she is so beyond your league i cant believe you even know who she is. crawl back underneath your rock.

  • Salma

    Dita’s most recent Playboy cover was gorgeous. It didn’t even look like a Playboy cover. That’s probably why Jordan hated it.

  • Ace

    I never even heard of this Jordan chick before I read about her on this site. What does she have on Dita? Nothing.

  • whoa

    I smell a beat down coming on. Vampira Teese will drain this big titted floozy of all her blood!

  • Dolce

    Who is this bitch Jordan?
    Dita is a true beauty.

  • haha



    She’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly I can’t believe she’s a stripper. Style icon my a ss.
    She copied BETTIE PAGE. Bettie herself said of dita that she was nothing but a CHEAP MIMIC, and she was right to be angry at her. This woman is trying to get the fame that was denied to Bettie for herself. What a miserable tramp, only loved by big time losers like Fag got Hilton. It’s just so unfair on Bettie Page and the old Hollywood stars who really had style!

    I don’t like Jordan at all, but she was right about the Playboy cover. It’s a NU DE magazine, not a fashion one. dita seemed to understand it when she posed spreading open her legs and showing her c unt for Penthouse!

  • Austin

    I really don’t see much of a comparison between Page and Von Teese except they both worked as fetish models. Betty Page was iconic and lovely, but she was known more for her style with her clothes off than on. Dita, on the hand, has worn many, many beautiful dresses by top designers and has had photospreads in top fashion magazines. She’s known as much now for her taste in couture as taking her clothes off.

    Hopefully, Dita will bank her money and not suffer the same fate as Page who had to have Hugh Hefner bail her out of bankruptcy. R.I.P., Ms. Page.


    Jordan has a lot of nerve talking so much smack about Dita. Yeah, she’s pale, but at least she doesn’t look like shoe-leather. Jordan looks older then Dita, she has awful fake boobs, and that nose job is ridiculous.

  • dynamite

    she is stunning. perfect in every way<3

  • Ugh

    Jordan is ridic, but what else is new?
    @ ELVIRA: When did Bettie Page say this? I’ve never heard this before…
    I don’t think Dita is ripping off Bettie. As Austin said, I think Bettie is more notorious for her n-ude shots than Dita. When I think of Dita, I just think of her burlesque dancing/fashion. I know that she does do n-ude work, but I wouldn’t say that it is her defining quality (like Bettie).
    That being said, Bettie was awesome, and so is Dita. So who cares? Point is, f*ck Jordan. :D

  • http://google toni

    Don’t her, but she looks like a beauty queen.

  • marisa



    To Austin & ‘Ugh’
    There are many pictures of Dita (nu de and dressed) copying very blatantly the style of Bettie Page, her poses (look at her feet), her style (even if it’s only lingerie, it’s quite evident), her hairdo, the bondage shoots that Bettie used to do have all been copied by dita.
    I won’t deny that the burlesque thing with the pasties on, etc., looks very nice, and Dita has certainly evolved in her look and doesn’t look so much like Bettie anymore, but I just hate that she did that to her. She was a true icon.
    I’m just unable to feel for dita the admiration I felt for Bettie.

  • bella

    She normally looks beautiful . . .not so much here. I think it is the hair. She does not suit short hair.

  • http://hollywoodtuna squatchoas

    She is hot in a John Cusack in drag sorta way.

  • Style Diva

    Dita’s friend she is with is Ava Garter. She is a wonderful dancer to.

  • chloe

    Dita is a beautiful woman but these are very bad photos.
    Agree about the new Playboy, absolutely beautiful. Jordan is just jealous that she hasn’t been asked to pose again.

  • mz Sass

    LOVE her coat! It’s Rodarte.

  • Master B

    Who the fuck is Jordan? British trailer trash!

  • Poshness

    She is so fucking stylish, Jordan no comment